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Turpentine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


If you do DIY or like to paint with oils, you are probably familiar with turpentine. This practical product with its solvent effects has become a practically essential complement in any workshop or studio for the care of all kinds of tools, so here we present a couple of attractive purchase alternatives. One of them is the Nazza Oil model; a similar turpentine that comes in a large 5-liter presentation, which could last you a long time. Another alternative that might interest you is the Cofan 15801042, a 500-milliliter bottle that is quite useful for general household cleaning applications.

The 9 Best Turpentines – Opinions 2022


The turpentine is a chemical with which difficult stains can be removed, such as accumulated grease on walls or furniture and paint brushes, for example. Being such a practical product, here we present several of the best options offered by the market so that you can choose which one suits you best between one and the other.


turpentine simile


1. Nazza Turpentine Simil Solvent suitable for oil paints

To start with the search for the best turpentine, we will analyze a bottle belonging to the well-known Nazza brand, which offers you a highly efficient product with positive evaluations.

This option is presented in a container that contains a total of 5 liters of turpentine, so that you can use it in the way you need. Its effects can be used to dilute paints or also dissolve them, facilitating their subsequent removal. It is easy to handle with the brush, allowing the product to be applied safely to the material needed for faster and cleaner results.

In addition, the Nazza-style turpentine pot has a built-in handle on the top, designed so that you can carry it comfortably and thus have greater control when pouring it into another container to use or mix it.

Considering that it could be the best turpentine of the moment, this Nazza product has qualities that may interest you:


Quantity: It is one of the largest jars on the list, offering several liters of product.

Boat: The design of the boat is ergonomic as it has a handle so you can easily lift it.

Utility: You can use this turpentine with different types of paint and even varnish.

Density: Its density provides easy and skilful handling with the brush when applying it.



Weight: Considering the amount of turpentine in the pot, it could be too much if it’s just a small project.

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2. Dipistol 10060115 white spirit Similar 

Dipistol offers you a similar turpentine that has effects almost as efficient as a pure one, so you can work without spending a lot of money or buying too much product.

This bottle contains a total of 750 milliliters of turpentine, being quite useful for working with your brushes, paints and oils. Its size and screw cap will help you pour it comfortably, as well as keep it covered to prevent any spills.

On the other hand, it stands out that it has an efficient level of purity to meet the dissolution and degreasing requirements that you are looking for, although it takes a couple of minutes longer to soak than others. Also, if you don’t know how to take advantage of turpentine, the product label itself graphically tells you where you can put it and for what.

Deciding which turpentine to buy will be easier if we first consider both the pros and cons of each option:


Presentation: The turpentine comes in a clearly identified and secured plastic container so as not to confuse it with another chemical.

Quantity: Contains a total of 750 milliliters for cleaning brushes or diluting paints as needed.

Lid: Its lid is threaded, allowing it to be firmly secured to close the bottle and prevent the product from spilling.

Handling: The turpentine container has grooves that help hold it more easily.



Time: Being a similar turpentine and not pure, it is likely that the dissolving effects of the product take a little longer to appear.

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mineral turpentine


3. Cofan 15801042 Pure turpentine 

Cofan offers you one that could be the best value for money turpentine, so you can get a good product at an affordable cost.

We are referring to its bottle of mineral turpentine model 15801042, which contains 500 milliliters of product, so you have more than enough to clean your brushes, palettes or any tool you use to paint.

Its quality of mineral turpentine also makes it very efficient to remove grease in areas where you are going to paint, for example. This makes it a very useful product for both preventive and corrective maintenance of your tools.

In addition to this, the bottle is compact in size with a size of 8 x 8 x 17 centimeters, while its weight is only 420 grams, facilitating its storage in a dry place and at room temperature.

Cofan is considered by some users as the best brand of turpentine on the market and here we will thoroughly review your product:


Size: It comes in a medium sized canister so you can easily store it in the reservoir.

Product: You will have half a liter of turpentine available for you to use as you see fit.

Durability: The amount contained in the bottle is enough to clean your brushes for several weeks.

Versatility: Apart from serving as a cleaner, it can also degrease effectively, being a versatile product.



Oily: Being a substitute for turpentine and of a mineral type, this turpentine is more oily than other products mentioned in the list.

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pure turpentine


4. Amarto Pure Turpentine diluent for synthetic and fatty products

If you are in need of a pure turpentine, we present the Amarto product, which has a concentrated formulation so that you can make the most of the solvent effects of the chemical.

In this sense, the degree of purity of the turpentine will be able to act quickly for the cleaning of all types of brushes, brushes and even work tools. Likewise, it can also easily dilute products of synthetic origin such as oil paint, oil paint, grease and more, providing controlled handling to work with them without mishaps.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that the turpentine bottle has a lid attached with a plastic clip to avoid losing it, in addition to easily opening and closing the product. Besides, this type of lids have a small outlet hole with which you can control the amount of turpentine when pouring it.

In order to facilitate your purchase decision when choosing a turpentine, we now offer you more information about this product:


Efficient: The effects of turpentine are those expected in this type of product to satisfy your needs.

Lid: It has a practical lid with a dispenser that will help you use it more easily.

Utility: Its formulation allows you to use it with products of synthetic origin and to degrease.

Handling: The substantial quality of the turpentine provides easy brush handling.



Aroma: The purity of the turpentine has not been covered with any essence, so you should use it in a ventilated space and with a mask to avoid discomfort and even dizziness.

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Odorless turpentine


5. Talens Odourless White Spirit 

Among what are possibly the best white spirits of 2022 we find the Talens RT24300089: a product that stands out for being practically odourless, so it could be the most attractive option for users with allergies.

The product itself is composed of the basic elements of turpentine, so that its effects are guaranteed. However, during its preparation, treatments have been applied that neutralize the smell of the chemicals. This makes it more comfortable and safer to operate at different levels, as well as not causing discomfort to people in the room.

As for its quantity, this odorless turpentine offers you a total of 250 milliliters in a glass bottle that is both reliable, resistant and practical, allowing you to easily see how much turpentine is left. Thanks to this, you will be able to buy a new bottle before you run out of product.

In the following space you will be able to specifically analyze several of the most important aspects of Talens turpentine and its applications:


Presentation: This turpentine is presented in a transparent glass bottle that will let you see how much product there is after each use.

Odor: The formulation of this turpentine has been specially designed to prevent unpleasant odors from emanating.

Dilute: You can use it to dilute oil paint before working with it.

Clean: It is also useful for cleaning brushes, paint stains, among others.



Brushes: Although it is effective for cleaning brushes, a large amount needs to be applied to wash them.

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Other products


6. MPL Pure white spirit fco

The MPL brand offers you an alternative in turpentine cans with which you can easily clean various products thanks to the elements that make up its formula, which provide a certain level of purity.

Specifically, this bottle contains white spirit with the essence of pure turpentine, which gives it qualities that make it a solvent for elements such as grease and oil, for example. This makes it very handy for cleaning brushes, palettes, and more.

The bottle, meanwhile, is white and contains 500 milliliters of turpentine. With this amount you will be able to work with your paints for a long time without having to worry about buying another one too soon. In addition, the presence of a lid with a dispenser outlet will help you not to waste it.

If you want to invest your money wisely and acquire an efficient turpentine, you should first review all the details you can find:


Container: It comes in a resistant and reliable plastic container to safeguard the product during its storage.

Purity: The content has a high level of purity when compared to turpentine.

Applications: Among the uses that you can give to this turpentine are the dissolution of various components, including oil, fat and resin.

Employment: Its application is simple, since you can pour it directly on the product you want to dissolve.


Quantity: Despite having a sufficient quantity for domestic use, there are other turpentines with more product at a lower price.

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7. Lemon Turpentine Dipistol

Limónrras Dipistol is one of the cheapest turpentines in this selection, becoming an affordable option to not spend so much money.

One of its most striking and remarkable aspects is that it has lemon essence incorporated, so its aroma is much more pleasant than the others mentioned in the selection.

On the other hand, the bottle offers you 500 milliliters of turpentine which has multiple uses that you can take advantage of both inside and outside the home. Among the most practical are treatments to remove paints, enamels and varnishes.

Besides, with this turpentine you can degrease the surfaces before applying the layers of paint so that they adhere better, thus obtaining a much cleaner and more professional result when finished.

By individually considering each positive and negative characteristic of turpentine that has caught your attention, it will be easier for you to decide if it is worth it or not:


Essence: This turpentine, unlike others, has a lemon fragrance to hide the intensity of the aroma.

Thinner: Its thinning effects can be used in various areas of painting and DIY.

Cleaner: It has elements that help remove excess paint from the brushes to leave them free of residue.

Degreaser: Its degreasing capacity is useful for cleaning surfaces before painting.



Bottle: Since the bottle is not transparent, it is a bit difficult to know how much liquid is left to buy another one before it is finished.

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8. Maurer 12071005 White Spirit

A good alternative if you have not been able to decide which is the best turpentine to clean your tools could well be the Maurer 12071005.

This turpentine option is used for the treatment and care of brushes and brushes, allowing paint residues to be removed without damaging the bristles or minimizing their efficiency for subsequent uses.

Likewise, you can apply it on the surfaces where you plan to paint, since it is capable of degreasing and removing impurities, so that the material can penetrate, thus improving both the finish and the durability of the treatment.

As for the contents of the bottle, you should know that you will have 1 full liter of turpentine available for you to use as you see fit. In addition, it comes in an aluminum container with its respective lid, making it easy to handle, store and use.

This Maurer product is considered a good purchase option, so we have compiled its pros and cons in this list for you to analyze more easily:


Bottle: It comes in an aluminum bottle that helps maintain the properties of the turpentine.

Paint: It is quite efficient to dilute paints, including all types of oil.

Cleaning: Taking advantage of its capacity, turpentine is also useful in cleaning brushes without problems.

Grease: You can remove accumulated grease on furniture or walls to prepare them for painting.



Corrosive: Considering its corrosive effects, you should have gloves, glasses and a mask on hand when applying it.

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9. Nazza Pure Turpentine Essence of Turpentine Application and cleaning

Nazza is one of the most popular options when you want to buy a reliable and efficient turpentine, so this time we present the 500-milliliter model, which will be very practical for domestic use.

The bottle is small in size, with a clip-on lid and dispenser, being a fairly ergonomic container to handle when you need to dissolve your paints before working. In addition, it is robust, but made of plastic, to avoid breaking if it is accidentally dropped or hit.

Another interesting quality of the product is that it contains turpentine essence, increasing its efficiency when removing grease from surfaces and tools, to leave them ready to use at all times, whatever their use.

One of the cheapest turpentine alternatives is this option from Nazza, so you should review its advantages for you:


Formulation: Presents a simple recipe with the basic elements to generate the diluting effects.

Dissolve: You can combine it with other components to dissolve them to a more malleable density.

Lid: It has a practical clip lid so you can open and close the bottle with one hand.

Purity: The elements included in its elaboration are not recovered, which increases its level of purity.


Paint: The level of purity required to work with oil paint may not be the most appropriate, there are other turpentines with better efficiency in this approach.

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Shopping guide


In the following guide to buying the best turpentine, we will review several of the relevant points that you should review as a consumer before choosing which one to take home. In addition to considering the price, it is also important that you base your selection on the specific needs of the project for which you will be using the product.

Presentation of the product

One of the first characteristics that we advise you to review before choosing which turpentine you are going to buy is its presentation. As it is a chemical product, it is important that it comes in a safe container to handle and with the necessary specifications to know what safety measures to take when using it.

In this category, you will generally find turpentine in plastic bottles, but we recommend choosing those that are rigid to the touch and do not deform when squeezed, in order to avoid any accident when pouring them.

You may also come across turpentine in glass bottles; those that, although they are more reliable to contain the product, also have the risk that, if they are dropped, they will break and the chemical will spill.

Besides, there is something that stands out in several of the alternatives in turpentine and it is its lid, since many models have dispensers that will allow you to pour it with greater control, in order to use the right amount every time you need it.

Quantity of turpentine

In general, turpentine is an inexpensive product that you can find in almost any hardware or paint store. Therefore, the issue related to how much it costs is sometimes determined simply by the amount of product that is included in the bottle, which you should consider based on how much turpentine you need for cleaning or treatment.

If it is for home use, bottles containing between 100 and 500 milliliters are enough for regular brush cleaning, but in case you are going to use the turpentine for the care and washing of large brushes, you should probably choose versions with a minimum half a liter of product, or more.

With these amounts you can easily fill either a small container to wash your tools or a bucket in which to rinse the roller, to mention a couple of alternatives.


Formulation Type

Basically, it could be said that white spirits are divided into two types: solvents and diluents. However, although these terms refer to separate products in themselves, the effects that turpentine has make them be compared between them. Consequently, reviewing the details of its formulation will help you choose the one that will perform best in the application you plan to give it.

This detail can be analyzed by reviewing the specific ingredients that have been used in the manufacture of turpentine. If you look at the percentages of each one, you will be able to have a clearer idea of ​​its effects when you dilute it in water.

Generally, a similar turpentine will be able to work without problems with oil paint, for example, but not so much with synthetic or oil paint. For these last mentioned cases, it is better to consider turpentines that have a pure formulation. They may be a little more expensive, but the rinse time and their effects against these types of paint materials will be more noticeable.


Generated Effects

When we talk about the effects generated by turpentine, what is mentioned in the previous line must be taken into consideration, since this goes hand in hand with the formulation of the product.

The percentage presence of certain chemicals over others can make one turpentine much more aggressive than another, but this is not always positive, since it is possible that they damage the bristles of delicate brushes.

Consequently, when analyzing the effects provided by the use of a certain option in turpentine, we primarily recommend that you verify if it has stripping effects. This is because this type is one of the most aggressive and, in general, must be used carefully and in compliance with security measures.

mix compatibility

Another feature that some users carefully review when looking for this type of product in a turpentine comparison is the ability to mix with other elements. Depending on this, a turpentine can be more useful than others as it is suitable for application in different projects or needs, being an important aspect to study.

Since turpentine is liquid, you can easily dilute it with water, but not in the same amounts all the time. These mixing parameters are determined based on the formulation of the turpentine, which can make one product yield more than another depending on the regularity of use.

However, the more you dilute it with water to use, the less its effects will be. With this in mind, the most practical thing would be that, before mixing the turpentine, you do it based on the type of paint or tool with which you plan to use it.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: Where to throw the turpentine?

Turpentine is an element that can be highly polluting if it is not disposed of properly. Unfortunately, the most common practice is to pour dirty water with turpentine down the drain, but this can cause many problems for the environment.

Before throwing away your turpentine, allow it to rest in the same container that you have used to clean your brushes, so that the difference in densities between both products allows the paint to fall to the bottom, leaving the clean turpentine on top that you could reuse. use. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to avoid wasting the product.

When you can no longer clean the turpentine, simply leave the leftover in its same container in the open air to dry. You can speed up the process by adding sawdust or cat litter given its absorption capacity. Once free of moisture and completely dry, simply close the canister and dispose of it in any regular trash can.

Q2: How to make homemade turpentine?

Making homemade turpentine to dissolve paint is quite simple and for this you will need lemon oil, linseed oil, a small plastic bottle and something to mix.

In the pot pour approximately ¼ cup of lemon oil along with 1 full cup of flaxseed oil. Stir gently until both ingredients have been completely mixed.

Q3: Which is better, white spirit or solvent?

In order to determine which is better between turpentine and solvent, it is first necessary to consider in which field they are going to be applied, since the effects of one and the other are relatively similar.

For example, if you are going to clean your brushes, brushes or rollers after having applied layers of synthetic paint or oil, turpentine will be the indicated option, since its stripping qualities will allow the material to be loosened so that the bristles can be washed more easily.

In the event that you need to dilute paint or convert paste into liquid paint, the solvent will be your best ally. This element has more intense effects than turpentine and its application extends even to the care of tools.

Q4: How to remove the smell of white spirit?       

If you got turpentine on your clothes and the smell doesn’t come out, one method you can try is mixing citronella oil, water, and alcohol. Take a small bottle and pour the oil diluted in water combined with the alcohol, then dip a cotton cloth in the mixture and rub over the turpentine stain.

In case you want to get rid of the smell of turpentine that has permeated a room after painting, the most effective thing is to open all the doors and windows wide. This will make it easier for air to circulate, taking the smell with it.


Q5: How to clean brushes with oil without turpentine?

To remove the oil from your brushes after painting, the main thing is to wash them as soon as you finish using them.

Take them to rinse with tap water and liquid detergent until you get as much paint as you can. You can help by having a cloth handy to dry each brush between each rinse with soap and water. This will ensure that the fabric itself absorbs the accumulated paint residue.

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