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Wood Chippers – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

If you are working on a garden for your home and you want to maintain it in the most ecological way possible, eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers and making the most of the residues and leftovers generated by the organic food you consume, collaborating enormously in the conservation of the environment, We recommend you to acquire a useful garden shredder. Faced with so many options offered by the market, we must make a choice of the type of garden shredder we need, according to its most important characteristics. Among the favorites of users is the Einhell GH-KS 2440, electric model with 2,000 W of power, which has two special steel blades that will help to perfectly shred the waste. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that incorporates a rubble bag of up to 35 liters included and that can cut 40 mm branches without problems, we recommend Bosch 0600853600.

Opinions on the best garden shredders

To find out which is the best garden shredder, it is important that you take into account our recommendations, so that you can acquire the most suitable model for your needs.

Einhell GH-KS 2440

This model is considered by many users as the best price-quality garden shredder, since it offers a great power of up to 2,000 W, ideal for shredding tree cuttings, shrub cuttings and other waste produced in gardening, for the time being. being one of the cheapest and most functional models on the market.

Thanks to its generous opening with a funnel, it is used to introduce the material that you want to grind. This model has a security system, which interrupts the power supply instantly to prevent overloads.

This model incorporates wheels that facilitate the transport of the machine and thanks to its robust chassis and carrying handle you can easily move the device. It includes two special steel knives that will help you shred waste quickly.

In any comparison to choose the best garden shredder of the moment, power plays an important role, since it determines the power of action of this tool. This electric wood chipper has great working power.


Blades: This model incorporates two special steel blades, which efficiently carry out the work.

Opening : It has an oversized opening, ideal for easily depositing organic waste.

Protection : It incorporates a protection switch that prolongs the useful life of the shredder.

Transportable : Thanks to its robust chassis and wheels, you can carry this tool comfortably.


Capacity: This device is made to cut small amounts of vegetable residue, so another model is necessary for jobs that require more power.

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Bosch 0600853600

This Bosch brand garden shredder is a perfect tool to carry out a clean and efficient job thanks to its power and built-in debris bag. This product incorporates a powerful 2,400 W motor, ideal for heavy work.

It includes a practical bag to collect debris with a capacity of up to 35 liters, with which you can accumulate and dispose of debris. This model allows you to crush 40 mm branches more efficiently thanks to its pressing mechanism.

This model features an easy-to-remove and reversible adjustable cutting deck, allowing you to remove stuck logs. It incorporates wheels and a handle, which allow you to easily maneuver this device. It weighs approximately 12 kg and measures 76 x 44.5 x 36.5 cm.

Knowing which is the best brand of wood chipper can give us a clue as to which model is right for us. This Bosch brand model has laser-cut blades, which prolongs their useful life.


Power: This model has an electrical power of 2,400 W, ideal for effectively shredding garden waste.

Capacity : This device offers a good cutting capacity, allowing you to crush branches up to 40 mm.

Speed : This model offers a cutting speed of up to 3,650 rpm.

Fast : It incorporates a wide feeding hopper that facilitates filling, allowing rapid performance.


Dull : Blades dull frequently, especially if you cut very hard debris.

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Black+Decker GS2400-QS

This model is considered the best garden shredder, since it offers a power of up to 2,400 W. This model stands out for its cutting system by strawberries and with its blades made of metal, the shredding work will be easier for you.

The maximum diameter of the branches that this model can cut is 40 mm and it has a pressing system that provides greater efficiency in large branches. The cutting deck is adjustable and easy to remove, which removes stuck logs easily.

This model has a deposit capacity of up to 35 liters, so that you can easily accumulate all recyclable organic waste, being able to use it to improve the fertility of the land. This model weighs approximately 26.5 kg and measures 40 x 58 x 67.5 cm.

If we still don’t know which garden shredder to buy, we recommend you look at the maneuverability offered by the product. This model allows you to move it anywhere comfortably thanks to its wheels.


Manageable: This model has easy maneuverability thanks to its handle and wheels.

Blade : this model has a quality and very sharp blade, made of highly durable metal.

Capacity : This product has a waste tray with 35 liters of capacity.

Diameter : This model has a cutting diameter of up to 40 mm.


Jams : This model easily gets stuck with very large or dry branches.

Shredding : Shredding of this product is poor depending on the type of organic waste you are cleaning.

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Dolmar FH2500

If you are looking for a light and versatile model, which will help you with the grinding of the organic waste generated by your garden after cleaning it, we recommend this practical garden shredder. This model allows cutting 45 mm thick branches.

You will be able to transport this device comfortably thanks to its double handle, installed on both sides of the device. Similarly, the wide rubber wheels make it easy to move around the garden.

It integrates a practical and spacious tank of up to 67 liters located in the lower part of the device, which will help you keep your garden clean. In the same way, it has a practical viewfinder that provides a clear view to know when the tank is full. This device weighs approximately 27.6 kg.

Before choosing a new wood chipper, it is very important to know how much use you will give this tool, so that you can know if the model will meet your needs. With this compact garden shredder, you will be able to shred thick branches.


Power: This model has a power of 2,500 W, allowing you to efficiently shred garden waste.

Thickness: You will be able to efficiently shred branches up to 45 mm thick thanks to its great working power.

Capacity: This garden shredder incorporates a tank of up to 67 liters, which allows you to keep the garden clean as you prune it.


Jam : You must empty the waste tank before it fills up, since otherwise the device gets stuck, being forced to disassemble the tool to unlock it.

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Tacklife PWS01A

Among the benefits of this model is the pure copper induction motor, which offers great resistance and reduces vibration compared to other machines. In addition, it provides a power of 2800 W, so it is capable of generating a maximum cutting speed of 40 rpm, enough for domestic use in the garden.

It also has a 45mm cutting diameter and offers an adjustable bearing system that changes the size of the cut as needed. However, it manages to keep the noise level at approximately 92 dB, which is considered low in this type of power tool, in this way, you can avoid the uncomfortable complaints of the neighbors.

For greater practicality, in the lower part it has a tank that allows easy collection of processed vegetable remains, with a capacity of 55 litres. In addition, it has rubber wheels for easy transport.

If you want a functional and easy-to-use garden shredder, you may be interested in the Tacklife PWS01A model, but first you should thoroughly review its pros and cons.


Power: It offers a power of 2800 W and can reach a speed of 40 rpm, so it can quickly cut branches up to 45 mm.

Safety: It has an interlocking system in the collection box, as well as overload protection for greater safety.

Capacity: It has a capacity of 55 liters so you do not have to constantly empty the tank.


Instructions: The user manual may not be clear enough, which delays the installation process.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Holzinger 13 CV

Si tienes una pila de ramas y de madera que necesitas triturar, te recomendamos esta biotrituradora a gasolina marca Holzinger. Este poderoso modelo integra un motor de 4 tiempos con una cilindrada de 389 cc y 9,3 kW de potencia.

Esta potente biotrituradora cuenta con una velocidad de 3.600 rpm, consiguiendo un triturado máximo de 26 m3/h, ideal para trabajos que requieran un gran rendimiento. Este modelo incorpora un depósito con capacidad máxima de 6,5 litros, permitiendo almacenar pequeñas cantidades de residuos, facilitando tu trabajo.

Esta herramienta cuenta con una gran capacidad de corte, pudiendo triturar ramas de hasta 85 mm de diámetro. Por otro lado, destaca por su facilidad de uso y alto nivel de seguridad. Incorpora dos grandes y resistentes ruedas de caucho, así como un doble manillar que ayudan al traslado de este modelo.

Por último, es recomendable conocer cuáles son las biotrituradoras más baratas, de manera que puedas adquirir un modelo que se ajuste a tu presupuesto. Por otro lado, este producto ofrece una gran funcionalidad.


Potencia: Este modelo cuenta con una gran potencia de hasta 9.300 W, por lo que es una herramienta ideal para trabajos exigentes.

Motor: Incorpora un poderoso motor de 389 cc y 13 CV, con velocidad de 3.600 rpm, el cual brinda óptimos resultados.

Corte: Esta potente biotrituradora ofrece una gran capacidad de corte, pudiendo trabajar con ramas de hasta 85 mm de grosor.


Precio: Si andas con un presupuesto limitado o si lo necesitas para tu pequeño jardín, es mejor mirar un modelo eléctrico y más económico.

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