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Concrete mixer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Mixing for concrete production takes many shovelfuls, so depending on the amount, a person can become exhausted just preparing the mix. To avoid this step, you can count on a concrete mixer that, in addition to speeding up the work, will also allow you to obtain a homogeneous consistency more quickly. Among the recommended models, the Simba SIM 180 stands out, with a 180-litre capacity and which works by means of an 850-watt electric motor. Another purchase alternative is the T-Mech 10486 kit. This concrete mixer is smaller, offering a 70 liter capacity container, but with a powerful 250W motor to achieve a constant and stable rotation.

The 8 Best Concrete Mixers – Opinions 2022


In the construction area, it is almost essential to have a good concrete mixer that helps save time, work, effort and labor. In the following space you will find several purchase options that have been reviewed and analyzed, to provide truthful information to help you decide which one to buy.

electric concrete mixer


1. Simba Electric Concrete Mixer Sim 180

The Simba SIM 180 electric concrete mixer is one of the largest models of the moment, with a total capacity of 180 liters in its tank. Something that makes it easy to produce considerable amounts of concrete and cement with good comfort.

For this purpose, the tool has a power of 850 watts, making it close to being the best concrete mixer of the moment within its segment. This motor offers smooth operation, with two different speeds. As for the tank, it is made of steel and is finished off with a cast iron crown and gears, which generate adequate resistance for the piece.

To complete this proposal, located among the best concrete mixers of 2022, it is worth mentioning the angle of the blades, which generate a homogeneous and quality mixture.

We analyze this model in detail, which, due to its characteristics, could well belong to the best current brand of concrete mixers.


Capacity : Its capacity of 180 liters is one of the highest on the market.

Motor : 850-watt, two-speed motor offers smooth operation and efficient turning.

Blades : The inner blades mix the different elements in a homogeneous way.

Ring : The pull ring is made with high strength cast iron teeth and crowns.

Tank : The tank is made of steel, light but strong. It is also very easy to clean.


Assembly: The assembly process of the tool is more complex than it would be desirable.

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2. Kompak Kp-Hk136 Concrete Mixer 125

If you don’t know which is the best current concrete mixer, you have another good option in the Kompak Kp-Hk136 model. This electric concrete mixer has a capacity of 125 liters and a working load of 100 litres. This is suitable for small to medium depth jobs, where larger tools are not required.

This does not affect its quality, thanks to details such as the crown and pinion made of high-strength cast iron. It also has a reinforced mouth, to adequately withstand possible shocks during use, while the interior is durable and easy to clean.

As for its motor, it is electric, has 550 watts of power and has adequate protection, which prevents risks during use. A host of functions that make the product the best concrete mixer in this market segment.

If you still do not know which concrete mixer to buy, we leave you our analysis of this model.


Production : Its production is 1 cubic meter per hour, being ideal for not very intensive uses.

Blades: The two inner blades produce an adequate mix of materials during use.

Reinforcement : The reinforcement in the area of ​​the mouth improves the durability of the barrel, even in the event of a punctual blow.

Protection: The electrical system has an IP54 protection against humidity.


Wheels: The wheels of the concrete mixer are solid and not pneumatic, having less resistance.

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small concrete mixer


3. T-Mech Electric Concrete Mixer 250 W with 2 wheels

One of the cheapest models on this list is the T-Mech Small Concrete Mixer; a quite useful machine if you are used to doing small repairs or updates in your home.

It has a 250W motor, which generates a speed of 30 revolutions per minute to the drum, facilitating the mixing of the concrete, while guaranteeing a satisfactory result. Next to it you will also find a lever with which you can adjust the angle of inclination of the drum, depending on the mixing stage or if you are going to pour the concrete.

On the other hand, it stands out that it has a relatively light weight in evaluation with other purchase alternatives, since it barely reaches 30 kilograms, facilitating its handling and transport. Likewise, you can also take advantage of the wheels of this small concrete mixer so you don’t have to load it directly.

So that you can decide whether or not this equipment deserves your attention, we now present some advantages and disadvantages:


Compact: This model is compact in size, being useful for when you need to do a small renovation at home.

Handle: It has an integrated handle to manipulate the position and inclination of the drum as needed.

Motor: It has a motor that guarantees a constant movement of 30 turns per minute.

Wheels: In the lower part you will find wheels installed to facilitate the transport of the concrete mixer.


Instructions: Keep in mind that the concrete mixer does not have an instruction manual to assemble it, so you will have to use your intuition.

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gasoline concrete mixer


4. Umacon Concrete Mixer Model Ul-155 Plus 

With the Umacon UL-155 Plus concrete mixer we changed our approach. We are talking about a very efficient gasoline concrete mixer that is easy to work with anywhere, without having to depend on plugs or electric generators.

Its capacity is 156 liters and, thanks to its professional approach, it offers adequate performance in all kinds of circumstances. Among its characteristics, we find a drawn steel tank with a reinforced bottom and provided with two highly efficient mixing blades.

It also has a very resistant steel frame that facilitates its transport, or a steering wheel for turning the tank, activated by means of a pedal. Regarding the engine, this is a Honda GX-H-50, capable of generating a power of 1,600 watts. This offers smooth operation, even under full load. It also has separate tanks for gasoline and oil, which generates better lubrication.

Give more efficiency to the production of your concrete with this solution based on a gasoline engine.


Power : The motor has a power of 1600 watts, thus guaranteeing efficient movement.

Gasoline : Since we are talking about a gasoline model, it does not depend on plugs to work.

Capacity : Its capacity is considerable, 156 liters to be precise, making it suitable for large-scale tasks.


Pedal size: The hopper swing activation pedal is a bit small, which makes it a bit difficult to manipulate.

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mini concrete mixer


5. Boudech Concrete mixer 70L 275W

This Boudech ç model is a mini concrete mixer with a 70-litre capacity and suitable for occasional uses or where larger machines are not needed. The tank is moved by a 275-watt motor, with a speed of 28 or 36 revolutions per minute.

Thanks to its approach, it is an easy tool to move, counting on two wheels at the base. It also has a compact size, which makes it easy to work with in not too spacious areas. In addition, thanks to its electrical supply, there is no need to handle gasoline and, as it has an adjusted power, it performs well with any generator.

All these details are added to its price, located among the cheapest on the market, which means being in front of the best price-quality concrete mixer in our selection. An ideal piece when you don’t need anything else and prefer to search among the cheapest concrete mixers.

If you don’t need a large concrete mixer to work, surely you want to know more about this compact model.


Power: Its 275 watt power generates an efficient mix and is powered by any electric generator.

Compact : Its compact size makes it very manageable and easy to place in any environment.

Tipping : The traditional tilting pedal of the bowl is replaced by a practical crank, easier to use.


Height: The height of the tank is low and makes it difficult to pour the mixture into a wheelbarrow if the mixer is not previously raised.

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Other products


6. Zipper Zi BTM120 concrete mixing mixer

From the Zipper brand, we present you an alternative in concrete mixers that could have the requirements you are looking for, to invest in an efficient and durable product.

In short, the Zipper ZI-BTM120 model is a concrete mixer measuring 105.1 x 69 x 125.7 centimeters and weighing 40.8 kilograms. Its design is distinctive and striking, as well as robust, with a resistant support structure specially designed for loading.

This leads us to also mention that the concrete mixer drum has a capacity for 120 liters of material and has internal edges that will help to mix the concrete more easily.

On the other hand, the motor of the concrete mixer is 550W, being able to reach 2,800 RPM and thus keep the drum rotating in a stable and constant way, for as long as you need.

If this concrete mixer has caught your attention, we invite you to take a look at the following details:


Design: Zipper offers you a concrete mixer with a different design and striking colours.

Materials: It is made with a selection of good materials, which guarantee a long useful life.

Steering wheel: It has a multi-position steering wheel for handling the drum.

Safety: It has a built-in system that prevents the motor from restarting on its own after a power cut.



Wheels: The transport system could be more robust, so we advise you to be careful on the ground where you take the concrete mixer.

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7. Kompak KP HK140 Concrete mixer with tripod 130 L

Concrete mixers are very useful construction tools that help save a lot of time and effort, so on this occasion, we want you to meet the Kompak KP-HK140.

This equipment stands out among the others for presenting a particular structure where you will find, in addition to the classic style support, a tripod type with which you can hold the concrete mixer, while it rests on a wall or column.

In addition to this, the drum offers a capacity for a total of 130 liters and the motor is equipped with a safety brake capable of stopping the rotation of the drum immediately, if necessary.

Evaluating its technical specifications, the Kompak team has a size of 135 x 75 x 145 centimeters, while its weight is 60 kilograms and, like the other concrete mixers, it also has wheels installed to move it without spending too much energy.

In case you want to know more about this product, in the following space you will find more information:


Capacity: Kompak offers you a concrete mixer with a capacity of 130 liters, quite useful for simple and semi-complex jobs.

Engine: It has its respective engine to avoid manual handling.

Stable: It features a structural design that makes it stable, even while turning.

Construction: The manufacturing finishes of the equipment are robust and of good quality, to avoid operating inconveniences.



Handling: The mixer’s tripod makes it larger and less ergonomic to handle, but you can remove it if you wish.

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8. Yamato 7180035 Concrete mixer 160 liters 650W Cast Iron Crown

Yamato has for you a reliable and efficient concrete mixer with which you can work more easily at home or on a simple construction project.

Its model 7180035 has a capacity of 160 liters and works with a powerful 650W motor, which generates a rotary speed of 28 revolutions per minute in the drum; enough to obtain a good quality in the mixture.

Aesthetically it has good finishes and the structure is made of resistant materials, guaranteeing long durability if you comply with its maintenance after each use. In addition, it has built-in wheels as well as a support foot and a steering wheel for tilting the drum.

All the tools mentioned and combined with a drum of that capacity make the concrete mixer an attractive purchase alternative among the others.

Before making your purchase decision and deciding which concrete mixer you will acquire, we recommend you review this product:


Design: The Yamato team has an industrial style design and with reinforcement in its joints.

Drum: It has a large capacity drum incorporated for almost 160 liters of mixture.

Powerful: Its motor is powerful enough to meet the mixing requirements.

Steering wheel: You can easily adjust the position of the drum with the help of the iron steering wheel to monitor the process.



Assembly: The equipment is delivered unassembled and the assembly process can be a little more complicated than with other concrete mixers.

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Concrete mixer accessories


Concrete mixer engine


Generic MHA-075

If you are looking for a concrete mixer motor that allows you to automate your work as much as possible, we have the MHA-075 model single-phase motor for you.

This motor has a power of 0.75 Kw, and can reach rotational speeds of up to 1,500 times per minute, allowing it to be used in mixing the concrete components inside the containers.

Your purchase includes a pulley for installation in the concrete mixer along with a couple of individual switches to activate and deactivate the machine, which are also identified by color: red to stop and green to start.

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Shopping guide


With a guide to buying the best concrete mixer you will be able to know what are the characteristics that you should review before choosing. In this way, you will be able to choose a concrete mixer that is powerful enough and with the necessary capacity for your mixing needs.

concrete mixer design

One of the first aspects that you should review when you are faced with the available concrete mixer options is the design of the tool. Knowing the details about its dimensions, weight and even the support structure will help you choose a computer that is comfortable to use and maintain.

At the same time, you should keep in mind that many concrete mixers require prior assembly, since they are delivered in pieces. In this sense, it is convenient to review the dimensions that it will have once it is assembled, which you can verify in the manufacturer’s specifications of the model of your interest.

The weight, for its part, is usually a bit high to be considered an ergonomic machine, but, fortunately, practically all of them have wheels that will allow you to move it without wasting too much time or energy.

For its part, the aesthetic section is also relevant when choosing a concrete mixer, since the design of the structure is what guarantees the distribution of weight, to keep the equipment stable while it works.


Manufacturing materials

Before choosing the good and economical concrete mixer that you consider best to meet your needs, you cannot ignore the construction materials. Evaluated from a useful point of view, you should choose a tool that is robust and reliable, especially if it is designed to carry tens of kilograms of cement, sand and water.

In this category, we recommend you prefer models of concrete mixers that have steel fabrications, mainly in the support structure, considering that it is responsible for supporting the weight together with the drum.

In turn, the drum is one of the essential accessories of any concrete mixer and although it is not usually required to be made of steel, it must be robust to withstand the load and the rotations. In addition, inside they can have special pieces incorporated for mixing the concrete, speeding up the work and offering better results.


Engine power

The power generated by the motor installed in the equipment is a point of interest in any comparison of concrete mixers and considering that the machine is basically designed to turn and mix, it is very important that you review this feature thoroughly taking into account your expectations.

Basically, a motor that works in conjunction with a concrete mixer must have enough power to generate the rotation of the drum regardless of its load, as long as the established limits are respected.

In addition, you can choose between electric and fuel concrete mixers, according to your needs.

Drum capacity

It is likely that to answer the question of how much does a concrete mixer cost, it is necessary to evaluate yes or yes the capacity of its drum, since, the larger it is, the greater its usefulness in the field of construction. However, you should not overlook that this will also affect the dimensional technical specifications of the machine.

Continuing with the above, we can summarize that a large part of the utility of a concrete mixer is based on the capacity of its drum. For example, if you need a model to make a new wall at home or repair the garage entrance; compact size concrete mixers may suffice.

But if you need to make a complete wall or create a concrete floor from scratch, we advise you to purchase models that exceed 100 kilograms of capacity. In this way you can save time and effort, as well as obtain the amount of concrete you need more quickly.

Transport and mobility

The opinions expressed by previous users and connoisseurs of construction indicate that a practical and efficient concrete mixer must also be easy to mobilize. Taking into account that, for the most part, they are quite heavy equipment, it is essential that the model you choose has mechanisms installed that help transport or move it from one place to another.

In general and practically in any model of concrete mixer you will find wheels at the bottom. These can have designs with special patterns, which help to move it through difficult terrain that is not paved, as is often the case during the construction stage.

Likewise, a striking detail that several concrete mixers provide is their ability to be disassembled, either by disassembling elements such as the engine or the flywheel, even the drum itself and the aforementioned wheels. This would allow the mixer to be easily transported if required.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to make concrete in concrete mixer?

Pure concrete is a mass that contains cement, sand, water and, in some cases, gravel to give it a greater consistency. In order to know how to make concrete at home, it is essential to evaluate the utility that is planned to be given to the material, in order to obtain the appropriate measurements.

However, in general, you can prepare concrete in a concrete mixer following the following dosage guidelines: for every part of cement, you will need 0.5 parts of water, 2 parts of sand and 4 of gravel.

Start by positioning the concrete mixer on a stable surface that allows it to remain stationary. If it has any lock for the wheels, activate it or, if not, you can mount it on a support that keeps them off the ground, to prevent them from moving the equipment.

Now, incorporate the elements starting first with the gravel, the cement, the sand and half of the water. Proceed to turn on the equipment and when the materials begin to mix, pour the remaining water, wait a couple of minutes and everything will be ready to use.

Q2: How many cubic meters fit in a truck mixer?

To better understand the size of the cubic meter, you should first know that 1 m³ has an approximate weight of 2,400 kilograms, that is, almost 2.5 tons.

In this sense, a truck with a concrete mixer usually has the capacity to store between 6 m³ and 9 m³, depending on the model and the size of the drum. Consequently, this type of concrete mixer services are required for demanding and professional construction work, since a much larger quantity is needed than what would be used in a domestic project, for example.

Q3: How to remove the dry cement from the concrete mixer?

At the end of the work of the concrete mixer and emptying the material, it is best to clean it immediately with a hydrojet to remove the remains that have been stuck to the walls and in the corners. If this step is skipped, the concrete will dry out and can become very difficult to remove.

An alternative that could solve this drawback is taking advantage of the same constant rotation of the drum. Fill it with gravel and water, then activate the motor and allow the rotation and rubbing of the stones to gradually loosen the cement or soften it enough to use a hammer to remove the pieces of concrete.

Q4: How does a concrete mixer work?

A concrete mixer is a tool that has a basic but essential function: to mix the concrete.

These machines work with a drum, which can have different capacities depending on the model. This drum is designed to contain the materials that make up the basic concrete mix: water, cement and sand.

In turn, this drum is mounted on a structure where you will find a motor that can be both electric and fuel. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but their function in the concrete mixer is to rotate the drum so that the ingredients mix properly without the need for human intervention.

Due to the labor intensity, time and effort that can be required to mix large amounts of concrete, these machines are very efficient when doing structural modifications, construction, facades and more.


Q5: How to disassemble the drum of a concrete mixer?

In case you find yourself in the need to disassemble the drum or the drum of the concrete mixer, you should have a wrench at hand with which to loosen the nut that holds it to the structure. This nut can be found inside the drum, usually in the center.

Before removing the drum, empty it completely using the steering wheel or the lever to tilt it and let the dirt come out, be it remains of concrete, water, sand, dust or any other remnant. Once clean, you should be able to easily see the nut. Make use of the key to loosen and, once outside, lift the drum of the concrete mixer to remove it.


Q6: How to fix a concrete mixer?

To fix your concrete mixer, you must first identify the problem to find an accurate diagnosis and proceed with the actions to rectify it.

In general, the main reasons for failure in a concrete mixer are exceeding the allowable load in the drum, not cleaning after use, neglecting the lubrication of the crown, poor storage, among other reasons. In addition, the natural wear and tear of consumable items such as buttons, gears, and straps must also be considered.

These last parts can be changed and everything should return to normal, but if your concrete mixer has been damaged for the other reasons mentioned, the treatment will be more aggressive and deep, since you will probably have to use special cleaning products or tools to rectify the structure. damaged.

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