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Robotic Lawnmowers – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Do you like to keep your garden perfectly clean but are you tired of having to use your old lawnmower, which constantly has to be unclogged and leaves your arms looking like you’ve done a day at the gym? It’s time you took a break from all that exercise and got a device that actually mows your lawn. For this occasion, we recommend you purchase a practical robotic lawnmower, which will help you keep the garden clean automatically. Among the favorites of the users, the Bosch Indego 350 stands out, which has an adjustable cutting height for perfect finishes, allowing work on surfaces of up to 350 square meters. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that integrates an LCD screen with an interactive menu that is easy to manipulate and has a cutting width of 17 cm in diameter, we recommend the McCulloch Rob 600.

Opinions on the best robotic lawnmowers

To choose the best robotic lawnmower, it is important to take into account a series of important characteristics, so that the choice is favorable. We recommend, first of all, knowing very well the use that you are going to give the model so that you can acquire one of the best robotic lawnmowers of 2022.

Bosch Indego 350

If you want to know which is the best robotic lawnmower, you can start by looking at this practical model from the Bosch brand, since it works autonomously on a 350 m2 mowing area, so you can rest while your robotic lawnmower does all the work.

This model operates autonomously thanks to its lithium battery, which has a charging time of 45 min. You will be able to carry out several actions thanks to the application for mobile phones, allowing you to control the start, pause, settings and programs.

It is an intelligent device that programs the most effective routes, as well as the least damaging cut for the lawn, so that each new session of use will take different and appropriate actions depending on the moment. You can easily adjust the cutting height.

If you want to choose the best robotic lawnmower of the moment, it is important to take into account the cutting height, so that each session of use gives you more time with the garden low. This device allows you to choose the cutting height easily.


Autonomy: This model has good autonomy, allowing you to cut surfaces of 350 m2.

Area : You will be able to delimit the cutting area thanks to its 140 fixing stakes and perimeter cable.

Charge : This model incorporates a fast-charging lithium battery, which takes only 45 minutes to charge.

Level : You can easily adjust the cutting level, allowing you to start cutting at a high level and then gradually lower it.


Pipes: You can run the risk of chipping underground irrigation pipes or different installations when burying the fixing stakes.

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McCulloch Rob 600

This model is considered by many users as the best value for money robotic lawnmower, as it offers optimal performance at an unbeatable price. This device has a cutting area of ​​approximately 600 m2.

This product is easily installed by simply placing a wire or large object as a boundary. In the same way, the easy programming of its functions, calendar, among others, provided by the control panel, will allow you to rest while the robot does all the work.

It incorporates an 18 volt lithium battery. It has an approximate weight of 7 kg and measures 59 x 44 x 26 cm. It has a cutting width of 17 cm and an easily accessible LCD menu screen.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest models but with excellent performance, we recommend you look at this practical model, since it offers an excellent relationship between price and quality.


Area : This model can efficiently cut areas of up to 600 m2 automatically.

Cutting : This robotic lawnmower has a cutting diameter of up to 17 cm, so you will finish your job in less time.

Height : You can adjust the cutting height from 20 to 50 mm, leaving professional finishes in your garden.

Tilt : This device works perfectly on surfaces with a maximum tilt angle of 25%.


Cable : This device can get lost on very long straight runs if the guide wire is not installed properly.

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Gardena 04072

If you still don’t know which robotic lawnmower to buy, we recommend looking at this powerful model, as it cuts the grass in your garden autonomously, automatically returning to the charging station to recharge.

This model efficiently cuts areas of up to 700 m2 silently and without disturbing the neighbors. It has a total electrical consumption of 20 W, consuming only 12 kW/h each month. Its battery takes 1.1 hours to charge, allowing you to continue work soon.

This model is designed with waterproof materials, so it can work regardless of weather conditions. You can adjust the cutting height from 20 to 50 cm according to your preference. The robotic lawnmower has an approximate weight of 7.50 kg and a size of 46 x 58 x 25.5 cm.

If you want to know which is the best brand of robotic lawnmower, we recommend you look at this practical and efficient Gardena model, since it offers the mowing of large areas autonomously and efficiently without any problem.


Height : You can adjust the cutting height of this model between 20 to 50 mm, so that it leaves perfect finishes.

Area : This model works efficiently on surfaces of up to 700 m2.

Charging : After work, this model charges automatically, returning to its charging station for about an hour.


Cable: Without a perimeter cable, this model does not work, so you will have to buy one in case you lose it.

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Husqvarna Automower 315

This Husqvarna robotic lawnmower stands out for offering a high level of modernity, since it is a new intelligent model with optimal results. After putting it into operation, you will realize that it is a very quiet and safe model against children and pets.

It incorporates a complete LCD digital panel, with which you will control all the basic and special functions of the device. The wheels are specially designed to achieve a correct grip on the ground, providing efficient results.

This modern robotic lawnmower weighs approximately 8.98 kg and measures 63 x 51.1 x 24.9 cm. This device includes a practical kit with an additional knife, 100 hooks to mount the perimeter wire.

It is very important, before choosing a model, to know what budget you have, so that you can choose the model that best suits your needs. In the same way, it is important to know the accessories that the best robotic lawnmower kits incorporate.


Panel : This model incorporates a practical LCD, with which you can easily adjust the functions of the robot.

Kit : This robotic lawnmower includes a complete kit that includes an additional knife, 100 hooks for the guide wire, among other accessories.

Wheels : This product has wheels specially designed to achieve a better grip and greater movement.


Sensor : This model lacks a front sensor to help you take another path when you encounter obstacles.

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Robomow PRD9001YG

This is one of the most compact, cheapest and lightest models, which allows you to keep a small garden of approximately 150 m2 clean thanks to its 200 W power. However, depending on the ground conditions, it can reach up to 250 m2. This device stands out for having a very efficient system, achieving perfect finishes.

This model has an optimal perimeter edge cut, allowing you to easily and automatically keep grass that grows near walls and fences under. The battery it incorporates is lead acid.

This device offers fast operation, managing to clean your garden in less time than other similar models. This product includes the RX12 robotic lawnmower, a charging base, 100 stakes, 70 cm of perimeter wire and a roboruler.

Finally, it is advisable to know the maximum size of the land that you need to clean. This practical robotic lawnmower efficiently cleans areas from 150 m2 to 250 m2, depending on ground conditions and battery charge.


Kit : This product has a complete kit of accessories, which includes 100 stakes and 70 meters of perimeter wire, among other things.

Area : You will be able to keep the lawn of your 150 m2 garden clean without any problem.

Power : This device works with a power of 200 W, providing efficient operation.


Size : Due to its size, this model is not suitable for large plots of land.

Edge : This model cannot cut the edges of the walls, so you will have to use a trimmer later.

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