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Double Sided Tape – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 


Double-sided tape has become a versatile product that can replace adhesives or nails and plugs in various DIY tasks. A solution that currently offers a wide variety of options with which it is easier to find the ideal element for any task. Among them, we have the Euiooctory Nano tape, which can be removed easily and without leaving marks on the surface. In addition, the package includes 6 m of product so you can use it in different projects. For its part, the 3M VHB 7000033156 tape belongs to the high-performance models and is capable of joining materials of all kinds, withstanding high traction in the process.

The 9 Best Double Sided Tapes – Opinions 2022

If you don’t feel like fighting with plugs, screws and adhesives, you can turn to the best double-sided tape to fit your DIY project. This product has a great versatility of sizes and gluing intensities, so the offer is as wide as your needs may be. You have the proof in our selection of the best double-sided tape of 2022, with models suitable for various uses and among which you will surely find which double-sided tape to buy for your task.

double sided tape

1. Euiooctory Washable Double Sided Tape 

It is a double-sided adhesive tape made from environmentally friendly materials, so it is non-toxic and safe for use in the home. As for its use, it is suitable for placing on smooth surfaces of wood, plastic, glass, among others.

On the other hand, this tape is easy to remove when it is no longer needed, which avoids residue and marks on the surface where you have applied it. In addition, its structure does not turn yellow over time, which favors durability.

As far as presentation is concerned, it comes in a package with 2 ribbons of 3 meters each, giving a total of 6 meters. Also, it is available in packages of 5 and 10 meters to choose the set that best suits your needs.

The best double-sided tape should be strong and versatile, just like this product. Discover its positive and negative characteristics before selecting a model.


Removable: It is a removable tape that can be removed from a smooth surface without leaving residues or marks.

Ecological: The tape has been manufactured with ecological material to help reduce environmental pollution.

Adhesion: It can be used on glass, metal, wood, plastic and fabric surfaces, which increases its functionality.


Thickness: It is possible that this tape is thicker than expected, so it could be noticeable on the surface where you place it.

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2. Apli 13986 Double-sided foam adhesive tape 

APLI 13986 double-sided adhesive tape is another interesting proposal for making small assemblies. This tape has been made of high-quality white foam and has a resistance of 1 kilo just by placing a 15-centimeter strip, although always on smooth surfaces. This assembly can be done both indoors and outdoors, depending on what you need. 

A product that does not leave too much residue after removing it and that is easy to assemble, thanks to its traditional 2.28 meter long roll presentation. For its part, the 19 millimeters wide are somewhat smaller than other similar proposals, making the mounting of the tape a little more discreet. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that we are talking about the best value for money double-sided tape that we have selected.

We analyze in depth this product, located among the cheapest proposals on the current market.


Resistance: 15 centimeters of this material are enough to support a kilo of weight, without risks.

3D tape: Its 3D design in high-quality foam adds extra durability to the product, suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, as needed.

Width: The width is slightly narrower than usual, 19 millimeters, so that it is more discreet.


Gotelé walls: The product is suitable for smooth walls, but it may not be so much for rough ones, such as those of gotelé.

Assembly: It is important not to delay the assembly once the glue has been discovered, so that the adhesive does not dry out.

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3M double-sided tape

3. 3M Vhb 7000033156 Adhesive Tape 

Among the proposals that we have selected, the 3M VHB 7000033156 double-sided tape is one of the most resistant. We are talking about a high adherence tape and special for difficult surfaces, so it is a suitable proposal to join those elements in which other tapes fail. 

For this purpose, the tape has a high-level adhesive, prepared on a resistant base and with a width of 19 millimeters. Therefore, it is perfect for these joints to withstand the tensions corresponding to this type of highly demanding product. 

It is also versatile with respect to its applications, being able to be used on metals, wood, glass, ceramics and most plastics. The tape is represented in a roll of three meters long and has an easy application system, due to the resistance derived from the protective strips.

If you prefer a proposal from the best brand of double-sided tape, according to many users, we evaluate what this model offers you.


High demand: This tape is highly recommended for those jobs where you require a product with greater strength and resistance.

Core: The product is reinforced with an acrylic foam in the central part, which increases its bonding capacity.

Versatility: You can use it on all kinds of materials, such as glass, crystal, wood and almost all plastics.

Presentation: The 3 meter long presentation is suitable for different jobs, indoors or outdoors.


Hardening: The tape hardens at high temperatures or if it is exposed to sunlight.

Tape removal: Due to the intensity of the glue, it is necessary to use solvent or alcohol to clean the remains.

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Ceys double-sided tape

4. Ceys Double Sided Tack Tape

Within what the market offers, we find the Ceys Tack double-sided tape. This product has a pure, high-strength adhesive that offers adequate adhesion both indoors and outdoors. 

In fact, the tape supports temperatures from -30 to 150 degrees, being suitable for highly demanding uses. A task in which the intermediate support also generates adequate stability in use, in a tape that is 19 millimeters wide, in line with other similar designs. 

As proof of its holding capacity, we are talking about a tape capable of supporting a kilo of weight with the use of just 3 centimeters, achieving maximum resistance in three days from its assembly. A use that can be executed on all kinds of materials, such as wood, metal, glass or plastics.

Simplifying your DIY jobs is easy thanks to this complete double-sided tape.


Resistance : It is one of the most resistant products on the market, a strip of three centimeters is enough to support 1 kilo of weight.

Temperature : The adhesive supports temperatures ranging from -30 degrees to 150 degrees, both indoors and outdoors.

Installation : The design of the tape makes it very easy to mount, which can also be done on surfaces such as glass, plastic or wood.


Stabilization : The product needs about 72 hours to achieve the optimal adherence of the adhesive.

Rough Surfaces : This tape does not do well on rough materials, where adhesion is reduced.

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Extra strong double sided tape

5. Pattex No More Nails Tape

When it comes to high-strength, long-lasting work, it’s a good idea to turn to products like Patex No More Nails extra-strong double-sided tape. This solution allows fixing different objects of a certain weight, such as mirrors, signs or even mailboxes, regardless of whether they are indoors or outdoors, thanks to its high adhesive power. In fact, the tape supports up to 120 kilos per roll, equivalent to a resistance of about 4 kilos per 5 centimeters of tape. 

This roll is 1.5 meters long by 19 millimeters wide. As always, the tape has a simple installation, so it is enough to remove the protective strips to leave the adhesive in the air and proceed with the installation. 

A quality product at an adjusted cost that is a candidate to be the best double-sided tape of the moment within its category.

When determining which is the best double-sided tape for your project, it is convenient to know each product in detail, as we do in this analysis.


Applications : Thanks to the capacity of the tape, it is possible to use it outdoors and indoors.

Resistance : The product has a resistance of 120 kilos per roll, around 4 kilos per 5 centimeters of tape.

Installation : The traditional roll approach makes installation on any surface very fast.


Cleanliness : It is key to clean the surfaces to be joined of grease and dust, to achieve an optimal grip.

Elimination of remains : Due to its resistance, it is somewhat complicated to remove the remains of the adhesive from the surface.

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Tesa Double Sided Tape

6. Tesa TE05671-00000-11 Extra Strong Double Sided Tape 

Carrying out all kinds of fixing work is easy if we choose a suitable and quality product. Designed precisely for the most complex tasks, we find the Tesa TE05671-00000-11 double-sided tape. 

This model is much wider than usual, having an extension of 50 millimeters compared to the traditional 20 millimeters. Something that helps to achieve a better fixation on any surface, with a high level of resistance and durability. Some assemblies that we can execute both indoors and outdoors. 

The tape comes in a 10 meter long roll, making it a suitable proposition for high coverage tasks, simplifying assembly and reducing costs. Otherwise, the high-quality, high-strength adhesive helps to bond different materials together, achieving a strong, long-lasting grip, provided mounting is done correctly.

Let’s see some details of this product and everything that can help you when fixing different objects.


Thickness : This model is wider than usual, to work more comfortably.

Extra Strong : The high strength approach increases grip and reduces the risk of detachment.

Detachment : The detachment of the adhesive is also of quality, leaving less residue on the supports used.


Cut : In case you have to cut the tape, it should be done with a cutter and not with scissors, because the strip sticks to them.

Thickness : The thickness of the strip is very small, complicating its handling a bit.

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Transparent double-sided tape

7. 3M Scotch 40041915A Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Within the different proposals that the market offers us to fix different objects, we have aids such as the transparent double-sided tape 3M Scotch 40041915A. This product follows the most classic design, with a base of transparent acrylic material on which the adhesive that gives it fixing is spread. 

This material is also transparent, so “invisible” installations are possible, since the glue is also not visible, at least at first glance, when mounting the tape on glass and similar surfaces. A product that does not leave residues on the materials either once it has been used, which is always appreciated considering the bases it uses. 

Otherwise, the tape offers a rather light grip, being suitable for the simplest and least demanding jobs, in which the roll meets solvency.

We analyze some more details of that tape, so you know what to expect when working with it.


Transparent : The high transparency of the product facilitates a high quality installation, almost invisible.

Measurements : The roll has the conventional measurements of 19 millimeters wide by 1.5 meters long.

No residue : The tape leaves hardly any residue on the surfaces when disassembling the installation.


Grip: The resistance of the product is 2 kilos per 30 centimeters, lower than other tapes on the market.

Paper strips: The paper strips are somewhat more difficult to remove than expected, making assembly a bit difficult.

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Double-sided tape for hanging pictures

8. Eotw Double Sided Tape No More Nails

Unlike the products we have already reviewed, the EOTW ES-belcro00310W double-sided strips are an interesting alternative to dowels and nails when mounting pictures on the wall. We are talking about a batch of 12 strips of double-sided adhesive tape to hang pictures, with which to dispense with the drill, the plugs and the spikes.

Each of these strips measures 100 millimeters long by 30 millimeters wide, which generates adequate resistance when it comes to supporting frames of different weights. The best thing is that, by having Velcro as a connection between the straps, as opposed to the traditional single strap, it is possible to assemble and disassemble the different objects that you fix with ease, for example to clean behind them or reposition them. You can also conveniently cut the tape to fit your needs.

As proof of their quality, these products withstand up to 10,000 uses, regardless of whether they are pictures, cables, phones and other similar objects.

Forget about nails, plugs and problems when fixing your pictures and small objects with this complete set of adhesive strips.


Approach: Compared to conventional products, this model has an adhesive and a velcro strip for proper fixing.

Reusable – These strips can be used up to 10,000 times without deterioration or loss of grip.

Measurements : The strips are 100 millimeters long by 30 millimeters wide, achieving a quality grip.


Surfaces : The material cannot be used on rough or limestone walls, as the grip is not adequate.

Load : The weight supported by the product is low, so it should not be used with particularly large frames.

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Scotch double-sided tape

9. Scotch 70016072772 Double Sided Tape 

Since not all jobs require heavy-duty, heavy-duty tapes, we’ve also included products with a lighter adhesive that are suitable for fastening cables and light objects. The chosen one is Scotch 70016072772 double-sided tape, which due to its approach is similar to that of a traditional fixo roll. 

This facilitates the use of it and its application in these small tasks, with an adequate deployment and in an approach that does not leave residues, in case you have to remove the tape. As extras, the roll has a width of 12.7 millimeters, somewhat smaller than that of other similar tapes and in line with the compact approach that we have been analyzing. 

And don’t worry about the price either, because the roll has 22.8 meters of tape at a more than interesting cost, being among the cheap solutions to solve these small fixings.

If you are looking for a simple and low grip double-sided tape, this model is just what you need.


Width : The tape has a size of 12.7 millimeters, smaller than that of other models on the market.

Design : The design of the roll is similar to that of the usual fixo, making it easier to use.

No residue: The product does not generate residue in case of detachment, thus facilitating cleaning.


Applications : The tape does not support very intensive use or hold very heavy objects. 

No paper : This roll does not include release paper, which affects the quality of the adhesive when used.

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Shopping guide

Double-sided tape has gone from being a stationery object to becoming a practical tool with which to carry out all kinds of fastening jobs easily and comfortably. However, the success of this tape has led to the appearance of all kinds of products and approaches, so having a guide to buy the best double-sided tape at hand is not a bad idea. With it, we will know what we have available in the market and how to find a good and cheap double-sided tape.

tape application

To begin with, we need to be clear that there is a large number of tapes on the market with different applications. Therefore, the first thing we must know is what we are going to do with the tape and what parameters it must meet in order not to cause us problems later.

The first large group is made up of double-sided tapes of a general nature, which have different applications and are used for a bit of everything. They are an easy solution but not the best for specific tasks. Among them, there are specific options such as double-sided carpet tapes, specially designed to withstand the stresses of the floor. Also repulpable tapes, easy to reposition and reposition on surfaces in case we need it.

We also have high-resistance double-sided tapes, capable of withstanding the highest levels of demand and that allow us to hang heavy objects on walls or mount parts on vehicles without the need for welding. Also interesting are the models based on polyethylene foam, which add extra cushioning to the tape. All this without forgetting the thermo-adhesive model, which is activated with heat and facilitates high-quality fixing. The variety is very wide, so all you have to do is choose the type of tape that best suits you according to the task at hand.

tape measurements

Another important issue to assess when choosing this tape is its size. Again, this aspect will depend on the application that we plan to carry out. The greater the need for support and weight or resistance of the elements that we are going to use, the greater the size and thickness of the tape should be. However, regarding the thickness, it is also important to see the finish, since if you want the joint not to bulge, you should use a thinner tape.

The added bonus is that the wider the tape, the fewer strips you’ll have to lay down. Speaking of measurements, it is also worth taking a look at the length of the tape, in order to buy the size that best suits you for the work to be done. An aspect that reduces how much this tape costs, since the longer the rolls of tape, the lower the cost per meter of it.

In any case, don’t be overwhelmed by not finding what you need, since in any comparison of double-sided tape it will be easy for you to find that model with the measurements and dimensions you need. What you should try is that you do not have too much tape, since it loses its adhesive properties over time.

Tape Removal

Although many double-sided tape installations are permanent, there are many times when it is necessary to remove the adhesive and tape. This is due to the use of the tape as a temporary fixing element and in other cases due to the need to renew the tapes due to the deterioration of use and time.

For this reason, it is necessary that we take a look at the type of adhesive that we are using and how it looks after its removal. Many tapes have resistant adhesives that hardly leave any residue when removed, which always helps when it comes to renewing them and not having to clean up afterwards. Something that is very useful when there are textiles through or other materials in which the remains of the adhesive are difficult to remove.

Many other tapes incorporate more resistant adhesives, as we mentioned at the beginning, which are more complicated to remove. In these cases, it is possible to eliminate the rest either by means of chemical products such as solvents or with the help of heat. A handy remedy for any tape, including heat-activated tape, which melts back once it’s been applied, making it easy to remove.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to peel off double-sided tape?

To take off the double-sided tape we have several options, depending on the materials on which it has been used. If they are resistant materials that do not scratch, such as floors or glass, we can use blades or scrapers, which not only remove the tape, but also its possible residue. 

We can also use a hot air gun or a dryer to soften the adhesive and facilitate the manual removal of the tape, using conventional cleaning products suitable for the surface on which the tape has been placed to remove the remains. A suitable option for the most sensitive materials.

Q2: How to paste double-sided tape?

To stick the double-sided tape, we will start by cleaning the area well so that there is no dust or dirt that could damage the adhesive of the tape. Next, we place it on the edge of the object or the area where we are going to mount it, always in a vertical orientation.

We will unfold the tape on the area, pressing it on the surface and avoiding wrinkles or folds that harm that assembly. Once the product is placed on the base surface, we will remove the paper from the upper layer of the tape, sticking the other object or element in the same way.


Q3: How to lay carpet with double-sided tape?

To apply double-sided carpet tape, it is necessary that the floor is in good condition, free of debris and properly leveled. Before proceeding, we will consider where the tapes will be located, the amount of which depends on the type of carpet and the intensity of use of the room, so that the more use is made, the more tape we must stick.

Once the approach has been made, we will stick the tape firmly to the floor, ensuring that it is smooth, without wrinkles. Do not forget that some tapes have separate sides, with a stronger glue to stick the carpet and a softer one for the floor.

Next, we will unfold the carpet and remove the adhesive from the upper layer of the tape, always preparing in the direction of the carpet unfolding to achieve a better result. You can use a roller to achieve better adhesion. We finish the process by cutting the carpet, removing the remains and placing the corresponding skirting boards on the carpet, if applicable.

Q4: How to clean the double-sided tape?

The main cleaning issue with double sided tape has to do with the adhesives that the tape uses. These can be removed with alcohol, glass cleaner or almost any other conventional cleaning product, suitable for the surface the tape is on.

If necessary, and if the material allows it, it is advisable to use a scraper to remove the most stuck or larger remains, so that only what remains has to be removed by hand, once those larger remains have been removed.

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