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Torque Wrench – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To achieve a perfect fit in your work, torque wrenches are the ideal solution. A tool that allows you to adjust the tightening torque to what you need to avoid stripping bolts or over-tightening nuts. So that your investment is adequate, do not forget to check that the dimensions of the key are adapted to what you need, also having all the sockets and elements you need to have the quality that guarantees adequate and flexible work. The preferred model of consumers at the moment is the Mighty 880275, which has a six-point kit and a high-quality wrench to carry out all your tightenings precisely. A product that allows tightening from 2 to 24 Nm, for all kinds of jobs you need. Something similar happens with the BBB Torqueset set, which has a range of 2 to 14 Nm, with a screw protection system that releases the head when the desired pressure has been achieved and a complete set of sockets for almost any job.

Buying Guide – What is the best torque wrench on the market?

When it comes to tightening and loosening threaded parts like bolts and nuts, there is nothing better than using a torque wrench. That is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best torque wrench on the market, with the aim of reviewing its operation and the most important characteristics to take into account when we are comparing torque wrenches to choose a good and economical one.

What is a torque wrench and how does it work?

Many of us have “isolated” a screw or nut or what is the same, we have damaged the thread. This happens because we put too much force when squeezing. Each piece has its own “tightening torque”, which is nothing more than the force limit it needs to be properly tightened, but without damaging the thread.

As its name indicates, it is a pair of forces, the tightening that we apply to the resistance of the screw or nut. The tightening torque is expressed in units of force by the distance of the turn, that is, in Newton per meter (NM) or in Kilograms force per meter (Kgf-m). Torque wrenches are tools capable of measuring the tightening torque, in this way we do not damage nuts and bolts.


These tools can be of many types, however, the most used are the ratchet type, which allow the tightening torque to be adjusted and the wrench emits a “clack” sound when the correct tightening has been achieved. They usually have the adjustment system in the handle itself, but others, which are also very exact, have a scale on the head of the tool. As you tighten the part, the tool marks the tightening, when the necessary tightening torque is achieved, you just have to stop tightening and that’s it.

Of course, there are many models of all kinds and prices also vary a lot, but before asking how much it costs, let’s see other more relevant specifications.

Scope or tightening range

This is expressed in Nm and is the ability to recognize the different tightening torques. For example, a torque wrench can have a range of 2-14 Nm, 2-24 Nm, 10-80 Nm, etc. For example, if we wanted to tighten a metric 8 screw, a wrench with a range of 5-25 Nm would work perfectly.

If it is a motorcycle or any other vehicle, the most recommended in terms of tightening is to read the manufacturer’s instructions, since it appears there what is the tightening of each screw and nut. Oddly enough, properly tightened bolts and nuts can make our vehicles last longer in good condition.

square measure

The head of the cup can be one-half, three-eighths, or one-fourth of an inch. These measurements influence the tightening range, for example, the 1/4” wrenches will not reach a tightening of 210 Nm but will cover the range of smaller tightenings.


These are the ones that attach to the wrench to tighten. The glass must have the metric of the nut or screw that we need to tighten. However, we can always use different sockets with the same torque wrench using adapters.

click mechanism

This is very important because it is how you find out that the nut is already tight. It is a very simple system, but not all keys have it. It is best to make sure that yours will have this characteristic sound.


The best torque wrenches have been calibrated by a computer, but over time they can lose calibration, so it is good that the wrench supports a new one. This means that it can last much longer. As for calibration, some skill and knowledge are necessary, so we recommend going to have it done by a professional or, in any case, buying a key that comes correctly calibrated from the factory.

Finally, we recommend you not to get carried away by the offers of more accessories. It is great to have several sockets to choose from, however, the most important thing is the quality of the faucet, the calibration and the accuracy it offers.

Remember to think carefully about your own needs. Many people who need a simple wrench to adjust the motorcycle chain end up buying a large, complex and expensive wrench that, however, is impractical for its intended use. The more certain you are of what you need, the more you will get out of your new torque wrench.

The 5 Best Torque Wrenches – Opinions 2022

If you want to loosen and tighten screws quickly and efficiently, torque wrenches may be your best option. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a bicycle fan, it is always good to have a torque wrench because it makes your job easier and also allows you to choose the pressure or force at which you want to tighten the screw in question.

This type of wrench is widely used by competitive cyclists. But we know that there are so many options that we can get lost between models and never decide which one we are going to buy, especially since some expensive ones do not meet the needs of the user. That is why we have created this list with the best torque wrenches on the market. Our goal is that you can choose a good and cheap one.

1. Mighty 880275o Torque Wrench

Main advantage:

This tool will allow you to make precise adjustments to the different pieces that you require and this is thanks to its multiple accessories that you will have with your purchase, among which the Allen keys stand out in more than 6 sizes. In addition, you can apply a force that ranges from 2 Nm to 24, so it will be adjusted to the various tasks that you need to perform.   

Main disadvantage:

Not being able to extract the ¼” tips from the sockets to replace them when they are worn is one of the disadvantages of use that their buyers see, but they have stated that buying the complete piece works without any type of problems so it will not be an impediment to use.  

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is a tool considered one of the most recommended among the torque wrenches, due to its versatility of use, resistance in its manufacturing materials and excellent value for money, which is why it is very attractive and tops the list of our recommendations.

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The use of torque wrenches is quite wide. They can be used to repair from your car, motorcycle and even bicycle. This specific model is recommended for this last method of transport, both for athletes, mechanics or lovers of two wheels.

This ¼” bead tool is considered to be one of the most accurate on the market. It has a set of Allen keys of different sizes such as: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and also a T25, T30 and a millimeter adapter, so you can use it as you wish.


The tightening torque for a perfect adjustment of the different pieces to work, applies a force that goes from 2 to 24 NM. When the selected pressure has been reached, the key will notify you so that you do not overdo it; This will be done with a small jump and ‘click’, which you will notice without much effort so that you are sure that you achieved your goal.     


It has a total length of 20 centimeters so it is practically ideal to use it without discomfort. The key is not very heavy and according to its buyers, that is why handling it will not be a problem and you will be able to carry out continuous work without fatigue, because it only weighs 998 grams.

It is versatile because you can not only use it to adjust your parts, but you can also loosen it as needed, and this is thanks to its direction change system which is easily activated through a ratchet or lever.   

For greater comfort, the manufacturers of this torque wrench designed a modern and comfortable case so that you can take your tool with you wherever you want, since it is not very big or heavy, you can carry it in your car or in your hand, as you choose.

In addition, you will be able to keep your tool safe from dust, bumps and you will not run the risk of losing the different pieces that come with your purchase, which is good if you are one of the people who like to take care of your work items.

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2. BBB BTL-73 Torque Wrench One Size

The Dutch brand BBB Cycling is one of the largest distributors of bicycle products worldwide. Competition cyclists Chris Koppert and Frank Moons created this brand that has been on the market since 1997 and is currently a company with distribution in 18 countries.

The BBB Torqueset might be the second best torque wrench on the market today, not just because of the brand, but it’s a complete set: an adjustable torque tool with a 1/4″ drive, plus it has the helpful click mechanism that indicates when the torque has been reached, so we don’t overdo it when tightening a screw.

It has a range of 2-14 Nm, gradually adjustable. It has been individually calibrated by computer and however there is a possibility to recalibrate the tool.

The BBB Torqueset has six 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm hex keys and includes a T25, T30 torx driver, which means it covers all your bike repair needs.

For those who are looking for the support of a good manufacturer, we can tell you that according to users, the best brand of torque wrenches is BBB. If you want to know more about their product, continue reading below.


Kit: The key comes in a case that makes it easy to store and move. It brings a series of tips that will help in its use with efficacy and safety.

Tips: It has 6 hexagonal tips that cover diameters from 3mm to 10mm. It also comes with a T25-T30 torx screwdriver.

Range: According to the manufacturer, it has a range of 2-14 Nm which has been calibrated by computer. However, the user can also calibrate it without any problem and according to their needs.

Anti Isolation: The tool makes a characteristic click when it has reached the torque limit to avoid stressing the screw and isolating or breaking it.

Size: It has dimensions that make it comfortable to store and carry, as well as a light weight so as not to get in the way or affect physical performance if you carry it during your bike trips.

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3. Unitec 20807 Auto Torque Wrench

Although it is not in the first place, the fact that we have put it on this very selective list can give you an idea that you are dealing with one of the best torque wrenches on the market today.

Some users who have tested its calibration have discovered a low margin of error of 5 Nm, that is, around 4% error, which when compared to the 3% error given by other much more expensive wrenches, the Unitec 20807 Auto totally worth it. In this sense, it is recommended for tightening torques from 60 Nm where the margin of error is very subtle.

The Unitec 20807 Auto torque wrench is the typical chrome-plated tool that sets the tightening torque by an axial thread at the end of the handle, ideal for motorcycle cylinder heads and other hobby jobs. The size of the sockets used in this torque wrench is 1/2″ but they are not included.

There are options on the market that offer you quality at a fairly low price. That is why we would like you to take into account this model that stands out as the best torque wrench for 25 euros, according to buyers. Read its features below.


Margin of error: This wrench is one of the most precise in its price-quality range, offering a margin of error of only 5 Nm. That is, 1% more than high-end keys.

Anti isolation: It incorporates the mechanism that clicks once the torque limit has been reached in the screw so as not to force it too much.

Price: A feature well praised by customers is that its price is much lower, while its performance is quite good.

Durability: The tool is chrome plated to ensure good resistance to corrosion and wear and tear.


Torque accuracy: Some users say that it is not recommended to use it on low torques because, due to its margin of error, it might not tighten properly.

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4. Goodyear 75522 Torque Wrench

This model manufactured by the renowned Goodyear brand will allow you to adjust all the parts correctly, due to the level of torque that its tightening torque offers you. Thanks to this, the nuts of the different types of vehicles that you repair will not be excessively tight or loose.

You will never know when you will need to carry out a repair, therefore, it is best to have all the tools at hand to help you solve any problem. This key can be easily carried everywhere you go, because, in addition to being compact, it comes with a box that will serve to store and protect it.

This storage box is very stable, therefore, the key will remain properly protected and you will not run the risk of it being damaged.

In addition, it has been made of stainless steel, a material that guarantees its adequate resistance and contributes to lengthening its useful life.

It is considered one of the most effective torque wrenches on the market today, therefore the following points are good to know.


Tightening torque: It is designed with the ability to maintain a tightening range that varies between 42 and 210 Nm.

Grip: You will be able to hold it in the proper way and it will not slip while you are holding it, since the bottom of the key has been covered with a non-slip material.

Viewer: The wrench has a small viewer where it shows the tightening range that it performs when holding the different pieces that you are accommodating, so you can make sure that this is the right one.


Accessories: Although this model is offered with an extension and inserts that measure 1.7 cm and 1.9 cm, it does not have as many additional parts as other models, so if you wish to have more cups to use, you will have to purchase them separately.

Certificate: There are buyers who claim that it does not come with a calibration certificate, which some people may not like.

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5. Draper 28757 Square Torque Wrench

With this wrench you will have the possibility of adjusting all the screws in the correct way, regardless of the side to which they must be tightened, since it has been made with a reversible axis, that is, you will be able to use it in both directions, right and left, without any problem..

In addition, you will be able to read the values ​​of the tightening torque at which you are performing the torsion and in this way make sure that you are carrying out the adjustment process with great precision, this is possible due to the fact that it has a sleeve in which these data are indicated..

The Draper Tools brand ensures that it is a wrench designed to be resistant and durable, therefore, it is likely that you will be able to use it for a long time to repair your car or motorcycle and adjust each of its parts in the correct way. correct.

It is one of the best torque wrenches of the moment, therefore, you should review its main features, which we present below.


Tightening range: You will be able to adjust a considerable amount of parts, since its tightening range varies between a minimum level of 10 Nm and a maximum of 80 Nm.

Measurement: This wrench is 3/8”, which facilitates its use for various tasks in which you need a torque wrench, since it is the most generic measurement.

Storage: It is offered with a storage box where you can store it to transport it more easily and prevent it from deteriorating.


Manual: Some buyers claim that it does not come with an instruction manual, which would help them to better understand its operation, especially for beginners.

Accessories: Unlike other models, it does not come with additional parts that you can use to work.

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Mighty 880275 Torque Wrench

This is considered by a large number of cycling fans as one of the best torque wrenches of 2022.

The Mighty 880275 is a complete kit to check your bike, a high quality wrench, with exact scale tips from 2 -24 Nm. It also has a reversible 1/4” ratchet with changing direction for greater comfort.

It has hexagonal bits 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm Allen key and a Torx T 25 screwdriver with 5 mm adapter and T25+T30, so you can check any type of bicycle and cover all the parts you need. tighten or loosen.

Best of all, the Mighty 880275 allows you to take care of the bolts and nuts on your bike because with some other questionable quality tools you could overstretch and isolate the bolts.

It is a very complete and durable key that also has a very attractive price if we compare it with other keys that offer the same or that are even less versatile and robust.

If you are a person who is looking for the highest quality, we want to show you a wrench presented by customers as the best torque wrench of the moment. Learn about its advantages below.


Kit: The wrench comes with a case where you can find a series of hexagonal bits of different sizes, a reversible ratchet and more.

Tips and accessories: Among the hexagonal tips you can find different sizes, from 3mm to 10mm. It also comes with an Allen key and a special screwdriver with an adapter for various heads.

Reversible direction: It has a 1/4 ”reversible ratchet with changing direction to facilitate any screwing or unscrewing task.

Versatile: Not only is it an ideal tool for repairing bicycles, but it can also be used for housework, light and medium vehicle mechanics, and many more.

Size: It is a fairly compact tool that you can carry comfortably in a backpack, the trunk of the car, the motorcycle compartment or store it in any physical space, without problems.

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How to use a torque wrench

To make repairs or adjustments on motorcycles or any other mechanism that requires screwing, it is very important to have the necessary tools for it. When it comes to screwing properly and without putting the components of the machine at risk, there are torque wrenches and in this article we will tell you how to use them.  

How to know what is the correct tightening

Components such as nuts and bolts have printed on some part of their surface or on the labels what is the tightening torque that is necessary to achieve the proper adjustment of the parts, in such a way that they work correctly and do not loosen when the mechanism is in operation or become distorted because the manufacturer’s recommended tightening force has been exceeded.

Although you can read the specifications given by the manufacturer to correctly fasten the bolts or nuts, if you do not use a torque wrench it is difficult to know when you have reached the correct tightening torque. On the other hand, with the key you just have to turn it until you hear and feel the clack in the tool that indicates that you have reached the correct tightening torque.

Make the adjustment torque

This is an easy task to do if you use your torque wrench. Start by taking the bolt or nut and tightening it with your hands until you feel resistance, that is, until you can no longer turn it by hand. If necessary, place the socket of the size corresponding to the size of the component you are adjusting on the machine on the head of the wrench.

Next, attach the socket to the component and start turning the key with some force as required until you hear the key click indicating that you have reached the component’s tightening torque. When you hear the click stop, otherwise you will exceed the torque.

How to calibrate it

Torque wrenches are factory calibrated in most cases, but can be knocked out of calibration by a heavy blow. However, you can recalibrate them yourself. To do this, put a mark in the center of the back of the key head; follow this indication straight to where you put your hand to take it by the handle. In that limit put another mark. Take the measurement between the two marks.

Insert only the head of the key in a vise and put the rest of its body in a horizontal position. Next, align the torque value of the tool according to the measurement you previously took after multiplying it by 0.97.

At the point marked on the handle of the key tie a weight or object weighing 9.07 kg; push as you move the handle toward the wrench head until you can no longer hear the clicks.

Care you must have

The torque wrench is a calibrated tool, so it is very important that it does not suffer strong shocks that could affect its calibration level. You should also not expose it to moisture and heat.

The most popular brands

For almost all heavy or delicate manual work, tools of all kinds will always be necessary; Among these are the torque wrenches: they come in all sizes and with a design for various screws, helping you in a variety of domestic or professional tasks. Below we show you three brands that manufacture this type of accessories to a high degree of quality.

Since 1998 BBB Cycling has been making high quality cycling products at a good price. They originally design and build the products with their own developers on a modest number of items like torque wrenches and brake shoes. Today, this has made it one of the world leaders in the market with more than 1,500 products distributed in 40 different accessory ranges that have been sold in 48 countries.

These manufacturers go to great lengths to work every day on new, innovative, high-quality cycling accessories for professional cyclists and beginners, being the favorite brand of professional racers for world competitions and classic races.

This brand has been worthy of almost 100 different awards in international and national magazines distributed by different product categories. They are best known for their helmets, goggles, pumps, brake shoes, tools, clothing, and all sorts of smart bike solutions, evolving with their offerings for motorcycles and other means of transportation.

They work with teams they sponsor like Pro Continental and FDJ, Wanty-Groupe Gobert and Team Roompot Oranje Peloton and are tied to the CST Superior Brentjens MTB Racing and Radon Factory Racing associations.

It was created in 1978 and its ISO 9001 certificate guarantees that all staff build each product seriously, using high-quality, long-lasting equipment and materials. There are approximately 5,000 articles manufactured and exported by the brand in continents such as Asia and Europe, and in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. It is important to note that each Silverline Tools business location works hard to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible in all its operations. They have a special supply team that works closely with this operational chain to carry out projects and plans that reduce the environmental costs related to the process of obtaining their items.

They also have a group, which is in charge of supervising each product, made up of more than 50 people, making sure that they meet the minimum standards for which they were built, as well as the satisfaction of the demands of each client.

Unitec is a company that manufactures hydraulic, electric and pneumatic tools for industry and construction. His team develops innovative torque wrenches, which will have the smallest margin of error so that it fully joins the machinery that you want to tighten, repair or maintain.

The company started in 1991 when it devised its first saw, which was built with pneumatic belts and so compact in size that it was very easy to transport. During the coming years, the company dedicated itself to increasing the list of accessories and utensils according to the technological updates of the industries, managing to balance the quality with the price of each product.

Its products include a very diverse amount of instruments that can be used in many areas, such as diamond drill bits, sanders, polishers, torque wrenches, torque wrenches, drills, annular cutters, drilling machines of various types, portable magnetic drills, saws for pipes, corner drills, metal finishing tools and many other items.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Draper Tools 34570

No podíamos dejar de poner en esta lista una llave dinamométrica para motos y algunas otras tuercas de artefactos automotores. La llave dinamométrica Draper Tools 34570 ha sorprendido gratamente a los usuarios por su increíble relación calidad-precio.

Está diseñada para reconocer de 10 a 80 Nm  ideal para apretar tuercas sin pasarse de fuerza gracias a su sistema que emite un sonido cuando se ha alcanzado el par indicado.

Vale la pena decir que aunque el paso es 3/8 se puede usar muy bien con adaptadores para ½ y ¼ o el que sea necesario dependiendo de los pasos que necesiten tus llaves.

Los aficionados a las motos son los usuarios más comunes de esta genial herramienta. La llave dinamométrica Draper Tools 34570 es capaz de hacer trabajos de apriete con garantía y eficacia, ya que ha sido previamente calibrada.

Si nos preguntan cuál es la mejor llave dinamométrica podemos responder que definitivamente esta es una buena opción si lo que quieres es una buena llave para tensar la cadena de tu moto y hacer otras revisiones a tiempo. Eso sí, sin gastar dinero de más pues su precio es bajo.

Quienes no saben aún cuál llave dinamométrica comprar, deberán aceptar nuestra invitación a conocer las características de este modelo y ver si es la candidata afortunada para tus necesidades.


Precisión: Los usuarios alaban la capacidad de esta llave de apretar con precisión tal como lo hacen otras herramientas más de mayores precios y marcas más reconocidas.

Calibración: La herramienta viene calibrada de fábrica, por lo que no necesitarás realizar ajustes para poder utilizarla.

Anti aislamiento: Tiene un mecanismo que hace un clic especial cuando se ha alcanzado la torsión máxima en el tornillo, para no apretarlo de más.

Ajuste de paso: Aunque viene predeterminada para la medida 3/8, se puede ajustar con unos adaptadores especiales a otras como ½ o ¼.


Pares extremos: Los usuarios más expertos aseguran que la llave no tiene una precisión adecuada cuando se trata de apretar en los pares más altos.

Lixada 10 En 1

Quisimos cerrar con una llave multifunción para bicicleta. Esta llave en forma de hueso de perro es 10 herramientas en 1, ideal para revisión y reparación de bicicletas pues cubre todos los tamaños de 6 mm-15 mm, de manera que está diseñada para adaptarse a tus nec

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