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Electric stapler – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

One of the essential tools to carry out quality work with impeccable finishes is an electric stapler. Therefore, it is important that you know its characteristics, such as type of operation, capacity, dimensions and safety. For example, the Stanley 6-TRE550 has a nominal power of 2300 W and is compatible with staples from 6 to 14 mm type G and nails type J. On the other hand, the Bosch PTK 14 EDT has the DuoTac function, which allows you to fire two staples in each punch. It also incorporates the Push + Release system, which controls the activation and force of the blow for greater precision.

The best electric staplers on the market

The stapler is a tool that makes work easier, while allowing you to achieve quality results, whether you are a professional or a beginner in the world of carpentry and decoration. In this sense, we present a list with some of the best electric staplers of 2022, where you can find detailed information on each option so that you can choose the most appropriate one.

Electric Stapler Nailer

Stanley 6-TRE550

According to some users, this is the best electric stapler, as it has a compact but efficient design, suitable for use in corners and tight spaces. Likewise, it has an ergonomic soft-type handle, which guarantees a soft grip and is non-slip for greater safety and precision.

Also, it is an electric nailer stapler as it is also compatible with Brad 8/300/E/J-type nails, which are 12mm in size. In the case of staples, they must be type G (4/11/140) of 6, 8, 12 and 14 mm, in this way, you have multiple options to continue using the stapler with spare parts that you can purchase separately.

It has a nominal power of 2300 W, so it is possible to insert the staples with great ease in a wide range of materials, with different textures and hardnesses, but with minimal effort. In addition, the cable offers a length of 2.4 m to provide greater freedom of movement.

If you are looking for the best electric stapler of the moment, then you should know that this Stanley brand model offers efficiency and quality. However, it is important to review its pros and cons before making a decision:


Power: Its nominal power is 2300 W for use on hard surfaces.

Versatility: It is a stapler to make adjustments with nails or staples as needed.

Design: It has a light and ergonomic design, made up of an easy-to-hold non-slip handle.


Jam: Staples may get stuck at times, but you can easily continue the job by removing the jammed staple.

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Silverline Tools 837800

It is an electric nailer stapler with 45 W of power, likewise, it has an ergonomic and compact design, the handle is made of rubber and the handle is insulated, which provides a secure hold and greatly reduces vibrations, therefore, it is possible use it for a long time without causing discomfort in the hand.

As if that were not enough, it includes 400 staples of 10 mm and 100 nails of 15 mm, which are enough to use immediately for crafts, DIY or carpentry. Likewise, it can eject up to 20 nails or staples per minute, so projects can be completed in the shortest possible time.

However, you should consider its compatibility with type 53 staples from 8mm to 14mm, as well as 15mm nails with 47/18 gauge. On the other hand, it has a locking button and offers the capacity to store 64 nails and 110 staples simultaneously.

It is a practical and comfortable stapler to use in different tasks in decoration, crafts and DIY areas, so it can be a good purchase option. In this sense, it is worth knowing in advance its most relevant pros and cons:


Compatibility: Accepts 47/18 gauge nails that are 15 mm thick, while staples must be type 53 between 8 and 14 mm.

Accessories: Includes 400 staples and 100 nails to use for various tasks.

Speed: It is capable of firing up to 20 shots per minute.


Power: The power could be low to drive into very hard materials. However, it offers 45 W for use on soft surfaces.

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Bosch electric stapler

Bosch PTK 14 EDT

If you are still wondering which is the best electric stapler, then you need to know the Bosch PTK 14 EDT, which provides up to 240 W of power and is suitable for use with staples or nails as needed. In addition, the package includes 1,000 staples for immediate use.

This Bosch electric stapler features the innovative DuoTac feature, capable of firing 2 staples at the same time, providing greater versatility and ensuring stronger, stronger assemblies. It also incorporates a window to view the number of staples available at any time.

The Softgrip coating provides comfort when holding the machine, as well as a decrease in vibrations. In the same way, it has the Push + Release system with two positions, indicated for stapling in series and with precision. In this sense, it offers the possibility of firing up to 30 times per minute for greater speed of use.

For some experts, Bosch is the best brand of electric staplers and this is one of the most complete. For this reason, we invite you to review its main pros and cons:


Shots: It is capable of making two shots simultaneously thanks to the DuoTac system.

Power: It offers 240 W of power to use at home or professionally.

Handle: Its handle is Softgrip for greater comfort and to avoid the impact of vibrations.


Accessories: This stapler does not have the nails for its operation or the case to store it safely. However, it does include 1,000 staples.

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Bosch PTK 3.6 LI

This is a practical Bosch electric stapler that does not need a cable for its operation, since it incorporates an efficient lithium battery that charges in just 5 hours for its cordless operation. Also, the battery does not self-discharge while not in use and has an indicator that reports the status of the battery.

It allows you to use it on different materials such as cardboard, fabric, leather, among others. Its handle is Softgrip to avoid vibrations and thus obtain greater control over the machine. In addition, its structure is compact and light, to use for a long time without causing fatigue.

The magazine has the capacity to store up to 100 staples, so it will not be necessary to constantly reload it. As if that were not enough, it has the innovative Push + Release system, which prevents accidental shots and provides greater precision.

When you start in the world of DIY and crafts, you need functional, practical and efficient tools. In this sense, we will detail the pros and cons of this model to help you make a decision:


Battery: It has a battery that allows it to work wirelessly for greater practicality.

Accessories: Includes 1000 good quality staples for immediate use.

Precision: It incorporates the Push + Release system, which prevents self-firing and guarantees precision.


Design: The curved shape of its design could make it difficult to access closed places.

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Einhell electric stapler

Einhell TC-EN 20 E

It is an Einhell electric stapler that can fire up to 20 shots per minute, whether they are staples or nails. In addition, it incorporates a safety tip that prevents accidents and provides greater precision. It also has a side opening that allows you to see when the charge is running low.

It is compatible with staples between 6 mm and 14 mm, which can be used with hard and soft materials depending on the need of the moment. In this sense, it is important to take into account that it offers an electronic power adjustment, in this way, you achieve optimal results.

This product includes 500 type 47 nails and 1000 type 53 staples, however it is one of the cheapest staplers according to some users. On the other hand, its design has an ergonomic handle with a secure and stable grip, to avoid fatigue and use for a long time.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest electric staplers, it is recommended that you know in detail some of the most important positive and negative points of this model:


Accessories: Offers 1000 staples and 500 nails, to use according to your needs.

Speed: It is possible to finish DIY and decoration projects in a short period of time as it can fire up to 30 shots per minute.

Adjustment: It is possible to regulate the intensity of the shot for greater efficiency.


Power: This stapler might not have enough power to pierce very hard surfaces.

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Einhell TC-CT 3.6 Li

One of the main characteristics of this Einhell electric stapler is that it does not use any type of cable for its operation, since it has a 3.6 V and 1300 mAh battery, which can be charged in a period of 3 to 5 hours. In the same way, it has an LED indicator to know the state of the charge.

On the other hand, its design is compact and lightweight, with an ergonomic hand for greater control of the tool. In addition, it includes a package of 1000 staples, so you can use it for different tasks before purchasing additional staples.

The speed of this model is 30 shots per minute, which greatly speeds up the work and increases productivity. Similarly, the staples come out only when the stapler is in the operating position.

If you are still wondering which electric stapler to buy, then you should know that this model offers practicality and functionality. For this reason, it is important that you know its strengths and weaknesses in more detail before deciding:


Speed: Provides up to 30 strokes per minute, enough to finish jobs quickly.

Indicators: It has an LED indicator to show the battery status, as well as a side opening to know the amount of staples remaining.

Accessories: Offers 1000 staples in a practical metal box, suitable for safe storage.


Weight: It is one of the heaviest products on the list, which could cause fatigue during use.

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Electric upholstery stapler

Stanley FMHT6-75934

It is an electric upholstery stapler compatible with 5 types of pieces, among which are the type G, H staple, nails with head, without head and cable ties type 7. For this reason, it is one of the best staplers of relation value for money according to some users, thanks to the fact that it does not cost a lot of money and is one of the most versatile among similar products.

Its structure has a rubber handle, capable of providing greater support and reducing the impact of blows against the joints of the hand and arm. The rear part includes a loading rail, indicated to place the staples easily and quickly.

Also, the intensity of the blow can be regulated with the use of a wheel on the top of the stapler, which allows you to adapt its power to different types of materials, whether in DIY or craft projects.

To identify the stapler that suits you best, it is important to analyze its versatility and functions, so we show you some of the most outstanding features of this model:


Compatibility: This stapler can be used with headless nails, headed nails, type 7 cable ties, type G and type H staples.

Handle: Its handle is made of rubber to prevent slippage and provide a better grip.

Loading: In the back it has a compartment to load staples easily.


Power: It is a recommended tool for soft materials, as it might not have enough power to drill hard materials.

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Novus J-102

This is a universal type model, suitable for domestic use, whether in demanding decoration, upholstery or repair tasks. It is possible to load it with thin and flat metal staples, thus providing greater versatility for use on thin wooden strips, fabrics, wire mesh, metal labels, among others.

In this sense, the Novus J-102 electric upholstery stapler has a flat design on the bottom that allows you to move it easily, in addition, it can achieve up to 20 shots per minute. Similarly, it is good to note that its cable measures 2.5 m, so you can move freely through space.

On the other hand, its lower mechanism allows you to add staples quickly and easily, thanks to its safety lock. It accepts staples with a length from 6 mm to 14 mm and has a window to see the quantity available in the internal compartment.

If you are looking for a functional tool to staple different materials, you may be considering this model. For this reason, it is recommended that you carefully analyze some of its pros and cons before making the purchase:


Safety: Prevents accidental activation thanks to the trigger lock.

Compatibility: It is compatible with flat or fine staples between 6 mm and 14 mm depending on your needs.

Speed: You can achieve up to 20 shots per minute to decrease work time.


Versatility: This model is not capable of shooting nails, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other models on the list.

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Guide to buying electric staplers

Before deciding on an electric stapler, you need to take into account some aspects to make the best decision, such as design, compatibility with some staples or nails, power to use with different materials and surfaces, among others. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best electric stapler, in this way you can be clear about which model is more convenient according to your needs.

Shopping guide


Staplers can be used for more than one task in different areas, such as carpentry, interior decoration, DIY, construction, office, among others. In this sense, it is good to know that there are models capable of firing nails in addition to using staples.

Those that have a nail compartment are usually appropriate for fixing pieces of wood, assembling large structures and carrying out industrial tasks. On the other hand, models that only fire staples are indicated for upholstering, decorating and other household tasks.

Similarly, not all nails and staples are suitable for the same tasks, since some may be smaller or larger to stand out or go unnoticed on the surface. In this sense, you can find staplers compatible with nails with caliber 47/18, type J, with head or without head.

In terms of size, some models are compatible with staples from 6 mm to 14 mm, where the former are appropriate for craft or assembly projects that require greater delicacy, as well as for finer finishes. While the 14mm ones are suitable for upholstery work, shooting in wood, among others. Nails are typically 15mm long and are suitable for joining large structures and use in construction areas, but some staplers are compatible with nails up to 12mm.

On the other hand, if you need practicality and freedom of movement, you can opt for a cordless stapler, which needs to be charged for a few hours before it works, but allows you to move in any direction and work more comfortably. However, you can also opt for a stapler with a long cable, which can give you freedom without having to charge its battery. Consequently, you can get models with cables up to 2.5 m.


When making a comparison of electric staplers, we know that design is an important aspect when choosing a model, since some staplers could offer you more practicality, comfort and safety than others.

Therefore, it is recommended that the model of your choice has an ergonomic handle, since this is a tool that you may have to hold for a long time if the project requires it. In this sense, you can find models with rubber coating, indicated to provide comfort and also prevent slipping during activation.

Other staplers have a Softgrip or anti-vibration system, which reduces the impact of blows on the arms and joints of the hands. On the other hand, the stapler should not have a lot of weight, since it could cause fatigue or decrease the stability of the shot, that is, the result could be inaccurate, so it is more convenient to acquire a compact model that facilitates control over the same.

It is possible to find models with safety tips, which only activate the stapler when it is in the most suitable position for firing. Also, there are those that have additional coating to protect you against accidental shots.

As for staples, one of the most popular staples is type 53, which can be easily adapted to different models of electric staplers, however, it is also possible to get type G and type H, which is thinner. You can also purchase flat or fine wire staples.


All staplers fulfill the same function, but not all of them do it with the same efficiency in all areas, so there are models that, depending on their functions, could be indicated for professional or domestic tasks. Also, if you want to know how much a stapler costs, you should pay attention to its power, since it could define how good and cheap it could be.

In this sense, the power can vary from 40 W to 240 W or 2300 W of nominal power. The greater the power, the greater the effectiveness it offers to insert nails and staples into harder surfaces. However, a low-power model may be sufficient for craft and decoration work, where fabrics and other soft materials are typically used.

In the same way, the firing frequency of the stapler influences the speed in which you can finish the job, so there are models capable of firing from 20 to 30 times per minute, you can even find staplers with a higher technological level, capable of making two shots simultaneously, in this way the finishes will be more precise and faster.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an electric stapler?

Electric staplers offer great benefits, but it is important to use them properly for greater effectiveness. First, you must place the staples or nails. These are usually entered through a compartment in the lower rear area of ​​the tool, you must be careful not to exceed the amount indicated by the manufacturer to avoid jams. The next step is to select the power in case you have the option and connect it to the electrical current. For optimal firing, it is recommended to position the tip close to the surface you wish to staple.

Q2: How to load nails into an electric stapler?

The nails that you can put in a multi-purpose stapler have a length and specifications, therefore many models use 15mm nails, but these come bundled in a 40 or 50 nail load depending on which model you have. Generally, these are placed in the same compartment as the staples, so this must be empty to avoid a malfunction of the stapler. You just have to slide the loading tank and insert the nails as straight as possible, then you just have to close it and it will be ready to use.

Q3: How to charge an electric stapler?

To charge an electric stapler you must take into account the type of staple with which it is compatible. In this sense, you must know the length of the leg, thickness, width of the spine and hardness of the metal that makes it up. Once you are clear about the type of staple, you must open the compartment indicated for loading, usually it is located in the lower part of the stapler. The next step is to insert the staples with the back attached to the surface and the legs outwards, then you just have to close the compartment.

Q4: Which is better, electric or manual stapler?

The usefulness of each stapler depends on the use you intend to give it, since an electric one could be an unnecessary expense for small tasks, likewise, a manual stapler could provide little force in professional jobs. Therefore, manual staplers are often useful for use in the office, craft projects or small DIY tasks, such as upholstering soft-surfaced furniture, and their operation is simple and convenient, while electric staplers have more power. For drilling through wood and hard materials, as if that weren’t enough, some models are compatible with nails, which makes it easy to use in industrial and construction tasks.

Q5: How to fix an electric stapler?

If the stapler does not fire or fires unintentionally, this indicates an internal malfunction. In some cases, it is possible that the tool is not connected to the voltage indicated by the manufacturer, also, it is possible that the compartment of the staples is overloaded or they are placed incorrectly, for which you only have to rearrange the staples and connect in the correct plug. However, other problems can be engine failure, broken compressor, broken hose and cylinder problems, in these cases it is preferable to seek professional help and if necessary replace the defective part.

Q6: How to unclog an electric stapler?

It is very common, both in manual and electric staplers, that some staple accidentally gets stuck, which means interrupting its use to unjam the device. However, this procedure is easier than expected, since they usually get stuck in the same cargo compartment or at the exit point of it. It is important to unplug the tool from the mains to avoid accidents, then you can open the charging compartment slowly and remove the first staple that could be bent or poorly positioned. In the case of the tip of the stapler, it is advisable to remove another fine but resistant tool with a pair of tweezers.

Q7: What should an electric upholstery stapler look like?

Any stapler is good for upholstering, from a manual to an electric one, however, you should consider the compatibility of the stapler to ensure that the staples give you the best hold and finish. In this sense, the staplers that allow the use of fine staples may be the ones indicated to go unnoticed in the upholstery, in the same way, to upholster very hard materials it is advisable to use a stapler compatible with flat-back staples, which are usually more resistant and provide greater hold.

Q8: Which is better, electric or pneumatic stapler?

Electric staplers are versatile and affordable, as they have compact designs and are functional in a wide variety of areas and projects. However, pneumatic staplers are usually capable of producing more power than electric ones, since they are tools that use compressed air so that the staple is fired with greater intensity, however, these usually require an external air compressor to gasoline or electric.

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