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Grinder – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022


Although it is nothing more than a rotating disc moved by a motor, the truth is that the grinder is a very versatile tool when it comes to cutting, sanding, roughing and polishing all kinds of materials and surfaces. A task in which a professional machine, such as the Bosch Professional GWS 7-125 model, is of great help. This product has 720 watts of power and has a compact design, which makes your work easier. Smaller still is the Einhell TH-MG 135E product. A mini grinder with 135 watts of power that is accompanied by a wide range of accessories.

The best grinders on the market


If you want to sand, rough or even cut materials with a single tool, then you will be interested in finding the best grinder of the moment. A versatile tool with which to do these and many other tasks effectively. However, knowing which is the best grinder is not easy, as there is a lot to choose from. So whether you are looking for cheap grinders or others of a higher level, you just have to see what we have chosen for you.

Bosch grinder

Bosch Professional GWS7-125

The Bosch Professional GWS 7-125 grinder is a versatile product designed for intensive use, on all types of materials. A model that is capable of reaching 11,000 free spin revolutions thanks to a 720-watt motor, which also includes two positions of use. This motor has been improved with a wider cooling, which prevents the grinder from overheating during work, as we could expect from what many users consider to be the best current grinder.  

A job that is also more comfortable, since it has an additional handle that we can place in the position that best suits us, thus better setting the orientation of the machine with respect to the material when working. It is accompanied by all the necessary accessories to start working immediately.

Featured as the best brand of grinders for much of the market, let’s learn more about this model and its functions.


Power : It has a 720-watt motor and improved performance.

Ventilation : The body includes larger ventilation windows, which better cool the engine.

Spin : The disc reaches 11,000 revolutions per minute, in free spin mode.

Double grip: Includes an additional grip, which gives more comfort to your work.

Compact : Despite its characteristics, it is a compact model, making it easy to work in small spaces.


Origin: Some users comment that they have received a product made in China, although this does not imply a change in its durability or power.

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mini grinder 

Einhell TH-MG 135E

The Einhell TH-MG 135E mini grinder is an ideal product for those who want to carry out all kinds of small-scale work and have a wide range of accessories for it. Specifically, this model has a manual and easy-to-use design, which makes it easier to achieve the expected precision for this type of product. Something that also helps its weight, approximately 700 grams. 

The motor of this Einhell grinder has a power of 135 watts, and can reach a speed of up to 10,000 revolutions. Something suitable for all its functions, which include polishing, screwdriving, sanding and even cutting. Tasks in which you can rely on its wide range of accessories, which are organized inside the product’s own carrying case, so that you always have everything at hand.

So that your small jobs are also comfortable, let’s know some more information about this model.


Power : It has a power of 135 watts, enough for the work you will do with the product.

Comfort : The handle is comfortable to use and the machine has a light weight of about 700 grams.

Accessories : The kit includes a wide range of accessories to carry out all types of work.

Briefcase : A practical briefcase is included to store both the machine and its accessories.


Wear: The durability of wear accessories, such as files or discs, can be improved.

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cordless grinder

Hitachi G18DSLWJ

Among the best grinders of 2022, a battery-powered grinder could not be missing, such as the Hitachi G18DSLWJ model. This product has a small body, although it is capable of using 11.5-centimeter-diameter discs without problems, spinning at speeds of up to 9,100 rpm. Something that generates a working torque of 1.25 Nm. Something considerable considering that we are talking about a battery-powered model. 

This battery has a capacity of 5 Ah and a voltage delivery of 18 volts, which gives the product adequate autonomy and performance when working. For the rest, this Hitachi grinder has the usual functionality, including the adjustable double handle, the storage case, as well as the charger and two batteries, to work with one of them while charging the other.

In order for you to know which grinder to buy, you need to know all the information available, such as the one that we expand on this model below.


Spin speed: The 18-volt motor generates an idle spin of up to 9,100 rpm.

Compact Design: The compact design makes it easy to work in hard-to-reach areas.

Accessories : The grinder comes with two batteries and a charger, so you can work longer.

Comfort: This model includes the additional handle and has an efficient design, so you can work more comfortably.


Performance : You may notice a slight loss of performance when the battery is close to depletion.

Price : This model is not among the cheapest grinders in our collection.

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Angle grinder


If you need to equip yourself with a quality angle grinder, this kit includes not one, but two machines. Specifically, we have a 2,200-watt DeWalt grinder with a 23-centimeter disc size, for larger jobs, along with another 900-watt, 12.5-centimeter disc grinder from the same brand. Both elements form an interesting combination with which to carry out all kinds of work, regardless of its scope. Some models that have the same quality and durability of all the brand’s products. 

The grinders include all the necessary accessories for their use, such as additional handles or adjustment keys, without forgetting the transport case. And for greater peace of mind, the brand gives you a 3-year warranty, as proof of the good resistance offered by this model.

Expand your range of work with the two grinders offered by this complete DeWalt kit.


Two in one: With this kit you have two machines, with which to carry out all kinds of work.

Comfort : Grinders have a good grip and reduced vibration, for greater comfort.

Durability : Coming from a top-tier brand, the machines will be with you for a long time.


Weight: The weight of the machines is somewhat higher than other similar ones, although this does not penalize the comfort of use. 

Guard: The largest machine guard is not metal, but plastic.

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straight grinder 

Makita GD0600

The Makita GD0600 grinder is a somewhat different product from what we have been discussing. Specifically, this product is a straight grinder that, unlike the angle grinders, has a different approach, although just as practical, when carrying out different jobs. To do this, the model has a power of 400 watts and a 6-millimeter spindle, therefore being suitable for carrying out small and medium-sized jobs, with greater versatility than larger models. 

Due to its characteristics, it is a very manageable product, combining an adjusted weight with a good grip area. Something that allows greater efficiency in the finishes. It is finished off with a good-sized cable, which gives you the mobility you need when moving around and working on materials.

If you prefer to work with a straight grinder then this product interests you.


Straight design: The straight design is an advantage for cutting or finishing and roughing work.

Power : Its 400 watts of power make it easier to work on all kinds of hard materials.

Comfort : It has a comfortable grip and light weight, to work more comfortably.


Scope: It may fall short for larger jobs, although it has a wide range of applications.

Expertise : By its system, it is a grinder that requires a little more expertise to use.

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bench grinder

Compa Tech CTAD3215F-W

Among the cheapest grinders on the market we find the Compa Tech CTAD3215F-W model. In this case, we are talking about a bench grinder with two separate rotating discs, which are ideal for all kinds of roughing, polishing and finishing work on parts made of different materials. To do this, the product has a final finishing stone and a metal grinding disk, with which you have everything you need for these finishing tasks. 

A job in which it also helps to have an operating power of 250 watts, which moves the discs with the speed and power necessary to carry out the proposed tasks effectively. The model is finished off with the design of a tabletop product, so that it can be operated without holding the machine and with adequate safety.

Complete your workshop with this table grinder, whose most notable functions we highlight below.


Complete set: The table has a polishing and finishing disc, for a quality result.

Power : Its 250 watts of power are enough to move the discs efficiently.

Security : Both discs include the necessary protectors to avoid the projection of particles.


Screwed: It does not include holes for fixing to the table, although its weight is enough to work comfortably.

Support : The roughing wheel does not include a support to place the object to be worked on.

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Parkside Grinder

Parkside PWSA 20

Although it is not one of the best known brands, a Parkside grinder could not be missing from our chosen ones. We are talking about the Parkside PWSA 20 model, which offers us a new cordless operation system, using a rechargeable battery for it. 

The grinder has a space designed for 11.5-centimeter discs, in line with most models on the market. It also incorporates the already classic improvements, such as the additional mobile handle system, which we can place in the position that best suits us. Something that adds extra comfort to a product that also stands out for its light weight and compact size, accompanied by a pleasant ergonomic handle throughout the traditional grip area. It includes a quick disc change system, to make the process even easier.

Working comfortably is easier thanks to models like this grinder, which we analyze below.


Without cable: This model does not need a cable, but works directly with the battery.

Grip : It has an additional handle and a very comfortable design in the grip area of ​​the machine.

Quick change: The quick disc change system requires no tools and is very comfortable to use.


Battery and charger: Both the battery and charger for the grinder are sold separately.

Ignition : The location of the ignition is located at a point where it could be accidentally activated when holding the grinder.

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small grinder 

Bosch Professional GWS7-125 12V-76

Not all jobs require a large machine, but some of them just need a small grinder, such as the Bosch Professional GWS 7-125 12V-76 model. This Bosch mini grinder works with discs of 76 millimeters in diameter, but maintains a high performance in the face of any challenge that arises. 

The grinder has a turning speed of 19,500 revolutions, driven by a 12-volt motor in a cordless system. Something that adds even more versatility to the model both when making cuts and working in all kinds of places without having to have plugs nearby. This aspect does not affect its comfort, since the product maintains a light weight, about 900 grams, as well as a good-sized handle with which to achieve adequate precision during work.

So that you are clear about what this model offers you, we leave you the result of our analysis in this regard.


Without cables: This model works without cables, to give you greater comfort during use.

Power : Despite its approach, the disk rotates at speeds of up to 19,500 rpm.

Grip: The model facilitates a proper grip when working with the product.


Noise: The product generates a noise of 86 decibels, which is quite high for this model.

Charger and battery: As usual, the charger and battery must be purchased separately.

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pneumatic grinder

Korman 215205

Unlike conventional grinders, the Korman 215205 air grinder is designed to work with air, using conventional ¼-inch inlets. This model needs an air inlet pressure of 6.3 bars, with which it is possible to achieve adequate performance when working with it. Something that is easy thanks to the activation trigger, located in the area of ​​the handle and that allows you to work directly with one hand. Something that also makes it easier to have a high quality metal construction, which not only gives strength to the product but also simplifies that grip. 

The grinder is accompanied by 10 different heads with their corresponding adapter, as well as a case in which it is easier to store everything when you are not using it. Something that, together with its adjusted cost, brings it closer to being the best quality-price ratio grinder of our chosen ones.

Change the way you work with this efficient pneumatic grinder, which we analyze below.


Pressure: An air pressure of 6.3 bars is enough to start working with the device.

Finish : The metallic finish gives the device greater resistance during use.

Accessories : It comes with 10 molas and a briefcase to store everything when you don’t use it.


Trigger: You must be careful not to catch your hand during the activation of the grinder.

Size : The size of the molas is suitable for small jobs, but perhaps not for others of greater depth.

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Grinder Accessories


grinder stand

Wolfcraft 113232

The Wolfcraft 113232 Grinder Stand is just what you need to safely perform a variety of cutting tasks. This model has a size suitable for machines that use 115 and 125 millimeter discs, giving you extra security during those cuts. For this, the product includes a disc protector, which prevents us from accidentally touching it, while retaining the particles during the cut. 

A model that has a stable base and a universal adjustment system, which makes it even easier to mount any compatible machine on its surface. Something that also helps its solid finish with a high resistance die cast.

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Guide to buying grinders

Among the power tools that we have at our disposal, the grinder is one of the most versatile. This is used to make cuts, polish, sand or rough materials, among other options. But for the product to perform as it should, it is important to be clear about what to look for before buying. Some aspects that we summarize in this guide to buying the best grinder, where we give you all the clues you need to make buying a good and cheap grinder much easier.

Shopping guide

grinder type

The first aspect to determine is the type of grinder that we need or that the tasks that we are going to execute require. Something that is easily understandable just by taking a look at any comparison of grinders, in which we will find different types and models with which to perform different tasks.

Starting with conventional grinders, it will be necessary to choose their size. In general, we can say that there are large grinders, for discs of 12.5 cm or larger. We also have the medium ones, with discs from 11.5 to about 7.5 centimeters in diameter. And finally we would have the mini grinders, which range from those with 7.5-centimeter discs to the smallest ones, common in marquetry or craft work. These distinctions are approximate, since the variety of products on the market is more than considerable.

Regarding the type of grinder, apart from the conventional ones, we have others such as straight grinders. These are more useful when making cuts because they allow you to see everything more clearly. We also have table grinders, which we do not have to carry in our hands, but can be placed on any support and have rotating wheels with which to polish. They are alternative models to the conventional ones and suitable for certain jobs.

Power and feeding

Within the parameters that determine both how much it costs and what a grinder is for, its power is also found. This power is given by that offered by the motor, although the speed of rotation that it reaches must also be verified. The higher these two parameters are, the greater the product’s ability to work efficiently, especially on harder materials.

For reference, a conventional grinder can start at about 500 watts of power, if it works in plugged-in mode, while a mini grinder is usually around 100 or 150 watts. As for rotational speeds, conventional models are around 10,000 rpm, while the smaller ones can increase the level to almost 20,000, since they use smaller discs and therefore rotate at higher speeds.

This leaves us with the issue of food, which we have already raised. Conventional grinders are usually wired so we need a plug nearby to use them. Battery models, on the other hand, do not require a plug but instead have a battery from which they obtain energy. Something that gives more comfort to use, although it is also true that plugged-in grinders are cheaper than conventional ones. So it’s all a matter of seeing what suits you.

comfort of use

Although there would be several aspects to comment on, perhaps the comfort of use is the most interesting, as in any self-respecting manual tool. Something that we must take care of even in an economical grinder, since if it is an uncomfortable thing to use, it will surely not be pleasant to work with it.

For a grinder to be comfortable, it needs to have a good grip. This grip affects both the body of the machine and the additional handle, which is almost essential today. Something that must be combined with a light or adjusted weight, so that we do not have to carry too much during work. And if the product has a compact size that makes it easy to move and get to where it is needed, much better.

On the other hand, comfort also affects the disc change. Therefore, the system included in the grinder for said change must always be comfortable and easy to execute. Models that allow the change to be made without tools are preferable, although if this process is not complex, there is nothing wrong with using a key. By the way, do not forget to also check the safety zone, which prevents the projection of particles. Something that will give you extra comfort during work.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a grinder?

The use of the grinder is something that depends on what we want to do. If what we want is to carry out cutting tasks, we should get a suitable support on which to mount the grinder and hold the piece. When sanding surfaces, we will have to pass the grinder through the area to be sanded, removing burrs and other unwanted elements from the surface of the object to be sanded. Something similar happens if we want to sharpen any cutting element, whose process is quite similar to sharpening.


Q2: How to sharpen an ax with a grinder?

To sharpen an ax with a grinder, it will be necessary to previously check the fastening of the cutting head on the handle, as well as clean the cutting blade, sanding it if necessary to remove rust and dirt. Next, the ax blade is placed on a suitable support and we proceed to apply the grinder disk on the surface of the blade, trying to give it an angle of 5 to 15 degrees. It is important to maintain the original sharpness and not overheat the blade during the process. Once the sharpening is finished, let the blade cool for about 10 minutes and apply a protector to it, if we consider it necessary.


Q3: What is an angle grinder?

The angle grinder is nothing more than a conventional grinder, although with its full name. In fact, almost all grinders are angular, since they can work at different angles depending on the tasks that we have to perform. Even straight or edge grinders can also be angular, since the clamping elements allow this working angle to be adjusted.

Q4: How to change the coals to a grinder?

Carbons, also called brushes, are essential elements for a grinder to work. These tend to deteriorate with use, although luckily their change is relatively simple. We will start by opening the product casing, always verifying that the grinder is unplugged. In general, it is usually enough to remove the screw on the bottom cover of the grinder, located in the cable area. Once the casing is open, we will have to look for the carbon holders and remove them, lifting the tab that holds them. Here we place the new carbons, verifying that they are well placed and connected. Finally, we test the grinder, and if everything is correct, we can close the casing.

Q5: How to cut glass with grinder?

To make this type of cut, we must use a specific disc for this material, which generally has a diamond edge. To proceed, we must place the glass properly on a support, mark that area and proceed to cut with great caution, without exceeding the speed or pressure on the edge to be cut. It is important to remember that this cutting process is not suitable for all types of crystals, especially if they are thick, so it should be limited to fine crystals and appropriate to the size of the disc.

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