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Heat Gun – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A heat gun is a very useful device at home, since it allows you to perform an important variety of tasks such as removing layers of paint on wood or other materials, softening plastic or adhesives, joining pieces, defrosting surfaces, among others. Considering the opinions of the users and the performance of the equipment, we can first recommend the Teccpo TAHG01P model, capable of expelling hot air at a speed of 500 liters per minute for high performance. Plus, it includes stainless steel nozzles that withstand repeated use and can provide a greater variety of uses. Another excellent alternative is the Skil 8004 AA, which allows different jobs to be carried out thanks to its 60 levels of temperature regulation, 5 air flow settings, great power and a practical LCD screen that allows you to view and regulate the device’s values.

Buying Guide – What is the best heat gun on the market?

Heat guns are products that allow us to carry out all kinds of work, such as welding, stripping, glue removal and other tasks, which are much easier to do with this product. If you also want to take advantage of this equipment, you just have to take a look at the tips in our guide to buying the best heat gun, which will undoubtedly help you to carry out this type of task without complications.

gun type

If we take a look at any comparison of heat guns, we usually find three different models or types. First of all, we have the infrared heat gun. A product used at the domestic level, which can reach temperatures of between 400 and 600 degrees Celsius, based on an electrical system that is what generates the heat. They are safe products, without smoke or discomfort, although with a somewhat high cost in energy consumption.

Another model of greater depth are the gasoline or gas heat guns. These guns have high power, do not require an electrical connection, and can provide a reliable source of heat. The temperature capacity varies depending on the model and size, although it is usually adjustable, to obtain good performance. The same goes for your autonomy.

Finally, we have the industrial heat guns, specially designed for demanding jobs. Although they cost more than regular devices, they are worth it for their high-performance features. They usually have dual temperature and the levels of air emitted are adjustable, reaching 1,000 degrees Celsius. High-quality and resistant products, although obviously they are not the most common for home users, unless they have a high demand for work.

power and control

Since not all jobs have the same need for heat, when choosing one of these guns it is convenient to take a look at the power and the control system it generates. The higher this power, the easier it is to reach the operating temperature we need. However, it is convenient to verify with the characteristics of the model what is the maximum temperature that we can reach, so that we do not buy a model that falls short.

This power must be accompanied by an efficient control system that allows us to regulate it as needed. This is a fundamental parameter of any good and economical heat gun, although if your needs do not require it, there are also single temperature guns, with a more adjusted cost and that for simple tasks such as stripping and removing paint and the like can be enough.

In the higher quality models, it is normal to have a power or temperature selector that allows us to choose the most appropriate for the activity that we are going to carry out. In the simplest models we can find two or three levels to select, while in the most advanced we can reach 50 levels, if not directly establish the operating temperature. This obviously makes a difference in how much the gun costs, but it’s also an extra that you might be interested in.

safety of use

To end our advice, we cannot forget about security. We are talking about a tool that generates a large amount of heat that, if not safe, can cause a serious problem. The same happens with the high electrical capacity or with the fuels that in some cases are used in these products. Therefore, all precaution and security that we take is little.

Among these security elements we must have a thermostat, which cuts off the operation of the product in case the temperature exceeds the reasonable limits of the product. A protection that must also be present in regard to the electrical or fuel supply, so that we avoid risks of overloading or leaks of the material.

Finally, we must not fail to see the security elements of the design. Among them we must have a support and grip system that is properly separated from the heat output area and that, logically, does not get hot. Some products have the possibility of placing them in tabletop format, which is an advantage when working by moving the piece and not the gun. In any case, the more security options we have, the better.

The 5 Best Heat Guns – Opinions 2022

A heat gun or heat gun primarily removes layers of paint on wood, but can also be used to help weld sheet metal, join or bend plastic parts, and thaw surfaces. If you’re looking for one of these handy tools, check out these popular models.

1. Teccpo Hot Air Gun

This hot air gun works with a 2000 W power motor, so it provides great efficiency. In addition, it can heat up in just 1.5 seconds, thanks to the built-in turbo fan that increases the temperature quickly, allowing you to use the machine immediately after connecting it to the power.

On the other hand, it offers great resistance to intense and constant work, since it can work for up to 500 continuous hours. Likewise, it comes with 2 temperature options, 400 and 550 °C, which increases its versatility, since it allows you to adapt the tool to your needs.

It is important to mention that it includes 4 nozzles, so it is possible to use the gun on different types of materials to perform various tasks, such as removing paint, repairing devices, making accessories, among others.

Many think that this is one of the best heat guns of 2022, so it is recommended that you carefully review its most important positives and negatives.


Performance: It incorporates an efficient fan, which helps expel hot air and can increase the heat level quickly. In this sense, it is capable of providing temperatures of up to 550 °C for better performance.

Durability: This gun offers a useful life of up to 500 hours, so it is possible to use it on large projects that require continuous and intense use.

Nozzles: Includes 4 nozzles, reflector, wide, concentrator and concentrator for glass, so it can be used to remove paint, defrost materials, among others.


Cooldown: This pistol may take longer to cool down than expected, so you may need to wait several minutes before storing it to avoid any issues.

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2. Skil F0158004AA Heat Gun 8004 AA 2000W

Another excellent alternative that stands out when looking for the best heat gun on the market is the Skil 8004 AA model, which has great flexibility to carry out a wide variety of jobs, thanks to the fact that it has 60 temperature levels (with automatic adjustment). continuous between 50 and 650 ºC) as well as with a variable air flow, in 5 different configurations, between 250 and 500 litres/min.

This Skil tool works with 2,000 W of power and its constant heat control mechanism allows it to work continuously, and protects the tool from overheating. It has an LCD screen to display the actual and expected values ​​of temperature and air flow.

Includes 4 nozzles: flat, reduction, reflective and glass protection; a base to place it vertically, and a compact plastic box to store or move it comfortably.

If you are on a budget and need to find the best heat gun for $50, this may be the right choice for you. Check its features below:


Levels: It has the option to select between about 60 different temperature levels, from 50 to 650 degrees Celsius, so you have a wide range to work efficiently.

Screen: It includes a simple LCD screen on the back of the device, where information about the temperature level and flow is displayed so that you can make adjustments if necessary.

Memory: It has a memory that saves the last temperature used, in case you want to continue working with the same temperature and do not remember it.

Flow: It also allows you to regulate the level of flow, so you can have good results depending on the flow you choose.

Safety: As a safety measure, it has a heat control mechanism, which prevents the tool from overheating too much.

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3. Einhell 4520130 Heat Gun 

This model can be very useful for professionals or DIY enthusiasts, since it is suitable for removing lacquers or paints, adjusting plastic pipes, defrosting surfaces, among other applications. In addition, it offers a maximum power of 2000 W and provides 2 levels of adjustment for greater versatility.

In this sense, in the first configuration it can generate an air flow of 300 liters per minute at a temperature level of 350°C, while in the second option it produces up to 500 liters per minute at 550°C, which favors a optimal performance depending on the need.

As for the design, it is a compact and lightweight tool that measures 24 x 8.2 x 24 cm and weighs 840 g. As if that were not enough, it has an air outlet made of stainless steel and includes 2 nozzles, which can give you more options for use.

Einhell is considered by many to be the best brand of heat guns, so if you are looking for an efficient and high-quality model, you should learn more about this product.


Adjustment: It offers two temperature settings, from 350 to 500°C, as well as speeds from 300 to 500 liters per minute respectively, thus providing optimal performance.

Dimensions: It measures only 24 x 8.2 x 24 cm, making it a compact tool that you can hold comfortably for greater control.

Materials: Its structure is made of hard plastic, making it rigid, light and resistant to constant use. In addition, the air outlet is made of stainless steel to withstand high temperatures.


Smell: There may be an unpleasant smell from the back if you use the gun for a long time. However, this does not diminish its efficiency and durability. In addition, the smell disappears upon cooling.

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4. Tilswall Hot Air Gun with LED Display

When we look for the cheapest heat guns, it is key to always bet on quality. Something that we will achieve with options such as the Tilswall JS-RFA0718. This model has a power of 2,000 watts and offers great versatility in its adjustment system.

Specifically, this machine generates a current of hot air from 50 to 600 degrees of temperature. Something that allows you to perform all kinds of tasks, such as stripping paint, molding plastic or sealing joints, among others. A task for which a good number of tips and accessories are included.

The process is controlled through the included LED display and keypad, which facilitate efficient use. The part also has good durability and an ergonomic approach, which is not always typical of cheaper pistols on the market.

If you are not clear about what this heat gun offers you, we leave you the result of our analysis in this regard.


Power: Its 2,000 watts of power generate quality heating, adjustable from 50 to 600 degrees.

Control : The LED screen and its button panel are ideal for properly controlling the machine.

Accessories : The wide variety of accessories included are suitable for all types of work.


Presentation: The usual briefcase is missing in the presentation of these tools, limiting it to a simple cardboard box.

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5. Black & Decker KX1650-QS Heat Gun 1,750W

Among the models of the best heat gun, a Black & Decker could not be missing. The KX1650-QS model, from this renowned brand of tools, is a hot air gun that works with 1,750 W of power, to carry out paint, varnish and adhesive removal tasks.

It has 2 heat settings, one at a minimum temperature of 460 ºC and another at a maximum heat of 600 °C. It also has 2 air flows, a minimum flow of 570 litres/min and a maximum of 740 litres/min to regulate your applications depending on the work you want to do.

Includes a stand for hands-free applications such as bending acrylic sheets or plastic tubes, or to set the tool down and wait for it to cool down before putting it away. It does not include nozzles, so its usefulness is limited compared to the other options.

Do you have doubts about which heat gun to buy? By reading the pros and cons of the Black & Decker KX1650-QS, you may make a decision.


Adjust: Provides the possibility to select between two different temperature levels, and it is also possible to adjust the level of heat flow for a better user experience.

Power: The power it has is 1750 W, which is ideal for performing various jobs more quickly and efficiently.

Light: With a weight of 1.2 kg, it is a fairly light pistol, so you will be able to handle it with a good level of comfort, without getting tired of holding it.

Stand: Includes a hands-free stand, which can be quite useful for the gun to stand on its own, especially when we are done using it and need to let it cool down.


Noise: In some cases it can produce an unpleasant noise, but this will depend on the context in which it is used.

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How to use heat guns

It is always good to have at home all the tools that facilitate the tasks that we must carry out at home. Removing paint from a surface can be a heavy job if you do not have the necessary tools to do it, for example, heat guns help these layers to peel off easily, making this task easier and faster.

How to adjust the temperature and power

If your work requires the installation or removal of decorative decals on various surfaces such as a car, a wall and even a flannel, you need to use a high temperature level with its normal output, that is, without requiring any accessories on your heat gun.

On the other hand, if your job is rather to solder copper pipes to distribute water in your house with tin, you only have to adjust the power to maximum heat and use a nozzle that allows you to distribute the heat around the pipe so that the solder melts evenly and the joint is leak-free.

Now, if your projects are electronic, the use of your heat gun must require a higher level of adjustment in terms of the necessary temperature variation and having the appropriate accessories, since the requirements are different for each case.

Its duties

Its function is basically to emit heat with the precise power at the exact point where it is needed and in the most efficient way possible. Although it is true that generating heat seems very general, however its application varies according to the power applied, for example, with heat a reaction can be generated on certain materials and cause them to shrink or soften when working with plastics. In other cases, they can be made to go from solid to liquid when their function is to melt solder.

What is the effect of heat on materials?

When heat is applied to the paint with these guns, it bubbles and melts, which makes it much easier to peel or scrape it off surfaces, with the help of a putty knife. The effect it produces on putty and adhesive materials is that it melts them or makes them more malleable, and can also be easily repaired, eliminating them completely.

In plastic materials, it also makes it easier to melt the points where the joints are needed to be fixed. With pipes this tool is very useful.

Keep safety in mind

When using a tool such as a heat gun, which produces high temperatures, some precautions must be taken so as not to injure yourself when working with it. In this case, it is important that you wear gloves that are resistant to heat, in this way you will protect your skin and avoid injuries in the event of any accidental contact.

When exposed to heat with materials, vapors are produced that can become toxic, so you should also wear masks to avoid inhaling them for a long time.

The most popular brands

The heat gun, also called a thermal gun, is a very practical gadget that cannot be missing from the toolbox of any ‘handyman’. As its name suggests, it is an instrument that emits hot air and, in fact, bears a strong resemblance to a conventional hair dryer.

However, its use is intended for the DIY field, where it can be used for many tasks. Pickling and waxing wood, drying surfaces, removing stickers, loosening nuts and bolts or defrosting are some of them. Among the most popular brands of heat guns we find: Einhell, Black & Decker and Bosch.

Einhell is a company based in Germany that provides all kinds of solutions to tradesmen and craft professionals. In this sense, the company is dedicated to the marketing of products for home and garden.

It is a company with international projection, as it has subsidiaries distributed in various countries around the world with the aim of bringing its articles as close as possible to customers. Currently, it has approximately 1,600 employees.

Founded in 1964, Einhell is a long-standing company. It has a very extensive product catalog that will delight DIY enthusiasts. Electroportable, heating, cleaning, garden or automotive products make up the company’s repertoire.

Of course, Einhell also sells hot air guns. These tools stand out for being powerful equipment that adapts to the needs of each user. There are several models to choose from, although any of them is presented as an excellent ally for DIY lovers, helping in all kinds of jobs thanks to the fact that they have an adjustable temperature, among other functions.

The origins of Black & Decker date back to 1910, from which time the brand has been able to adapt to the needs that were emerging in homes, always with innovation as a benchmark.

The company began as a humble mechanical workshop in the American city of Baltimore and was the creator of the world’s first cordless electric drill. From then on, Black & Decker’s popularity skyrocketed until it became what it is today, one of the leading companies in the industry.

One of the aspects that customers value most is the enormous variety of products that the brand sells. And it is not limited to DIY tools, but is also specialized in cleaning, automotive, gardening, painting and decoration items, batteries and workshop equipment.

The catalog includes various options of heat guns that will satisfy even the most demanding users. They are available in different powers and sizes, but all of them with the Black & Decker quality seal.

Bosch is one of those brands that hardly needs an introduction, given its more than well-known experience and track record in the sector. This company was born in Germany in 1886 and, since then, its rise has been unstoppable.

The company has focused on household appliances, positioning itself as one of the most important in Europe in this field. The gradual incorporation of new technologies has also given rise to increasingly intelligent household appliances that can even be controlled from the smartphone or tablet itself.

In the Bosch catalog we not only find all kinds of refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, ironing centers, vacuum cleaners or kitchen robots, but also other tools for DIY work and home tuning, such as heat guns. With different characteristics, all of them are accompanied by the Bosch quality guarantee.

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