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Hoses – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

You are enjoying a few days off at home and you want to thoroughly clean your garden or terrace using water or you simply need to water your plants a little, the use of a hose is essential to be able to manipulate water more comfortably, whatever the task we need to do. In the current market we find models of different sizes and characteristics among which we can choose the Karcher 2.645-139.0, an alternative much sought after by users, since it has a length of up to 50 meters, allowing you to work in large areas without difficulty at an unbeatable price. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that incorporates a support to wind up the hose, facilitating its storage after use and includes the necessary accessories to simply connect and start working instantly, we recommend the Gardena 8009-20 model.

Opinions on the best hoses

Acquiring the best hose is a task that can be done easily if we take into account all the positive and negative characteristics of each model. If you plan to fix your garden and want to choose one of the best hoses in 2022, keep reading this comparison that we have prepared for you.

Karcher 2.645-139.0

If you want to know which is the best value for money hose, we recommend looking at this model, as it offers great length and good flexibility, being ideal for working in large gardens and terraces, at one of the cheapest prices on the market.

Thanks to its 50 meter length you can easily clean large terraces and gardens and due to its excellent resistance to water pressure with woven reinforcement, you can carry out jobs that require a lot of water force.

With this Kärcher flexible hose you can use water with a temperature of -20 to 65 degrees Celsius and it has an inner diameter of 13 millimeters, which will allow you to obtain a good level of water pressure, as well as a defined jet, helping you to remove stuck dirt on the floor or walls.

Mainly, to choose the best hose of the moment it is necessary to know what use you will give to the product, so that you look carefully at the resistance and flexibility of the hose. If you are looking for a very flexible model that you can use in your irrigation work, we recommend this product.  


Length : This hose has a length of up to 50 meters, providing a solution for working on large spaces.

Flexibility : This hose made of primoflex offers great quality and resistance, as well as a high level of flexibility.

Temperature : The hose is resistant to a wide range of temperatures, allowing it to work with water from -20 to 65 degrees Celsius.

Diameter : It has an internal diameter that forms a jet of water with great pressure and is compatible with most hose accessories.


Bent : It is likely that if the hose spends a long time bent and unused, it can become deformed.

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Gardena 8009-20

If you are still wondering which is the best hose today, we recommend looking at this model, since it is undoubtedly one of the favorite options among users because it incorporates a complete set of hose with reel and different accessories that will help you in irrigation task.

This model incorporates a practical anti-drip system that prevents any spillage or waste of water during use and thanks to its practical wall bracket you can easily connect and disconnect the hose for jobs that require moving on the ground, since it integrates a carrying handle ergonomic and very pleasant to use.

This hose has a length of up to 20 meters and cannot be bent in any direction due to its angled design on the support trolley, which is why it achieves a continuous flow of water. In the same way, its triangular design prevents any type of overturning by the wall bracket.

Asking ourselves what is the best brand of hoses that currently exists and what features they offer can help us make a decision more easily. This Gardena brand model offers a complete hose kit with a very versatile support.


Length: With this hose and support kit you will be able to carry out work in small and medium-sized spaces thanks to the 20-meter length of the hose.

Twist : Thanks to its elbowed design, this hose maintains its shape at all times, offering a continuous and uninterrupted flow of water.

Handle : Incorporates an ergonomic carrying handle that allows easy handling and transport of the hose reel.

Versatility : It incorporates a wall support that allows the hose reel to be disassembled in case you need to move.


Rubber: The 13-millimeter rubber that it incorporates can be small on some occasions, so it would be favorable if it had a larger diameter.

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Cozzine 227137503

If you still do not know which hose to buy, we suggest you take this model into account, since it stands out for being an extensible and easily rollable hose, which will allow you to efficiently do water irrigation work in small gardens thanks to its maximum length of 15 meters. and its practical nozzle with trigger.

This product includes a multifunctional nozzle that has 8 modes, including vertical jet, shower, mist, cone, among others, which can be easily selected by turning the sprayer dial, ideal for meeting different cleaning needs.

This completely airtight hose won’t wrinkle, tangle or slip, as it features a flexible, lightweight design made with a heavy-duty polyester coating. Being completely empty, this product has a length of 5 meters. Thanks to its retractable function, you can save storage space.

Before choosing a new hose, it is important to take into account the size of the space where you are going to work, so that you can move freely around the garden. This model has the possibility of expanding its length up to 15 meters.


Length : This model has the characteristic of being extensible from 5 meters to 15 meters, allowing work on small land.

Nozzle : It incorporates a practical multifunctional nozzle with 8 different jet modes, ideal for every cleaning need.

Flexible : This model stands out for its great flexibility, elasticity and resistance, so you can work without the risk of it breaking due to pressure.

Materials : The great resistance and durability is given by its double internal hose made of 100% natural latex.


Length: To reach 15 meters in length, it is necessary to apply a large amount of force pulling the hose from 8 meters on.

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If you enjoy watering your plants with your children, this model may be the one for you. This TACKLIFE hose comes inside a reel that allows it to be well rolled up and organized, so that you can carry out your work easily and comfortably. This model is suitable for most European taps.

This hose has a length of 10 meters, so you can move freely over small gardens. It incorporates a special nozzle that offers multiple modes of irrigation or water spraying, allowing you to adjust it according to your needs.

It is made with advanced and high-quality materials, such as PVC and PP, which provide great resistance to the hose, allowing it to withstand up to 24 bars of water pressure without cracking. The small dimensions make it an ideal choice for a portable hose, measuring 32 x 29 x 13 centimeters and weighing approximately 1.96 kilograms.

Before choosing a model, make sure you have checked the manufacturing materials, so that they guarantee durability and resistance to water pressure. This model is made of PVC and PP, so it offers a long service life.


Length : This model measures approximately 10 meters in length, making it ideal for small jobs, on small gardens.

Sprayer : It incorporates a water spray nozzle that allows you to choose a type of jet depending on the work you are going to do.

Connections : The type of connection of this hose is standard in Europe, so you will not have problems connecting the product to your water tap.

Rewinding : Thanks to its smooth handle, you will be able to rewind the hose without any difficulty, so that you can always have it organized on the reel.


Unroll it: If you roll it incorrectly, when you need to use it, it will cost you a bit to extend the hose.

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WARS A00091

Among the most functional and cheap models on the market is this practical garden hose, which extends three times its original size, from 5 to 15 meters, making it possible to work on small surfaces. When finished using, this hose returns to its normal size, taking up very little space to store.

Thanks to its quality and completely ecological manufacturing material, it will be able to withstand extreme temperatures without freezing in the winter. It integrates a latex core that provides more resistance and strength, allowing 1,200 to 1,200 uses. To the touch, the material is pleasant and its metal terminals prolong its useful life considerably.

It incorporates a water spray gun with 10 levels to choose from, among which the shower, conical, deluge, and angle jets stand out, among others. It incorporates a copper connector that prevents rust and water leakage. The exterior of the hose is made of high quality and durable polyester.

Finally, it is highly recommended to observe the jet modes available in the water sprayer, if one is incorporated. This model includes a pistol-shaped vaporizer that facilitates its use and includes 10 different jet types.


Length : With this model, you will get a hose up to 15 meters long, allowing you to do your work more comfortably.

Sprayer : It incorporates a practical and ergonomic water sprayer, which has 10 different jet modes, ideal for very specific jobs.

Material : The hose is made on the outside with a resistant polyester and has a highly durable latex core, which gives it a resistance from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius.


Cover: It is necessary to empty the hose completely before putting it back in its cover, since it must be rolled up very well to fit back into the packaging.

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