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Impact Drill – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A drill is always an indispensable tool in any workshop or home, as it allows you to more easily perform tasks that would otherwise be very tiring. However, the supply of these devices on the market is so wide that it can be difficult for us to choose a model of good quality, excellent performance and at an affordable price. To further help you make the right choice, we want to introduce you to the best impact drill models on the market, according to user preferences. In this sense, the Teccpo SX-TDIW01P-ES model can provide 350 Nm of impact torque, making it a powerful piece of equipment. In addition, it includes 3 impact sockets of different sizes and comes with a hard case for easy transport. Another of the best models is theDeWalt DCD985M2-QW, with a power of 500 watts and a lithium ion battery, which guarantees great performance and autonomy.

Buying Guide – What is the best impact drill on the market?

Drills are versatile and very useful tools that cannot be missing in your home or workshop. Whether for DIY, electrical or construction, this tool can be used for various fields of work. Recognizing its importance and in order to clear up your doubts, we present this guide to buying the best impact drill that will allow you to choose the right tool according to your budget.


Before checking how much the drill you like costs, you should ask yourself if it has a good power. In all power tools of this type the power is the factor that will determine if you will have a low, average or high performance to obtain better results.

In the case of cordless impact drivers, power is related to battery voltage. 500W can be considered an efficient power that will allow you to reach up to 3000 RPM for fast drilling. Most cordless drills use a voltage of 18V, which gives it a good performance for DIY projects that completely satisfies the user.

size and transfer

Being a portable tool, these teams have a compact and light size that is comfortable for the client. When making a comparison of impact drills, you will find that there are different sizes, some larger than others, but with differences of centimeters that do not greatly affect their operation.

What we do recommend is that you choose a drill that includes a case so that you can store it and take it with you anywhere, keeping the equipment and its accessories organized. Check that the drill holder is made of resistant materials and that it has a robust design, capable of withstanding bumps and falls to keep the tools well protected.


It is recommended that, in addition to being economical, the drill has two to three speeds because it is more versatile than those with a fixed speed.

With various levels of speed you can make holes in different types of materials, some stronger than others, obtaining professional results without much effort. Similarly, they must have a speed control so that you can regulate it according to the task you perform. For example, when you start a hole, you can set the speed to slow so that the bit does not slip off the surface and prevent damage to the area around the hole. Once the hole is fixed, you can increase the speed to finish drilling effectively.


When you decide to buy a cordless impact driver, you should evaluate the capacity of the battery to ensure it works well, without unexpected discharges. Most of the drills available on the market have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and include the base or charger to power these batteries.

These types of batteries are currently the ones that enjoy the highest performance and are preferred by manufacturers of electrical equipment, because they offer greater power and are lighter, which considerably affects the final weight of the product.

Voltages can range from 9.2V, 18V all the way up to 32V, with the second voltage being the most popular on average power drills. It is important to identify the recharging time that the battery needs to start a new task. In the market you will find high-speed recharge batteries, which in half an hour will be ready to continue working at their maximum, without affecting their efficiency.

kits and accessories

If you want an economical impact drill, you can choose a kit or set of tools that, in addition to the impact drill, includes the screwdriver. It may seem more expensive at first, but if you evaluate the usefulness of the impact driver, you will see that it is better to buy the kit at once and make an investment at the beginning than later having to go out and find the tool you need. in the middle of work.

The sets available on the market are of excellent brand and quality, and are also accompanied by a group of accessories to make the most of the benefits of these tools, such as drill bits of different sizes and diameters to drill holes in various types of material.


Finally, the ergonomic factor is an aspect of great importance when choosing the right drill because it must have a handle that balances the weight and reduces operator fatigue. Most cordless impact drivers have the pistol grip design that makes it easy to grip and operate using the trigger that will allow you to start and stop the drill with a single touch.

There are also the T-type models that are more traditional and the angular ones that facilitate drilling in narrow places. In addition to this, you should check the weight of the equipment and choose a light one because otherwise you will end up with sore arm after the first piercing. Now you are in a better position to choose which is the best impact drill on the market that is right for you.

Top 5 Impact Drills – Opinions 2022

To make an intelligent investment and obtain a tool of excellent quality, we show you a list recommended by our clients so that you can acquire the best impact drill and complement your toolbox trusting the criteria of the users who previously bought.

1. Teccpo Impact Gun 350Nm 

It is a powerful piece of equipment that offers a high impact frequency of up to 3,000 IPM with a variable speed between 0 and 2,000 rpm, which allows easy loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts. In this case, it is possible to use it in repairs of large machinery and also in automotive parts work.

This device works wirelessly, since it has a 4000 mAh battery that can be charged in just 60 minutes. It also provides great autonomy to use the device for several hours.

For added functionality, it includes 3 impact sockets in the most popular sizes, 17, 19 and 21mm, making it possible to use the tool on different projects. As if that were not enough, it comes with a charger and has a practical storage case.

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile impact kit that you can use for both professional and home jobs, then this drill can be a great option. Let’s get to know its highlights in detail.


Performance: Delivers 350Nm of impact torque and offers variable speed up to 2000rpm.

Battery: It has a 4000 mAh battery that is fully charged in just 60 minutes, which favors practicality.

Case: Includes a hard plastic case that allows you to comfortably transport the tool and all its accessories wherever you need.


Size: This impact driver may be too large to fit into tight spots.

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2. DeWalt DCD985M2 Impact Driver Drill

With a robust and compact design, the DeWalt DCD985M2-QW is considered one of the best impact drills of 2022 because it belongs to the latest generation of cordless tools that incorporates the innovative XR 4.0Ah Li-Ion battery to guarantee greater performance and autonomy..

This powerful drill can reach up to 34,000 impacts per minute thanks to the 500W of force that its motor has. The best thing about this equipment is that depending on the work to be done, you can adjust the impact at three speeds and even use the reversible mode, varying the speed at the same three levels.

The DCD985M2’s handle is ergonomically designed to provide a firm and comfortable grip for the operator, plus the smart trigger to start the drill gives the user complete control with every use.

Customers highlight the appearance and resistance of the storage case that is ideal for transporting the equipment to the workplace in an orderly and light way because it only weighs 2.5kg, and the two included batteries will allow you to use the drill without worrying about power.

In addition to taking into account the budget and costs of the large number of drills on the market, it is important to be very clear about the positive aspects of each model. For this reason, we describe those of this DeWalt model, which for many is the best brand of impact drills.


Settings: It has 22 tightening torque positions that you can adjust and thus achieve the maximum precision of this product.

Lighting: It has an LED light that will facilitate work in dimly lit areas and thus comfortably accomplish the task.

Clip: Includes a clip that will be very useful to carry the drill on the belt. This will be important to mobilize it easily and simply.

Capacity: The battery, the power and the number of impacts per minute give it a great capacity to fulfill its function as a drill in both wood and metal.

Trigger: it has an intelligent trigger that allows great performance and the best regulation and control of all its functions.

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3. Einhell Expert TE-CI 18 Li Cordless Impact Driver Kit

When you decide to make an investment to complement your toolbox with drilling equipment, it is natural for you to ask yourself, what is the best impact drill? and after the previous options, customers highly recommend the TE-CI model from the renowned tool manufacturer Einhell for being light, having excellent performance and a good price.

Its versatility is applicable in any DIY task and its tightening force works well for electrical or mechanical.

The kit includes the screwdriver, a battery, the charger and the storage case. With a weight of 1.6kg, it is one of the lightest and easiest to use portable tools because it has an ergonomic handle that guarantees a good grip.

It has an efficient autonomy and it should be noted that the recharging speed is very fast, in just half an hour the battery is charged to be used in the heaviest jobs.

If you are still in that search and you are still not sure about the ideal model for you, we invite you to read the positive and negative aspects of this model that could help you answer that question of which impact drill to buy.


Ergonomic: It has a handle that gives you an ergonomic grip for greater comfort during working hours.

Power: It has a power of 27 watts and a speed that reaches 2300RPM for great performance.

Light: It has an integrated light that will provide a better vision of the objective even in places with less lighting.

Battery: Integrates a universal battery that is compatible with all Power X-Change tools. It is charged quickly and has great autonomy.


Shaft: The shaft wobbles when using a very long screwdriver and appears to break or snap.

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4. Ryobi R18IW3-0 3-Speed ​​Impact Wrench

This model has a compact structure with a 1.3 cm disk, suitable for performing various tasks in varied environments. It works with a battery that allows it to reach a speed of up to 2900 RPM, being a suitable range for efficient performance.

On the other hand, it has an ergonomic handle, so you can hold it firmly and have control when doing any task. In addition, it incorporates an integrated LED light, which improves the visualization of the work area, especially in dimly lit spaces or if you do not have extra lighting around.

Regarding safety, the main disk has a locking mechanism that can be activated preventively to avoid accidents. Its motor has 18 V of force and allows to regulate the intensity in three different levels. Likewise, it is a versatile piece of equipment that is used both for screwing and unscrewing various objects.

If you want a compact sized model, this model may be right for you, so we have summarized its pros and cons below.


Light: It incorporates LED light, which improves the visibility of the work area, so that you complete your tasks correctly and have lighting in those most difficult spaces.

Lock: It has a lock mechanism, which can be activated preventively to avoid any accident.

Compact: It is a compact device that weighs 2 kg, so it is not uncomfortable to hold it, in addition to the fact that you can move it without major difficulties.

Versatile: With this device you can screw or unscrew various types of nuts and bolts, which is useful for different tasks at home or on the go.


Weight: Users say that when using it with higher amperage batteries, the equipment gains extra weight, which could be uncomfortable when working for a long time.

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5. Bosch Professional 06019A1S06 Impact Driver

Bosch power tools are recognized for their quality, durability and high performance. Although the Bosch GDS18VLINCG is not an electric impact driver, but rather a cordless impact driver, we recommend that you consider purchasing it if you have already decided on an individual hammer drill from our list for the following reasons: it is a piece of equipment with which you can tighten and screw with force thanks to the 3200 RPM that its powerful motor reaches.

It also has a compact, lightweight and ergonomic design that guarantees perfect handling because its handle is short, which is useful even when you work above your head, and the LED light it includes is very advantageous for lighting up the workspace.

The robust design of the case is resistant to shocks and falls to protect the screwdriver well and to be able to take it anywhere because it barely weighs 1.7Kg. Although the battery and charger must be purchased separately, the equipment has the Bosch ECP system that protects the battery from overheating or overloading to extend its useful life.

If you want an impact drill that offers you great quality, efficiency, and durability, here we describe the details of this model that can cover a good part of your search items, since according to customers it is the best impact drill for 250 euros.


Power: It has a power that gives it great strength and performance in each of its jobs.

Security: It has a security system that allows you to protect the battery against heating, total discharge or overheating.

Operation: It has a high tightening torque and a high frequency of percussion to achieve great performance.

Comfort: It incorporates a light and compact design that facilitates the grip so you can work comfortably on your DIY tasks.


Battery: The fact that the battery is not included with the purchase of this product has been perceived as a disadvantage.

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How to use an impact drill

Basically, a drill performs the function of drilling for different purposes. Now you can have a cordless drill that not only makes holes, but also has the function of screwdriving. Now that you have purchased this tool, I am going to guide you on how to use an impact drill correctly and safely.

Check the user manual of the equipment

Before operating your impact drill, it is recommended to read the user manual to verify the number of torque settings, power, among other characteristics, for its operation.

Proceed to load the impact drill

Plug the power adapter into the impact driver’s battery power input connector and plug it into a power outlet. Wait for the charging time according to the user manual. There are models that take about 45 minutes to charge, while there are others that charge only in 15 minutes. Check the battery charge indicator, which is usually a red LED light that changes to green to indicate that the battery is fully charged.

Put on the proper equipment to use the impact drill

Before working with your impact drill, it is important that you put on the proper equipment so that you can use the drill as safely as possible. In this case, you will only need safety gloves to protect your hands from the roughness of the surfaces, product of the perforations, and safety glasses that protect your eyes from the slag of the perforated materials.

Make any necessary adjustments before drilling

Locate the mechanical speed button and select the appropriate one, depending on the material to be drilled. For this, check the user manual according to the brand and model of the drill. Select the torque level of the drill for the job to be done. Some drills have a drill and screw function, as well as a reverse function, which is to change the direction of rotation of the drill if you want to loosen or tighten a nut or bolt.

Select the right drill

Select the appropriate drill bit according to the surface material and the thickness of the surface. Turn the drill chuck with its respective key and position the bit properly. Tighten snugly to secure the bit in the drill. Many more advanced models do not need a key to loosen the chuck, just turn it in both directions until you hear a click to tighten the bit.

Proceed to drill the selected material

Select the hammer function of the drill, if it includes one. Hold it by the one-handed grip handle appropriately. With the other hand, you can secure the material to be drilled or to support the procedure.

In case of screwing

Choose the direction of rotation of the drill, locating the reverse or reverse function selector. This allows you to select whether the drill will tighten or loosen bolts or nuts. Depending on these, choose the appropriate screw tip of the impact drill, for the screwdriving function. You can also purchase other tips on the market, separately. Rotate the chuck, gradually opening the tip of the drill, until the selected driver enters. Turn back to the opposite and press until you hear the click.

Screw and drill

There are cases in which you can place screws and, at the same time, drill with the same screw. To do this, you must select the correct screw tip to drill. The screw must be special for drilling function; Usually it’s striae. Activate the hammer function and select the speed and torque, depending on the material to be drilled, using it as a drill.

The most popular brands

If you are a DIY enthusiast or you dedicate yourself to this type of task professionally, an impact drill can never be missing from your toolbox. To get the best reference, check out three good brands that make them.

It was the year 1964 when Hans Einhell decided to pass his plumbing business located in Landau an der Isar, Germany into the hands of his nephew Josef Thannhuber, an electrical engineer. This young man with many dreams took over the small workshop and directed it to the manufacture of three-phase switches, transformers for welding equipment, coils and chargers.

The first years of this undertaking paid off and Hans Einhell GmbH managed to grow little by little. It had some setbacks in its history, such as the burning of some facilities, but it recovered each time and continued to maintain its momentum and desire to offer new alternatives to its consumers.

Over time, the company kept up and became internationalized, managing to take its products to different corners of the world. It established production lines for domestic consumption where DIY tools in general are found, such as saws, drills, hedge trimmers, vacuum cleaners, among others, and today, they are the ones that bring the most benefits to the company. In addition, it is one of the most recognized and appreciated brands in the market.

The headquarters of Hans Einhell GmbH still remains in Landau an der Isar, Germany.

Bosch or Robert Bosch GmbH is legally a German company that was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch. The first operations of the company were based on a precision and electrical engineering workshop, where the entrepreneur would begin to develop new technologies for the automotive world.

One of its first touches was given to the low-voltage magnetic ignition device, which was equipped in a vehicle through various components invented by Bosch, which allowed access to better performance and increased speeds.

In just a couple of years, Bosch was already beginning to internationalize. Its first foreign office was opened in Great Britain, United Kingdom in 1898, mainly as a distributor. These types of events allowed the company to grow exponentially and step by step achieve the success it enjoys today.

Bosch is one of the most prestigious and best valued brands on the market thanks to the quality of its products and the ergonomic design that they usually present, whether in the area of ​​DIY, garden or maintenance tools.

The main offices of Robert Bosch GmbH are located in the city of Gerlingen, Germany.

Makita Corporation, a Japanese company, was founded in 1915 as a company dedicated to the sale and repair of electric motors of different types. The study of the components of the motors allowed Makita to begin to develop its own equipment for the year of 1958, with a portable electric planer. Before long, he expanded his horizons a bit further and ventured into the world of tools, creating portable power cutters, circular saws and power drills.

They had a fairly modest success, but enough to continue growing and the innovations in their products were immediate. Soon they would begin to offer wireless and ergonomic equipment designed to be easy to use.

Today Makita has a fairly complete catalog for the common user in which a DIY approach stands out. Among its products are impact drills, vacuum cleaners, wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers and saws of all kinds. Thanks to the variety of options, it is likely that no matter what type of work you need to do, you can do it with a Makita tool.

Makita Corporation is located in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Makita DLX2020Y

Main advantage:

Sin duda alguna, la principal ventaja de esta gran herramienta es su gran versatilidad. Esta herramienta te permite desarrollar varias tareas, pues la puedes usar como destornillador, taladro y como martillo.

Desventaja principal:

El punto negativo que más señalan sus usuarios es sobre su batería. Pues indican que en sus especificaciones se habla de 3Ah y llegan baterías de apenas 1.5 Ah. Esto no es muy bien admitido por sus compradores.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Con sus 240 vatios de potencia es capaz de funcionar correctamente en la ejecución de diferentes tareas, tomando en cuenta que no solo trabaja como un taladro, sino también como destornillador o martillo, funciones que se pueden elegir de manera sencilla.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Potencia y autonomía

La potencia de un taladro de impacto te dirá si es el equipo que necesitas para desarrollar tus tareas. Si sabes que frecuentemente estás frente a trabajos de gran envergadura, no podrás inclinarte por un modelo pequeño y de baja potencia. Este modelo cuenta con una potencia de 240 vatios que le permitirán tener un buen rendimiento en cada una de las tareas en las que desees o necesites hacer uso de este taladro de impacto de la reconocida marca Makita.

La potencia y la calidad de este producto le permiten brindar una gran versatilidad, para que puedas dar un buen acabado a una gran cantidad de tareas de bricolaje. Sus principales funciones son las de martillo, destornillador y taladro de impacto.

Para garantizar este gran funcionamiento, el producto dispone de dos baterías de iones de litio de 1.5 Ah, para que disfrutes de una gran autonomía. Además, su cargador incorpora un ventilador que refresca la batería cuyo tiempo de carga puede ser menor a 30 minutos.


Antes de comprar equipos y herramientas eléctricas, debemos conocer qué seguridad nos ofrecen, pues seguramente no queremos correr riesgos ni enfrentarnos a una situación peligrosa o a un repentino accidente.

Este modelo de taladro de impacto cuenta con un sistema de seguridad que te dará protección contra sobrecargas, contra sobrecalentamientos y contra el exceso de descarga. Esto te ayudará a trabajar de manera más confiada y segura.

Para ampliar su calidad ante la protección y proporcionar una mayor seguridad ha sido diseñado para ser resistente al polvo y para ser resistente al agua, de manera que tu protección está garantizada, mientras lo utilices de forma apropiada.


Existen diferentes aspectos que podrás ajustar al momento de poner en funcionamiento esta gran herramienta. En primer lugar, puedes ajustar el artefacto a la función que necesites, bien sea martillo, taladro o destornillador.

También debes saber que tienes la posibilidad de ajustar las velocidades. Tienes a disposición dos velocidades que podrás seleccionar y ajustar de acuerdo al tipo de tarea que estés desarrollando y así conseguir el acabado que deseas.

Finalmente, debes tener presente que cuenta con torque en 16 etapas, para que lo utilices de la manera más conveniente hasta encontrar el punto correcto de cada uno de los tornillos y tuercas que deseas apretar.


Adquirir un kit de herramientas compuesto por un taladro y un atornillador de impacto es una compra inteligente porque podrías tener a tu alcance dos importantes utensilios en un solo maletín para llevar a todos lados y realizar cualquier tipo de proyectos de bricolaje.

El kit RIDTWIN13 de Ryobi puede considerarse como el mejor taladro de impacto de relación calidad precio porque el set está compuesto por dos equipos de excelente calidad con un buen rendimiento y es de los más baratos en el mercado.

El taladro te permite realizar orificios de tamaños diferentes con mucha eficiencia en mampostería, metal y madera obteniendo excelentes resultados para seguidamente emplear el atornillador para ajustar con una velocidad variable sin esfuerzo.

La caja de engranajes elaborada en metal le da durabilidad al equipo para alargar su vida útil. La autonomía del set lo otorga las baterías de Li-Ion, una de 1.3 Ah y otra de 18 Voltios, que vienen además con su cargador para mantenerlas siempre con un buen nivel de energía.

Además de describir los pros y los contras del modelo que se detalla a continuación, te podemos indicar que es considerado uno de los taladros de impacto más baratos pero con una gran funcionalidad.


Versatilidad: Puede ser utilizado con gran versatilidad en diferentes tareas. Funciona como taladro, atornillador de estrella o atornillador de pala.  

Batería: Incluye una batería de alto rendimiento diseñado con iones de litio para alcanzar una gran autonomía.

Compacto: Cuenta con un diseño compacto que facilita su maniobrabilidad y portabilidad de acuerdo a cada situación de trabajo.

Ergonómico: Dispone de un mango ergonómico para un agarre fácil, sencillo y cómodo que te permitirá finalizar tu tarea sin molestias en las manos.


Enchufe: Algunos usuarios han manifestado que no cuenta con el enchufe de España, por lo que puede requerir ciertos ajustes en su diseño.

Makita DLX2020Y

Si estás buscando una herramienta todo uso, de excelente calidad y buen precio, los clientes recomiendan el set de destornilladores eléctricos DLX2020Y de Makita que contiene un martillo conductor-taladro y atornillador de impacto por lo que se posiciona como el mejor taladro de impacto. Este equipo es totalmente inalámbrico ya que las herramientas usan baterías de iones de litio para ofrecer una mayor autonomía.

La combinación de ambas herramientas permite realizar trabajos de diferentes ín

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