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Impact Wrench – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Although they are not common among our tools, impact wrenches have become an interesting piece for those who do DIY or mechanical maintenance work. Products with which to tighten or loosen nuts easily, just by having an air compressor or an electric motor to work with. These impact wrenches must be powerful, comfortable and light so that performing any task is much easier, although it is true that, due to size and measurements, they can be adjusted to different activities. Among this offer we find products such as the Einhell TE-CI 18 Li key, electrically powered, which has a light weight and good ergonomics to work without many complications. Another good suggestion isKS Tools 515.1210 Monster-Edition, made with an aluminum body, with adequate efficiency and a compact and light size, designed for undemanding jobs.

Buying Guide – What is the best impact wrench on the market?

Although we usually see them in a mechanical workshop, impact wrenches are multipurpose tools that are increasingly used in DIY, mechanical and many other tasks. To learn more about these products and to find out if they can be useful to you, review the tips in our guide to buying the best impact wrench and find out everything you need regarding these tools.

Electric or manual?

If we take a look at any comparison of impact wrenches that we see on the market, we will find two large groups of wrenches: pneumatic impact wrenches, which work with air, and electric impact wrenches that can work autonomously.

Starting with pneumatic wrenches, these are usually cheaper than electric ones and offer greater force, in general. However, they have the drawback of requiring a powerful air compressor to provide the compressed air that acts as a driving force when driving the tool. They are generally used in mechanical work and other tasks where greater work force is required, not being suitable for small pins or other delicate objects because they can break, decapitate or tear them.

Precisely for these smaller jobs, we have electric impact wrenches, recommended for use on small screws, and in general for smaller-scale jobs. In this case, we have wired keys, which are the most powerful among the electric ones, as well as wireless or battery-powered keys, which provide complete freedom when working, but offer less power. In any case, your choice will depend on the use you are going to give the key, being necessary to adjust it to what you are going to do.

operating power

As we said before, in addition to influencing how much it costs, the type of key that we are evaluating also influences its power. However, although we have said that electric wrenches have a more adjusted power, depending on their applications, these powers can also be remarkable.

In the case of the most powerful pneumatic models, the power is defined both in relation to the working pressure and the level of torque that they can achieve. The larger both are, the more powerful the wrench that we are evaluating will be, with respect to the diameter of the nut with which it can work. In this case, do not forget to buy or have the compressor, with which you must supply air in sufficient quantity to the gun.

A problem that does not exist in electric models, where it is enough to have a plug nearby, or a good battery, to use the product. In this case, the power is measured according to any power tool, depending on the watts that it has. A power that, again, we must compare in terms of similar products regarding the size of the nut they support. In this case, the most powerful products can reach 1,000 watts of power, offering a remarkable force to move everything.

comfort of use

One aspect that we cannot forget when looking for a good and cheap impact wrench is its ease of use. Among other things, because no matter how powerful the key is, if we can’t hold it comfortably or it’s too heavy, it probably won’t be very useful to us.

For this reason, the first element to assess in an impact wrench is its weight. Since we are talking about manual tools, this weight should be as tight as possible, so that working with the key does not involve another gym session. All this always considering that the comparison must be made between similar products, since it is not the same to compare a small wrench with a small diameter than an impact wrench for trucks, for example.

The 6 Best Impact Wrenches – Opinions 2022


An impact wrench is a powerful tool that is very effective as an additional force when doing heavy tightening or loosening jobs that would normally be very difficult to handle. If you are interested in acquiring a quality tool at a low cost, take a look at these recommended models.

1. Einhell Expert TE-CI 18 Li Solo Impact Driver

Main advantage:

The capacity of this impact wrench is much higher than that of other products on the market, so you will be able to move those nuts and bolts that normal screwdrivers are not capable of managing.

Main disadvantage:

Compared to other impact wrenches that are sold complete, in this case you need to buy both the charger and the battery that powers the product separately, since they are not included in the product.

Verdict: 9.6/10

If you have to do jobs where conventional screwdrivers and tools fall short, the Einhell TE-CI 18 Li model offers you a powerful battery-powered operating torque with which you can carry out any job you need without having to leave it. hands or patience waiting for the product to do what it should.

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impact capacity

In order to offer better performance, the Einhell TE-CI 18 Li model incorporates the exclusive Triathlon motor that is based on three key elements: on the one hand, it is a powerful motor, capable of moving all kinds of parts (nuts, screws, etc) in which other products are not capable of obtaining adequate results. The second element is speed, which is especially appreciated in its operation, so that the motor maintains power and reduces the time spent working with the tool.

Both elements result in the third element, efficiency. All this in a system capable of developing 140 Nm of capacity, with a high level of torque so that nothing can resist you.

comfort  of use

So that you can maintain adequate comfort of use, the product has a very comfortable ergonomic design both to hold and to prop it up and to be able to work comfortably. So that you can carry out all kinds of work, they also have an electronic control system that allows you to adjust the degree of impact depending on the work to be carried out.

And so that you don’t lose sight of what matters, this model incorporates three LED lights in the front area that always keep the work area illuminated, so that you have the complete security of seeing what you are doing. A short construction design so that you can work with maximum comfort both occasionally or in longer uses.


Compared to other impact wrenches, whose quality and construction do not meet the required requirements, this product has a solid and robust construction that allows you to obtain the best performance.

For this, it has a casing made of highly resistant aluminum that protects the internal motor and at the same time lightens the weight of the product. A weight that is barely around a kilo and that helps to facilitate its use, while maintaining the proper resistance. It also has strategically placed rubber protections so that the corners and other elements do not suffer during use. To be able to handle it easily, it also includes a special clip that allows you to hang the product on your belt to be able to carry it better.

The same happens with its practical case included, very resistant and that allows you to store your impact wrench so that it does not deteriorate or stain when you store or transport it.

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2. KS Tools 515.1210 Pneumatic Impact Driver


When asked what is the best impact wrench, the 515.1210 Monster-Edition model from the German brand KS Tools emerges as the first choice thanks to the impressive quality, excellent comfort and control, and the highly qualified and competitive price.

This powerful pneumatic impact wrench with a ½” shaft offers you a maximum torque of 1,690 Nm loosening and a maximum of 510 Nm tightening, factors that make it the best quality-price impact wrench in our selection. It also has a soft non-slip handle, an ultralight aluminum casing and a low weight of 2.15 Kg for comfortable and easy operation with a pressure of 6.3 bars, low vibration of 2.69 m/sec² and torque regulation in 3 stages.

It also has a double hammer mechanism for high performance that also gives it a long useful life. Includes a ¼” coupling connector and extra robust plastic box for proper storage.

If you are a fan of DIY or appliance repair, having the best impact wrench of the moment should be a priority for you. Learn here the details regarding this KS Tools model:


Weight – One of the most appreciated aspects of the KS Tools 515.1210 Monster Edition Impact Wrench is its weight. This option has a weight of just 2.15 kilograms thanks to its resistant aluminum casing which makes it quite light and easy to handle.

Dimensions: in addition to its weight, the dimensions of this impact wrench also help as they allow a practical handling of the tool by the user and if you take other models into consideration, this is one of the most compact.

Ergonomics – In the positive vein of design and looks, we also want to mention that this wrench features an ergonomically approved design. This means that it has the right shape and materials to offer you comfortable handling and safety, such as a non-slip rubber-coated handle.

Torque: perhaps one of the characteristics that most interests you is its type of performance, therefore we would like to point out that the KS Tools 515.1210 Monster Edition impact wrench is capable of applying a maximum torque of 1,690 Nm removing and 510 Nm tightening, so you can do any type of work quickly.

Case: on the other hand, as an extra bonus, this model includes a practical case so you can keep it in order and take it comfortably wherever you want.

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3. Bosch Professional GDX 18V-200 C Cordless Impact Wrench

This model incorporates an electronically commutated (EC) motor, which is smaller and has high energy efficiency. In this sense, it does not have brushes, which considerably reduces breakdowns. Also, it is important to mention that it works with an 18 V battery, so it is a wireless device. In this sense, it can reach an idle speed of 0 to 3400 rpm, as well as a maximum of 4200 ipm. 

It also offers a tightening torque of up to 200 Nm. For this reason, it can be used in demanding applications both in homes and in small specialized workshops. This is why it is among the best impact wrenches of 2022.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it incorporates an LED light to illuminate the work area, which is very useful for working in dimly lit spaces.

To acquire the best impact wrench, we must take into account the most important aspects of each model. Let us see the positive and negative features of this product.


Motor: It has an advanced technology EC motor, which has no brushes to avoid breakdowns, consumes less energy and at the same time reaches a speed of 3400 rpm, to easily carry out different projects at home. 

Bit Holder: The bit holder is not directly attached to the motor, which reduces kickback and torque on the wrist. It also works with 1/2″ outside squares and 1/4″ inside hexes for added versatility.

Practicality: It measures only 14.7 x 25.3 cm and weighs around 1 kg, so it is a small and light tool, very easy to move from one place to another.


Presentation: It is necessary to pay attention when choosing the presentation, since there are several options and the price may vary depending on the number of accessories included.

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4. Einhell 2048300 Impact Wrench 440W


Another example of the best impact wrench is the BT-HS 12 model from the German company Einhell. This tool works with a power of 4.3 W and a current of 12 V, to develop a maximum moment of force, forward and backward, of 260 Nm.

The Einhell BT-HS 12 was specially designed to effortlessly tighten and loosen tire nuts, either at the end of their useful life or due to a breakdown on the road, for which it includes a 3.5 adapter cable. m in length that allows direct connection to the car’s cigarette lighter.

It has a ½” size mounting shaft and includes a set of 4 couplings for 12, 19, 21 and 23 mm nuts. It accepts a maximum thread size of M-14 and is tolerably comfortable with its 1.7 Kg of weight.

If you are tired of looking at catalogs and still don’t know which impact wrench to buy, what the Einhell BT – HS 12 offers you may be able to clear up your doubts:


Adapter: so that you can always get out of trouble on the road, the Einhell BT – HS 12 impact wrench includes a practical adapter cable to connect it to the 12 V current of the car.

Cable: In addition, its 3.5 meter cable will allow you freedom of movement if you need it to change a flat tire.

Briefcase: and thanks to the carrying case, you can always keep the key in order when you need it.


Strength – Some consumers indicated that this impact wrench is for light tasks as mechanical use as such requires more strength.

Limitation: also, keep in mind that this model does not include a standard plug because it is designed to be used with the car’s cigarette lighter.

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5. Silverline 719770 Air Impact Wrench


The Silverline 719770 tool is, among the pneumatic models, one of the best cheap impact wrenches on the market. It features low power at a no-load speed of 7,000 rpm to develop a modest 312 Nm of torque, which is ideal for fastening and loosening of nuts or bolts that don’t require a lot of stamina.

This air impact wrench features 4 adjustable torque settings, from 1 minimum setting to 4 maximum, through the oscillation bolt that regulates the air flow.

It has a 170mm deep ½” square stem and includes two ¼” male connectors for the UK (EN-6) and Europe (EQ-4). The tool must be connected to a clean, dry air supply with a lubricator and water separator for proper operation.

If you do not intend to spend too much, buying one of the cheapest ones may be the solution for you. The specifications of this model make it a good option for savers:


Weight: This impact wrench weighs just 1.1 kilograms, making it one of the lightest models on our list, thus facilitating its sustainability.

Stages: It has four different stages of torque so you can apply the one that best suits what you are loosening or tightening.

Resistance: It has a manufacture with robust and resistant finishes that make it seem quite durable.


Usage – Netizens have indicated in their reviews that the Silverline 719770 impact wrench is mostly for home use because it doesn’t have the strength of a professional wrench.

Ergonomics: In addition, its full-length metallic finishes can make it a bit uncomfortable to use.

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6. Teccpo Brushless Impact Wrench

We continue in search of the best current impact wrench talking about the Teccpo ‎ES-BHD850B-4.0-2 model. An interesting solution that works with a battery and that, therefore, can be used anywhere without the need for plugs. This battery offers good performance and has a long autonomy, so energy will not be a problem.

Thanks to its brushless motor, the machine is capable of generating a torque of up to 350 newtons per meter, with three speed and torque levels. This allows you to work on even the most sticky nuts and bolts.

For the rest, the tool is accompanied by a charger and two batteries, as well as three glasses to start working. Nor is the hard plastic case missing, which completes a presentation of the best brand of current impact wrenches.

Completing your workshop is easy with quality tools like this one, which we discuss below.


Power : The gun develops a maximum torque of 350 Nm, adjustable to three different levels using the selector built into the piece.

Comfort : The design is ergonomic in nature and helps to hold the tool comfortably, without slipping.

Battery : Thanks to its battery power, it is possible to use it anywhere, without having plugs at hand.


Noise: The noise level of the machine is much higher than would be desirable, which must be taken into account when working.

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How to use an impact wrench

In the world of construction and DIY there are many tools that can solve certain situations that arise, such as loosening or tightening nuts or bolts. Such is the case of impact wrenches that allow you to carry out special jobs, in addition to saving time. Now that you have just acquired your work tool, I am going to explain how you should use your impact wrench correctly to get the most out of it.

Check the user guide

It is very important that you familiarize yourself with your tool, because the impact wrenches are of various types and models, for example some are cordless and others are electric, so their power source is variable.

Connect the impact wrench to the power source

For cordless impact wrenches, connect the battery to the charger and wait for the battery to fully charge. For electric impact wrenches, locate a power outlet near the work to be done and plug the impact wrench into that outlet. Locate the on/off switch on your impact wrench, although some models have this feature automatically once it’s plugged into the outlet or when connected to the battery, whether it’s cordless or electric.

Select the right head

Depending on the size of the nut or bolt you want to loosen or tighten, locate the correct size head, as a different head can damage the impact wrench socket. Once the correct head is located, press firmly into the square socket of the wrench. In the event that your tool is connected, disconnect it to make the required change.

Proceed to loosen the nuts

Hold the key with both hands. Flip the rocker switch and place the wrench socket over the nut. Hold the wrench firmly with your finger on the trigger as you loosen the nut. Release your finger from the trigger once the nut has been released. If your work piece has several nuts, proceed to loosen them one by one as explained above.

Proceed to tighten the nuts

Now, if what you want is to use the impact wrench to tighten nuts, do the following. Place the nut with your hands where you want to tighten and make sure it has not been previously threaded. Set the key switch to the forward position. Grip the key firmly and gently pull the trigger. Place the tip of the wrench on the head of the nut. Regulate spindle speed by gently manipulating your finger on the trigger. Hold the action until the nut stops turning. Do not fully tighten the nut. Proceed to work on other nuts in a similar manner if necessary.

Retighten the first nut and place the socket on the nut head. Pull the trigger fully. At least 3 impacts will be enough to tighten the nut. Don’t over-tighten the nuts, as this could damage the workpiece.

Turn off the impact wrench

Once you have finished tightening or loosening the necessary nuts, proceed to turn off the tool. Unplug the cord from the outlet or place the key on the battery base, as the case may be. Store your key and power cords properly.

Final considerations

Carry out the work with your impact wrench away from pets and children, as they can distract you, potentially causing a serious accident. Do not use your impact wrench when it is raining or there are strong storms; electric shock may occur in wet conditions. Whenever you need to change heads or make other adjustments, unplug your impact wrench from the power outlet to avoid accidentally starting the tool.

The most popular brands

According to the opinion of the clients, the DeWalt, Makita and Milwaukee brands are the ones that offer the best performance when using an impact wrench, which is why we invite you to learn about them to help you in the selection process.

It is a world-renowned tool brand for the construction and woodworking industries. The company was started by Raymond E. DeWalt in 1924, who is credited with the invention of the radial arm saw with which the company rapidly grew, and by 1947 the company reorganized into manufacturing other stationary woodworking machines.

DeWalt markets more than 200 power-driven hand tools and 800 types of accessories. This brand acquires high-tech tools for ELU carpentry, because it was able to expand the variety of its equipment, giving it that innovative and better quality sense with the revolutionary brand it acquired.

It currently has different battery-operated items such as the impact wrench, offering a better transfer to the place where any work is being carried out, it only has to be charged for a couple of hours and it does not discharge quickly. Because it is such a recognized brand, it was the sponsor of driver Matt Kenseth in the NASCAR Cup from 1999 to 2009 and currently sponsors Marcos Ambrose in that category.

It is a brand founded in March 1915, by Mosaburo Makita, with the initial name of Makita Electric Works, in the city of Nagoya, a company specializing in the sale and repair of electric motors and transformers. Today it is a global brand in more than 40 countries around the world, promoting in this way the unparalleled quality of its products, since it has earned the trust of customers.

Makita offers the high power, durability and performance of its products, becoming more demanding every day in the manufacture of its tools. Its equipment is quite compact, avoiding certain vibrations when using it, which allows users to feel good and comfortable at the same time, which is why they have become one of the world’s manufacturers of portable power tools.

The company offers products that are used with batteries such as impact wrenches, impact guns, with designs that are used for perfect automotive mechanics, for public service companies, for small spaces and for large mechanics, it also has with different powers and a wide range of accessories that can be purchased on the market, they are also very compact and ergonomic models.

It is the leading manufacturer and marketer of heavy duty power tools and accessories for professional customers around the world. Since it was founded in 1924, it has focused on the idea of ​​manufacturing the best tools, today it represents the best professional tools of the highest quality, durable and reliable that can be purchased, according to the opinion of its customers.

The company continues its reputation in manufacturing drills with the innovative angular design and in a very compact way, as well as the famous saber saw, which is an ideal alternative for professional users, although there are several models, in which the Super Sawzall saw with the only feature on the market of 1000W 0 – 2,800 CPM.

Although it continues to innovate with the Lok-Tor series, which is the widest line on the market because it has 18-volt batteries that are also interchangeable. All these commercial merits have had a positive impact on customer feedback, in addition to CAD design, durability and reliability tests that are carried out in the factory, as well as the development of prototypes and field tests that are carried out before launch. of each product.

Therefore, customers mention that this brand does develop suitable models for what an impact wrench is, and the way it should work.

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