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Magnets – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A magnet is an instrument that has multiple and interesting uses, whether in sports, practical, work, study or experimental fields. These elements have qualities of attraction with metallic elements that can be used in many ways, but to carry out certain activities, you must first thoroughly understand the characteristics of each one. Among all the available alternatives, in the first place, the Gvanthpse MAG-1 appears, a set made up of six strong magnets, which has self-adhesive tape and can be used to organize tools. Next, in second place, could be the Magnetpro M60 model. This neodymium material unit has a compact size and payload capacity for magnet fishing.

The 8 Best Magnets – Opinions 2022

There are currently many magnet options available on the market, so selecting a quality model could take time. For this reason, below we will review the most outstanding characteristics of the 8 models that appear as the best magnets on the market. 

Neodymium magnets

1. Gvanthpse Set of 6 neodymium magnets

If you are looking for the best magnets on the market, then you should not ignore this Gvanthpse alternative, which stands out as one of the most recommended. It is a set made up of six neodymium magnets, with a triple coating of nickel and copper that provides greater durability.

These pieces come in a plastic case and are conveniently spaced so they don’t mess with each other. Each of the magnets has a self-adhesive tape, which allows them to be placed on any surface to diversify their use and provide resistance.

According to their manufacturer’s specifications, these magnets have a high bond strength and can be used in temperatures of up to 60 C°. Being a kit, it includes several clear 3M adhesives, giving a smooth finish. They can be used to keep organization in the kitchen or tool shop.

Considered by many to be the best magnet of the moment, this model has a high force of attraction. Know its pros and cons.


Set: This model is made up of a set of six 6 x 3 x 1 cm rectangular pieces that can be easily adapted to any space.

Materials: It is built with quality materials, in an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron.

Plating: Magnets feature a sleek, corrosion-proof three-layer coating of nickel, copper, and nickel again.

Adhesive: Its use is versatile because it includes 3M adhesive tapes on the back, with a removable film that facilitates adhesion. 


Strength: Although they have a high attractive force, they are delicate and a simple fall could damage them.

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2. Colfeel Neodymium Disc Magnets

Some models stand out among the best magnets of 2022 and this one, from the manufacturer Colfeel, is one of them, so it would be wise for you to stop to learn about its main characteristics.

The alternative includes 10 disc-shaped neodymium magnets with dimensions of 3 cm in diameter, by 0.5 in thickness each. They are made from rare earth, so they are strong, with a maximum capacity of 8 kilos of adhesion force, an estimated heat resistance of 80 degrees and N52 magnetization.

They are suitable magnets for DIY projects, crafts, cable management, organizing tools in the workshop, holding items on the fridge, science projects and more. In turn, they have a triple Ni-Cu-Ni coating, with a smooth and delicate surface that is available in silver, so it is discreet and improves its use in visible environments.

Colfeel is cataloged by many as the best brand of magnets on the market. Meet more than one of their models.


Design: Each magnet has a small silver design of 3 cm in diameter that allows it to be used in large or small spaces.

Set: This model is made up of a set of 10 disc-shaped neodymium magnets, so you will have a sufficient number of them.

Manufacturing: It has a manufacturing made with rare earth and a triple layer coating of nickel and copper, which is resistant.

Versatility: They can be used in DIY, organization of spaces, to hold cables and more.


Construction: Although their attractive force is high, being rare earth magnets their properties are more fragile compared to other models.

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powerful magnets

3. Magnetpro Neodymium magnet with eyelets 160 kg

The Magnetpro model M60 magnet has a practical design, with good and resistant manufacturing finishes in materials that also have a high magnetic power.

It has a size of 6 x 6 x 5.2 centimeters and weighs approximately 360 grams, so you can hold it with one hand without problems. As for its manufacture, it is made of steel with a stainless coating, offering resistance to wear due to contact with water, which also makes it suitable for use in magnet fishing.

In addition to this, you will find the eyelet that works as a handle to hold the magnet practical. With it you can increase the usefulness of the product, in addition to making it more comfortable to handle. In case you don’t need the handle, you can remove it by loosening the center screw that holds it to the magnet.

Now, we invite you to evaluate in detail the following pros and cons of this model:


Handle: It has a handle with which you can handle it, in addition to helping to take it off in case it adheres to any surface.

Screw: It has a security screw that will allow you to remove the handle, in case you need it.

Materials: Its manufacture is made up of good quality materials that guarantee long durability.

Finishes: Presents oxidation resistant finishes, making it useful in magnet fishing.



Real load: The load capacity in domestic conditions does not reach 160 kilograms, but minor variations of this figure.

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4. Wukong strong force 78kg super powerful round

There are many powerful magnets, but they have the quality of the Wukong brand, there are few and this alternative is one of them, so it is worth reviewing its attributes, since it is a neodymium magnet with a strength of drag up to 78 kilos.

The model is grade N52, so its magnetization is high and, additionally, it has a magnetic lid. Its traction properties are grouped in a small piece that fits in the hands, since its dimensions are 4.8 cm in diameter by 0.96 cm in thickness. 

Likewise, it has been manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality system. It has a triple-layer coating of nickel, copper and an extra nickel, which gives it a shiny and abrasion-resistant finish. In addition, its durability is extended by the steel cup that covers the magnet.

Before making a random purchase, you should review the pros and cons of this model, which has been of interest. 


Design: It has a small and portable design that stands out for its silver color.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 4.8 x 0.96 cm that adapt to various surfaces. 

Strength: It is N52 grade and, according to its specifications, it can lift up to 78 kilos of weight.

Plate: It has a Ni-Cu-Ni coating and an A3 steel plate.


String: Although it includes the support with its ring, this magnet does not include the respective string, which must be purchased separately.

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door magnets

5. Navaris 10x magnetic clasps

For those who are looking for the best value for money magnets, they should keep an eye on this model, which is one of the cheapest on the market and works well for the magnetic security of cabinets.

The set is made up of 10 magnets for doors, which provide the possibility of closing hermetically from cabinets to drawers, so opening the doors where these magnetic locks are installed will not be easy, neither for pets nor for children.

Made in Germany, these home security magnets are quality built. The magnetic hinges have dimensions of 4.5 x 1.2 x 1.3 cm, so they will fit easily into small corners. Also, they are easy to assemble. Its casing is made of plastic, but its counterpart is made of steel, which, together, provides an adequate level of resistance.

Considered one of the cheapest magnets on the market, this model is suitable for various types of doors. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.


Installation: Its installation is simple and fast, you just have to place the piece on a flat surface and join it.

Set: The model is made up of a total of 10 pieces that are used for the magnetic security of doors and cabinets.

Design: It has a functional design and the magnets come in their respective plastic cases.

Manufacturing: They are German-made magnets that incorporate metal plates, magnetic hinges and a steel counterpart, which provides robustness.


Screws: Screws are not included to complete the installation, so these must be purchased separately.

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small magnets

6. Yooppa Set of 16 neodymium magnets

Those who want to buy quality magnets that adapt to different situations can opt for this Yoopa alternative, which stands out for its variety of sizes.

This option has a total of 16 pieces, between small, large and rectangular magnets. Among them, the largest ones have dimensions of 6 x 1 x 0.3 cm, while the smallest are 2 cm in diameter, by one in thickness. In addition, they have self-adhesive tape with the quality of the 3M brand and have a protective peel-off film.

The magnets are made of an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron, a mixture that represents a remarkable level of magnetization on the market. For added quality, they include a three-layer coating of nickel, copper and nickel, which makes them more durable and with a delicate finish. They can be used at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees, so they resist extreme conditions.

For a purchase to be of quality, it is necessary to analyze the pros and cons of the model. Therefore, here we summarize those corresponding to this option.


Construction: It has a construction made of neodymium, iron and boron alloy, with triple layer NiCuNi coating.

Pieces: The set is made up of a total of 16 pieces of different sizes, to adapt to different demands.

Sizes: Includes large 6 cm diameter magnets and smaller 2 cm diameter ones.

Magnetization: Magnets are magnetized axially by halves, so they have sticky surfaces at the north and south magnetic poles.


Strength: Smaller magnets can be brittle when dropped, so they should be handled with care. 

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permanent magnets

7. Magnosphere Magnet Rectangle Magnetic block Neodymium

Built with quality materials in an alloy of different components such as neodymium, rare earths, iron and boron, this Magnosphere model is one of the best on the market. Due to its properties, it is positioned within the category of permanent magnets.

The model has been designed to be discreet, so its manufacturer has reduced its dimensions, but has increased its power. Thus, it has a rectangular block shape, with dimensions of 7 cm in diameter by 2 cm thick. 

Its components include neodymium, iron and boron and it has been built to meet the demands of industry and the home, because it has a clamping force of 300 kilos. 

In addition, for a better appearance, as well as to make it more elegant and smooth in surface, it is plated with nickel, copper and nickel. This magnetic block can withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees and is rated at N45 strength.

This model stands out for its attractiveness, but you should learn more about its positive and negative aspects.


Coating: To prevent corrosion, this model includes a Ni-Cu-Ni coating.

Temperature: Its level of traction and attraction works up to temperatures of 80 degrees.

Strength: It has a powerful force for the attraction of metals, with a hold of 300 kilos.

Design: It has an elegant and discreet design, with a block shape and dimensions of 7 cm in diameter.


Price: Its cost is higher compared to other models with similar clamping force, but cheaper.

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round magnets

8. Magnet Expert first4magnets fr60248 2 – 60mm Round

Made up of two round magnets, this Magnet Expert model is one of the best that can be found on the market, due to its conventional design and attractive force for metals. 

The model is suggested for people who work with small pieces of metal, because its dimensions are 6 cm in outer diameter, by 2.4 cm in inner diameter, by 0.8 cm in thickness. Also, the south and north poles are on opposite circular faces. Also, this alternative is resistant to demagnetization and its degree of wear is slow, despite the fact that it does not have any additional coating.

The construction of this model is strong and it is made with a ferrite ring. Although their attractive force is not the highest, these magnets are capable of lifting a considerable range of weight, in relation to the weight of each piece, which is just 49.9 grams.

This model is one of the most convenient for those who want quality in a compact size. Here are its essentials.


Kit: The model includes two magnets. Its south and north poles are on opposite circular faces.

Construction: It has a strong construction, with a ferrite ring, which is resistant to corrosion.

Capacity: Although its capacity is not high, it is a convenient model to maintain organization in small areas.

Design: It has a simple design with dimensions of 6 cm in outer diameter and 0.8 cm in thickness, making it easy to install in areas with little space.


Capacity: Their level of attraction may seem low, but keep in mind that they are not large magnets.

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Shopping guide

The organization of tools and kitchen utensils is more efficient if a magnet is used. Also, according to the force of attraction, they can lift a heavy weight. There are many models on the market, adapted to various applications. For this reason, so that an efficient purchase is made and adjusted to the needs, we have prepared a guide to buy the best magnet on the market, with all the properties that you must analyze.


If you want to make a prudent purchase, it is necessary to make a comparison of magnets, in which you will find that there are different types of these objects, which vary according to their nature, properties and composition.

In this way, in the first group we find natural and artificial magnets. The former are those that create a magnetic field naturally, while the artificial ones are created industrially.

Depending on their duration, permanent magnets can be obtained, which have a magnetic force that lasts over time. On the other hand, temporary ones are those magnets whose magnetic properties disappear after a period.

Likewise, according to the composition, there are ferrite magnets, iron, neodymium and boron magnets, alnico magnets and samarium and cobalt magnets. Each of these has its specifications in relation to strength and uses.


The construction of a magnet can be made of different compounds. These elements in its structure directly affect its level of magnetization, drag power and even hardness.

In the case of ferrite magnets, they are the best known for being manageable and their magnetic capacity varies according to temperature. On the contrary, these magnets can be fragile when hit or dropped.

Alnico magnets originate from the elements aluminium, nickel and cobalt and, although they are not as strong, they are resistant to high temperatures. Neodymium magnets can withstand demagnetization and their maximum temperature is 85 Cº. In the case of cobalt and samarium, they are strong magnets with high power, but their cost is not cheap, since their manufacture is a more complex process.


If you are looking to find out how much a magnet costs, then it would be convenient for you to take a look at the number of parts that the manufacturer includes, that is, if it is a single magnet or a kit made up of a set of several units.

As these elements are used for organizing spaces, as well as for DIY, manufacturers bring presentations to the market with more than one unit to meet the needs of users.

Sometimes, a single magnet can be more expensive than a kit made up of 16 units, this is because they have a different force of attraction and construction. Similarly, the reverse case could occur. 

Dimensions and shape 

Magnets are available in different sizes. This property must be selected according to the needs that must be covered at home, in the workshop or for the purpose for which the object was acquired.

Most commercial-type models have a compact size that can be carried with one hand, due to their light weight. In fact, in a kit of magnets, the manufacturer can include units of different dimensions, in small, medium or large size.

The same happens in the case of shapes, since, according to needs, it is possible to select between alternatives that look like a block, have a round or rectangular shape. Similarly, some options of circular magnets incorporate a small support at the top where it is possible to add a rope to give greater versatility to its use.

Power and nomenclature 

Each magnet has a drag force or power, also known as traction force, which is its ability to support a weight much greater than its own. Some models have a capacity of 3 kilos, others with greater power are convenient because their force is estimated between 70 and 80 kilos, as well as there are those with a much higher capacity, for 200 or 300 kilos.

On the other hand, there is a nomenclature that identifies magnets. Therefore, you can see models classified as N42, N45, N52 and, additionally, the magnetic force is indicated. According to expert notes, degree 52 represents greater magnetic energy, so it is a quality magnet that works at a maximum temperature of 85 degrees, without losing its properties. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a magnet?

Using a magnet is a simple process because the adhesive force is generated by itself when it comes into contact with a metal. For example, when placing a magnet on a shelf with the help of an adhesive tape, it will be installed and, to use it, it will only be enough to bring a metal object closer. The pulling force will attract it and the metal object will stick to the magnet, either vertically (suspended in the air) or horizontally, until a reverse force is generated to pull them apart. 

Q2: How to make a magnet?

Making a magnet can be a complex task, requiring the alloying of components that are crushed and then vacuum processed to compact. They then go through a galvanizing phase and are subsequently magnetized with a coil that generates a magnetic field. 

If you’re looking for an easier way, you need a D-size battery, copper wire, and screws. Take the copper wire and wrap it around the screw. The ends of the wire should be sanded to remove enamel and allow current to pass. At one of these ends the battery should be placed towards the positive side, while the negative should go to the other end of the wire. Then, without removing the wires from the battery, this invention can be tested by holding it close to metal objects.

Q3: What is a neodymium magnet used for?

Neodymium is a natural compound that belongs to the so-called rare earths and is used as one of the elements in neodymium, iron and boron magnets, which are among the most common and used today. These magnets are used in door locks, in jewelry, in magnetic therapies, for storage with magnetic levitation, in separation systems, in magnetic pumps, in MRI scanners, in the conversion of electrical energy in mechanical energy from generators and a host of additional applications.

Q4: How is the strength of a magnet measured?

The strength of a magnet is measured in three values: the product of maximum energy, the value without load or Gauss and its maximum pulling force. In addition, the degrees or nomenclature provide information on its temperature of use and the maximum energy product, which is the maximum energy stored in a magnet, based on the flux density B and the field intensity H. The unit used is the Kj /m 3 (kilojoule per cubic meter) or the MGOe (Mega Gauss Oersted).

Q5: What is the positive pole of a magnet?

The greatest attractive force of a magnet is found at its ends. However, these are not known as positive or negative poles, but as north and south poles. If you want to know the polarity of a magnet that is not marked, just use a piece of string. To do this, you must take the magnet and tie a rope through the center. Then drop the magnet without letting go of the string. As it comes to rest, it will line up with the north and south magnetic poles, which can then be identified with the help of a compass. 

Q6: How to cut a magnet?

Small and thin models are fragile, so a simple blow will suffice to cut them. In the case of larger models, it is recommended to use a metal shears and cut according to a guide line. Using a saw can also help achieve the goal.

Q7: Which metals does the magnet attract and which does not?

Magnets effectively attract metals known as ferromagnetic, including iron, nickel, steel alloys, among others with high magnetic permeability. Paramagnetic metals have a weak attraction to this magnetic force and among them aluminum and copper stand out. 

Now, a magnet is not capable of attracting metals known as diamagnetic, which have negative magnetic permeability. Some of these metals are gold, silver, bismuth, carbon graphite, antimony, zinc, copper, and cadmium.

Q8: How to demagnetize a magnet?

To achieve the demagnetization of a magnet, the molecules inside must be disordered or altered, since, in general, its magnetic field remains intact. One of the most conventional ways is to deliver a strong blow. Another method is exposing the object to temperatures above those supported. 

To do this, it must be heated until the Curie point is exceeded and in this way it will lose part of its magnetism. Being hot, the ends of the magnet must be hit to mess up its molecules and then it must be connected to an alternating current circuit. When connected, you rub one magnet against another and it will demagnetize.

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Anpro Neodymium Magnet

If you have already been able to know some options and you still cannot answer the question about which is the best magnet on the market, it is possible that this Anpro model will solve your doubts, since it is strong and convenient for different purposes.

Este modelo entra en la categoría de imanes potentes porque tienen una fuerza de atracción de 300 kilos y ambas caras generan magnetismo. Además, este imán de neodimio está equipado con una cuerda de nylon en color rojo, con una longitud de 20 metros.

El uso de esta alternativa es versátil, ya que, puede ser conveniente para la pesca, para el rescate, para atraer otros imanes, entre muchos otros fines. Este imán cuenta con un diámetro de 6,7 cm x 2,5 de grosor, por lo que es portable. Su recubrimiento está hecho con tres capas de níquel, cobre y níquel, con acabado brillante y resistente al óxido y a la abrasión.

Este modelo puede ser el indicado para quienes no saben qué imán comprar. Conoce más de sus pros y contras.


Usos: Puede ser utilizado para la pesca, levantar e incluso colgar diversos objetos, por lo que tiene múltiples aplicaciones.

Kit: Además del imán, el set está integrado por una cuerda de nylon de 20 metros que mejora la experiencia de uso.

Diseño: Posee un diámetro de 6,7 cm con un grosor de 2,5 cm, con recubrimiento delicado en níquel y cobre. Su tamaño también facilita el empleo en diversos entornos.

Potencia: Está dotado con función de atracción por ambas caras y tiene una fuerza para levantar hasta 300 kilos.


Instrucciones: El modelo no incorpora instrucciones de uso para guiar al comprador sobre la mejor forma de emplearlo. 

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