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Metal flange – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The flanges are a versatile DIY accessory, with which to make all kinds of joints and fixings. However, when plastic cable ties fail, it is necessary to resort to metal cable ties, which are stronger and more durable. Among them, we have the WuikerDuo WinWoner. These screw clamps are ideal for holding hoses and adjusting the tension to what you need at all times, adequately supporting any type of use. If you prefer a traditional flange, then your model is the Yizhet Steel. This bridle holds a large amount of weight and withstands the toughest conditions without flinching. 

The 9 Best Metal Cable Ties – Opinions 2022

When it comes to joining certain elements in our DIY tasks, cable ties can be the solution. But if those objects are heavy or support a lot of tension, it’s time to look for the best metal flange. A highly resistant accessory that performs where plastic models fail. If you have never used these accessories, you may not know which is the best metal flange to use for your work. Nothing happens. With our selection of the best metal flanges of 2022 you will be clear about what the market offers you, which one is best for you to choose and you will know its most common applications.

Metal flanges for pipes

1. WuikerDuo WinWoner Hose Clips 

When we do not know which metal flange to buy, it is convenient to have enough information and options to choose the most appropriate one. Precisely this, variety and quality, is what this complete batch offers that WuikerDuo.

We are talking about a set of 36 metal flanges with screw, which makes it easy to join hoses and all kinds of elements with ease. In addition, thanks to the quality of the product’s construction, adequate tension is maintained throughout the piece, regardless of the load or pressure that said hoses or elements can withstand.

Another advantage of this batch of metal pipe ties is that the 36 pieces come in different sizes. So, if you are not sure which metal flange to buy, this set covers practically all your needs. In it we have pieces that range from 6 to 12 millimeters in diameter to 27 to 51 millimeters of the largest pieces.

We offer you a brief summary of the main characteristics of this set of metal flanges.


Design: The design of the flanges maintains tension throughout the entire piece.

Materials: The manufacturing materials adequately withstand the most demanding conditions of use.

Variety: The wide variety of measurements included allows you to have the exact piece.

Assembly: The screw included in each piece makes it easy for you to achieve a precise fit of the flange.

Applications: Thanks to their variety, it is possible to use them in all kinds of applications.


Threaded: It is key not to go overboard with the tightening, so as not to “go over” the flange or the adjustment screw.

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2. Tonsooze Hose Clamp 

If you need metal flanges for tubes, with which to mount all kinds of hoses and similar parts, the kit that Tonsooze offers us is one of the most complete options. In its distribution, we find a total of 80 different pieces, with diameters ranging from 8 to 44 millimeters in section.

These flanges are made from 304 stainless steel, which is known for combining flexible design with high resistance to the elements. Therefore, it is ideal for carrying out all kinds of plumbing, automotive and any other work where it is necessary to move liquid or air through pipes.

To finish off its approach, the adjustable screw and strip system makes assembly easier, saving you time tightening the flange. Perfect to achieve an ideal fit according to what the assembly needs.

So that you do not lack anything to finish off any assembly, we will tell you everything that this complete lot offers you.


Variety : The set consists of 80 pieces, with a variable section diameter.

Materials : The flanges are made of high quality 304 steel, ductile and very resistant to external elements.

Case : Its pieces are presented in a practical case, where all the measurements are always at hand.


Tightening : As with other similar products, it is advisable not to go overboard with the tightening of the flange.

High pressure : The thickness of the material may be small to work with very high pressures.

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large metal ties

3. Yizhet 100 Piece Metal Cable Ties 

When it comes to fastening large objects, Yizhet large metal cable ties are a great help. This product has a high-strength steel construction, reinforced by a heat shield system. This allows it to withstand temperatures ranging from -80 to 538 degrees Celsius.

Another advantage of this steel is its high flexibility, which gives more comfort to any assembly you make. In addition, inside the flange there is a steel ball, which is responsible for securing the part after assembly. Ideal to gain security and prevent the bridle from opening.

Regarding its presentation, this lot has a total of 100 high-quality metal flanges, with dimensions of 300 millimeters long and 4.6 millimeters wide in the area of ​​the strip, while its thickness is 0.3 millimeters. 

Let us know something more about a firm candidate to be the best metal flange of the moment, within its category.


Dimensions : Its dimensions are similar to those of a standard flange, making it easy to fix everything you need.

Construction : Its high-resistance stainless steel construction makes it easy for you to execute all kinds of fixings.

Lock : The safety lock prevents the flange from coming loose, locking it by means of the inner bearing.


Disassembly : Due to the ball closure, it is necessary to cut the strip to proceed with its disassembly.

Quantity : The lot includes 100 pieces, perhaps too many for those who do not require so many flanges.

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4. Aerzetix Clamps

The Aerzetix C42160 model is another of the most far-reaching solutions when it comes to large metal flanges. And it is that this accessory has a length of no less than 1 meter, so it is ideal to adequately hold pipes and larger objects effectively.

This does not affect its holding capacity, thanks to a strong, all-steel construction. Something to which a part width of 7.9 millimeters and a weight per flange of approximately 18 grams contribute. Obviously, due to its stainless nature, the flange easily withstands outdoor use, as well as different temperature variations.

As for the closure, the usual toothed system is used in all the bridles, so you will not have problems to fix the position of the closure as it suits you.

Fixing what you need in a big way is easy, thanks to proposals like these Aerzetix flanges.


Diameter: It is one of the largest options on the market, with a length of no less than one meter.

Weight: Despite its characteristics, each flange barely weighs 18 grams, not adding more load to the assembly.

Placement: The click closure system makes it easy to correctly tighten the bridle as needed.


Toothed: It is missing to have a toothed in the interior area, which reinforces the product.

Disassembly: As usual, disassembly is done by cutting the metal strip with pliers.

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metal cable ties

5. Diealles Shine Vordas Bridas Metalicas 

Metal cable ties are a good solution for outdoor installations, where plastic products eventually break down over time. A task that you can entrust to the Diealles Shine Vordas bridles.

This product features high quality 304 stainless steel construction, which is capable of supporting a good amount of weight and does not deteriorate over time. Nor will you have problems with humidity, due to the stainless nature of the material used in the manufacture.

Regarding its measurements, the strip has a length of 15 centimeters and a width of 4.6 millimeters, in line with what is expected in a similar plastic-type product. Its assembly is easy, as long as you pull the flange in the correct way, maintaining the position of the closure with solvency.

Hold everything you want comfortably with these traditional character ties, but made of resistant metal.


Dimensions : The dimensions are those of a standard plastic flange, having the same applications.

Closure : The ball closure adds extra security when fixing the position of the product.

Adjustment : The adjustment system helps you set the proper bridle pressure, depending on what you need.


Assembly : It is important to pull the flange upwards to achieve a good fit of the closure.

Cutting : The material is harder than usual, making it necessary to use specific tools to cut the flange.

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Metal flanges with screw

6. Gardena Hose Clamp

When it comes to fastening hoses and tubes, metal screw flanges are the most recommended solution. In this segment, we find the Gardena 353925 flange which, despite coming from a top-level brand, is close to being the best price-quality metal flange in our selection.

The product has an adjustable clamping diameter of 10 to 16 millimeters, the usual measurements for half-inch hose. Regarding the width of the band, this is 9 millimeters, which helps keep the hose in place without damaging it due to pressure. 

Regarding the hook, the helical thread system with double threading adds greater quality to the fastening. This is executed by means of a simple screwdriver, thus facilitating the mounting of the flange.

If you are still not sure what this option offers you, located among the cheapest, here we summarize it for you.


Helicoidal thread: This thread makes it easy to hold the hose with the optimal pressure, as you need it.

Double Threaded: Double threading better maintains tension during flange mounting and use.

Measurements: Accounts with different measurements, ranging from half an inch to 1 and a quarter inches in diameter.


Width: The band has a width of 9 millimeters, which may be too much for certain uses.

Wear: It is key to use suitable screwdrivers, so as not to over-thread the tightening screw.

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Other products

7. Natuce Metal Cable Ties

Natuce metal ties are a traditional cut option, with a length of 30 centimeters and 4.6 millimeters thickness in the band area. A standardized and quality approach, which makes it easy to fix everything you want.

Thanks to its construction in type 304 stainless steel, the product has a wide resistance to torsion. Therefore, it is capable of supporting all kinds of weights in different applications. In addition, the product is stainless, so it easily withstands the most complex conditions in terms of humidity or temperature.

For its assembly, the product includes the classic internal ball, with which to fix the position of the flange. This self-locking element adds more security to the assembly, so that nothing moves from where it should be. Ideal for holding heavy weights without having to worry about safety.

Although it is not clear which is the best brand of current metal ties, this model could well belong to it.


Load : Despite its small size, each flange is capable of supporting up to 80 kilos of weight.

Self- locking : The self-locking system adds extra security when mounting the flange.

Durability : Each piece withstands the effects of weather, fats and chemicals, as well as changes in temperature.


Cutting : To cut the remains you will need a specific tool, due to the resistance of the material.

Length : Remember that they are 30 centimeter flanges, perhaps a little long for uses of lesser scope.

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8. Hongecb 6 Inch Hose Clamps 

Sometimes, when we talk about metal flanges, it is common for us to find complete batches already designed for a certain use. This is what happens with the Hongecb flanges that we are going to analyze. A set designed to connect all kinds of hoses and tubes with ease. To do this, the material with which they are manufactured has everything necessary to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures during use.

These flanges are designed for hoses from 5.6 to 6.5 inches, between 141 and 165 millimeters. A suitable diameter for this type of use, which translates into a more efficient fastening in this type of assembly.

As an extra, the kit includes four flanges and the corresponding assembly key, which makes it much easier to leave everything well assembled comfortably, without the risk of overturning those screws.

After analyzing this product, we leave you its most outstanding information.


Wide flange: The width of the flange makes it ideal for connecting pipes, hoses and other similar elements.

Versatile: They can be used in mounts from 5.6 to 6.5 inches, between 141 and 165 millimeters.

Kit: This kit includes four cable ties and the corresponding assembly tool, to make everything easier.


Price: It is not among our cheap options, but its quality compensates, at least, that extra cost.

Fit: The fit of the key can be a bit tricky, especially if you haven’t used anything like it before.

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9. Taolele Adjustable Range Hose Clamps 

Taolele’s metal flange set is another interesting proposal for those who want to complete their toolbox. This product has a total of 70 clamps of this type, with measurements ranging from 8 to 38 millimeters. In total, 7 different sizes are included, with which it is possible to secure hoses, tubes, cables and everything you need to fix securely.

The flanges are made of quality stainless steel, which does not deteriorate prematurely and correctly withstand normal use. The adjustment is made by means of a screw system, for which a double-ended key is included, to make the process easier.

The lot is finished off with a storage box, where it is easy to have all the cable ties or clamps properly organized, by size.

Complete your toolbox with this set of metal flanges, resistant and suitable for small assemblies.


Variety: The 70 clamps include a total of 7 different sizes, depending on what your task requires.

Adjustment: The adjustable range by means of a screw facilitates the assembly and establishes the necessary pressure.

Accessories: In addition to the large number of flanges, a Z-wrench and the storage box are included, where you can keep them all well organized.


Closing: It is advisable not to force them excessively, as they tend to go back.

Maximum load: The part may not be sufficient in situations where the flange supports a high pressure or load.

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Accessories for metal flange

Metal cable tie pliers

Laser 4231 Clamp Pliers

If you frequently have to hook metal cable ties by pressure, surely you have already suffered what it means to find the right tool. Well, with the Laser 4231 metal cable tie pliers, problems disappear.

This product has curved jaws and a tilting head, which make the assembly process much easier. Just place the two ends inside the head and press down hard so that everything is assembled. 

A solution that saves you time during its handling and prevents the deterioration of the flange, giving it greater durability.

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Shopping guide

Cable ties have become an essential element in many DIY tasks. Compared to plastic, metal products have greater resistance and durability, being ideal for highly demanding jobs. If you do not know these accessories, we leave you our guide to buy the best metal flange, where you will learn what they are and how to use these efficient high-resistance metal strips.

flange type

Unlike what happens with plastic cable ties, when it comes to looking for a good and cheap metal cable tie, we have more options at our fingertips. Basically because the applications that these flanges have are different, depending on the model or type of flange that we have chosen.

This does not mean that in any comparison of metal flanges we find products similar to those made of plastic. These have the advantage of being much more resistant than plastic ones and better withstand the stress of use. Therefore, they are perfect for fastening mobile elements or subject to large torsions. They are also ideal for joining heavy elements, such as metal pieces of a certain size. Obviously, where plastic cable ties break, metal cable ties are an excellent alternative.

Another interesting option is the metal screw flanges. These are common in plumbing, in the automotive world and in any case where watertight joints are needed, such as those required in water or air hoses. The advantage of the screw is that the installation is easier and allows us to adjust the tension to what is necessary, without excesses or loss of the content of the hose during use.

Manufacturing materials

We continue to talk about important issues when it comes to buying this type of flanges. Now, we look at the manufacturing materials. In this case, the kings of the market are products made of steel, which is the most common proposal.

Let’s think that steel has the advantage of being highly malleable, which makes it easy to create the long strips that we usually find in conventional flanges. It is also a high-resistance material, capable of withstanding both the heavy loads that these flanges embrace and the stresses corresponding to pipes, hoses and other similar elements. For this reason, the mix between the malleability and the resistance of steel is ideal, compared to softer metals such as aluminium. By the way, there is not much difference in how much a product from one or another material costs.

Where there is some difference is in the finish of this type of metal. The usual thing is that any metal flange that we find in the market is made of stainless steel. This supports humidity and prevents the piece from rusting, which can end up breaking the flange before its time. The other option is the galvanized models. These also offer good protection, although not as good when it comes to fighting rain or salt water. It’s all a matter of adjusting to what you need.

Measurements and dimensions

The third aspect, once the type of metal flange and its construction material have been chosen, has to do with the measurements and dimensions. The good news is that it will not be difficult for you to find what you need, whether you have to make large joints or with hoses of considerable diameter or if they are barely a few centimeters in section. Something that is complemented by the different levels of resistance against the effort established in the union, adjustable in most of the flanges.

We have the proof in the market, where it is easy to find metal flanges with a length of one meter or more, as well as others of just 5 centimeters. In the case of conventional flanges, the thickness of the material used is usually sufficient to withstand the established tension, but without making it difficult to break it, with a suitable pliers. Something that facilitates its removal, if necessary, but also maintaining the holding capacity.

Regarding the width of the pieces, these vary according to the applications. In the case of flanges with screws and designed for hoses, it is common for these thicknesses to be greater, to better distribute the tension along the parts they hold. Something that increases the durability of the assembly, by not establishing excessive tension in a small area of ​​the different elements joined together. Again, the options to choose from are considerable and adjustable to all types of specific assemblies.

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