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Milling machine – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022


Carrying out small wood carving, drilling and decoration tasks is easy as long as we have a quality milling machine. A product that must have adequate power for what we need, as well as the functions that our jobs require. These tasks can be entrusted to products such as the Topqsc CNC 3018 Pro milling machine. This CNC automated model offers a 3-axis milling system, with a spindle capable of turning at 10,000 rpm. This allows working on wood, soft metals and plastics compatible with this system. If you prefer something more traditional, you can count on the Einhell TC-RO 1155 E model, with 1,100 watts of power, seven milling levels and two large holding handles.

The best milling machines on the market


When it comes to carving wood and other materials, making decorative adjustments or creating furniture, the router is a great help. But there are as many existing options as the functions that these products develop. For this reason, it is key to dive among the best milling machines of 2022, to find the one that suits us best. Because searching among the cheapest and simplest options is not the same as resorting to the best we can find, whose cost will generally be higher. Anyway, in our selection we have them all, to make it easier to find the best milling machine you need for your work.

CNC milling machine

Topqsc CNC 3018 Pro

The CNC milling machine is the most interesting tool when it comes to complex work, since the product takes care of everything. A task for which you can use models such as the Topqsc CNC 3018 Pro milling machine. 

This product offers you a fully automated system, so all you have to do is upload the plans of what you want the cutter to carve and let the machine take care of making your project a reality. For this, the product has a work area 30 centimeters wide by 18.5 deep and 4.5 thick, where we can load wood, but also metals or plastics compatible with milling.  

And it is that its head rotates at about 10,000 rpm, so the plastics that melt with the heat may not withstand the process. For the rest, the model also has a very simple assembly, which only takes 20 minutes. Ideal to work at the moment and without complications.

Discover the comfort of CNC milling machines with this complete model offered by Topqsc.


Space: The work area is 30 centimeters wide, 18.5 deep and 4.5 thick.

Upload: Uploading files is very easy and compatible with almost any operating system.

Assembly: The simplicity of the model requires only about 20 minutes to assemble the equipment.

Materials: This product can be used with different materials, such as wood, metals or plastics.

Chassis: The chassis has a high resistance, so that it lasts longer in good condition.


Laser: Although the model is compatible with laser milling, you must purchase the corresponding module separately.

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wood milling machine

Einhell TC-RO 1155 E

The Einhell TC-RO 1155 E wood milling machine is a traditional cutting model with many options to perform various jobs. Among its features, the milling machine offers a 1,100-watt motor and an electronic control system, so that the turning speed is automatically adjusted to what you need. The model also has two sizes of cutter, 6 and 8 millimeters, being able to use the drill or cutter that suits you best at all times. 

As befits the best brand of milling machines, for much of the market, the product is also comfortable to use, as it has two large rubberized handles, as well as a support system and guides that facilitate the movement of the product on the material. It is finished off with the air intake, necessary to suck up the dust during work and which gives it even more comfort.

If you are not sure which milling machine to buy, we will give you some additional details about this model.


Power : Its 1,100 watts of power adjusts automatically, depending on what the material and the job require.

Double clamp : Includes 6 and 8 millimeter clamps, for greater comfort

Suction : It also includes an adapter for the dust suction system.

Guides : The guides orient the router efficiently and comfortably during use.


Resistance: Some user comments that the resistance of the product can be improved, especially in demanding jobs. 

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Makita milling machine

Makita RT0700CX2J

The Makita RT0700CX2J milling machine is another of those products that deserve our attention. We are talking about a vertical milling machine equipped with a 710-watt cutting motor. Something that allows access to depths from 0 to 40 millimeters with a milling depth of 0 to 35 millimeters and a turning speed of 10,000 to 30,000 rpm, including an electronic management system that adjusts the turning to what the job requires. 

All this in a versatile design, which allows it to be used as an edge or angle milling machine, as well as for all kinds of jobs. Something that also helps that it is compatible with 6 and 8 millimeter strawberries, as needed. This model also has adequate comfort, since its weight in service is quite light, about 1.8 kilos. It is finished off with the usual accessories, which simplify the most common tasks. 


Versatile: It has a wide variety of milling options, both for speed and for rotation or depth.

Control : The electronic control system adjusts the rotation to what is necessary at each moment.

Accessories : It is accompanied by different accessories, adaptable to the most common jobs.


Accessories: Despite its price, some accessories such as the ¼ adjuster must be purchased separately.

Cable : The electric cable is long and heavy, which partially penalizes the mobility of the device.

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table milling machine

Proxxon 227050

The Proxxon 227050 table router is a product designed to mill and polish all types of profiles, giving them the design that suits you best. To do this, this model has a power of 100 watts and a rotation level of 25,000 revolutions per minute, therefore suitable for the demands of this type of task. As much as to work on pieces of up to 30 x 15 centimeters, which is the measurement of the table of this model, although obviously these can protrude in width or length. 

This model has adequate comfort, both through the balanced design of the table and details such as the adapter for dust, compatible with any domestic vacuum cleaner. It is accompanied by three hard metal blades as well as the corresponding key to proceed with their assembly.

Carve and polish comfortably with this simple yet efficient tabletop router.


Comfort: The design of the table and its shape make the process of working any piece easier.

Speed : The milling machine can rotate at speeds of up to 30,000 revolutions per minute.

Suction : Includes a suction system, compatible with any domestic vacuum cleaner on the market.


Power: Although its power is adequate for its main use, it lacks a little more strength.

Speed ​​adjustment: Does not include speed adjustment, so that the cutter always rotates at its maximum.

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manual milling machine

Wolfcraft 3001000

It is an accessory capable of converting the drill into a manual milling machine, which is why it is specially designed to make slots, mortises and profiles. In this sense, it works with an 8 mm diameter stem and incorporates a clamp to install it easily and quickly. However, it is worth mentioning the importance of making all settings carefully before turning on the device and wearing gloves to prevent accidents.

Includes a stop to position the workpiece. In addition, it has a small handle to hold the router, with the aim of offering greater precision to generate cleaner cuts.

In this case, it incorporates a 35 mm diameter groove cutter with a 2.5 mm working height. On the other hand, it is good to know that it supports a maximum rotation speed of 5,000 rpm, so it is compatible with most modern drills.

This could be the best value for money milling machine as it is one of the cheapest options in this selection and offers a number of interesting benefits. Let’s take a closer look at its main features.


Practicality: It is a small and light device that does not take up much space and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Milling cutter: It has a 2.5 mm slotting milling cutter and an 8 mm diameter shank for mortises and profiles. 

Precision: Thanks to the stop to position the piece and the clamping handle, this device allows small cuts to be made with great precision. 


Accessory: This model works as an accessory, so you need a drill to use it.

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Bosch milling machine

Bosch POF 1400 ACE

Within the wide range of this manufacturer we have chosen the Bosch POF 1400 ACE milling machine as representative of the brand. A model from the most professional line of the brand, which offers us an operating power of 1,400 watts and a wide variety of settings to work better. Among them we have the speed adjustment system, which modifies it electronically according to what is necessary. It also features high-precision depth adjustment for better results. 

As a Bosch product, it includes elements that make its use comfortable, such as the locking system for changing the spindle or the suction socket, to work without dust in suspension. It also includes control guides as well as two quality grips, to move it without problems and achieve greater precision in the work to be done.

If you prefer a model from a well-known brand, this Bosch milling machine is a good proposition.


Power : Its 1,400 watts of power make it suitable for all types of work

Comfort : Includes all kinds of elements, to give you greater comfort.

Adjustment : Allows one of the most exact adjustments on the market, with a precision of 1/10 mm.


Boot : Soft boot may take longer than desired to achieve proper speed.

Trigger : The trigger is somewhat hard and must always be pressed for safety reasons.

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lathe milling machine

7×12 cueffer

For those looking for a lathe milling machine, the Cueffer 7×12 model is our proposal. This horizontal milling machine allows work to be carried out on bars of different materials, using the rotary lathe included in the machine. A lathe that rotates at adjustable speeds from 50 to 25,000 rpm, including the classic autonomous electronic control system. 

The product is moved by a 600-watt motor, which gives it the necessary power to obtain quality cuts and adjustments. This allows the machine to be used for milling, drilling, tapping and many other tasks, providing the bar of the adjustment systems to control the process and keep the materials in place. Materials that can be up to 30 centimeters long and over 18 centimeters in diameter, giving the product more versatility.

So that you are clear about everything that this product offers you, we give you some more details about its characteristics.


Resistance : The product has a remarkable resistance, supporting all kinds of uses without problems.

Electronic Control: Electronic control adjusts spin at speeds from 50 to 25,000 rpm as needed.

Work area: The wide support area allows you to work with materials 30 centimeters long by 18 centimeters in diameter, approximately.


Lubrication : Some user recommends checking the lubrication, due to the type of oil used in it.

Management : Due to its characteristics, it is key to understand its operation to obtain quality results.

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Virutex milling machine

Virutex FR292R

The Virutex FR292R router is everything you need to easily create perfect edges. This edge milling machine has a power of 750 watts, along with a maximum cutter diameter of 25 millimeters, which allows you to work even on larger jobs without complications. Something that helps its adjustable design, with which it is easy to obtain a correct support on the piece during the work. 

The product has a variable speed, which goes from 14,000 to 30,000 revolutions, depending on what is necessary. And since its weight is not high either, around 2.2 kilos, it is a simple product to move and adjust. To top it off, the product is accompanied by a straight cutter for profiling and another for grooving, being able to find all the accessories you need on the market, due to its universal nature.

Keep your edges safe with this versatile and quality router.


Design: The design makes it easier to mill all types of materials, with good support and displacement.

Power : The power of the product is 750 watts, with adjustable speeds from 14,000 to 30,000 revolutions.

Angle Adjustment: The angle adjustment is easy to set to prevent unintended movement.


Activation trigger: The position of the activation trigger is not entirely comfortable, being in full grip.

Starting : As with other models, the electronic starter needs a few seconds to get up to speed.

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Dremel router

Dremel 4300

The Dremel 4300 mini router is a classic tool for those looking for small solutions when it comes to routing. A segment in which a Dremel milling machine is a peace of mind, due to its power and work capacity. This specific model has a power of 175 watts, more than enough for the work that we are going to do with it. It also has a wide manageability, thanks to its control system, its ergonomic command and the help of its LED light, with which to clearly see the area in which we are working. 

As usual, the model is accompanied by a wide range of accessories, 45 in particular, so that you do not miss anything when it comes to carrying out all kinds of milling, drilling or polishing work. And so that you have everything organized and in its place, the product is accompanied by a briefcase, where each piece has its space.

To know which is the best milling machine, it is key to have all the information about it, as we are going to do now with this Dremel model.


Power: Its 175 watts of power allow you to work on any surface efficiently.

Comfort : Includes LED light, a light weight and a comfortable grip, to work more efficiently.

Accessories : The product is accompanied by 45 different accessories, suitable for all types of work.


Protector: The product does not include protective plastic against projections, which must be purchased separately.

Durability : The durability of wear accessories, such as discs and the like, can be improved.

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Accessories for milling machine

router bit

Flintronic Forstner

When it comes to searching for a router bit, it always pays to have plenty to choose from. Something for which the Flintronic Forstner kit is a great help. This set has a total of 17 different milling cutters and drill bits, variable both in the diameter of the milling and in their shape, allowing diameters from 15 to 40 millimeters to be achieved, as long as your machine supports it. 

These bits have high impact resistance as well as good toughness for cleaner results. A task in which the strawberry also helps, by better eliminating the waste generated during the process.

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Guide to buying milling machines

The router is a basic piece when doing carpentry work. It does not matter if we want to make holes and countersink boards for the assembly of furniture or if we want to create decorative elements. In both tasks, the milling machine is of great help. But since there are many models to choose from, as we can see in any comparison of milling machines that falls into our hands, it is worth knowing that we have to ask a good and economical milling machine.

Shopping guide

operating power

It is already common that when talking about power tools, the first section of our advice is power. And in this guide to buying the best milling machine this was not going to be an exception, as an electric tool that it is.

The power of the milling machine is the element that will tell us what we can do with the product. The greater this power, the greater the speed of rotation that the milling cutters will be able to reach, the greater the depth at which we will be able to work with the product and also the greater the variety of materials on which we will be able to work. A powerful milling machine is even capable of working with metals, as long as it uses the right milling cutters and a lubricant that serves to cool the assembly.

As a reference, if what we are looking for is a cheap milling machine, we can start with powers of around 500 watts. It is not recommended to go much further than here, unless we are completely sure that our projects are going to be simple, such as those that require only a mini-mill. The second group is that of milling machines from 500 to 1,000 watts, the most common and versatile. And if we already need the best of the best, it is time to make the leap to models with 1,000 watts or more, which allow us to work at higher speeds and depths, as we have mentioned before.

Versatility of the cut

As the cutting tool that it is, the milling machine has operating parameters that should be known, in terms of the type of milling cutters it supports. These strawberries can be of various diameters, the most common being 6 millimeters, ideal for fine work and little “aggressive”. We also have 8-millimeter milling cutters, with which to drill and perform more intensive tasks. Some models are dual, so that they support both types of milling cutters, giving more room when working.

Another aspect of the cut to assess is its depth. In this case we also have several options, which depend on the power and performance of the machine. Let’s think that the deeper we have to mill, the greater the amount of power that the machine must have to be able to work on the material. Also check this aspect before making your purchase.

Finally, we have to talk about the speed of turning or milling. At the end of the day, the router is nothing more than a tool that rotates a router bit, so the speed of rotation is important. It is key that the speed is adjustable, since not all materials need the same speed or have the same hardness. Check the turning parameters and the adjustment system and check that they adapt to what you need.

comfort of use

The last aspect that we are going to talk about is the comfort of using the product. Something that does not usually have much influence on how much the milling machine costs but is key so that the use of the product does not pose a problem. A fundamental aspect if we take into account that the milling machine is a manual tool whose results depend, to a large extent, on the pulse of the operator.

Therefore, it is key that the router has a comfortable and efficient grip design. This design is what allows the machine to be guided over the wood when working, so the easier the system, the more comfortable we will work and the better results we will obtain. A process in which the guides of the milling machine also help, which facilitate movement in a straight line and which should be looked for in any product that we intend to buy.

Lastly, check the weight of the product. Although we have these guides and other aids when working, we will still have to move weight, so if the milling machine is lighter, everything is easier. The same happens if the milling machine has elements that make this use easier, such as dust extraction inlets or protective covers, which prevent chips from being thrown out during milling.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a milling machine?

The use of the milling machine is simple in its approach but more complex in its execution. In principle, it is enough to place the operating milling machine on the material to empty it, although this process must be done with care and great tact, in order to achieve the desired shapes. For this reason, we must also use the appropriate cutter for the work that we are going to carry out and verify that it is properly secured. Finally, it is convenient to start with low speeds until you see that everything is going well and increase it as necessary.


Q2: How to make a router table?

The tables for milling machines are the perfect complement to provide greater comfort and safety at work while using the product. These tables can be created on a conventional workshop table or on one made by us, with the measurements corresponding to our height and specific preferences. Once the table is available, it will be necessary to look for a lifting system for the milling machine, which can range from a specific support to other more “exotic” elements such as a car jack. It is key that this element is as tight as possible, when it comes to giving us the greatest comfort when working. We will finish the design with the elements that we need at the top, such as guides or supports for the different elements that we use.


Q3: How to make a homemade milling machine?

Due to its characteristics, it is possible to create a homemade milling machine using a drill, an adapter on which to mount the milling cutters and the corresponding support. In fact, it is easy to find drill stands on the market with which to carry out this type of work. Once we are clear about what we need, it will not be necessary to do more than find a suitable table, or build a custom one, in which we will assemble the different elements, ensuring that the drill is safe and firm but that we can also disassemble it, to when it is necessary to carry out other types of work with it or when we have to charge it, if it is battery-powered.

Q4: What is a CNC milling machine?

A CNC milling machine is an improved version of conventional milling machines, designed for high-precision work. The numerical control system included in this type of device makes it easy to achieve more efficient results as well as trace complex shapes that, in the manual use of a milling machine, would not be possible to obtain. All this in addition to the extra precision offered by this type of model, avoiding the usual errors in manual milling. Obviously, these models are not exactly cheap, so their use is reserved for the most professional segment.

Q5: What can be done with a milling machine?

The milling machine is a cutting tool with which we can carve all kinds of materials as well as create cavities at different depths on them. So the options we have with this product are considerable. To give you some clues, with a milling machine we can hollow out wood to create decorative shapes, we can work on metals when making complex constructions, we can drill holes in these materials, or even finish off the edges and edges with the shape that we like the most, as long as we have the pulse and the necessary ability to do so.

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HomdMarket CNC DIY 3018 Pro

La fresadora CNC se ha convertido en la mejor solución para todo tipo de trabajos de fresado controlados por ordenador. Una labor destinada a los usuarios de mayor nivel pero que también esta accesible al sector más doméstico con modelos como la fresadora HomdMarket CNC DIY 3018 Pro. Este modelo, quizá la mejor fresadora del momento, tiene una capacidad de trabajo que permite fresar madera, acrílico e incluso aluminio ligero, para lo que el producto dispone de un sistema de tres ejes y configuración sin necesidad de PC, con la que es fácil completar cualquier trabajo.

Un producto con una capacidad de trabajo de 33 centímetros de largo por 40 de ancho y 24 de altura, dando una buena polivalencia en lo que a materiales y dimensiones se refiere. Se remata con un motor capaz de girar a 10.000 revoluciones por minuto y que incluye también las fresas necesarias para empezar a trabajar.

Sepamos algunos detalles más de esta máquina fresadora y lo que puede hacer por tus trabajos.


Automatizada: Esta fresadora se encarga de hacerlo todo por ti, logrando mejores resultados en menos tiempo.

Zona de trabajo: La zona de trabajo es muy amplia y simplifica trabajar con piezas grandes.

Giro: El husillo puede girar a 10.000 rpm, dependiendo del material sobre el que se utilice.

Gestión fuera de línea: La máquina puede cargar planos y trabajos sin necesidad de estar conectada a un PC.

Polivalente: Trabaja con todo tipo de materiales como madera, plástico, acrílico o incluso aluminio ligero.


Control: Es necesario tener ciertos conocimientos para programar su funcionamiento y lograr los resultados deseados.

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