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Chalk Paint – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Chalk paints are a very popular pigment, whose water-based composition is convenient for people who bet on this type of product. Something that makes it easy to dilute and mix them easily. In addition, they are ideal for creating different effects and textures on various surfaces. As an example, with the Chalkie 1000493 kit you will have six beautiful colors in pastel tones with a vintage and very interesting touch to finish off any job. Similarly, with mustard-colored Rust Oleum 4080203, you will achieve great coverage on different surfaces, including textiles.

The 9 Best Chalk Paints – Opinions 2022

Chalk paint is a product in great demand on the market, so there are many brands and ranges of colors. Therefore, when selecting a pigment of this type, we must review several options, such as those in this list of recommended products, made up of nine chalk paints rated among the best this year.

colored chalk paint

1. Chalky Chalk Color Set Of 6 

If what you need is colored chalk paint, you are interested in knowing the Chalkie lot 1000493. This contains six different pots, with as many colors of paint. This is manufactured with a high percentage of chalk and materials designed to generate a good finish.

The result is that, with this product, it is easy to give a nice pastel touch and an interesting finish to any job that requires it, just as you would with the best chalk paint of the moment. Its beautiful tones are perfect for such a task, even having a certain vintage-type finish.

Another advantage of this product, worthy of being the best current chalk paint, is that it is suitable for being applied to all types of materials. So, if you have to paint wood, metal, walls, ceramics or canvas, you can do it without problems.

Unleash your creativity with this premium chalk paint.


Concentration : The high amount of chalk generates better results during painting.

Resistance : The formula of the paint generates a high resistance of the work done.

Matte : The matte finish gives an extra elegance to its pretty pastel shades.

Variety : The lot has six beautiful colors, which you can use alone or combined.

Versatile : This paint is suitable for use on almost any type of surface.


Quantity: Each bottle barely contains 80 milliliters, so it is not the most suitable option for very large jobs.

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2. Macy’s Interior Paint Dusty Chalk Effect Finish

It is a colored chalk paint that can give a powdery effect similar to what chalk leaves after being used on a blackboard or wall. Therefore, it provides a less shiny finish which is very interesting.

In this sense, it is suitable for painting on multiple surfaces, mainly furniture and objects made of wood, since the paint can adhere more easily to this type of material. However, if you want more protection, it is advisable to apply a final coat of varnish or wax that has the same chalk effect so as not to affect the finish.

As for the presentation, it has a capacity of 375 ml that offers a coverage of 3 to 4.8 m², enough to paint several pieces of furniture with a single bottle. Likewise, you can get it in presentations of 300 and 750 ml so that you acquire the necessary amount.

This is one of the cheapest paints on the list. However, it is appropriate that you know in more detail its most outstanding positive and negative aspects before making a decision.


Finish: Offers a chalky matte finish that provides great appeal on a variety of surfaces.

Drying: Allows repainting in just 4 hours after the first layer, which favors practicality.

Colors: There is a wide variety of colors to choose from, including white, blue, pink, mint, blackberry, aqua, curry, among others.


Storage: The remaining paint in the can could dry out quickly if it is not well covered, so it is advisable to pour only the amount to be used into a separate container.

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Chalk Effect Paint

3. Rust Oleum 4080203 Paint 750ml

This product has managed to stand out among the best chalk paints of 2022 thanks to its high level of coverage, which will allow you to apply a single layer on the surface and obtain a high-quality matte finish.

On the other hand, it is a paint with a chalk effect that is easy to apply by brush or spray. It dries quickly and can be applied to any surface without having to prepare it beforehand, sanding or priming it, as is the case with other pigments. 

In addition, with this water-based composition product, you will not have to worry about generating allergies or intoxications, since it is lead-free and, in addition, does not have any type of aroma.

Finally, we have its container with a wide mouth and a metal lid with a pressure closure, designed in this way to prevent the passage of air and subsequent deterioration of the pigment.

For many, this product could answer which is the best chalk paint. Here are its pros and cons.


Coverage: You will not have to spend long periods of time applying several layers of paint, due to the high level of coverage of the pigment.

Lid: The metal lid with pressure closure prevents spills and air from entering the interior.

Aroma: This is a pigment without aroma, ideal for people who suffer from allergies.

Water-based: Due to its water-based composition, the product is lead-free, making it safe to use.


Quality: After its application, you must be careful not to expose the object to moisture, so as not to deteriorate the finish.

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white chalk paint

4. Amelie Prager 1000 01 Water paint 

If you need a high-coverage pigment, but you don’t know which chalk paint to buy, you might be interested in this one-liter presentation patented by Amelie Prager, suitable for those who carry out DIY work, renovations and touch-ups on furniture or any other object. 

The product offers an attractive matte finish, which can be used for aging techniques on wood, with the help of sandpaper or in combination with other pigments. In addition, this white chalk paint has a great fixing power, so you will not have to worry about its detachment due to the passage of time. 

This is a pigment whose water-based composition is free of lead, so we can say that it is a non-toxic paint that is safe to use. In addition, it is fast drying and its coverage in square meters corresponds to approximately 10 meters.

Amelie Prager is for many the best brand of chalk paints. Get to know the details of one of its star products, below.


Coverage: You will not have to apply several layers, since the pigment has a high level of coverage.

Drying: Because it is a fast-drying pigment, you will not have to let the object sit for long periods of time.

Grip: Due to the built-in handle you can easily transport the boat.

Finish: You can perform the wood aging technique thanks to the matte finish of the pigment.


Packaging: The bottle is made of plastic, so you must be careful when handling it.

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chalk paint for doors

5. Jovira Water Chalk Paint Chalk Effect Paint

The manufacturer Jovira presents this matt white chalk paint for doors, which has managed to position itself among the main places on purchase lists, due to its high level of coverage and ease of use on almost any surface.

This is an ideal pigment for DIY lovers or for those who do craft work, as it can be combined with other shades from the same range. In this way, a wide color palette can be achieved, as well as creating highly attractive effects such as aging on wood.

In addition, this pigment offers an easy cleaning method, since it has a water-based formula, so, when you finish applying it to the surfaces with a paint brush or spray gun, you can wash these tools directly under the tap. Thus, all residues will disappear without having to use abrasive products.

Here, the details of a white chalk paint with a presentation of 750 milliliters.


Water-based: This is a water-based and lead-free product, so it is safe to use.

Coverage: You will only need one pass to cover the surface, so you will save product and application time.

Mixable: From this pigment you can create new shades, because it can be mixed with other paints.

Durability: If you keep the bottle well sealed, you can keep the pigment for up to a year, so you can make new remodeling.


Aroma: Its aroma could be strong for some people, but with the passing of days it disappears.

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Chalk paint for furniture

6. Quijote Paper World Chalk Paint Chalk Paint

This is a presentation of 120 milliliters of dark blue pigment, belonging to the wide range of 36 colors from Quijote Paper World, an option to renew your furniture or any object made of wood, glass, plastic, metal, among other surfaces.

This is a water-based chalk paint for furniture that you can easily apply, as it is suitable to be used with the help of a roller, brush or, if you wish, with a spray gun. In addition, it offers good coverage, fast drying and a highly attractive matte finish with a soft touch.

Regarding the packaging of this product, you will be interested to know that it is a small glass bottle with a wide mouth and a metal lid, which fits under pressure and provides a completely hermetic closure method. This way, you won’t have to worry about the pigment deteriorating from contact with the air.

To make a successful purchase, you should review the good and bad of this pigment.


Adhesion: Its high level of adhesion allows it to be applied on any metal, synthetic, glass or wood surface.

Lid: You will be able to preserve the good condition of the pigment for a long time, because its hermetic lid prevents the passage of air.

Range: The pigment is available in 36 colors, so there will be no limits to choose the tone you want.

Application: Applying the paint will not be a problem, as it is suitable for sanded or unprepared wood.


Coverage: You may eventually need to apply two coats to achieve full coverage on very dark surfaces.

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Chalk Effect Furniture Paint

7. Adoral Painting Chalk Paint to Chalk Decoration

This is a presentation of 750 milliliters of water-based pigment with easy application and fast drying, which could be of interest to those who plan to buy high-quality chalk paint.

It is an antique white chalk effect furniture paint with an attractive matte finish, which can be applied on any type of wood and metal, offering a high level of coverage with just one pass of the brush or roller on the surface. surface. Its touch is soft and it adheres very easily, that is, the pigmentation will not come off with constant contact and the passage of time. 

For its part, the bottle has a spacious mouth, so that you can easily pour the amount of product necessary for each task into a container, while its pressure-sealed lid prevents the passage of air and, therefore, protects the pigment from damage. the dryness

This painting has positive and negative aspects that might interest you, so we summarize them below.


Lid: The lid fits under pressure, so it offers an airtight seal that prevents the passage of air.

Bottle: Its wide mouth allows you to easily extract the necessary amount of pigment for your tasks.

Storage: After using the required amount of paint, you can keep the remaining product for up to two years without drying out.

Adhesion: This product does not come off easily on contact, due to its high level of adhesion.


Layers: When applying the paint on certain types of materials, it may be necessary to apply two or three layers to achieve a better finish.

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Chalk spray paint

8. Rust Oleum Chalk Effect Spray Chalk Paint Xylazel 801

With this fast-drying chalk spray paint, patented by Rust Oleum, you can easily renew any metal, stone or wood manufacturing surface, giving it an attractive matte finish with a white velvety touch.

Said pigment has been marketed in a presentation of 400 milliliters, which, according to the manufacturer, is an adequate amount to paint an average of 200 square meters. This performance is due to the fact that the product has a high level of coverage with just one pass. In addition, the paint adheres completely, so you will not have to worry about its detachment on contact and subsequent retouching of the surface.

On the other hand, we have its cylindrical-shaped metal container, which is resistant to impacts and offers an ergonomic grip, while the spray cap provides safe, easy handling and a high-pressure shot for the pigment to come out.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring this spray chalk paint, summarized below.


Spray: The spray device built into the lid is easy to handle and its shot provides great precision.

Application: This paint is suitable to be applied directly without sanding, so you will not have to spend time preparing the surface.

Drying: You will not have to wait long periods of time, since the paint dries in an hour.

Presentation: This presentation can cover approximately 200 square meters, so you can use it in several projects.


Yield: As it is a spray paint, it is possible that you waste small amounts of product in each shot.

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Chalk painting La Pajarita

9. The Bow Tie 104737 Paint 175 ml

Considered by many to be the best quality-price chalk paint, we will find this 175-milliliter presentation, patented by La Pajarita, among the first places on the purchase lists.

It is a pigment that you can buy in various shades, contained in a small glass bottle with a metal cap, which you can adjust and release under pressure. In this way, you will prevent the passage of air into the interior so that the paint does not harden. Plus, you won’t have to worry about spills, should the product unexpectedly tip over.

With this La Pajarita chalk paint you will achieve a pleasant matte effect, ideal for aging techniques on your furniture. In the same way, the product offers a fairly intense coverage, since a single pass over the surface will suffice and the pigments adhere completely. Thus, you will not have to worry about the loss of color.

Among the cheapest chalk paints, this presentation stands out, whose pros and cons you will learn about below.


Coverage: Its high level of pigmentation offers complete coverage with just one pass.

Application: You will not have to sand or prepare the surface, since it can be applied directly .

Effect: Thanks to its instant matte effect with a soft touch, you can develop various painting techniques on your furniture. 

Lid: Its metal lid with pressure closure prevents the passage of air and spills.


Lumps: You may get some lumps when you uncap the bottle, but you can dissolve them by stirring the pigment with a palette.

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Chalk painting accessories

Chalk paint varnish

Amarto SL Chalk Varnish 375ml Satin Finish

Among the accessories for chalk painting we have this varnish patented by Amarto SL, which has achieved multiple positive comments on the web due to its high level of quality, since, once applied to the surface, it creates a very hard protective film.

It is a presentation of 375 milliliters of varnish for easy-to-apply chalk paint, wide coverage and an average drying time of two hours.

Its body is colorless and dense. In addition, it provides a satin finish, without altering the natural tone of the wood or the intensity of the pigment on the surface.

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Shopping guide

The variety of pigments is usually extensive and, among them, are chalk paints, which are products that are easy to handle due to their water-based composition. In this sense, we speak of soluble and combinable colors, which are usually safe to use, thanks to the fact that they do not incorporate lead or other contaminating agents. In any case, we must verify a series of quality indicators to acquire a durable pigment. Here is a guide to buying the best chalk paint.


The coverage of the chalk paint to acquire is something that we cannot let go unnoticed, since it influences many aspects that could play for or against the final result.

For example, if the selected product has low coverage, we will be forced to apply more than one layer, which translates into a higher paint cost. In the same way, the working time is increased, since we will have to let the first layer dry to continue with the second and so on. In this sense, the ideal is to opt for a paint that is not only good and economical, but also covers with just one pass.


Chalk paints are usually applied like any other paint, that is, with the help of a brush, roller or spray gun. However, when purchasing this type of pigment, it is important to consider that, depending on the manufacturer’s brand, the composition of the paint may require previously prepared surfaces in order to penetrate and adhere correctly. In this sense, it will not matter how much the product costs, since this specification can be present in a high or low cost chalk paint.

Thus, when reviewing the specifications for use of the main brands of chalk paints, you will find that to apply some of them on wood you will need to sand the surface, in order to eliminate the previous enamel, roughness, imperfections and finally create porosity. Likewise, the application of a previous paint base could be required, on which the chalk pigment can be correctly fixed, this being more frequent in metallic areas.

Similarly, there are products whose application is simpler, since it is done directly on the furniture or object. You just have to clean this structure with alcohol, to neutralize the grease and remove dirt.

Packaging and handling

The container of a pigment is an aspect of interest for anyone who plans to acquire a product of this type, since its conservation after opening will depend on it. In this sense, making a comparison of chalk paints is a very successful option, which will allow us to delve into said detail.

When reviewing the different presentations of chalk paints, we will find that some of them have been packaged in large plastic bottles, while many others are presented for sale in glass jars. Similarly, there are spray enamels, whose container is metallic.

In any case, the important thing is that you make sure that the container in which the chalk paint has been poured has been made of resistant materials. Thus, in the event of an unexpected impact on the ground, the paint will remain protected. In addition, check that the containers are free of toxic agents that can be released and end up contaminating the pigment and, subsequently, the environment.

On the other hand, there is the issue of handling the container, so you should check that you can hold it easily. For example, in large bottles it is recommended that they incorporate an upper handle, while glass or spray presentations must have a body that adapts to the anatomy of your hand.


Although many people do not consider it important to verify the cover provided for the selected chalk paint, this is an aspect of great relevance. Remember that thanks to the lid, the passage of air inside is prevented, so that, after using the pigment, we can keep the remaining product for a long time, without fear of it drying out. Likewise, we prevent spills after an unexpected overturn when transporting or storing the product.

For these couple of reasons, we must be sure that the lid offers a tight seal, preferably by means of a press-fit method. In addition, it is necessary that the opening be quick and simple for greater practicality.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use chalk paint?

To use your chalk paint, the first thing you should do is read the instructions for use given by the manufacturer. Thus, you will know what type of materials it is suitable for, the drying time, coverage and if prior surface preparation is required.

Then, you must pour the amount of paint to be used into a container and then start applying it with the help of a roller, brush or spray gun. Let it dry and, if you wish, apply a second layer.

Remember to cover the paint can so that no air enters the interior and place it in a cool place. This will prevent the pigment body from gaining density or drying out completely.

Q2: How to paint a lacquered piece of furniture with chalk paint?

Before painting your lacquered furniture, you should check the instructions given on the bottle of the product to be applied, since many times the pigments with a chalk composition require a previously prepared surface. In other words, the object must be sanded to remove the previous varnish or treated with a base enamel, which you will have to apply evenly. 

Similarly, other brands of chalk paint can be used on any surface directly. In any case, the recommendation is to clean the area to be pigmented with a cloth and alcohol to remove grease and dirt. Thus, you can apply the paint to the chalk in complete safety.

Q3: How to age a piece of furniture with chalk paint?

To age a piece of furniture with chalk paint, the first thing you should do is sand the surface to remove all imperfections or uneven traces of paint. Then, clean the residue with a cloth and alcohol. Thus, you can immediately apply the selected pigment, with the help of a brush or roller, as you prefer.

You should let the enamel dry and, meanwhile, mix equal parts of the pigment with water in a container. This way you can apply a second coat over the surface, trying to follow the grain of the wood. Also, you will need to take a damp sponge and rub it gently before the paint dries completely, to create the desired weathered effect.

Q4: How to apply wax on chalk paint?

If you want to give a better finish to the painted furniture or object, you will have to take a soft cloth and apply the wax evenly. Then, let stand for at least 15 minutes or until the product dries. Thus, you can carry out the polishing process, vigorously rubbing the surface with a brush and even with another cloth. The objective is to remove excess wax and obtain a shiny appearance with a soft touch.

Q5: How to do chalk painting?

Making chalk paint is a fairly simple task that requires a few minutes and some elements such as a container, spoon or palette, water, chalk and acrylic paint.

To start the preparation, you will only need to completely pulverize the chalks and pour hot water over said powder. Then, integrate both ingredients well until you get a homogeneous paste. Thus, you can proceed to pour the mixture into the acrylic paint pot and, again, you must shake the preparation well to start using it.

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