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Hammer drill – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

If at any time you have had the need to open a hole in a very hard material such as concrete or metal, but your conventional drill could not do it, you will surely know that the indicated tool to use in this type of work is a hammer drill such as the well-known Stanley FATMAX FMC627D2SA-QW that stands out for its autonomy thanks to its two rechargeable lithium batteries. In addition, it has a 2-speed motor of 450 or 1,800 rpm. If you are looking for a cheaper hammer drill that works with a power of 550 watts, we recommend looking at the Bosch EasyImpact 550.

The best hammer drills on the market

To choose the best hammer drill on this list, it is important that you take into account each of its main features and functions, in addition, you need to know how much you are willing to pay for the equipment. 

Battery hammer drill


This model is considered the best hammer drill by many users, since it provides freedom of movement when working thanks to the autonomy provided by the two 2 Ah Lithium batteries. This battery-powered hammer drill includes a comprehensive 50-piece set that will allow you to tackle almost any drilling or nut-setting job.

This drill is considered one of the best hammer drills of 2022 due to its powerful 2-speed motor of 450 and 1,800 rpm, so it can be useful in masonry, metal or wood.

Thanks to its percussive action of 30,600 ipm, it will allow you to work comfortably with almost any material. In addition, it has a 13 mm chuck and 12 adjustment positions, which is why it is considered the best battery hammer drill.

If you don’t know which is the best hammer drill, you need to look at the positive and negative characteristics of each of the models, so that you can make a choice according to your needs. 


Brushless : This model has a new technology called brushless that allows it to deliver greater autonomy and performance.

Motor: It is equipped with a 2-speed motor that allows you to choose between 450 and 1,800 rpm.

Compact : This model has compact dimensions of 33 x 28.5 x 15 cm, making it a comfortable tool to maneuver.

Autonomous : It is an autonomous drill thanks to the use of its two 2 Ah Lithium Ion batteries.


Weight : It is a slightly heavier tool than other models because the battery represents a considerable extra weight.

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Bosch hammer drill

Bosch Easyimpact 550

This Bosch hammer drill stands out for providing great power at a totally affordable price, which is why many users affirm that it is the best price-quality hammer drill on this complete list as it is among the cheapest models.

This model works with a power of 550 W and 230 volts. In addition, thanks to the length of the cable, you can move up to two and a half meters away from the power outlet. Hard materials will not hold up against this tool as it has an impact rate or ipm of 33,000 cps/min.

On the other hand, it is a light and very ergonomic piece of equipment that, thanks to its dimensions of 27.2 x 6.8 x 22.1 cm and an approximate weight of 1.5 kg, you will be able to hold it for a longer period of time without feeling fatigue. in the arms.

Before making your choice, it is important that you consider both your budget and the main characteristics of each model, so that you can choose the best hammer drill.


Power : The motor of this tool works with a power of up to 550 watts, making it a solution for drilling work at home.

Weight : Thanks to its reduced weight of 1.5 kilograms, you will be able to hold this tool for much longer without getting tired.

Ergonomic : It has a totally ergonomic design thanks to its grip surface, which is very soft when in contact with the hand.

Reversible : It is an ideal tool for screwing and unscrewing thanks to the reversible turning function.


Chuck : The chuck on this tool tends to get a little loose, so you’ll have to be vigilant and adjust it if necessary.

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Makita hammer drill

Makita HP457DWE

This Makita hammer drill works autonomously thanks to its fast-charging 18-volt Lithium-Ion 1.3 Ah rechargeable battery, lasting approximately 60 minutes. In addition, its engine reaches 1,400 revolutions per minute.

This tool is made with metal gears, which generates greater durability and a perfect transmission of force. It has a very ergonomic design and has a non-slip textured handle, which allows perfect and comfortable control of this model.

The dimensions of this hammer drill are 8 x 24 x 24 cm and its weight is about 1.7 kilograms, so its handling can be quite comfortable, allowing you to reach hard-to-reach places.

To choose the best hammer drill of the moment, you should pay close attention to the most relevant features of each model before making a choice.


Ergonomic : This tool incorporates a very comfortable and ergonomic handle to use, which will facilitate your maneuvers with this drill.

Autonomous : This model offers completely autonomous operation thanks to its 18-watt Lithium Ion battery.

Speed : The motor of this hammer drill reaches 1,400 revolutions per minute.

Screwing : You can use this tool as an electric screwdriver thanks to its reverse function. 


Drill : You will not be able to use 16 mm drill bits, since the chuck it incorporates only allows up to 13 mm.

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HILTI hammer drill


This HILTI hammer drill works with a voltage of 230 volts and incorporates a motor with two speeds of 900 rpm and 2,500 rpm that will allow you to drill a wide variety of materials. In addition, it has the percussion function that will help you work on completely rigid materials.

Thanks to its pistol-shaped handle design, you will be able to hold this tool comfortably during work, in addition to the fact that it has a high level of ergonomics, so it has a very comfortable handle to use.

It features a universal chuck clamping range of 2 to 13mm. In addition, it incorporates a progressive electronic speed control for screwdriving and soft starts.

If you are looking to acquire the hammer drill that best suits your needs, we recommend that you look at each positive and negative feature of this device.


Robust : This equipment has great resistance and high reliability due to the robust protective casing.

Screwed : It has a reversible system that allows you to use this tool to screw.

Dimensions : This model has approximate dimensions of 342 x 86 x 205 millimeters and a weight of 2.5 kilograms.


Cable : In order to use this tool you need to make sure you have a nearby power outlet.

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Dewalt hammer drill

 Dewalt DCD996P2

If you have been told about this brand and you want to buy a Dewalt hammer drill, we recommend this model that offers excellent features. For this reason, many users consider Dewalt to be the best brand of hammer drills on the market.

This model is a professional hammer drill with autonomy thanks to its two 18 V XR Li-Ion batteries, which have a charge quantity indicator, in addition to offering 33% more capacity than traditional batteries.

This tool incorporates a transmission of high quality and performance with three speeds of 450, 1,300 and 2,000 rpm for drilling.

If you still don’t know which hammer drill to buy, we recommend looking at the special functions and features of this model.


Autonomy : Thanks to its two 18 V Lithium-Ion batteries, you can move freely without having to be plugged in with a power cable.

Material : This model is made of a metallic material, so it has greater durability and resistance.

Transmission : Its high-capacity transmission has three working speeds, which allows you to optimize execution time.

Handle : Includes an adaptable handle to hold this tool with both hands, allowing you to do an optimal job.


Box : The size of the box does not allow you to carry more than the tool, its battery and the charger, so you will not be able to put other types of accessories.

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Einhell hammer drill

Einhell TC-ID 1000 E

This powerful Einhell hammer drill is efficient in operation thanks to its 1,010-watt motor, which achieves speeds of up to 3,000 rpm and approximately 48,000 percussions per minute.

This tool has a drilling capacity of up to 32 mm in wood, 16 mm in concrete and 13 mm in metallic materials. It is equipped with a robust and very resistant 13 mm chuck, which provides a firm grip on the bit.

It has dimensions of 31.3 x 21.2 x 8.3 cm and weighs approximately 3.96 kilograms. In addition, with the purchase of this model, you will have a practical case where you can store this tool and a set of 16 drill bits, of which 5 are for wood, 5 for concrete and 6 for metal.

Before choosing your new percussion drill, it is highly recommended to analyze very well the special functions and basic characteristics of each model. Next, we name some positive and negative aspects of this hammer drill.


Power : This model stands out for its great power of up to 1,010 W, which allows it to work with all materials easily.

Drilling : With this tool you will achieve a drilling capacity of 13 mm in metal, 32 mm in wood and 16 mm in concrete.

Electronic control : This model has a very precise electronic control that will allow you to adjust the number of revolutions.


Chuck : Some users comment that the chuck could be of better quality and grip.

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Black and Decker hammer drill

Black and Decker EGBHP188K-QW

If you are interested in purchasing a Black and Decker hammer drill, we recommend this model, as it stands out for its 2-speed motor and autonomy thanks to its operation with an 18 V Lithium Ion battery, which allows you complete freedom of movement. when using this tool.

Thanks to its approximate dimensions of 26.8 x 10.2 x 32.8 cm and 3.3 kilograms of weight, you will be able to carry out your complete work comfortably. With this tool you will be able to carry out work of tightening and loosening screws thanks to the reverse function.

This model has an impact speed of 25,500 impacts per minute and an idle speed of 0 to 350 or 0 to 1,500 rpm. It is an ideal tool for masonry and drilling materials such as metal, wood and plastic.

If you think you have already decided which model you want to choose, we recommend that you look carefully at its main functions, as well as the favorable and unfavorable characteristics of this hammer drill.


Speeds : This model is equipped with a motor with two mechanical speeds, ideal for achieving the best drilling on very rigid materials. 

Compatibility : It is a fully compatible tool with approximately 11 different head types.

Autonomy : Thanks to its 18-volt Lithium Ion battery, you can move freely around the room while you work with this tool.


Battery: This model includes only one battery, so if you want to have a second one always ready, you must purchase it separately.

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hammer drill driver

Tacklife PCD04B

Located among the cheapest models on this list, this Tacklife hammer drill provides great power and autonomy thanks to its rechargeable battery. For this reason, it is considered a good cheap battery hammer drill.

This model includes two 18-volt, 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, to always have a fully charged battery. This versatile model has three modes of operation: drill, hammer and screwdriver.

It is equipped with a 450 or 1,600 rpm 2-speed motor and has a 13-millimeter chuck. On the other hand, this model has an integrated LED light that allows you to work comfortably under poor light conditions. With the purchase of this tool, 43 accessories are included.

If you are looking for a tool that is among the cheapest, but gives you good quality, it is important that you look at all the relevant aspects of this hammer drill.


Speed ​​: This model has a powerful two-speed motor of 450 and 1,600 rpm for more precise drilling and screwdriving work.

Accessories : Includes 43 accessories, including 9 drill bits, 32 screw drivers, a spare battery and an extension stand.

Functions : It offers three operating modes ideal for masonry work such as hammer, screwdriver and drill.


Drill chuck: If the material to be worked on is very hard, the drill chuck can loosen, allowing the drill to slip.

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Makita 18V battery hammer drill

Makita DHP458Z

This is a very efficient and affordable Makita 18V cordless hammer drill that works great for impact drilling jobs. It has a drilling diameter of 1.3 cm on steel, 1.6 cm on concrete and 6.5 cm on wood.

This model incorporates a practical light that will help you work in low light conditions. The chuck accepts bits up to 13 millimeters and, thanks to the screwdriver function, you can use bits to tighten screws.

This tool has approximate dimensions of 25.9 x 7.9 x 22.5 cm and weighs approximately 2.1 kilograms. In addition, thanks to its operation with a Lithium Ion battery, you can comfortably move around the workspace.

Finally, before making a hasty decision, it is very necessary that you make sure that you have looked at the positive and negative characteristics of this versatile hammer drill model.


Light : It incorporates a practical white light that allows you to clearly see the place you are drilling.

Ergonomic : This model is a very comfortable tool thanks to its pistol-type handle, which allows you to hold the drill comfortably.

Versatile : It is a versatile piece of equipment thanks to the triple function it performs as a drill, hammer drill and screwdriver.


Professional : If you are looking for a tool that allows you to do a professional job, you should choose another model.

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Guide to buying hammer drills 

There are many materials that are simply too difficult to drill with a traditional drill, so if you are doing some drilling work at home and need a tool that allows you to work comfortably with hard materials, the ideal solution is to use a hammer drill. Given so many alternatives on the market, we have prepared a guide to buy the best hammer drill that can help you make a decision according to your needs. When making a comparison of hammer drills, it is important that you take into account the following tips.

Shopping guide

What kind of work do you need to do with the drill?

First of all, it is important that you take into account the task that you are going to carry out with your tool, so that the purchase is according to your needs and you do not spend extra money. In addition, the economic difference between a normal drill and a hammer drill is remarkable, therefore, if the material you have to drill is soft, there is no need to spend more than necessary buying a hammer drill. 

On the other hand, if the material you are going to drill is very hard, such as concrete or metal, it is best to make the investment and acquire a hammer drill before you go broke buying new bits.

Hammer drill type

Secondly, then be absolutely sure that what you need is a hammer drill. It is important that you differentiate between a model with cable or battery, since many characteristics are affected by this, such as, for example, the weight of the tool, the possibility of movement, the price and especially the motor and its power.

Battery-powered hammer drills have great autonomy and offer the possibility of moving when you are working. These models have the advantage of providing greater autonomy, however, remember that the weight of these models is increased due to the battery. On the other hand, there are the corded hammer drills, which must be plugged into the outlet to work, which limits your movements to the distance of the power cord.

engine and power

In reality, the power of the motor must be chosen according to the type of material that you are going to work on, however, it is important to take into account that, between corded drills and battery-powered drills, the models that are plugged into the mains home often turn out to be more powerful than battery models. However, the market offers some pistol-type models with rechargeable battery, which provide results that do not envy any corded hammer drill.

By adding the percussion function to the drill, this equipment will require more power to perform its operation correctly. Therefore, you should be aware that the motor has an optimal percussion force and speed for the materials you need to drill.

special functions

In principle, it is important that you are clear about the difference between a drill and a hammer drill, since the former cannot drill certain types of materials, so the percussion function of the other models allows the tool to drill thick materials. 

The most current models of hammer drills have functions that amplify the possibilities of use offered by these tools. Some models have motors that have the function of reverse speed and gradual acceleration, allowing the tool to be used as a screwdriver.


One of the features that you should not overlook is the ergonomics of the drill handle, so that it is not an uncomfortable tool to hold. To avoid any type of accident or damage to your hand, it is best to look carefully at the comfort of the handle and its ergonomics.

It is important that you look at the material that surrounds the handle and that it is soft and does not slip. In addition, it provides comfort when holding it. If the model you are going to choose is wireless, remember that its weight is significantly greater, so you must take care that its weight is balanced, so that it does not exhaust you after spending a while holding it.


If you are wondering how much a hammer drill costs, you should take into account the main characteristics of each drill, since the price of the tool varies depending on the type of drill you choose. If you have a slightly reduced budget, we recommend you look at the price of the tool before making your purchase, so that you can choose the cheapest drill.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a hammer drill?

First of all, you must choose the size of the drill bit according to the drilling you need to make. Then, with the help of a marker and a square, it is highly recommended to make a drawing or mark at the exact point where you are going to drill, so that you make sure that the drilling will be completely aligned. Be sure to lay open newspaper or any other material on the floor that will help protect the floor from waste material that falls when you are drilling material. Start drilling at low speed, placing the tip of the drill bit firmly over the marked spot. Later, go increasing the speed until you have the hole of the depth that you need.

Q2: How to repair a Bosch hammer drill?

It is important to remember that the motor of this tool is made up of an inductor and an armature. These parts take care of the static part of the motor and normally the armature tends to fail. To carry out a test with the tester, we must touch the points that are in contact with the carbons, which must have the same resistance. Also pay attention that no internal component is burned, so we can rely on our sense of smell to detect any burned part. In turn, the stator fields must be checked, which must have an identical resistance.

Q3: How to disassemble a Makita hammer drill?

If you have been using the tool, it is important that you turn off and unplug the Makita hammer drill and allow an estimated time of at least 30 minutes for it to cool down completely. Flip the tool over and remove the screws holding the casing. On most Makita drills, the casing splits into two parts down the middle, so both parts of the casing need to be removed. In this way we will be revealing the entire drill motor.

Q4: How to know if the drill is in hammer mode?

When your drill is in hammer mode, you will notice that the bit performs not only a twisting motion, but also a stroke that helps the bit penetrate the material if it is very hard. Therefore, to know if your tool is in hammer drill mode, you must pay attention to the movement that the equipment makes.

Q5: Which is better, corded or battery-powered hammer drill?

To decide which drill is better, you must know the specific functions of each model, since the first difference between each of these two pieces of equipment is that battery-powered hammer drills will allow you to move freely in the work area, something that with a cable drill is not so easy, since you are subject to the length of the power cable. On the other hand, corded drills usually have a more powerful motor than battery models.

Q6: Which is better, hammer drill or rotary hammer?

Mainly, you have to keep in mind that neither of them stands out as the best option, since each one has a different utility. While the hammer drill is responsible for helping us drill holes easily, being ideal for masonry work and some repairs at home, the rotary hammer is a tool with much more power, capable of demolishing a concrete wall, so it is mainly used at the industrial level.


Q7: What is a reversible hammer drill?

Something that characterizes hammer drills is their versatility and extra function, which allows drilling some materials more easily thanks to a constant tapping made by the drill bit. However, there are models that provide other extra functions such as the possibility of using the tool as a screwdriver, because the motor allows the chuck to rotate in both directions, so the screws can be tightened and loosened. Because of this feature, this model is called a reversible hammer drill.


Q8: How to change hammer drill bit?

In case the chuck or chuck of your tool does not use a key to secure, you must loosen it with one hand while holding the handle or grip of the tool with the other hand. Turn the chuck counterclockwise to loosen and clockwise to tighten. Fit your chosen bit making sure to tighten the chuck snugly. On the other hand, for drills that incorporate a key to secure the bit, it should be borne in mind that it is important to insert said key into the guide found in the chuck of your tool so that you can adjust the bit correctly. Generally, the drills that use a key are the cable models.

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