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Pliers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

With pliers you will be able to hold objects, strip wires and even cut small pieces of metal, so having the right one can make your job easier. If you want to make a good investment, we recommend that you consider the following models. The first is the Boenfu FC-01, which is a set of 2 cutting pliers that are made of chrome vanadium alloy steel, which gives them robustness and high tolerance to rust and corrosion. On the other hand, the Mannesmann M10937 Combination Pliers are forged from steel and have a chrome coating that will help prevent rust. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle 

The 9 Best Pliers – Opinions 2022

With so many options on the market, it can be a bit difficult to decide on one. However, we have made a selection of different models of pliers, detailing each of their characteristics to make it easier for you to select a product that meets your expectations.

cutting pliers 

1. Boenfu Lot of 2 pints coupantes de côté

Some buyers consider that this product could be the best pliers in this comparison, since it comes in a presentation of chrome vanadium alloy steel, which provides rigidity and high tolerance to rust and corrosion.

This model comes in a set that includes 2 cutting pliers which can help you strip and cut electrical cables, work jewelry pieces and even do endless crafts, since they have a cutting capacity of 1.3 millimeters.

On the other hand, the dimensions of these pliers are 13.1 x 8 x 0.8 centimeters and they weigh 54.4 grams, so they are small and comfortable so that you can manipulate them with your hands without any problem. Additionally, they have PVC handles that will prevent you from getting hurt by the pressure exerted, as well as isolate electric shocks so that they do not affect you.

Because the Boenfu FC-01 model has versatile features for working with crafts and electricity, it could be the best pliers of the moment, so here we present its pros and cons.


Kit: Comes in a kit of 2 cutting pliers so you get the most out of your investment.

Materials: They are made of steel with a chrome and vanadium alloy that give it rigidity and tolerance to rust and corrosion. 

Handle: They have PVC handles so that you are comfortable and avoid electric shocks

Cutting: This product is capable of cutting copper wires and electrical cables very easily.


Capacity: Its capacity is limited to cutting cables up to 1.5 millimeters thick.

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Universal pliers 

2. Mannesmann Brüder Werkzeuge M10937 Pliers

Being one of the cheap products and with good references in terms of manufacturing materials, this could be the best value for money pliers in this comparison.

In the category of universal pliers, Mannesmann presents its model M10937, which is made of high-capacity steel, which provides it with rigidity so that you can use it for different types of work. In addition, it has multiple layers of chrome, making it a plier that has a high tolerance for rust and corrosion.

On the other hand, it has an ergonomic handle so that you do not hurt your hands when you apply pressure and, when cutting cables, you avoid being hurt by electricity. 

Also, the tip of the pliers has grooves that will serve to loosen or tighten nuts and a sharp edge that will allow you to cut cables very easily. Being a very practical aspect for users who usually work in the repair of mechanical objects. 

The M10937 model has attractive features and is also one of the cheapest options on the list, so we thought you might be interested. Here we detail its highlights.


Type: It is a universal pliers, so you can use it to do various tasks.

Materials: It is made of high quality steel, which gives it durability.

Protection: Its multiple protective layers help keep rust and corrosion from affecting it.


Handle: The handle does not have a system that keeps it fixed, so it could move.

Use: Although it is a universal type plier, it is not ideal to use it for crafts. 

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Pressure pliers 

3. Workpro Locking Pliers Set

This is a set of 3 locking pliers which are made of chrome vanadium alloy steel, which provides durability, rigidity and increases tolerance levels towards rust and corrosion. In addition, they have ergonomic handles so that you do not hurt your hands when you go to use them, which, in turn, work as insulators if at any time you happen to work with electrical parts.

Additionally, they have an easy tightening and release system, since just by turning the screw the pliers will lock and, by pressing the lever located at the bottom, it will release. Being a very useful product to be used to tighten nuts and mechanisms, as well as to hold and bend objects.

On the other hand, the pliers have a curved jaw and have a height of 25, 18 and 16 centimeters, which will allow you to select the one indicated for your tasks.

If among the options on the list you still don’t know which pliers to buy, this product presented by Workpro can be very useful for various plumbing and mechanical tasks.


Materials: They are made of steel with chrome and vanadium alloy, which provides rigidity and resistance to rust and corrosion.

Type: Its squeeze and release mechanism will allow you to hold and fold objects very easily.

Handle: The handle is non-slip and will prevent the tool from slipping out of your hands.


Use: The manufacturer does not specify whether the pliers are for occasional or intensive use.

Mechanism: If the internal mechanism is not maintained over time, it could get stuck.

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multipurpose pliers 

4. Aodoor 24 in 1 Folding Stainless Steel Multitool

If until now you do not know which is the best pliers in this comparison, we advise you to take into account the characteristics of this Aodoor model.

In the category of multi-purpose pliers, this product is made by the manufacturer Aodoor, which has a forged structure in thick stainless steel, which provides it with good levels of resistance, durability and tolerance to rust and corrosion. In addition, its handle has non-slip properties so that you can grip it firmly and thus be able to carry out your tasks without worrying that it will slip.

On the other hand, it has 24 tools, which includes various types of knives and screwdrivers so that you have everything you need at your fingertips, since its size is only 10.5 centimeters when folded. Additionally, it includes a small transport bag made of nylon so you can take it wherever you go.

If you are interested in acquiring a robust and multifunctional product, we recommend that you consider the pros and cons of this Aodor pliers.


Multifunctional: It has 24 tools so you can get the most out of your work.

Structure: It is made of stainless steel, making it a resistant product with tolerance to rust and corrosion.

Design: It is a folding design pliers, which you can store in your pockets very easily.


Insulation: The handle does not have an insulating system against electricity.

Change of parts: It does not have a tool that facilitates the change of parts.

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round nose pliers

5. Cablematic Kit 4 Round Nose Pliers

As for the necessary tools that every electrician and craftsman should have to carry out their work more efficiently, there are round-nose pliers, since these have the ability to bend wires in a very easy and practical way without damaging them.

This product presented by Cablematic comes in a kit of 4 units, of which 2 are straight and 2 elbow-shaped, which will allow you to make various types of shapes with the wires. In addition, these have rubber handles that will provide you with comfort and prevent you from being affected by electric shocks.

On the other hand, they are made of carbon steel, which gives them rigidity, and they have a nickel coating so that they can tolerate rust and corrosion.

Therefore, this model could be one of the best pliers of 2022 compared to the other models on the list.

Craftsmen and electricians definitely need to have good products in their toolbox. Here we mention the pros and cons of this Cablematic model.


Kit: It is a kit that includes 4 round nose pliers for you to do your activities.

Robustness: They are made of carbon alloy steel, making them robust products.

Protection: They have rubber grips to protect your hands from friction and electric shock.


Price: This is one of the products with the highest price on the list.

Spring: Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as it could damage the elastic spring.

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circlip pliers

6. Cclife 4 Pieces Circlip Nose Pliers Set

On this occasion, Cclife presents us with one of its star products, the 1944 model, which is a set of 4 circlip pliers, where 2 have a straight tip and the other 2 have a curved tip; the function of these is to help assemble and repair circlips and pistons. Being very practical products, since other types of pliers do not have this capacity.

On the other hand, these round nose pliers are made of good quality steel, which gives them rigidity and durability so that they can withstand the different tasks that you set out to do with them.

Additionally, they have soft rubber grips, allowing you to have comfort when handling them and thus avoid hurting your hands, as well as protect you from electricity.

Therefore, with these pliers you will be able to manipulate mechanical parts to give them the respective maintenance without having to worry about damaging their components.

If you are looking for a circlip pliers kit that has good levels of rigidity, we recommend that you evaluate the characteristics of this model.


Materials: They are made of good quality steel, which gives them robustness.

Transport: Includes a transport bag so you can protect and carry the pliers wherever you go.

Uses: They are specially designed to be used for the assembly and maintenance of mechanical parts.


Protection: The manufacturer does not specify if they support rust and corrosion.

Spring: Avoid excessive pressure so that the springs are not damaged.

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clamp pliers

7. FreeTec Flexible Pliers With Hose For Cable Repair

In the category of clamp pliers, Freetec presents its FT0065 model, which is made of stainless steel and has plastic handles, which provide it with rigidity, tolerance to rust and corrosion, and allow you to use it very comfortably. In addition, the hose has a maximum opening of 1 and a half inches and a reach of up to 60.96 centimeters. Being a very practical product that will allow you to access difficult areas.

Additionally, it has an easy locking mechanism that will keep the pliers in the open position for you to perform clamp assembly and maintenance. 

Also, this pliers has approximate measures of 10 x 21 centimeters and the cable measures 65 centimeters, so it has an adequate size so that you can manipulate it very comfortably. Therefore, it is a product that will allow you to manage the change of the clamps of your car easily.

If you are looking for a clamp plier to replace your pliers and thus be able to reach more difficult areas, then it is a product that cannot be missing in your toolbox.


Practical: It is a plier that will allow you to remove the clamps from the most difficult areas in your car.

Materials: It is made of stainless steel, rubber and plastic, which provides robustness and tolerance to rust.

System: It has an easy locking system so you have freedom of movement.


Mechanism: If care is not taken when applying force, the cable mechanism can break.

Uses: They are not designed to be used exhaustively.

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flat nose pliers

8. S&R VDE Insulated Electrician Flat Nose Pliers

As for the flat-nose pliers, we have this product presented by S&R, which is made of steel with a chrome and vanadium alloy, which provides it with good levels of hardness and, also, high tolerance to rust and corrosion, for what you will be able to work in humid areas without any problem.

Additionally, this flat-nose pliers has an ergonomic plastic handle that will prevent you from being affected by electrical currents under 1000 V, making it a plier that every electrician should have in his toolbox to do his work and protect his physical integrity.

On the other hand, at the tip it has grooves to hold and bend surfaces and, also, it has a sharp edge to make cuts in cables and wires. In addition to this, this S&R model has dimensions of 21 x 8 x 1.8 centimeters, enough for you to handle it comfortably.

Electricians need to bend and chop wires, as well as guard against electrical shock, so we thought this product might be of interest to you.


Materials: This pliers is made of chrome vanadium alloy steel, which provides tolerance to corrosion and oxidation.

Insulation: The rubber grip is capable of protecting you from electric shocks up to 1000 V.

Dimensions: Its size is comfortable so you can easily manipulate it.


Force: Care must be taken when exceeding force to avoid bending it.

Cutting: It is intended for making cuts on thin wires.

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wire stripper

9. STANLEY FMHT0 96230 Wire Stripper

In the category of wire strippers, Stanley introduces us to its flagship product, the FMHT0-96230. This product is made of steel, which provides it with good levels of robustness and, in addition, it has a chrome and heat treatment so that it is able to withstand rust and corrosion. Additionally, it has an ergonomic non-slip handle that will prevent your hands from hurting and you can be affected by electric shocks.

In addition, it is capable of stripping cables that have a gauge between 10 and 22 AWG, being a very practical and versatile product so that you can easily separate the plastic covering of semiconductor cables.

On the other hand, at the tip it has a clamping mechanism that will keep the cables fixed so that the automatic cable and plastic detachment process is effective. Therefore, this is a must-have tool that cannot be missing in the toolbox.

Stanley is a company recognized worldwide for the production of good quality products, so it could be the best brand of pliers in this comparison. Here we detail the most important aspects of one of its most popular models.


System: It has an automatic cable clamping and stripping system.

Materials: It is made of forged steel with chrome and thermotherapy, which provides it with good levels of robustness and tolerance to rust and corrosion.

Handle: The handle is ergonomic and non-slip.


Cutting: It is intended to cut cables that do not exceed a thickness of more than 20 AWG.

Stripping: It is not capable of stripping multiple cables at the same time, so you will have to do it one by one.

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Shopping guide

Now, in the next segment you will find a guide to buying the best pliers, where we will mention and describe the most important features that you should take into account so that you can buy an economical product with a good quality standard.


The first characteristic that you have to consider in our comparison of pliers is the type of material with which the pliers are forged, since this is the one in charge of giving you knowledge about its robustness and durability.

Most, if not all, pliers are forged from steel, which can be supplemented with a small percentage of carbon for craft and light duty. However, the pressure, universal and other types of pliers that have a purpose for heavy work need greater rigidity, so a greater amount of carbon is added and they are alloyed with other compounds, in most materials that are used allow it to withstand rust and corrosion such as chrome and vanadium.

plier type

Now, you have to evaluate the type of pliers you need. In other words, there are endless models on the market, but each one has a different function. Therefore, you have to think about what you need the pliers for and start from that point.

Given the needs of workers in different fields, there are models of pliers that serve to hold; They typically have long, ridged tips that help slow or prevent the object they’re holding from moving. However, if the structure has paint on it, it can get scratched if you don’t protect it with rubber. 

There are also several variations of vise grip pliers, which go by various names, round nose, flat nose, parrot nose, but one of the best known is the snap. This is also made of metal, but it has a hydraulic mechanism inside that provides greater gripping force. Being the most ideal for use in plumbing, blacksmithing and DIY work. However, there are also pliers 

Combination pliers have knurled tips and a small cutting edge, hence their name universal, because they allow you to cut or clamp without having to switch between tools. In addition, they have plastic handles to protect against over-tension and the tips have a small opening that will allow you to turn nuts and objects with square edges with greater ease.

Cutting pliers, as their name indicates, are special for cutting objects, since their tips have a sharp edge similar to that of a scissors, but they work by applying pressure.

On the other hand, there are two of the best known manual working pliers, the punches that are used to pierce the leather and the eyelet pliers, which are used to expand them. In addition, you can also find for electricians with different shapes and functions that make it easy to cut cables and remove the plastic to expose the copper wire.


Before looking at how much a plier costs, another feature that you should evaluate is the protection it can provide you.

Pliers are considered to allow you to perform pressure, clamping, cutting, drilling and many more functions than they are capable of. However, we do this work with our hands, so the handle must have a rubber or plastic cover to reduce the effect of force friction to avoid hurting our hands, as well as protect us from possible electrical overloads.. 

For this reason, it is very important that you select a pliers that has a handle with a plastic cover, since that way you would be taking care of your hands and protecting your physical integrity.

Additionally, you have to consider product protection. That is, as it is a metal tool, it should have tolerance to rust and corrosion to prolong its useful life. For this reason, you should check if the model of pliers that you plan to select is forged with stainless steel or if it has layers of chrome or zinc.


Another aspect that you should consider is the size, since the pliers do not come in a universal measure, but are made to be as close as possible to the diameter of the users’ hands.

In other words, there are small, medium and large pliers, but you will have to choose one that makes you feel comfortable. A pliers that has 18 centimeters is a comfortable measure. However, as we mentioned before, there may be larger or smaller ones, but you should select one that you can comfortably hold.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use pliers?

First, you’ll need to consider what you’ll be doing with the pliers, whether it’s holding or cutting something. In order for you to make precise cuts, all you have to do is hold the object very firmly to prevent movement. In addition, you can help yourself by marking with a pencil on the structure to guide you.

On the other hand, if what you want is to hold objects, you should bear in mind that most pliers have grooves on their tips to prevent their movements, so the material is prone to scratching. However, if you place EVA/foam folds on top of the object’s frame, the object will not scratch.

However, there are also eyelet pliers whose function is to expand circular structures. These are often used for garment and leather work. To learn how to use them correctly, you should know that they have 2 tips, which are different, male and female. The eyelet is placed on the female end and what the male does is expand so that it is attached to the object/structure you are working on. In addition to this, there are some cases that you will need the help of rubber-tipped hammers to apply pressure to the pliers.

Q2: What are the combination pliers for?

Universal pliers serve to perform various functions. In itself, they are products that can be used both to cut and to hold objects, since they have a grooved structure at the tip that helps hold more firmly and accurately. And, in the lower part, they have an edge that will allow them to cut various objects.


Q3: How are pliers and pliers alike?

Pliers and tongs are similar in structure, since both are built on the principle of the bilateral lever. However, most of the pliers have larger dimensions than the pliers, as well as there are some models of pliers that are made to cut, unlike the pliers that serve only to hold objects firmly.

Q4: What material are the pliers made of?

The pliers are made with metals with and without alloy, since there are some that are used with low carbon content, which is used to carry out light work, but for those that require greater force, more carbon is used, alloy steels and combined with chrome or vanadium.

Q5: How to use eyelet pliers?

First, make a small cut in the material you are going to place the eyelets using scissors. This should be big enough for the buttonhole to fit through, but not too big so it doesn’t fall off. In other words, it should fit almost perfectly.

Next step, take the eyelet pliers and locate the female tip, this should be placed on the flat part of the eyelet. Now, press hard so that the pliers can expand the metal frame of the eyelet and thus fix it to the material. On the other hand, if you notice that it is not fixed and it moves, you will have to press harder again.

Q6: How to sharpen cutting pliers?

To sharpen your cutting pliers you will need a metal file that you have at home, either triangular or flat. Now, you’ll need to take the pliers, expand the handle so its tips open up, visualize the tops and insides, and locate the cutting edge. Next step, proceed to make movements from front to back, but in only one direction, placing the blade at approximately 45° and, when passing the pliers over the file, from the beginning of the V point to the tip. It should be noted that the V point is the union between both parts of the edge that make the cut when they meet.

Firmly run the pliers over the file several times and on both sides until you have the desired sharpness. Additionally, you want to do everything you can to keep the file from moving so that you have more precision when running the pliers over the structure of the file.

Q7: Why do the pliers have a plastic coating?

The pliers have a plastic handle to provide more comfort to the user when they put pressure on it to use them. In addition, they also protect against electric shocks, since pliers are tools that are made of metals, which are active and efficient conductors, and plastic works as an insulator. In other words, the plastic handle will prevent electric shocks from reaching our body directly.

Everything you need to know about pliers

history of pliers

The history of pliers dates back to ancient times on the European continent. Approximately in the year 2000 BC they were invented to hold very hot objects safely without suffering burns, mainly iron that was forged and molded on an anvil.

One of the oldest illustrations of the pliers is found among the blacksmithing tools of the Greek god Hephaestus, who is the god of fire, forging, craftsmen, sculptors and blacksmiths, but the evolution of this tool took place on its own as that new elements were invented to use it, going through horseshoes, locks, tubes, cables and electrical components of different magnitude. For this reason, today we can find a large number of pliers on the market, becoming one of the most versatile tools compared to other manual equipment. However, in terms of its design, it has not changed much since its creation.

Parts of a pliers

Pliers are also known as pliers and even tweezers, but the latter are differentiated by their pointed head, which provides a higher level of precision for shaping materials of different thicknesses. When dividing the parts of a plier we find three main parts, the head, the joint area and the handle. The head is composed of the tip, a serrated mouth and a cutting area. The articulation area is the one that provides the pressure between the handle and the head with the least effort on the part of the user. For its part, the handle is usually soft to the touch for greater comfort and is covered with insulating material, which prevents the conduction of electricity.

Different types of pliers for specific tasks

The difference between the types of pliers is based on the function they can perform, whether it is to immobilize a piece, remove materials, tighten or make holes. This is how we find the best pliers today, which are universal or combined. These are used in different tasks and usually have a versatile head that allows tightening, cutting, pressing, bending, unfolding and loosening. They incorporate a toothed mouth that provides greater support in pieces of cylindrical structure, also, it has a cutting area, which is resistant enough to cut wires and cables.

On the other hand, there are needle-nose pliers, which often have more detailed molded tips to allow electricians to grip very small parts, as well as provide more comfortable access to tight spaces. In this sense, these types of pliers are normally indicated for use when working with electrical cables. Much like needle nose pliers are lock pliers, with cylindrical tips that are exactly the size of the lock holes, allowing parts to be placed or removed more easily.

Cutting pliers are less versatile tools but more efficient when exerting force on some material, so they make it possible to cut wires that universal pliers have not been able to cut, in addition, their cutting area is wider

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