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Jackhammer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having a pneumatic hammer allows you to be prepared for any situation that requires chiselling, carving, cutting or even drilling a surface, since it is indicated to speed up these works and provide great comfort of use. Currently, there are many models of this type of hammer, which could make it difficult to buy, for this reason, we will mention only the most outstanding, such as the Silverline 394970, which weighs only 745 grams and has a hardened steel cylinder for promote durability. Another interesting option is the AB Tools AT684, which includes 4 tips to carry out different jobs and is capable of reaching a speed of 3500 cpm.

The 8 Best Pneumatic Hammers – Opinions 2022

If you want to speed up activities in DIY or remodeling projects, then it is recommended that you have one of the 8 best jackhammers of 2022 according to the opinions of many users. In this way, you can obtain optimal results when percussing on any surface.

Pneumatic Chipping Hammer

1. Silverline 394970 Pneumatic Chipping Hammer 5 pcs

It is a pneumatic chipping hammer that can be used in simple jobs or in large projects, such as the removal of rust on the surface of vehicles. In addition, it has a quick release spring and an integrated speed control, in this way, you can adapt the operation of the equipment to your needs.

Also, it is important to note that it is one of the cheapest air hammers, however, both the cylinder and the piston are made of hardened steel, which can extend the life of the product.

Also, the casing is made of aluminum, so it is not only shock-resistant, but also lighter. In this case, it has a weight of only 735 g, which allows you to have greater control over movements.

If you are looking for the best pneumatic hammer of the moment, then it is recommended that you learn more about some of the highlights of the Silverline 394970.


Performance: It is capable of up to 4,500 ipm and has an air consumption of 113 l/min for better performance.

Materials: The piston and cylinder are made of hardened steel and the housing is made of cast aluminum, which increases its durability.

Spring: It has a quick-change spring that gives you greater practicality.


Chisels: The included chisels have a round base, so they may rotate inside the hammer during use.

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2. Einhell TC-PC 45 Pneumatic chisel machine for stone work

This is a powerful and robust tool, suitable for demolition and renovation work inside the house or garden, as it can be used on stone and metal surfaces for greater versatility, which is why many consider it to be the best hammer current tire.

In addition, it works at a maximum pressure of 6.3 bar, which allows you to achieve a blow rate of 4,500 ipm with a percussive force of 1.2 J, therefore, it is a high-power pneumatic chipping hammer, which It can be used in professional and domestic work.

It incorporates a handle covered with non-slip rubber to provide greater safety during use. As if that were not enough, it includes a mouthpiece, chisel set, a bottle of oil, a tension spring and a carrying case. In this way, it is possible to use it in different projects inside and outside the house.

The Einhell TC-PC 45 model may be the answer if you are wondering which is the best pneumatic hammer, so we will indicate its most outstanding characteristics.


Power: Offers a striking force of 1.2 J and a pressure of 6.3 bar for better performance.

Greaser: Includes a bottle of oil that allows you to grease the inside of the hammer for maintenance.

Versatility: It can be used on both stone and metal.


Maintenance: It might be necessary to lubricate the air pipe with some frequency, to guarantee optimum performance in intense and prolonged work.

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small jackhammer

3. AB Tools 150mm Air Hammer Chisel Plus

It is a small but powerful pneumatic hammer, capable of offering optimal performance for professional work or domestic tasks. In this sense, it can be used in cutting and drilling activities that require great precision.

On the other hand, it provides a pressure of 90 psi and has an average air consumption of 5 cfm, so it is capable of generating up to 3,500 cpm, which translates as good performance when compared to other similar devices. For greater versatility, it has a variable air control that allows you to adjust the equipment to your needs.

This tool offers a strong and forceful hammering, in addition, by having a compact body, it gives you greater control over the blows. In terms of strength, it has a steel alloy frame, which provides resistance to impacts and constant use for a long service life.

If you are looking for a jackhammer that you can easily use in tight spaces, then you should consider some of the pros and cons of this model.


Design: Its design is compact and lightweight, which allows you to control it more easily.

Piston: The piston has been heat treated so it can withstand the friction generated by high speeds.

Accessories: Features a punch, chisel, perforator and breaker for added functionality.


Instructions: It may be difficult to change the chisels if you are not related to this type of equipment, since the package does not include an instruction manual.

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4. MSW MSW-AH190 Compressed Air Pneumatic Hammer 10 Pieces

It is a small pneumatic hammer that includes 5 different tips to use in projects of all kinds; either to break or modify hard materials, such as metal and concrete. In addition, it offers a manual control to adjust the speed and power, which increases versatility.

Likewise, it can be used to loosen rusty joints and perform minor demolition and masonry work, as it has a pressure of 6.3 bar and can reach a maximum speed of 3000 gpm, so it provides good performance.

On the other hand, it has a mini automatic greaser that is integrated into the hammer and offers optimal lubrication. In this way, it prevents accidental contamination of the oil, increasing the durability of the equipment. As if that were not enough, it has a compact design for greater practicality.

If you are wondering which jackhammer to buy, we invite you to learn more about the pros and cons of this model before selecting one.


Lubrication: Offers a handy mini oiler that automatically lubricates the hammer for added convenience.

Chisels: Includes 5 types of 173 mm chisels, so you can choose the most appropriate depending on the work you do.

Pressure: It is capable of generating 6.3 bar of pressure, so it offers good performance.


Trigger: The trigger is made of plastic and not metal, which is very comfortable to the touch but is also less resistant to shock.

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electric jackhammer

5. Einhell 4258478 TC-RH 1600 Electropneumatic Hammer Power 1600 W

This electric pneumatic hammer offers optimal performance in large-scale work, since it has a power of 1600W, so it can generate up to 3900 ipm with a force of 4.0 J. Therefore, it has a good percussion capacity.

It also has a drilling depth stop; this way, you can get a more precise and professional finish. For added safety, it has a slip coupling, which protects you in case you make a wrong move. In addition, it is important to note that the hammer comes in a practical suitcase that allows you to move it easily.

Regarding the design, it has a double handle with a non-slip coating, indicated to better distribute the weight and reduce vibrations. Also, it incorporates an aluminum head that is robust and light to provide greater control of the equipment.

Einhell is considered by many to be the best brand of pneumatic hammers at the moment, so if you are looking for a resistant and quality model, it is recommended that you consider the pros and cons of the TH-RH 1600 model.


Power: Offers 1600 W of power and 4 J of impact force for better performance.

Versatility: It can work as a drill, chipper and hammer drill, which favors its versatility.

Subjection: It has a double handle system for greater security.


Accessories: This model does not have tips or oil, so it is necessary to make an additional expense.

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Other products

6. Kraftmann 3213 Pneumatic Chipping Hammer with Tool Kit

It is an efficient pneumatic hammer that has an air consumption of 113 l/min, capable of generating a pressure of 6.3 bar, enough to easily chisel difficult surfaces. It is also capable of producing 4,500 gpm, which allows you to obtain good finishes in the shortest possible time.

As for the structure, it is a tool with a red casing and a compact size, which makes it easy to use and allows you to use it in small spaces. Likewise, it is robust enough to withstand intense work.

On the other hand, this hammer is stored in a hard plastic case and includes 4 interchangeable tips to place them on the device according to your needs. As if that were not enough, the entry of the shank is hexagonal with a measurement of 10 mm, which favors a better holding of the chisels.

If you are looking for the best price-quality pneumatic hammer, this practical model can be a good option, since it is one of the cheapest. Let’s get to know its pros and cons in depth.


Pressure: It offers 6.3 bar of pressure, so it provides good performance in intense work.

Clamping: The hammer has a hexagonal entrance to provide a better clamping.

Accessories: It is a complete kit, as it includes 4 chisels, 1 bottle of oil and 1 mini automatic oiler.


Manual: The user manual does not indicate recommendations regarding use, which could be a problem if you do not have knowledge of this type of equipment.

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7. Yonntech 1050W Hammer Drill Electric Drill with hammer mechanism

It is a multifunctional equipment that offers 3 modes of use: compressed pneumatic hammer, drill and perforator; which favors its versatility and allows you to use it in different types of DIY or construction tasks.

In terms of performance, it is important to highlight its power of 1050 W, which allows it to provide a maximum of 4000 ipm. For this reason, this model is suitable for drilling 32 mm in concrete or stone, 42 mm in wood and up to 13 mm in steel.

For added functionality, it comes housed in a plastic case that includes multiple accessories, including 3 carbide bits, 1 chisel, and 1 drill bit. As if that were not enough, the hammer has a double handle design to promote a more comfortable and secure grip.

If you are looking for a pneumatic hammer to work indoors or outdoors, then you should know that this model can drill, hammer and chisel. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Speed: It offers a speed of 4000 ipm, enough to quickly drill through wood, plastic and metal.

Comfort: It has a system that prevents the transmission of vibrations for greater comfort.

Accessories: Includes a suitcase with various accessories, including 3 drill bits, 1 chisel and 1 point.


Temperature : The motor could get too hot at the time of use, so it is necessary to turn it off for a couple of minutes and then continue with the work.

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8. Mannesmann M 1513 Pneumatic Chipper Hammer with 5 Chisels

This is a pneumatic hammer that also serves as a chipper, since it has 5 chisels, 1 surface, 3 corner and 1 point, suitable for sculpting, cutting and drilling on wood, metal or other materials.

It has an air consumption of 160 l/min, so it can perform up to 3,000 ipm with a pressure of 6 to 7 bar. In this way, it is appropriate to use in professional work. It also has a metal frame to increase strength and durability.

It is important to mention that the chisel holder is 10 mm in diameter, so it is compatible with most bits on the market. As if that were not enough, this hammer is stored in a practical plastic box that allows you to move it safely from one place to another.

A good quality pneumatic hammer must be versatile enough so that you can work with different types of materials, as is the case with this Mannesmann brand equipment.


Chisels: Includes 5 chisels; 3 corner, 1 dotted and 1 surface, giving you more versatility.

Usage: It is suitable for carving, cutting or chiselling on plastic, wood and metal surfaces.

Shank: Features a 10mm hex shank that provides good bit hold.


Operation: For optimal operation, this equipment requires a high power compressor, which has more than 2 HP.

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Jackhammer Accessories

Jackhammer bit

Fast World Shopping Chisels With SDS socket 2 bits

If you are looking for a jackhammer bit that you can add to your kit, then you should consider this kit with 2 bits, one spade and one pointed; that can be used to perform chiseling or drilling tasks, whether in stone, ceramics, brick, granite, concrete, among others.

As far as the manufacturing material is concerned, they are made with a metal alloy, which increases their resistance to constant use to give you a long useful life. In addition, they have an SDS Plus bushing, which allows a faster and safer insertion.

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Shopping guide

Most pneumatic hammers work in the same way, through a compressor that supplies them with air to work. However, there are some aspects regarding performance, design and accessories that you should consider before choosing a model, since not all equipment is the same. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to buy the best jackhammer.


When comparing jackhammers, you may notice that each model provides different force, impact speed, and power. In general, this type of equipment offers more than 6 bar of pressure and an air consumption between 113 and 160 l/min; so they are usually compatible with most compressors on the market today.

Each hammer has a more or less modern mechanism that uses the volume of air to increase the force of the blows, so they do not directly use electric current as a source of energy to work. In this sense, pneumatic hammers can offer a level of force that goes from 1.2 to 4 joules (J) of impact power.

To increase performance, some hammers have a motor powered by a corded power supply. In this way, they are devices that offer electro-pneumatic operation; which means that they need to be connected to the current to activate the internal mechanism of the hammer and generate the necessary air pressure. When working with electrical energy, the power of these equipment is measured in watts (W), so it is possible to get models from 1050 to 1600 W, where a higher power can indicate more intense blows.

The speed at which the hammer hits depends on the force of the motor. Therefore, the most advanced pneumatic equipment is capable of producing between 3,000 and 4,500 impacts per minute (ipm), where greater speed can speed up the completion of projects. However, it is recommended that the hammer of your choice has an adjustable speed system, so that you can adapt the performance to your needs.


The design is also an important aspect in a pneumatic hammer, since its resistance, versatility, practicality, compatibility and even how much the equipment costs will depend on it. Accordingly, we highlight models with hardened steel, metal alloy and cast aluminum frames. The latter not only provides a rigid and impact resistant structure, but also favors the lightness of the equipment. On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid plastic models in professional level projects, since they are usually indicated for DIY practices with a low level of demand.

To promote comfort, some hammers have non-slip rubber-coated grips, which not only increase gripping power but also allow you to control the tool more safely. Also, there are models with double handles, which, in general, offer such an intense force that they require both hands to maintain the stability of the hammer and better distribute the weight.

One of the most important aspects in the structure of a hammer is the stem of the head, since this is the part that provides compatibility with the different accessories, which could favor the versatility of the equipment. In this sense, the entrance opening usually has a width of 5 or 10 mm, since these are the standard measurements of chisels and points. For greater security, it is recommended that both the stem and the accessories have a hexagonal design, as this provides a better hold.


If you are looking for a good and cheap jackhammer, then it is best to consider models that have multiple accessories, as these can increase the functionality of the device. Therefore, it is possible to find equipment with 4 or 5 different tips, which not only serve as spare parts, but also for cutting, chiselling and drilling depending on the selected model.

Also, it is important to maintain the internal lubrication of the hammer system, for this reason, some hammers include bottles of lubricating oil, which with a single drop allow you to grease the stem. Also, some newer equipment has automatic oilers that are built into the handle area and can lubricate the hammer mechanism, making it more convenient to operate.

As if that were not enough, some hammers come with a suitcase, which not only allows you to store the equipment safely, but can also facilitate a more practical transfer, especially if you plan to use the tool constantly on projects at home.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How does a jackhammer work?

A pneumatic hammer must be connected to an independent compressor as a power source, since it is precisely this equipment that has the capacity to supply a large volume of air to drive the hammer mechanism. In this sense, it is a tool that works with compressed air pressure, which differentiates it from percussive equipment that normally works electrically.

Pneumatic hammers generally do not pierce the surface, but strike against it to break it into smaller or larger pieces depending on the tip and the force of the device. On the other hand, inside the hammer there is a circuit of tubes, in which a large air pressure enters to drive the drill bit up and down. In this way, the tip of the hammer hits the surface and breaks it. Due to the pressure and the operation of the equipment, it is possible that it impacts more than 1500 times per minute.

Q2: What is the jackhammer used for?

Pneumatic hammers are versatile tools with which you can achieve good results in drilling, carving, cutting and chiselling hard surfaces, whether they are wood, plastic, stone, metal, concrete, among other materials. Therefore, equipment of this type can be used to work on walls and floors, allowing you to save time and effort in the modification and removal of deteriorated areas.

In this sense, pneumatic hammers are commonly used in demolition, remodeling and construction projects, but in low-intensity tasks, since they generally do not have as much power as mechanical hammers that are used to demolish pavements in large-scale projects.

Consequently, a jackhammer is often more compact in design for a more comfortable grip and is capable of more precision and finesse compared to a large breaker. However, the functionality of the hammer will depend on the model chosen, so it is necessary to carefully review the characteristics of the product.

Q3: How to use a jackhammer?

To use a pneumatic hammer, the first thing you must do is incorporate the nozzle at the base of the handle, since this is the one that will allow the connection between the compressor and the air circuit that will activate the device. The next step is to take one of the tips and insert them inside the tension spring. Next, you need to screw the part into the head of the hammer and make sure the tip is properly tightened. The last step is to connect the compressor to the hammer handle and at the end you just have to press the trigger to activate the equipment.

It is important to mention that each tip is used for a specific task, some are suitable for carving, cutting, chiselling or drilling, so it is necessary to choose the one you need correctly to avoid a malfunction of the hammer. Also, the tip can break if you use it on the wrong material.

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