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Safety Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Safety boots are very important protective accessories for people who work in construction, electricity, mechanics, the chemical industry, etc. Therefore, we present several models that could meet your expectations. Among them, the Black Hammer Waterproof boots, which offer protection against unexpected shocks of up to 200 joules. In addition, their soles are reinforced with steel to prevent the penetration of objects. Another recommended model is the Panter 714111500, which is made of thick, waterproof leather. It also has a breathable lining for greater comfort when working and a reinforced toe that prevents unexpected crushing of the foot.

The 9 Best Safety Boots – Opinions 2022

Safety boots offer essential protection for many workers, even taking care of people when they do cleaning, gardening or DIY work around the home. For this reason, in this article we recommend some of the best safety boots of 2022.


Comfortable safety boots

1. Black Hammer Leather Safety Boots for Men

These are comfortable safety boots, since they have a breathable and padded inner lining, with mesh-type fabric. In addition, although they are resistant and the external material is thick, their weight is not very high for long working hours.

If you want the best safety boots for jobs where there is a risk of liquid splashes, these could be the ones indicated, since they are waterproof, as they comply with the S3 regulation.

They are also useful in construction, because they have a steel toe cap and midsole protection, they even prevent slipping on wet or dirt surfaces.

And, if you are concerned about their quality, you should know that these boots have double stitching in the areas where they normally have the most wear, so they are quite durable. Likewise, the diagonal lines of the laces offer a free and comfortable movement of the feet.

Perhaps they are the best safety boots of the moment, so check the qualities that we present below.


Toe cap: They have a steel toe cap that protects the feet from blows of up to 200 joules.

Impermeability: They are waterproof boots that are used to work in extreme situations, rain, wet ground, mud, etc.

Material: Its external fabric is made of resistant leather and they have double seams in the areas that are commonly worn the most.


Color: It is missing that they come in other colors, as they are only available in black. However, it is a neutral shade that combines with many work overalls.

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Panter safety boots

2. Panter 714111500 E Zion Super Brega S1

If you are wondering which are the best safety boots for outdoor work environments, do not forget to take this model into account, since it offers protection against water, preventing it from entering your feet on rainy days.

Also, these are Panter safety boots with a comfortable fit and Shock Absorber sole, so you can do long jobs without getting too tired. Also, it has anti-chafing padding inside the boots, so that it does not hurt your feet when walking. In addition, it has a breathable lining so that the feet do not sweat too much, even if the day is hot.

Similarly, we mention that they are S1 boots, so they will protect the feet from being crushed. Even the soles are non-slip, so you will avoid falls on wet or dirty surfaces.

Panter could be the best brand of cheap safety boots, because although it offers low-priced models, it uses good quality materials. This is one of the most prominent.


Material: Its external material is extra thick leather and supports water, in addition to the fact that the boots have an internal lining resistant to abrasion.

Comfort: With a padded interior and ergonomic last, these boots offer a lot of comfort for long working days.

Sizes: They are available in various sizes, from 37 to 47, so that you can choose the boots that best fit your feet.


Weight: Due to the manufacturing material, the boots are a bit heavy, but this is compensated by their quality and protection.

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Sparco safety boots

3. Sparco 0752144GRNR Shoes

These Sparco safety boots are sporty and comfortable, with a compact design that combines gray and black. This means that it makes a difference compared to conventional models, so if you are concerned about aesthetics in safety boots, this model could be the one for you.

In addition, the boots have a safety toe cap that withstands impacts of up to 200 joules, so you can use them in mechanical workshops, construction and industry in general. They also have an anti-puncture insole and injected PU sole, for greater protection of your feet.

Another aspect that concerns users is static energy. For that reason, these boots have an anti-static insole and PU foam in the heel, for greater ergonomics when doing long jobs.

If you still don’t know which safety boots to buy, take a look at this model, as it offers various qualities that attract attention for many types of jobs.


Lining: Its internal lining is mesh type, being quite breathable for hot days, thus preventing your feet from sweating a lot.

Toe cap: These boots have a 200 joule shock resistant toe cap, so you can use them in construction, DIY, gardening, plumbing and other jobs.

Abrasion: The upper material is microfiber and offers high resistance to abrasion, so you can rest easy working with these boots.


Ankles: Because they are not high boots, they do not fully protect the ankles from possible blows at work.

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Bellota safety boots

4. Bellota 7230043S3 Leather boots

If you are looking for cheap safety boots to work in construction, these could be useful for you, since they have a metal toe cap, so that they protect your feet from crushing or unexpected blows.

Also, these are Bellota safety boots with an attractive design, so that they not only protect your feet, but also make you look good in them. They are made of black leather and red stitching, as well as a red and black breathable lining. In this way, it has a unique touch and adapts to the style of many people.

They also have dual-density polyurethane soles and a soft upper sole for greater comfort for your feet. Likewise, they have stainless steel insoles, to avoid the perforation of sharp objects in the feet. As if that were not enough, the material with which the external part is built supports abrasion.

All safety boots don’t provide good protection, but these might be the exception, even though their price is quite affordable.


Efficiency: This model not only has a metal toe cap, but also a steel insole, to offer complete foot protection.

Quality: It has resistant and durable synthetic leather, as well as a mesh-type padded internal lining, for greater ventilation and comfort.

Exterior: On the outside, the boots have an abrasion-resistant material, so that you will be very calm and safe working with them.


Size: For some people the size could be a little big, so they should order a smaller measurement than desired.

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Anibal safety boots

5. Anibal 1688-B Lace Up Boot

These could be some of the best value for money safety boots as they are cheap but have a steel insole to protect your feet from sharp objects. In addition, these Anibal safety boots are SRC, so they offer protection against slipping while you work.

In addition to this, they have polyurethane soles and anti-perforation steel insoles, so that you can use them in various types of work, so that you do not suffer serious injuries to your feet.

In the same way, these boots have a safety toe cap to protect your feet in case heavy objects fall on them. As if that were not enough, they have black leather and a breathable blue inner lining, so their design combines with work overalls of various shades and does not get dirty or stain easily.

Being one of the cheapest boots, they may be used for simple jobs in workshops, automotive or DIY. Next, we present its most outstanding characteristics.


Toecap: The toecap of the boots is resistant to unforeseen blows or various objects that accidentally fall.

Template: In the template there is a steel material that prevents piercing by sharp objects while you work.

Anti- slip: The sole is made of polyurethane and has resistance to slipping on wet or dirty surfaces.


Robustness: Although they are resistant, they do not support use in the chemical industry or in complex construction tasks.

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Diadora safety boots

6. Utility Diadora High Work Shoes Glove Mid S3

Diadora safety boots are S3 type, so they offer protection to the toecap and sole, preventing foot injuries. In addition, they are waterproof boots, so you can use them in jobs where there is a risk of them getting wet. They also have EVA insoles and shock absorption, for greater comfort in any movement you make while you work.

Another aspect that we can highlight about these boots is their padded material on the inside, as it is of the mesh type, therefore, it offers ventilation to the feet at all times.

Likewise, they have a lace closure, so they hold your feet very well, so you can move with precision during work. They even come with synthetic material on the outside and a striking gray, black or brown design, so you can buy the boots in the color you prefer.

These boots are among the most comfortable and safest options today, so it may be a good idea to review their pros and cons, which we show you below.


Protection: The tip is made of resistant aluminum, to avoid shocks of up to 200 joules. In addition, the sole will help prevent the penetration of sharp objects.

Comfort: The interior is padded and breathable, so they are comfortable boots for long working days.

Design: Its design is modern and protects the ankles from possible impacts in the workshop, home or company, depending on where you use these boots.


Thin sole: The sole at the front is very thin, so it can wear out in less time than other models on the list.

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Robust safety boots

7. Rugged Gore-Tex Barbo S2 Safety Boot

If you want Robusta safety boots, we recommend checking out this model, as it has an elegant design and high-quality materials.

These boots are made of Gore-Tex, a fairly resistant and waterproof material. They also have a PU and Nitrile sole, to protect your feet from possible sharp objects.

Similarly, they come with a steel toe cap capable of withstanding strong impacts of up to 200 joules. This is how they are part of the S2 regulation. They even protect the ankles when working, thanks to their internal height of 12.6 cm.

As if that were not enough, we mention that they come in different sizes, so you can choose the boots that best fit your feet, from 37 to 46. In addition, the design is nice and light brown, so it looks great with different overalls.

If you are looking for safety boots with Gore-Tex fabric, perhaps you will find the right option in this model, so review its main pros and cons, which we explain below.


Quality: They are made with Gore-Tex, for greater durability and waterproofing, protecting your feet in humid work environments and rainy days.

Height: Its maximum height is 12.6 cm, so it will take care of your ankles from unexpected impacts when working.

Tongue: The tongue has padded and mesh-like material, being able to offer some ventilation to your feet.


Color: It only comes in brown, so you can’t choose the one you like the most among other shades.

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Safety boots J Hayber

8. J’ Hayber Works 86014-1 New Ultralight Safety Shoes

When talking about J Hayber safety boots we usually refer to quality and durability. For example, this model of boots offers a resistant synthetic material and anti-perforation insoles, for greater protection of your feet. It even has a safe toe cap that withstands 200 joule shocks.

Other aspects that we can highlight about these boots are their light weight and flexibility, in addition to the comfort offered by their padded tongue. In this way, you can use them in various jobs and for long hours.

Also, we mentioned that they are very easy to open and close boots to put them on quickly. This is thanks to the fact that they have quite comfortable velcro closures, instead of the traditional laces that require knots. Likewise, it is important to know that the soles are non-slip and offer a practical reinforcement at the tips.

In the following section we explain the most outstanding qualities of this model of boots, it may be the one you are looking for.


Protection: The toe caps are resistant to shocks and crushing, so they will protect your feet, even if you are doing extreme work.

Velcro: The closure is velcro, so it offers greater speed when putting them on or taking them off.

Comfort: They have a padded and ventilated tongue for greater comfort in home or business work.


Fastening: Because the Velcro does not extend all the way to the top of the boots, it may not fit very well around the ankles, however this is not a disadvantage for all types of work.

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S3 safety boots

9. Caterpillar Premier 8 WR TX CT S3 HRO SRC

If you want to carry out more complex work, you need S3 safety boots like these, since they are antistatic, waterproof and anti-perforation. In addition, they have a high-quality HRO sole capable of withstanding up to 300 degrees Celsius.

In addition to this, they have a robust toe cap to protect your feet from unexpected impacts when you are working on mechanics, construction, DIY and other things.

In the same way, these boots are one of the highest in the comparison, so they protect the ankles much better. They even have side zippers, velcro closure and laces, for a more precise and stable support. Also, it should be noted that their soles are flexible and non-slip, so they offer comfort and safety at the same time.

These are safety boots for more demanding people who are looking for higher quality. If you are one of them, pay attention to this section where we will explain its most important aspects.


Security: These boots offer security against extreme heat, unexpected shocks, liquids and slips, so you will not have worries if you work with them.

Comfort: The sole is flexible, the interior is padded and has zippers for greater comfort when putting them on.

Variety: There are different sizes of these boots, including different colors, so you can buy the ones that really fit your requirements.


Weight: These boots are a bit heavy, so they might tire you out faster than others. However, they fulfill their function of protecting the feet at work.

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Shopping guide

A guide to buying the best safety boots is what many people need to understand the characteristics that they should take into account before choosing a certain model. Therefore, if this is your situation, carefully review the qualities that we present to you in the following lines.

Protection level

In a comparison of safety boots we cannot ignore the level of protection offered by the boots according to each model.

Between the levels of protection, certifications or regulations there are many options, but we will start by talking about some of the best known. The S1, S2 and S3 boots, which are available online and probably in some physical stores in your city.

These options sometimes influence the fact of how much a model of boots costs, because the type S3 can have a high price. However, you may be able to find good and cheap S3 safety boots, as there is a lot of competition in this market.

Why S3 boots are generally more expensive, the answer is simple, because they protect the feet better and almost always have higher quality materials, above all, more resistant.

The S1 also protect the feet very well, since they have a closed heel area and antistatic material on the sole. They even provide a resistant toe cap, normally supporting up to 200 joules. Likewise, the S2 type boots have the same characteristics as the S1, only that they also offer protection against water, being very useful for working in places where the ground is wet.

But if you wonder what the best work boots are, you should know that the answer will depend on the activity you do. For example, if you are going to work in construction, it is best to buy S3 safety boots. On the other hand, to clean or carry out small repairs in the car and the house, some S1 or S2 boots would be fine.

In other words, there are no better boots than others in terms of level of protection. Your purchase decision should depend directly on the type of work you do.

On the other hand, there are HRO boots, which are not very common, but if you work in a place where the ground you walk on is too hot, you will need them. These are boots whose soles withstand up to 300 degrees Celsius, being very useful in road construction.


Although most boots have laces, there are also some that have a velcro or zipper closure. For example, high boots may come with a zipper closure to open the boots and put your feet comfortably, although not all models of this type come with this feature.

The velcro closure does not offer the same stability when closing, so if you make sudden movements with your feet while working, it could give a little. For this reason, for complex jobs, lace-up boots may be more convenient, since they fit better to the feet while offering flexibility.

However, the velcro closure is more comfortable when putting on the boots, since it opens and closes quickly. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, so you must choose the boots that best suit the task at hand.


The insoles of the boots must be comfortable and soft so that you can withstand long working hours without problems. Likewise, the interior material must be padded and mesh-type, so that air enters your feet while you move from one place to another. Even the tongue should have padded and ventilated material. All this is essential in summer, since the heat makes your feet sweat a lot.

In addition to this, although the sole must be resistant, it must also be flexible, because otherwise your feet will tire faster and you will not be as agile at work.


This aspect is essential in any pair of boots, since sometimes the ground is wet or dirty and you could slip. Remember that an unexpected fall could cause severe blows to the head, back or other parts of the body. For that reason, check if the boots you are going to buy have a non-slip sole, thus avoiding accidental falls at work.


An important aspect of the design is the height, because depending on the job you may or may not need to protect your ankles. For example, if you are going to carry out complex construction work, it is best to also protect this area of ​​the feet very well.  

Aesthetics is another of the qualities that you should know when buying safety boots, because some companies require specific models or colors, for example, black or brown boots, as well as light shades.

In the same way, take into account the size of the boots, so that they are not big or small, but correctly adjusted. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the safety boots?

The use of safety boots will depend on the work carried out in a certain company, since there are boots made of different materials. Use the boots with the certificate that best suits your needs, type S1, S2, S3, HRO, etc.

On the other hand, we give you some usage tips that could be very useful for any job. First of all, close the laces of the boots well when you put them on, so that your feet do not move too much inside, as this could cause sores in some parts of the feet.

Secondly, wear soft and comfortable socks, since they will help you avoid annoying chafing with the inside of the boots. Finally, wear the boots of your size, never bigger or smaller, so you can move freely and without tiring quickly.

Q2: What are safety boots used for?

Safety boots provide protection to workers against the dangers they may be exposed to in their work, in this way, users will avoid accidents such as falls or slides, cuts and punctures in the feet. Boots even protect against liquids, be it water or other chemicals, including acids. On the other hand, there are boots that protect against burns from very hot floors or materials.

Q3: What type of PPE do safety boots belong to?

PPE are Personal Protection Equipment and are classified into three categories, in the case of safety boots most are located in the second category, however, those that are intended to protect against electrical risks, chemical attacks, hot environments or cold and ionizing radiation belong to category 3.

Q4: When do safety boots expire?

Generally, it does not have an expiration date, everything will depend on the care and maintenance you give them. Due to the materials used in the manufacture of safety boots, they are usually very resistant and durable. However, we recommend using them for about 10 years, taking into account the days that you have not kept them.

Also, remember that both the temperature and humidity of the place where you store them influence the durability of the footwear. On the other hand, once you notice that the boots are broken, unsewn or have holes in the sole, do not use them anymore. Do the latter for your own safety at work. 

Q5: How to clean safety boots?

To clean safety boots and keep them in good condition there are some practical tricks when they have a normal level of dirt. For example, leather boots are cleaned little by little with a soft bristle brush. In the case of black leather boots, use a horsehair brush daily and clean from time to time, preferably with the help of a product indicated for this.

On the other hand, if the footwear is synthetic, use a damp sponge or cloth with water no higher than 30 degrees Celsius and neutral detergent. Also, wash the laces at low temperatures, as well as the inner insole. Finally, wash the sole using a sponge with neutral detergent and cold water. 

Q6: How to soften safety boots?

If your safety boots are too tight, here are some methods that will help you break them in. The first one is to use the hair dryer. Apply hot air to the boots for about 20 seconds in any part of the shoe where you feel it is too tight, this will stretch the skin of the boot without damaging it. Combine the heat of the dryer with thick socks inside the boots for faster results.

Another method to soften boots is to use a leather conditioner, for this you will need a small brush, leather conditioner and paper towels.

Before applying it, clean the boots, then, put conditioner on a piece of paper and apply it both inside and outside evenly, leave it for a few minutes and you will have softer boots.

Q7: What material of the toe caps do the safety boots have?

Most boot toes are made of steel, but with anti-oxidant properties. In this way, they provide protection against crushing. Also, we have the injected aluminum toecaps, which are adequate to provide comfort and lightness, as well as robustness and durability.

As if that were not enough, there are basic and non-magnetic tips. The basic ones are characterized by being light and economical. As for the non-magnetic ones, they are made of fiberglass and resin.

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