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Safety Footwear – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Any working day that is carried out in an environment where it is necessary to maximize security cannot be separated from the appropriate protective equipment. Regardless of the type of occupation, comfortable feet for movement and that feel safe for work can give you the courage and confidence necessary for a successful day at work. Among the best options, we have the Panter Fragua Velcro Plus model, with an S2 protection level and made of high-quality leather, which combines safety with good comfort. For its part, the Sparco Nitro S3 RSNR, with its S3 safety certification, not only protects, but will also attract attention, due to its colors and its particular running style.

The 10 Best Safety Shoes – Opinions 2022

The safety of footwear in the workplace is important, but that you feel comfortable and at ease with its style is also important. Among the 10 alternatives below could be that pair of shoes that ideally suits both your type of work and your personality. 

Panter safety shoes 

1. Panter 414101700 Forge Velcro Plus S2

When we ask about the best brand of safety footwear, many users name Panter. A leading Spanish brand in the market and famous for offering solutions that combine protection and comfort for its users.

Among them, we have the Panter Fragua Velcro Plus model, type S2, which has details that demonstrate the quality of Panter safety footwear. We start by talking about a high-quality, water-repellent natural leather whose thickness adequately protects your feet. In addition, it supports rubbing with solvency and does not reduce mobility when walking.

In its protection, there is also a steel toe cap or an anti-perforation sole, as corresponds to that S2 category. The ankle is also well protected, with special padding. All this in a model with an antibacterial, antistatic and replaceable inner template if necessary.

Gaining safety and comfort when working is easy with this proposal that Panter offers us.


Material : Its high-quality leather is very resistant and completely waterproof.

Optimal Sole: This technology better cushions the footprint and offers greater comfort.

No slip: The sole prevents slipping, even in complex or wet areas.

Toe cap: The steel toe cap keeps your feet safe from possible blows.

Insole : This insole is antistatic and antibacterial, being able to replace it whenever you want.


Closure: The velcro closure may not be to the liking of users who prefer models with laces.

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Sparco Safety Shoes


2. Sparco Nitro S3 RSNR Shoe

All its running type design will attract attention in the middle of the work environment. With eye-catching black and red colors and the design of a sole that looks very comfortable, this model is positioned among the best safety shoes of 2022. They are shoes made of microfiber-hydro leather that makes them perfect to be used indoors and outdoors.. 

This Sparco safety footwear is S3 certified thanks to soles that combine the important characteristics of shock absorption, resistance to perforation and geometric relief sections that, in addition to an excellent level of cushioning, manage to provide support on the surface with maximum grip.

In addition to all this, the polyurethane material gives these sports style soles an ultra lightness and maximum flex level. Therefore, they are totally special for those types of work that demand constant and intense flexion of the foot. 

Let’s see more of the aspects that stand out in one of the best footwear alternatives in protection, comfort and lightness. 


Toe cap: Its toe cap is made of composite resin that resists 200 J, so your fingers are protected from strong blows. 

Insole: Its inner insole has a thermoformed anatomical design, is anti-perforation and can be removed. 

Sizes: Its size is expressed in European numbers and can be selected from sizes 38 to 47.


Price: All its qualities may seem a bit expensive with a fairly high price compared to other good options.

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Bellota safety footwear


3. Acorn 7231042S1P Safety Shoe

Bellota presents a model whose characteristics could make it the best value for money safety shoe that can currently be found on the market. In addition to having a black design combined with a very attractive green tone, these size 42 shoes are a great option for use in any work field that requires firm and safe steps. 

Its design is intended for the area of ​​construction, industry and even agriculture. This Bellota safety footwear is certified according to EN ISO 20345, so it not only ensures protection against any penetration through its sole, but also offers the best behavior on surfaces that could cause slipping. 

Thanks to its sole with wide channels, anti-slip zone and double density polyurethane, your feet will be safe on land with water, oils and hydrocarbons. These shoes are a truly effective tool for professional use. 

Being one of the cheapest options in safety footwear is just one of the standout features it has to offer.


Lining: The special Bellota mesh lines the shoe internally, providing cool and comfortable padding. 

Template: The foot rests on a flexible and anti-perforation template free of metal components. 

Sole: In addition to good shock absorption, its SRC sole ensures the necessary braking zones to control any risk of slipping. 


Size: Although your size is chosen by European numbering, the width of the last of the shoe can make you feel somewhat larger. 

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Diadora safety footwear


4. Utility Diadora Low Work Shoes Glove Net Low Pro

If you are looking for work shoes for men with superior features or the best safety shoes for women, with this option you have the possibility to choose the most complete and convenient for each one from size 36 to 48.

Both on the outside and inside, this Diadora safety shoe highlights its Net Breathing System that identifies a special breathable microporous membrane that allows the foot to breathe and feel fresh. In this way, it is able to maintain thermoregulation naturally, keeping the foot dry even in hot conditions. 

For its external part, it combines synthetic material and black leather with matching laces. The strength and grip of its sole are due to the HRO nitrile rubber used for its construction, which, in addition to offering high resistance, makes you feel light and flexible.       

In addition to a manufacturing that unites the tradition and technique that characterize Diadora, these shoes have other attributes to consider. 


Safety S3: It is an antistatic shoe, with resistance to water absorption and protection against penetration of the sole. 

Toe cap: The front area has an aluminum toe cap that provides protection and resistance to impacts of up to 200 joules. 

Use: It is ideal for work in different sectors such as construction, industry, workshops, crafts and other facilities. 


Cost: Just as it is positioned among the best in quality, the purchase of this shoe means a high-cost investment.

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S3 safety shoes


5. Jianye Men Safety Shoes S3 Women

This could be selected by many people as the best unisex safety footwear to be used in industrial work and in everyday activities. Its protective qualities are highly effective for both male and female feet. 

It is an S3 safety shoe that guarantees protection against punctures and the risk of slipping. Its sole is made of a very resistant rubber material and secured with steel to give peace of mind that no sharp object can penetrate through the bottom. In the same way, it has anti-slip shapes all over the sole to make it very reliable. 

In addition to having in its favor being part of the cheapest and quality shoes among the various options on the market, its fresh and light sports design allows it to be used for free walks and some sports activities. 

Let’s learn more about the features that make these shoes one of the most comfortable and safest options.


Mesh: They are lined with a breathable mesh that prevents sweat from accumulating and bothering your feet. 

Heel: The shape of the heel is platform type with a height of 3 centimeters that allows you to feel good stability and great comfort. 

Anti smashing: It has steel technology at its tips that protects the fingers from possible dangers and allows them to flex comfortably. 


Last: The last of the shoe is narrow, so your usual size may be a bit tight if you have a wide foot.

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Safety footwear Walls


6. Paredes Spro+ Monaco Rubidium Safety Shoe

Seeing it, it is difficult to think that under that casual and sporty design is one of the best proposals for safety footwear. In its internal part, it has a non-removable insole made with multiple compacted layers of textile material to provide a level of protection against perforations, even higher than that required by the standard. 

Its fiberglass toecap weighs much less than a steel one, guaranteeing safety with greater comfort. It is a non-magnetic and heat-insulating material capable of withstanding shocks equivalent to 200 joules, thus preventing any possible injury to the toes. 

The sport-like design of this Paredes safety footwear, size 42, is not only evident in its appearance, but also in its sole with flex grooves that also offer the flexibility of a sports shoe for daily work days. 

Let’s delve a little deeper into the description of these safety shoes for professional use.


Cut: It has a cut made with blue fabric with high abrasion resistance and a 3D side mesh to increase breathability.

Sole: Apart from very good shock absorption, its material and channel design ensure non-slip soles. 

Anti-perforation: Its insole is highly resistant to perforation and, being non-metallic, provides greater flexibility and movement to the foot. 


Lining: If you are used to shoes with linings made of rigid materials, it may seem that the fabric that covers them will not last.

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Safety footwear Cofra


7. Cofra 78430 000.w43 s1P SRC Meazza Safety Shoes

Italian brand Cofra can answer which is the best safety footwear that provides a lightweight style while offering a high level of protection. Complying with all the standards of the EN 20345 standard, its S1P and SRC classification ensure a shoe that in the toecap and sole is equipped to not allow perforations that can hurt. 

Additionally, its cover is lined with synthetic and breathable microtech with a minifiber that adds waterproof properties and resistance to some chemical products. This Cofra safety footwear also does not miss details in what it must have to provide adequate comfort to the feet. 

On the inside of each shoe, a three-dimensional 100% polyester Sany-dry lining helps absorb moisture and prevent bad odors thanks to its antibacterial effect. 

In addition to being highly effective in keeping the skin on your feet dry, these Cofra shoes have more to evaluate. 


Template: Its internal template called Cofra Soft has two layers. The upper one helps breathability and the lower one aids shock absorption. 

Sole: In addition to its anti-perforation property, its sole is resistant to oils and has a very good grip on the ground.

Toecap: On its front part, the toecap has an aluminum coating that protects against blows of up to 200 J.


Scratches: The covering skin may not be as resistant to scratches and when this happens, stripes and scratch marks are evident.

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Safety shoes J Hayber


8. J’ Hayber Works Safety Shoes Style S1P SRC NAVY

These J Hayber safety shoes exemplify the history of a brand with more than 40 years manufacturing safety clothing and footwear. It is a sport model that is part of its own line and offers the worker a casual style capable of guaranteeing peace of mind in the face of those most common occupational risks.   

All the technological innovation for the maximum protection of your feet is in these navy blue sports safety shoes. Their great differential value is evident when wearing them you feel so light that you even forget that they are shoes designed for intense work. 

Your feet won’t get tired during a long day of work thanks to a wide last that gives you enough space to feel comfortable and experience as little fatigue as possible. In addition, its flex level is the maximum given, and it is free of metal components in its design. 

It is an option considered by some as the best safety footwear of the moment when you are looking for lightness on your feet. Here more details of these shoes. 


Design: Its attractive sport design has an outer lining made of suede and mesh that combines various shades of blue with its laces and sole. 

Toecap: Its resin composite toecap is much lighter, although just as resistant and effective at pressures of 200 J. 

Template: The anti-perforation resistance of your template is not metallic but textile. This fabric covers the entire foot, protecting it completely. 


Hardness: When the sole is new, its material may feel somewhat hard and stiff to flex at first.

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Safety footwear U Power


9. U-Power Summer S1p SRC Unisex Safety Shoes

The Summer model of this U Power safety footwear has been created to provide maximum comfort to your feet in the midst of hard and intense work in the heat of summer days. The materials used for the manufacture of its outer part are soft natural grain leather and special Airnet textile fibers to achieve high breathability. 

The structure of its design makes these shoes very functional for both men and women. So, by tightening the laces to its padded nylon gusset, you will only feel your feet wrapped in total comfort. Its internal Wing Tex ventilated lining contributes to this by ensuring maximum perspiration capacity with its absorbent microcells. 

Among other important properties, its S1P security classification also guarantees its antistatic feature, preventing any accumulation of static electricity from affecting it.  

You will stop looking for what safety footwear to buy to use in summer when you learn more about the qualities of this model.


Infinergy: This technology achieves a light and elastic sole capable of flexing in any part of the foot that is needed. 

Sole: In addition to its flexibility, its sole is made of polyurethane and ensures anti-abrasion, anti-slip and oil resistance properties.

Toe cap: In addition to the aluminum material your Airtoe cap is made of, it helps wick away sweat with a breathable mesh. 


Heel: The style of its continuous heel may sometimes give you the feeling that your foot slides forward.

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Goodyear Safety Shoes

10. Goodyear GYSHU1503 Men’s Safety Shoes 

From size 36 to 46 you can get this very modern sports-style Goodyear safety shoe. The combination of different materials and colors makes these shoes aesthetically very attractive for some people. The light blue and bright lime green colors bring a lot of life to the design.

In addition to its striking presentation, it has an S1 safety certification that guarantees, in addition to antistatic footwear, one that protects the front part of the foot with its toecap resistant to impacts of up to 200 joules. This particular model has a composite toe cap made of powerfully strong, metal-free composite resin material. 

They are very light shoes that are positioned as comfortable safety footwear, capable of providing the male foot with the necessary and desired comfort during many hours of continuous work. 

Let’s highlight more reasons why they are in the top 10 safety shoe options. 


Template: The internal template offers double benefit, being anatomically adjustable to the foot and antibacterial to prevent bad odors. 

Heel: It has an additional reinforcement in the heel area to provide the ankle with the greatest possible stability and comfort. 

Sole: Its non-slip Strobel sole allows you to move without slipping on flat, muddy, wet or oily surfaces. 


Durability: Since they are S1 classification shoes, their sole will not last in environments where there is a danger of stepping on materials that can pierce it.

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Shopping guide

Avoiding injuries due to work accidents is one of the aspects that both the employer and the worker must take care of. Safety shoes are part of the essential clothing, especially in this type of industry where the risk of foot injuries is real. This guide to buying the best safety footwear will show you aspects that must be considered in order to make the right selection. 


The different criteria that govern the safety regulations for this type of footwear is the first thing that must be evaluated before how much it costs or how attractive its design is. You can have different models of safety shoes in front of you, but not all of them have the same protection characteristics. 

When you are doing your walk through the catalogues, apart from the CE marking, you will see descriptions that accompany each model to indicate the categories with which they comply with the EN ISO 20345 Standard. Although the combinations SB, S1, S1P, S2, S3, S4, S5 or SRC are the most common, there are many more. 

The important thing is to understand that you may need to do your research and make sure that the option you like will work for the type of protection you need. A shoe classified as work is not the same as a safety shoe. 

For example, all safety shoes have toe caps, but not all are equipped to protect against punctures of the sole by sharp objects. Some may be great at preventing slipping on wet surfaces, though not necessarily guaranteed to do so on greasy floors. 


Accompanying the level of protection with a design that you like is totally possible. When making the comparison of safety footwear, you will notice that aesthetics is now taken into account by manufacturers. There are unisex models or specific anatomy for the male or female foot. 

Similarly, all safety features can come in high or low formats such as boots, casual shoes or sneakers that are fastened with laces, buckles or Velcro. Likewise, the variety of material and colors is very wide. They can be made of leather, smooth synthetic fabrics, with meshes and even combined. 

Colors range from neutrals like black, brown, and gray to more vivid colors like red or lime green. In fact, there are some models of shoes that at first glance could not be related to their work function and you can wear them to any casual or even sports occasion. 


The resistance in both its outer shell and soles is expressed in various ways to achieve the necessary comprehensive protection in your work environment. For example, a worker in a chemical laboratory does not have the same need for footwear as one who works in mines or on construction sites. 

Let’s start with the EN ISO 20345: 2011 standard, as all shoes with this certification are equipped with a toe cap that guarantees impact resistance up to 200 joules to protect your toes. 

Also, you can find safety footwear whose outer lining repels the penetration of water or chemical products. On the other hand, properties resistant to electricity, very hot surfaces, soils with hydrocarbons and cuts or perforations by sharp objects can be sought in the soles.  


If safety footwear is cheap and manages to bring together all the necessary protection plus comfort, then it is the ideal option. For complete comfort, look at three key aspects: fit, lightness and flexibility. Acquiring a shoe of the appropriate size becomes more important in safety footwear. By fitting well, there will be no chance of chafing or feeling of tightness in the foot. 

If your job requires you to walk continuously, a lightweight shoe will allow you to move with energy without fatiguing your feet. And, if bending over multiple times is part of your daily routine, a good level of sole flexibility is paramount.

Another quality that increases comfort is the presence of internal anatomical insoles or padded linings. In addition to working great as shock absorbers for all the weight, they help the entire sole of the foot feel stable and firm.

The last important detail is the description of the use of breathable material. A dry foot feels comfortable, so a shoe that uses technology to allow breathability should be highly valued. There are brands that have patented their own breathable and antibacterial membranes, insoles and meshes to achieve this goal.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use safety shoes? 

After having selected the safety footwear, depending on the foot defense it offers and the size that suits you, it is up to you to use it appropriately to benefit from all its protection. 

Avoid putting on your shoes with wet feet, let alone bare feet. Accompanying them with socks is the most appropriate, as it will prevent possible friction and help your feet stay fresh and dry. 

Before adjusting the laces or the closure system that it has, move your foot and toes to verify that the insole does not move and the toe does not bother. Then, close them well, without tightening them to a point that hinders blood circulation or leaving them so loose that stability can be lost, which can cause ankle sprains. 

Q2: When is the use of safety footwear mandatory? 

In any work environment where there is a risk of being hit by tools that may fall on the foot, perforations by nails or pointed objects on the floor, slips or walking on very hot floors, safety footwear must be part of the individual protection equipment of the worker. worker. 

In the minimum safety and health provisions of the laws of the Ministry of Labor, it is read that each company must ensure that workers have and properly use all safety clothing.


Q3: How to clean safety shoes?

It totally depends on the type of material used for your outer lining and inner insole. However, an important general recommendation is to avoid total immersion in water, except for the laces. 

If the upper part is made of Nubuck, leather or fabrics, cleaning with a soft bristle brush is best. In case of extreme dirt, brushing under warm running water will work well. If the material is synthetic, then a damp cloth or sponge will do the job. 

Periodically, it is good to remove the insole to brush it and wash it by hand. And, for the soles, the use of a sponge and neutral soap comes in handy.


Q4: What does S3 mean in safety shoes? 

The S3 classification in safety footwear is one of the most complete and, in general, is recommended for the field of industry, construction or work in mines. 

This means that the shoe has properties such as having a toecap resistant to 200J, a closed heel area, being antistatic, resistant to the absorption and penetration of water and having a sole with projections resistant to hydrocarbons and perforations by sharp objects.


Q5: What guarantee does the safety shoes have? 

According to the law, like any other type of footwear or product, it will have a legal guarantee of two years. Additionally, there is usually a guarantee from the company that processes the sale of two or three months from the moment of acquisition. 

When making the purchase, remember to keep the invoice or receipt. In the same way, we always recommend that you read very well the terms and conditions that the seller gives you for any claim or return so that you can manage everything on time if necessary.

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