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In DIY, construction and repair tasks, it is usually very useful to have sandpaper, to give the appropriate finish to various surfaces. One of the advantages of this tool is that it can be used as needed depending on its type and if you want to know some good options, you can check the Lanhu Assortment model. It is a set of 12 sheets of sandpaper with different grains for greater utility. Its size is comfortable to handle and can be used both wet and dry. Another good alternative could be Mohoo Gravon FRB1, which offers you 36 units with granulation between 120 to 3,000 so you can use it on wood, metal and polish.

The 9 Best Sandpapers – Opinions 2022


Sandpapers are a tool complement that is very useful to obtain clean and chip-free finishes, so now you will be able to know some attractive options so that you can equip your workshop with a good set of this product, in order to have it on hand when you need it:

sandpaper for wood


1. Lanhu 120 To 5000 Assorted Grit Sandpaper   

A good option if you are looking for sandpaper for wood that is also capable of smoothing other types of materials could be the one offered by the Lanhu brand.

The set is made up of 12 units of sandpaper of different grains, with a minimum of 1,000 and a maximum of 5,000, so you can use the appropriate sandpaper depending on the material you are going to work with.

Each sheet of sandpaper has dimensions of 22.8 x 27.9 centimeters so that you can cover wide spaces when using it. Plus, it’s easy to cut if you need a specific size for sanding small items or hard-to-reach corners.

On the other hand, it is also considered the best sandpaper because it is made with a combination of electro-coated silicon carbide, allowing you to use it both dry and wet.

Lanhu’s model is probably considered by some to be the best sandpaper of the moment, so now we will know its pros and cons:


Set: The Lanhu brand set offers you a total of 12 sheets of sandpaper for your DIY and construction projects.

Grain: The papers have different levels of grain, so their usefulness can be applied to various needs.

Practical: You can use it dry or wet thanks to its manufacturing materials, which are abrasive regardless of their state.

Size: All sandpaper sheets are a standard size, but can be easily trimmed.


Wear: The abrasive effect of this sandpaper can wear out quickly if used in high friction.

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2. Zacro 51 Pcs Sandpaper


Zacro offers you a set of sandpaper made up of 51 sheets of assorted granules, designed to add greater practicality to the product, since you can use it on different surfaces and finishes.

Each sheet of sandpaper for wood is fully identified with the level of grain on the back, which will help you choose the most suitable depending on the roughness of the material you are working with.

Among the grain levels you can find papers of 120, 240, 600, 800, 1,200, among others, which, in addition, can be used both dry and wet. Thanks to this, it will be possible to use sandpaper to improve finishes on metal surfaces or to polish car polish, for example.

As for their size, they are 22.8 x 27.9 centimeters, being very easy to handle in DIY tasks and if you need a smaller size, you can cut them with ordinary scissors without problems.

Zacro could become the best sandpaper brand with products like this multi-piece set:


Materials: Sandpapers are made from silicon carbide with other materials electroplated to increase strength.

Quantity: The Zacro pack contains 51 sheets of sandpaper that, in addition to being durable, you can have a special one for each use.

Granulation: The sheets come with different degrees of granulation, the minimum being 120 and the maximum being 3,000, which adds practicality.

Applications: Thanks to the granulations, you can use them to sand wood and metals without problems.


Thickness: The sandpapers are a little thinner than other options that you could find in the market. But they serve their purpose well.

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sandpaper for metal


3. Mohoo Assorted Sandpaper 36 Dry Sandpaper


From the Mohoo brand we present an alternative if you need a good set of sandpaper for metal. This assortment of 36 blades can also be used on wood or stone, being able to remove grains of sand and grind metals.

In addition, some users would say that it is one of the best sandpapers of 2022 thanks to the fact that it contains waterproof gravel, which allows you to use dry or wet sandpaper sheets depending on the material you are going to work with. For example, by using sandpaper moistened with water to smooth wood, the presence of dust is minimized.

In this sense, it should be noted that the purchase of the product includes a support that works as a manual sander, as it has the appropriate dimensions to attach the blade. It has a padded and ergonomic handle, as well as fasteners at both ends.

If you are not sure about which sandpaper to buy, we invite you to evaluate this option in detail:


Sander: You will be able to install the sheets on the manual sander that is included with the purchase of the kit.

Dimensions: Each sheet of sandpaper has dimensions of 22.8 x 9.3 centimeters, making it just the right size for the hand sander.

Granulation: Since the pack contains 36 sheets of paper, you can find units from 120 grains to 3,000 grains.

Utility: This sandpaper can be used on wood, metal and stone without problems, and even for polishing.


Materials: Please note that the hand sander is made of plastic, so it is not very robust.

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4. Navaris Set Of 42 Sandpapers


From the Navaris brand we present a set of sandpaper sheets that you can use to polish surfaces, improve finishes, remove chips, paint residue and much more.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the sandpaper set for metal and other surfaces consists of a total of 42 units, so that you do not run out of materials in the middle of a project. This will allow you to use different sandpaper for each surface, avoiding staining it with traces of paint or other residues.

Likewise, to achieve this practicality, the sandpapers have a varied granulation that goes from fine to coarse, allowing you to choose the most appropriate according to the aggressiveness of abrasion you are looking for. All these details have managed to lead the Navaris product to be considered by some users as probably the best value for money sandpaper.

If you want to save money, one of the cheapest options on the list is offered by Navaris with its set, which you can learn more about below:


Grain: The grain levels of the sheets range from 120 to 3,000, offering fine, medium and coarse units.

Surfaces: They are suitable for use on wood, stone, porcelain and even steel.

Size: Each sheet has a size of 9.3 x 23 centimeters having a comfortable design to use with blocks or hand sanders.

Weight: The weight of the complete pack barely reaches 200 grams, being light and easy to store or transport.


Base: If you don’t secure the sandpaper to a base or fastener, it can be awkward to use due to its width.

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water sandpaper


5. Gyvazla Sandpaper 45 Piece 80 to 3000


If among your plans is to remove rust from metal surfaces, you need a good water-based sandpaper and that is what this Gyvazla brand set offers you.

It has a total of 45 pieces of sandpaper that have a granularity between 80 and 3,000 in order to be used for different applications and materials, such as porcelain, wood, plastic and metal.

On the other hand, the size of the sheets of the Gyvazla set is 9.3 x 23 centimeters, which makes them suitable if they want to be installed on hand sanders for workshops, DIY and home repairs.

It should also be noted that all the units in the set are waterproof, which allows them to be used dry or wet, expanding the possibilities of use, as well as the objects and materials with which they can work.

Gyvazla’s product has striking advantages, which will be reviewed in the following space:


Set: This option gives you 45 sheets of sandpaper so you have spare parts to spare during your projects.

Grainy: Grainy offers variety so you can use them aggressively as well as delicately.

Waterproof: They are waterproof so they can be used wet and dry, allowing them to be applied to various surfaces.

Applications: Due to the graininess, these sandpapers can be used on plastic, metal, wood, porcelain, stone, etc.


Traces: If the sandpaper is used on something white, it is likely that the friction will leave black marks.

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6. Ueetek Dry and Water Sandpaper


Ueetek has in its catalog a set of sandpaper made up of 36 sheets of 23 x 9 centimeters, a standard size for manual machines. However, they can be trimmed if you need a smaller sandpaper.

As for its manufacture, this option stands out for having embedded silicon carbide minerals, which are adhered by electrolysis for greater resistance and durability of the blades.

On the other hand, with this water-based sandpaper you can give the right finish to materials as diverse as wood, glass or metal thanks to its grain size, which ranges from 400 to 3,000, offering more and less aggressive units than others.

In addition to this, Ueetek sandpapers are waterproof and can be used with heavy liquids other than water, such as varnish, lacquer, rubber and oil, allowing them to be used in all types of finishes, repairs or modifications.

To help you make your purchase decision, we have selected the most important aspects of this Ueetek product:


Uses: This type of sandpaper is suitable for use in polishing and sanding depending on the grit unit you choose.

Granulated: You will have available sheets of 400 grains, 600, 800, 1,000, 1,200, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500 and 3,000.

Coating: The coating of the sandpaper is electrical, so the minerals adhere more strongly and lengthen the usefulness of the product.

Liquids: They can be used with water, oil, rubber, lacquer and varnish, allowing easy sanding of wood and metal.


Brittle: Although the paper is waterproof, it is not advisable to moisten it excessively so as not to damage the back side.

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Other products


7. Starcke Ersta Abrasives Matador Surface Sandpaper


If you are looking for a set of sandpaper for delicate work and polished finishes, the Starcke brand product could be what you are looking for, since it offers you 3,000, 5,000 and 7,000 grit units.

These types of sandpaper often have very small embedded minerals, mostly from sand and glass. For this reason, the abrasion of the leaves is light and smooth.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, these Starcke sandpapers are waterproof, in case you want to use them with a complement, and they have a size of 23 x 28 centimeters, which helps to handle them with greater ease and comfort, as well as install them on professional polishers or sanders.

Finally, it should be noted that this Starcke brand product is among the cheapest of those selected in case you want to save money.

Starcke offers you a striking and practical alternative for various jobs, so it would not hurt to evaluate its advantages and disadvantages:


Grain: These are sandpapers with a very fixed grain, mainly for removing scratches and polishing surfaces.

Size: Its size is pleasant to handle in the hands and can be cut according to your needs.

Waterproof: The impermeability of the sheets gives you the possibility of using them with water or oils.

Applications: Thanks to the fine granulation, these sheets can be used in the domestic and professional field.


Units: The set includes just 6 sheets of sandpaper, much less compared to other offers.

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8. Wolfcraft 2877000 Manual Sanding Kit


If you have not been able to determine which is the best sandpaper, you may be interested in knowing this Wolfcraft product.

One of the most notable advantages of this option is that the purchase includes its respective manual sander, which has the right size to work together with the sheets of the set. The kit has dimensions of 16 x 8.5 x 4.5 centimeters, while the papers measure 9.3 x 23 centimeters and can be trimmed to the size of the sander.

Regarding the grain, you can use them for semi-demanding jobs, since they are offered in levels of 120, 180, 60 and 80, which, in turn, increases the general resistance of each of the sheets.

Finally, it stands out that the set, in addition to the manual sander, offers 40 pieces of sandpaper so that you have enough in your workshop when working on a project.

When you need good sandpaper, the Wolfcraft brand offers useful alternatives for various uses:


Sander: It comes with its respective manual sander to facilitate the work when using the product.

Variety: The set is distributed in 10 sheets of sandpaper for each grit level.

Granulated: The granulated ranges from medium to coarse, being a useful pack for working with wood, metal and stone.

Cuts: Although the papers are larger than the sander, they can be cut with scissors very easily.


Robustness: The sander is not robust enough to work comfortably with angles and edges, so it is recommended to use a block or wooden block.

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9. Siquk 36 Pieces Sandpaper


Siquk offers you a set of 36 sheets of sandpaper specially designed for automotive applications.

This product contains a variety of granulation between its sheets, being able to find units of grain 1,500, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 and 7,000. As you will see, its properties and effects will not be too aggressive, being useful for treating car paint, scratches, opaque headlights, etc.

Regarding its size, the sheets have dimensions of 22.8 x 9 centimeters so that you can use them in blocks, blocks, manual and electric sanders. Also, they are made with silicon carbide in fine particle application for granulation.

In addition to what is mentioned in consideration of this product, these sandpapers can be applied dry or also accompanied by water, lacquer, varnish or oil in case you need to work on a particular material such as wood or metal, for example.

In case you have doubts when choosing the sandpaper for your project, do not forget to review its pros and cons:


Grained: The set is made up of fine-grained sheets for polishing, surface finishes and non-aggressive modifications.

Printing: The integration of silicon carbide in the sandpapers was done by seeding technique with nano sand for best results.

Compatibility: You can combine the use of this material with lubricants or additives such as water, varnish and others.

Coating: The rear part has an electro coating to improve grip and friction.


Uses: As it is a fine-grained product, its application is somewhat limited to improving the finishes already obtained or recovering the original shine.

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Shopping guide


If you think you need help choosing the right product, in this space you will have access to a guide to buying the best sandpaper on the market depending on the type of work you are doing. We will analyze some important characteristics so that you can choose an economical and useful kit.

sandpaper type

For many users, one of the first things to be clear about when reviewing a sandpaper comparison is what type you are looking for. For this, you must first consider the material with which you are going to work. Also, you should keep in mind that the type of paper can affect how much the set costs, since its manufacturing materials are the reference point to differentiate them.

In the category of sanding materials, sandpaper shares space with other tools such as sanding sponges, steel wool, files and rasps. Each one has its respective advantages and particular uses, but sandpaper sheets differ precisely because of that, because they use paper.

You can find sandpaper sheets that are printed on paper or fabric, the latter being more resistant. However, the paper used to make sandpaper is more similar to cardboard, so its resistance is quite high.  

Leaf Granulation

The grit of the sandpaper may be one of the most important focuses in determining the most suitable purchase option. Fortunately, you can find sets on the market that include sheets with varied granulation to give them greater utility.

In the case of sandpapers, the grain size is defined in 5 levels: very fine, fine, medium, coarse and very coarse. The first corresponds to a grain level between 240 and 400, the second goes from 150 to 180, the third from 100 to 120, the fourth from 60 to 80 and the fifth from 40 to 50. However, you can also choose very high fineness sandpapers that are mainly used for polishing and shine, including those that exceed 1,000 granulation and even 7,000.

As you can see, while the grain number of the paper is lower, its abrasive properties will be higher, since larger and more resistant minerals are used, being able to work with robust materials such as steel or stone.

So before you choose which sandpaper to use to remove paint from an old table when restoring it, or file down a scratch on your car to hide it, check that you’re using the right grit for your application.


paper size

The next feature focuses on the size of the sandpaper sheet. As you know, there are manual and automatic sanding machines, which also differ in that they are of various shapes.

One of the advantages that sandpapers offer is that they can be cut to the shape needed to work. For example, if you have purchased a set of square sheets and have a rectangular hand sandpaper, you will only have to take a pair of scissors and cut the paper until it is the right size to be installed. However, before you do this, make sure you have taken the measurements of the base so that it can fit as well as possible and make it easier to handle when running the sheet over surfaces.

Others even have adhesive on the back, to be secured mainly to automatic sanding machines, which need to strengthen the grip of the paper in order to obtain the expected result.

Suggested Applications

Another detail that you could consider to choose a good sandpaper, that makes your investment worth your money, are the applications that you can give it.

By having different sizes, materials of manufacture and granulation, some products can be specially manufactured to work with a particular type of surface.

For example, sets that include various grit sandpapers will let you work with wood, ceramic, stone, porcelain, metal, paint, rust, and more. Also, if you use a low grit unit, you could also use it to polish surfaces. These are much more useful, as you will have specific units on hand for each job.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning that some options are made with waterproof materials that allow the use of sandpaper dry or moistened with water, oil or lubricant. This quality gives you the freedom to work more comfortably with the blade and to better control the amount of dust or remnants that may be produced by sanding the object.


Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use sandpaper?

Using sandpaper to work with wood, for example, is a fairly simple task and has the same steps to use on other materials depending on the grain of the paper.

The first thing you should do is secure the piece you want to sand to a fixed object, such as tweezers, clamps, pliers, among others. Once in position, take the sandpaper and wrap it around a wooden block for ease of use and easier application of pressure. You also have the option to cut the paper based on the size that is most useful for you to handle.

Sand the entire surface you want to clean of impurities starting with the paper with the highest grain and ending with the one with the lowest grain, as it is designed to perfect the finish. Go touching the surface with your bare hand to check the status and thus decide when you have achieved the desired level.

Q2: How to put the sandpaper on the sander?

To change the sandpaper in your sander, for example in an orbital type, you must first disconnect the equipment from any power source, be it the plug, power adapter or built-in battery.

Now you will need to find a table or other flat surface to lay the sander face up, so that you have the disc where the sandpaper is installed in front of you.

Remove the old paper by grabbing any protrusion from its corners and make sure there is no residue like glue or dirt left on the disc. Take the new sandpaper and place it on top of the piece until you line it up to make sure you don’t need to resize it.

If it fits snugly on the disc, you can remove the backing that covers the adhesive from the sandpaper to stick it onto the piece of equipment. Press with your fingers all the sections of the sheet until it is completely fixed and voila, you will have your sander ready to use.


Q3: How is sandpaper made?

Commercially manufactured sandpaper begins with reels of paper, which are run through a series of presses that print both sides of the paper. The upper one is responsible for integrating the minerals of the granules into the paper, while the second magnetizes the material for a firmer bond.

After the entire reel of paper dries, it’s ready for the next step, which is to apply a resin coating on top to prevent crystals and minerals from coming off the paper.

Finally, a special adhesive is integrated into the underside of the paper along with protectors to make it easy to replace the sheet on a sander.


Q4: How to sharpen scissors with sandpaper?

If your scissors have dull blades, you can use sandpaper to restore their original integrity. For this you will need a fine grain sheet that does not exceed 280 granulation.

Put on some safety gloves as a precaution and take the scissors between your hands to open its leaves. You can also remove the security screw if you prefer to disassemble it, this would make the process more comfortable if you have a vise handy.

Now, with the sandpaper in your other hand, place the rough part on top of the edge by applying pressure to the angle of the blade. Go over the sandpaper several times until you start to notice a slight shine. Repeat the process for the other blade and reassemble the scissor to test its new capability.


Q5: What is the finest grain that we can find in sandpaper?

Currently, the market offers sandpaper with a minimum grain size of between 240 and 400, being a fairly fine sheet designed to work on delicate surfaces or that need a much less aggressive touch-up than with other papers with a higher grain size. However, you can also find models that exceed these levels of graininess, but you should know that they are essentially designed for polishing.

Q6: What mineral is sandpaper made of?

Sandpaper can be classified into three types depending on the grain or mineral used in its manufacture. The first is the one made with silicon carbide. This mineral is thin, brittle and angular, but can be used to sand materials such as glass, stone, marble, ceramics, rubber, etc.

The second type is the one made of aluminum oxide or corundum. Unlike carbide, this mineral is round and has no edges. In addition, it has high durability, being useful for metal and wood.

Lastly, the third type of sandpaper is made from zirconium corundum. This blade contains a fairly uniform grain and the longest durability of all, making it very practical for working steel.

Q7: What is anti-clogging sandpaper for?

The anti-paste sandpaper has a fine grain, ranging from 400 to 80 maximum, being an alternative that can be used in initial roughing on the surface and the first phases of the finish that you want to give to the material. This is achieved thanks to the fact that this type of sandpaper has an open grain pattern that prevents the accumulation of dust on the work surface.


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