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Screw – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Among the metal fastening accessories, screws occupy a very important space, not only in industry but also in our homes, since they have a cylindrical shape with a thread, to be able to insert them into metals, plastics, wood and other materials, however, each one is indicated for different jobs, for this reason, we have made a selection of some of the most outstanding products. INDEX Fixing Systems model AFZN144819 includes 250 self-tapping screws, zinc plated for durability. On the other hand, the INDEX Fixing Systems BCPZ4214 contains 500 flat head steel screws measuring 4.2mm x 14mm.

The best screws on the market 

Screws allow you to join pieces together to create new furniture, make repairs, and even hang decorative objects on walls and ceilings. For this reason, it is important to define the work you are going to do to choose the model that best suits your needs. Below, we present some of the most outstanding products according to the opinion of many users. 

wood screws

INDEX Fixing Systems AFZN144819

If you are looking for the best screw to carry out activities inside and outside the home, you may be interested in this model, since it is a box that includes 250 wood screws, which are made of steel and zinc-coated, so that they better resist corrosion. and oxidation, while making them look brighter. Additionally, they work to bond metal and plastic objects into metal materials.

Each piece measures 4.8mm x 19mm, making them suitable for sheet metal and other shallow surfaces. In addition, they have a special thread that allows the material to be perforated easily and without damaging it. They also have a hexagonal head, so that you can screw them with a fixed or adjustable wrench.

It is a type of self-drilling screw with a drill tip, so that you can complete the task in less time, since it allows for easier drilling with manual and electric tools. As if that were not enough, this model can be used for the interior and exterior of your home, since it is weather resistant.

The best screw of the moment may be the one that provides an optimal level of fixation and at the same time offers a long useful life, for this reason, we invite you to analyze in more detail the pros and cons of this model:


Quantity: It is a box that contains 250 pieces, so you can use the screws for multiple projects, both at home and in the workshop.

Materials: They are made of high quality steel, in addition, they have a zinc coating, which not only protects them from oxidation, but also makes them look brighter.

Tip: One of the benefits that these screws offer is that they have a drill tip, so you can screw them more easily.


Size: Some users may find the screws very small, since they measure 4.8 x 19 mm.

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Sheet metal screw

INDEX Fixing Systems BCPZ4214

This product is among the best screws of 2022, if we take into account the opinions of some users. This is thanks to the fact that they have been made of steel and have a zinc coating for greater durability, in this way they are able to resist atmospheric conditions such as rain and sun.

The package includes 500 screws measuring 4.2 x 14 mm, suitable for fastening thin elements, but the brand also offers the option of larger ones measuring 4.2 x 23 mm, for drilling and adjusting thicker materials. thick.

This model can be a good option if you need a flat head screw, as it allows for a more subtle finish on wood or aluminum surfaces. Likewise, it is easy to install with the use of a screwdriver, since it has a cross tread. However, as it is a self-tapping screw, it is advisable to previously perforate the material with a drill, using a slightly finer bit than its diameter.

The best brand of screws is not the one that has the highest prices, but the one that offers the greatest variety in its product catalog. This could be the case with INDEX Fixing Systems, however it is worth reviewing the positive and negative features of this product more carefully:


Head: They have an extra-flat head, which allows a cleaner finish on surfaces. In addition, it has a cross tread so that you can carry out the work with a screwdriver.

Zinc Plated: These screws have been coated with zinc, to provide greater resistance. Also, this allows for a glossier finish.

Dimensions: They have measurements of 4.2 x 14 mm, but they are also available in 4.2 x 23 mm, so you can choose the most convenient model.


Thread: It is necessary to open the holes previously using a drill, otherwise the screws could lose the thread.

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Allen screw

KS Tools 970.0390

It is a plastic box with 9 compartments that contain 106 screws of different sizes, among which are 25 that measure 4 x 12 mm and another 25 that measure 5 x 12 mm, so you can carry out many repairs.

It also comes with 20 pieces of 5 x 25 mm, 10 of 6 x 12 mm, 10 of 6 x 25 mm, 5 of 8 x 25 mm, 5 of 8 x 40 mm, 3 of 10 x 25 mm and 3 of 10 x 40 mm, so you will have an allen screw for every need. The package is shaped like a suitcase and is transparent, so you can easily see the contents.

They are screws for various uses in the home, which can get you out of trouble at any time. As if that were not enough, this is one of the cheapest models, so it also means saving money.

If this product catches your eye, but you still have doubts about which screw to buy, you’d better review the pros and cons again before making a decision:


Suitcase: It is a suitcase-shaped box, which has 9 compartments with 106 screws of different sizes, so you can choose the most suitable one for each occasion.

Variety: Contains 10 pieces of 6 x 12 mm, 10 of 6 x 25 mm, 20 pieces of 5 x 25 mm, 5 of 8 x 25 mm, 5 of 8 x 40 mm, 3 of 10 x 25 mm, 3 of 10 x 40 mm, 25 of 4 x 12 mm and another 25 that measure 5 x 12 mm.

Weight: Despite the quantity, the box only weighs 481 g, so you can carry it from one place to another without too much effort.


Material: According to the opinion of a user, the material is not very resistant, so they are recommended for domestic use.

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torx screw

Forgefix CFS182

This model offers you a torx screw specially designed to make fixings in concrete, without the need to use plugs. The package includes 100 pieces of 7.5 x 182 mm, but the brand also has various sizes available, ranging from 7.5 x 42 mm to 7.5 x 202 mm, so you can choose the size that suits you best.

They are high-threaded screws, so they achieve a very powerful hold, so you can make safe installations on walls and ceilings. In addition, they are resistant to corrosion, thanks to the fact that they have been subjected to a zinc yellow passivation process, which creates an inert film to protect the metal.

One of the advantages of these screws is that they allow a higher tightening torque. They are indicated for the placement of door and window frames, since they work very well with wood, but they can also be used in plumbing and electricity.

This is one of the cheapest options on the list considering that the package includes cover caps and a T30 bit. However, it does not hurt to review in detail the pros and cons of the product before making the purchase:


Passivated: Among the benefits offered by these screws is that they have been covered with a zinc film with a yellow finish, for greater durability.

Quantity: There are 100 pieces with measures of 7.5 x 182 mm each screw, so that you can make multiple repairs.

Accessories: They come with an individual plug and a torx-compatible bit, so you do not have to incur additional expenses.


Usage: One user has commented that these screws work well for home troubleshooting, but not for professional use.

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Tapping screw

Walfront ASINPPOKAL18673

If you are looking for a self-tapping screw, then this product may interest you as it contains 800 pieces of different sizes and does not cost too much money. Plus, they’re nickel-plated carbon steel for strength and come in a clear plastic 8-compartment box for quick access. 

This model can be of great help when you need a round head screw. It is indicated for electronics, metallurgy, hydraulics, electricity, as well as for adjusting thin pieces of materials such as plastic, metal and wood. Thanks to its thread, you can do the installation even with a manual screwdriver.

Some users think that it is the best value for money screw, since the package contains 100 self-adhesive screws measuring M2 x 4 mm, 100 conical screws measuring M2 x 5 mm, 100 autoclaving screws measuring M2 x 6 mm and 100 threaded M2 x 16 mm, among other types of screws that are useful for all kinds of repairs. 

Buying a box of screws is a long-term investment, since we don’t have to go to the specialty store every time we need one. For this reason, we invite you to analyze in more detail the information available on this product:


Head: They are flat head screws, so they are used to embed, allowing them to be less visible on surfaces. 

Uses: Although they are indicated for use in carpentry, they can also be used in other areas such as metallurgy and electricity.

Variety: Includes 800 small screws of different sizes, from M2 x 4 mm to M2 x 20 mm. 


Accessories: The package does not include nuts, washers or any accessories, so you must buy them separately if you need them. 

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Screw nut

TopDirect 500pcs M3 M4 M5

If what you are looking for is a more secure fastening mechanism, this 500-piece model may be convenient, which includes 250 flat head screws with different dimensions and 250 nuts, organized in a transparent plastic box with 15 compartments, which allows easier access. 

This screw nut system can be used in the repair of faucets, doors, lamps, rotary knobs, pipes and other small DIY projects inside and outside the home. For greater practicality, each group of pieces comes in a small plastic bag, so they do not mix with each other.

The head has an allen tread, so they allow a higher tightening torque, for this reason, this product could answer the question of which is the best screw. In addition, the package includes M3, M4 and M5 screws of different lengths and nuts for each diameter. The pieces are made of stainless steel and comply with the EU ROHS and WEEE standards of respect for the environment. 

The nut and bolt set is very useful to complement industrial and construction fasteners, for this reason, this model can be of great help, however, it is worth reviewing the positive and negative characteristics of the product before purchasing it:


Footprint: Thanks to the allen footprint, these screws allow a more secure tightening torque.

Diameter: The package includes screws with a nominal outside diameter of 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm, which are the most used in small jobs. It also comes with the respective nuts.

Ecological: This product complies with the EU ROHS and WEEE regulations, since it is friendly to the ecosystem.


Box: A user has commented that the plastic box does not have hinges to open and close, so the lid can be easily damaged.

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grub screw


It is a plastic box with 10 compartments, which includes 200 headless and hex head screws. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel, they are resistant to abrasion and protected against corrosion, making them highly durable. 

When you need a grub screw, you won’t have to go to a store looking for one, as this pack includes 20 M3 x 3mm pieces, 20 screws measuring M3 x 4mm, 20 measuring M3 x 6mm. Likewise, the M4 diameter includes lengths of 4 mm and 6 mm, while the M5 thickness offers 20 with a length of 5 mm and 20 of 8 mm. As for the M6 ​​size, the product contains 20 pieces of 6 mm length and another 20 of 10 mm length. As if that were not enough, it also offers 20 M8 8mm screws.

The captive screws are very useful to avoid the constant assembly and disassembly of some furniture or objects, preventing damage to the material with which we are working. However, it is good to review in more detail the pros and cons of this model before making the purchase:


Quantity: This model includes 200 screws for an affordable price, so you will have the opportunity to save money.

Variety: It offers 10 different sizes, so you can have enough options, this way your projects will have a more professional finish.

Footprint: Thanks to the hexagonal footprint, you can use an allen key, for a more comfortable and efficient work.


Resistance: Although they are made of stainless steel, a user has commented that these screws are not as resistant in saline environments.

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barraquero screw

Wolfpack 6092010

With this model you will not only have a barraquero screw but also six pieces of M6 x 50 mm, so you will be able to do all kinds of wood repairs. They are made of zinc-plated steel for added corrosion resistance, so they are highly durable.

They are self-tapping, that is, you can insert them into the material and they create their own thread as you make it rotate on its own axis. Also, you can use them with plastic plugs for mounting on the walls, whether you want to hang pictures or install all kinds of supports for furniture, air conditioners, electric water heaters, televisions, shelves, among others.

It is a useful product if you need a hexagonal screw, since it allows you to apply more force when screwing, either manually or with the help of a flat wrench. In addition, it is supported by the DIN 571 standard, so it meets high German quality standards.

If you want to anchor heavy items to the walls or ceiling, you may be interested in these lag bolts, however, it’s worth reviewing their pros and cons again before making your purchase:


Pack: It is a set that includes 6 barraquero screws with measurements of M6 x 50 mm, however, it is not an expensive product.

Self-tapping: They are prepared to be inserted directly into the wood, even if you only have hand tools.

Head: They have a hexagonal head, so you can apply a little more force when holding an element on the wall.


Quantity: Some users might think that there are very few screws, however, it is possible to purchase more than one package.

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Countersunk screw

Sourcingmap M1.4x8mm

On many occasions you may need a small countersunk screw, that’s why this model comes with 100 copies, so you don’t have to go to the store every time. They have been made of stainless steel, with a cross pattern so that you can install them with a common screwdriver.

Thanks to its countersunk and flat head, you can make the screw almost completely disappear from the surface of the material, providing a more aesthetic finish. Likewise, they are self-tapping, so they can be easily inserted into the wood without the need to previously open a hole with the drill.

They also work for plastic, sheet metal, plaster and other materials, so they are very versatile. They measure 1.4mm x 8mm on the thread, while the head measures 2mm x 1mm, so you can use them to adjust and repair all kinds of thin objects, such as toys and household appliances.

Small screws are widely used in DIY projects and also in specialized workshops, which is why you may be interested in this Sourcingmap brand package, however, we invite you to review the pros and cons before making a decision:


Material: They are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and is not easily deformed.

Size: They measure just 1.4mm x 8mm and the head is flat so they are inconspicuous on any surface.

Thread: They are self-tapping, so you can insert them directly into the material without previously using the drill.


Coating: These screws do not have additional coating, so they could be at a disadvantage compared to other models on the list.

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Guide to buying screws

The screw is an essential element when anchoring furniture to the walls, but it also has many other uses both at home and in workshops, since depending on its structure and material, it can be used to fix plastic, metal, concrete, among others. others. However, it can be difficult to choose among the wide variety of models that currently exist, for this reason we have created this small guide to buy the best screw, with the aim that you have access to the most important information about this fastening device.

Shopping guide


In the first place, it is important to take into account the work that we are going to carry out, especially to correctly choose the measurements of the shank, that is, the diameter and length of the body of the screw, since this will be inserted into the material and in some cases could negatively affect its structure.

When making a comparison of screws, it is common to see the letter M among the measurements of the shank, which corresponds to the nominal outer diameter of the thread, in other words, the nomenclature M4 means that the screw has a diameter of 4 mm, which is why that you must first define the width of the holes or plugs and the type of material you are going to use. For example, if you have a thin piece of wood, a very thick stem is not recommended, since you could split it.

There are self-tapping screws, which have a specially designed thread to pierce the material as you press by turning on its own axis. These fasteners can create a thread in the wood as they go, so there’s no need to drill a hole first. On the contrary, the screws called sheet metal thread do need a hole before being inserted, although they can also generate their own thread in the material at the time of installation.

One of the most popular screws today are those that have a drill shape at the tip of the shank, which allows drilling and tightening in a single movement with the electric screwdriver. 


Perhaps you are wondering how much a screw costs, but before reviewing the prices it is important to define what type of head is more convenient according to the project you are going to carry out. The most common are the flat, hex and countersunk ones, as they work for many applications around the home, although there are also screws called grub screws, which have no heads. 

The flat head is very useful when we need the surface of the material not to be affected by the protrusions that can be left by other screws. In this case, the head can be almost at the same level of the wood, so we get a cleaner and more professional finish. However, this type of head is not embedded in the material.

Hex head screws are usually more robust, so they are used to fix the bases of heavy objects, for example, if you want to anchor an electric water heater to the wall. In addition, you can screw them with a flat key, which allows a higher level of adjustment.

The countersunk head can be completely hidden in the material, for this reason it is suitable for woodworking, whether carpentry or home crafts. For their part, headless screws can be convenient for holding two parts of the same piece, without there being a risk of movement, since these screws are internal and you generally need an allen key to remove them. 

Paw print

The footprint is the slot in the head of the screw, through which you can insert or remove it from the part using a hand or power tool. One of the most common is the cross or Phillips footprint, which allows centered screwing and is used in different industrial sectors and for home repairs.

On the other hand, the torx footprint is star-shaped and allows greater coupling of the pieces for optimal clamping. Something similar happens with the Allen footprint, which is hexagonal in shape and allows the use of L-shaped keys, which allow a higher tightening torque without damaging the tip of the screw.

Even if you want an economical screw, we recommend you take these fundamental characteristics into account, since it depends on this that your investment has good results. The manufacturing material is also important, which should be stainless steel to resist corrosion and oxidation. Some screws even have a zinc coating for longer life.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to remove a screw passed?

Sometimes we think that there is no solution for a worn screw, that is, that from trying so hard the trace has been erased, either because it was a poor quality one or because we have not used the tools correctly. There are several alternatives to remove it, one of them is with an elastic band, since this gives us a little support in the areas where the metal is isolated, you just have to place the band on the bit and pull it before applying force to the screw. Now, if the screw head sticks out a little you could tighten it with the chuck of the electric drill, squeeze and activate the device to remove the screw.

Q2: How to loosen a rusty screw?

When a screw rusts, it usually gets stuck in the part and the inability to remove it with the screwdriver can cause a lot of stress. However, there are substances that can help us remove and dissolve the accumulated rust by loosening the screw and allowing it to be removed. One of them is cola soda, since it has a small amount of phosphoric acid, which, together with water and carbon dioxide, allows the oxide to be diluted, although you must leave it to act for about 12 hours, this can also be achieved with edible vinegar and even mixing salt and lemon juice.

Q3: How to use a screw?

The screw is one of the easiest fasteners to use, as it consists of a head with a shank and a point. The first thing you need to do is make sure the screw is compatible with the materials you want to drill and fasten. In some cases it will be necessary to first open a hole with a drill, using a bit slightly finer than the screw, so that when screwing it is well adjusted. On the other hand, self-drilling screws can pierce the wood and create its own thread while screwing it in without first using the drill. To install supports on walls and ceilings, you will usually also need plastic plugs compatible with the screws.

Q4: How to know the tightening torque of a screw?

If you want your bolt to have the perfect fit, then you need to know its torque. This is particularly important in the automotive industry, as parts are often very delicate. For this there are reference tables, where suggestions appear, depending on the diameter of the screw and the pitch, that is, the distance between the crests of the thread. This is a complex but exciting topic, so we invite you to continue researching it.

Q5: How to remove a screw that turns but does not come out?

This depends on many variables, such as the type of material it is screwed into, as well as the type of screw that includes the head and footprint. However, it is a common problem that a screw embedded in plastic turns continuously without coming out, especially if it has been forced into a hole that did not correspond to the thread. In these cases, the tread and head are generally intact and yet it is not possible to unscrew, so it is necessary to use a copper wire surrounding the screw just below the head, in order to be able to pull it with some force as you turn. counterclockwise using a screwdriver.

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