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Screwdriver – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The screwdriver is one of the essential tools in the workshop for DIY enthusiasts and professionals, as it is efficient for assembling and disassembling structures and furniture. For this reason, you must know its operation, uses, dimensions and materials. Currently, there is a wide variety of models, however, we present the most outstanding ones. The TACKLIFE SDP50DC features a universal magnetic bit holder and includes front LED light for increased viewing. On the other hand, the Einhell TC-CD 12 Li has a removable head, offers 2 work speeds and has a spindle lock, so it can be adapted to your work needs.

The best screwdrivers on the market

Below we present a list with some of the best screwdrivers of 2022, with the aim of providing you with the necessary information on the characteristics that stand out the most and that will make screwdriving tasks easier, in this way, you will be able to select one that is consistent to your needs.

electric screwdriver


This state-of-the-art electric screwdriver is powered by a 2000 mAh 3.60 volt rechargeable Li-ion battery, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently. In addition, it has a direct charging system via USB 2.0 cable in a maximum time of 50 minutes, which is why it is considered by some users to be the best electric screwdriver.

It incorporates a one-position operation switch and has a dual-use LED light, indicated to illuminate the work area during its operation and use as a torch to find the screws while it is off. It also has a battery level indicator to show its duration in real time.

In addition to being one of the cheapest devices, it has a compact and lightweight design with a weight of 621 g and dimensions of 14 x 4.6 x 16.3 cm. Likewise, it has a rubber handle that provides greater comfort and includes an extension bar and 30 interchangeable tips as accessories.

When you are looking for the best screwdriver of the moment, you should consider, in addition to its cost, its characteristics and operation, so we invite you to analyze the pros and cons of this model:


Design: It is a compact screwdriver with an ergonomic design, which you can adapt to the shape of your hand for greater comfort.

Accessories: Includes 30 screw bits, extension bar, USB cable, among others.

Battery: It is powered by a 3.60 volt 2000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, which provides power and comfort.

Lighting: It has an LED light with two functions, to illuminate the work area during its operation and as a flashlight.


Adjustment: Offers only one adjustment position for the rotation of the machine, which may limit its use somewhat.

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Driver drill

Einhell TC-CD 12 Li

This powerful battery-powered screwdriver offers total independence of use, because it allows you to move freely to reach those hard-to-reach places. Likewise, it offers 12V and 1.3 Ah, which added to its 2-speed gear, will allow you to have greater precision and firmness, which is why it is considered by many to be the best screwdriver.

It has a removable drill chuck, therefore it is smaller and lighter. It includes a fast charger, which in just one hour offers a fully charged battery. In addition, this drill driver has the quick stop function as safety systems, which prevents accidental starting and the spindle lock, which allows faster tip change.

It has an ergonomic design with a non-slip grip for a more secure hold, as well as a removable head. On the other hand, in addition to not being too expensive, it includes a practical transport and storage case, which is why it is considered by many to be the best value for money screwdriver.

Assembling and disassembling structures or furniture can be a quick job when you have the right tool, so you should carefully review the pros and cons of this drill driver before buying:


Speeds: It has 2 speeds to facilitate the screwing and drilling of different materials.

Battery: It has a 12 V battery that generates a speed of 1050 rpm.

Security: It incorporates a quick stop function, to avoid its activation after releasing the trigger.

Briefcase: It has a storage and transport briefcase, to keep everything organized.


Noise: It may make a high-pitched sound during use, which could be annoying.

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Bosch screwdriver

Bosch IXO-Set

If you are still wondering which is the best screwdriver, this is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment, both for professional projects and for small home repairs, since it has 2 practical heads that are used to achieve different operating positions. The angular adapter allows you to reach hard-to-reach places, while the eccentric adapter offers comfort when working with edges.

This innovative Bosch IXO screwdriver is powered by a 3.6 V Lithium battery with an amperage of 1.5 Ah, which offers a turning speed of 215 rpm, to provide great effectiveness in its performance. In addition, it only needs 3 hours of charging and has no memory effect, so it does not discharge.

On the other hand, it offers an ergonomic design that allows you to work for hours without causing any type of fatigue. Also, this Bosch screwdriver incorporates double LED lighting to illuminate the workpiece and the space.

If you are passionate about carpentry and decoration, but want to work with the best brand of screwdrivers because you are looking for good results, then you need to analyze the pros and cons of this model:


Adapters: Offers 2 adapters, one eccentric for corners and one angular for hard-to-reach places.

Battery: It has a 3.6 V and 1.5 Ah rechargeable battery, which requires 3 hours to fully charge, a time that is not considered too long.

Lighting: It has LED light that provides focal lighting on the piece and ambient light.

Accessories: Includes 10 tips, USB charger and storage case for versatile and convenient use.


Speed: It does not offer adjustable speed, so it may be at a disadvantage compared to other similar equipment.

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impact driver


This cordless drill driver features a powerful 4-pole copper motor, providing high performance and efficiency in the most demanding fastening jobs. Therefore, it is capable of generating 180 Nbs and an impact power of 4000 bpm. In addition, it offers a variable speed from 0 to 2900 rpm. 

It has a quick-release, self-locking chuck that makes it easy to insert and remove bits to save time on the job. Also, you should know that it incorporates a 1/4-inch hexagonal chuck and a metal gearbox, which provides greater resistance to hard work.

In addition, this impact driver incorporates a trigger-activated LED lighting system, allowing you to specifically illuminate the work area for greater precision. On the other hand, its ergonomic design with a handle made of rubber provides more comfort and blocks vibrations.

If you must work with materials of great hardness and resistance but you do not know which screwdriver to buy, it is important that you consider the pros and cons of the TECCPO TDID01P:


Power: It has a powerful 4-pole copper motor, capable of generating a maximum of 180 Nbs.

Speed: It offers the possibility of adjusting the speed of rotation from 0 to 2900 rpm.

Accessories: Includes belt buckle, fiber bag for storage and a user manual.

Design: It has an ergonomic handle made of rubber, in this way it prevents the transmission of vibrations to the arm.


Battery: This equipment does not include a battery or charger, which implies an additional expense to acquire them.

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Makita screwdriver

Makita DF347DWE

It is a Makita drill driver with a lightweight design, weighing 1.4 kg and an ergonomic non-slip handle, to provide comfort and control over the equipment during long work days. In addition, it has a self-locking chuck that allows you to change bits quickly and safely.

Also, this Makita cordless screwdriver has a 2-pole motor, which offers a maximum tightening torque of 30 Nm on hard surfaces and 15 Nm on soft surfaces. In this sense, the tightening torque has 16 positions plus a direct one, for greater precision and efficiency.

On the other hand, this Makita screwdriver uses a small size 14.4 V 1.3 Ah Li-ion battery to provide greater convenience. In addition, it has a maximum charging time of 60 minutes and offers 2 adjustable speeds, from 0 to 400 rpm for the low level and from 0 to 1400 rpm at the highest intensity, so you can use it for different types of work.

To assemble structures and furniture quickly and with quality finishes, it is important to acquire an efficient and functional screwdriver, so it is necessary that you consider the characteristics of this equipment before making the purchase:


Security: It has a shaft lock for a quick and safe tip change.

Design: It has a weight of 1.4 kg, in addition, it includes a non-slip handle that allows maximum control of the tool.

Speeds: It offers 2 adjustable speeds, from 0 to 400 rpm and from 0 to 1400 rpm, to adapt according to the needs of the project.

Motor: It has a highly efficient motor as it has 2 poles and a metal gear for greater durability.


Indicator: It does not include a battery status indicator, so you must be careful not to run out of charge during use.

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Bosch drill driver

Bosch EasyDrill 12

EasyDrill 12 is a Bosch drill driver of great versatility and power, since it can perform between 350 and 1100 rpm, which translates into the possibility of driving 150 screws with just one charge. Likewise, it has an electronic control with two operating positions. It is capable of drilling holes with a diameter of 6 mm in steel or wood, and is also compatible with screws up to 6 mm.

It has a light and compact design, since it weighs 950 g and has concentrated power, indicated to avoid discomfort in the hand caused by vibrations. On the other hand, it incorporates a briefcase to facilitate its storage and transfer.

As far as its autonomy is concerned, it is a Bosch battery-powered screwdriver that incorporates lithium technology and special brand cell electronic protection, which provides greater durability, in addition, it does not self-discharge while it is not in operation. Also, it is important to know that it shows you the state of the charge through a 3-level indicator.

If you are looking for a multifunction tool to carry out different DIY, carpentry or construction tasks, then this screwdriver can be a good purchase option, so it is important that you know its most outstanding features in advance:


Design: It offers an ergonomic design with concentrated power to avoid discomfort during use, in addition, it weighs only 950 g.

Battery: The battery does not self-discharge and has electronic protection to guarantee its durability.

Speeds: It has two operating speeds and can perform between 350 and 1100 rpm, useful even for precision work.


Usage: Drilling may take longer in brick, so it is primarily intended for use in soft materials.

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BLACK+DECKER screwdriver


This is a high quality BLACK+DECKER screwdriver, offering 5.5Nm of torque and 180rpm, to provide optimum performance and considerable turning power. For this reason, it is a suitable tool for placing shelves, for assembling furniture, installing hinges, doors and different tasks that require drilling a surface.

Despite its strength, it is a cheap electric screwdriver with a compact design, which allows you to screw in small spaces. Likewise, its head is angular and can be placed in 8 positions for greater versatility. You must take into account that its chuck is 6.25 mm.

On the other hand, its battery is 1.5 Ah and 3.6 V Lithium, so it is capable of maintaining a charge for up to 18 months off, so it can be ready for use at any time.

If you need one of the cheapest, most powerful and versatile screwdrivers, you should take into account the main characteristics of this model before making the purchase:


Power: It offers good performance thanks to its maximum torque of 5.5 Nm and its speed of 180 rpm.

Head: It is possible to place the head in 8 positions to adapt to your needs of use and the available space.

Design: It has a compact and lightweight design, with a coated handle and only 640 g of weight.


Charging: The charging time estimated by the manufacturer is 15 hours, which may seem excessive for quick jobs. However, once charged, it provides great autonomy time.

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Einhell screwdriver

Einhell TE-CD 12 Li-2 B

It is an Einhell screwdriver with a 12 V lithium-ion battery that does not self-discharge, so it will be available at all times. As if that were not enough, it incorporates an automatic locking spindle, which provides you with greater safety during use.

It has a metal gear and the motor provides great power, with up to 25 Nm and 2 operating speeds, which allows you to adjust it in its screwdriver mode or to perform a quick drilling. For this reason, it is appropriate for use in the workshop or for homework.

It is good to know that it is a cordless model, which gives you freedom of movement. In addition, its design is compact and lightweight for greater control over the tool. It has a soft grip, since it has a handle with an ergonomic, long surface and a non-slip rubber coating.

To carry out long and intense drilling and screwdriving jobs, it is necessary to have a good performance tool, so this driver can be a good option. In this sense, we invite you to analyze in detail its pros and cons:


Design: It has a lightweight and compact design. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle with a non-slip coating to offer a comfortable grip.

Motor: It offers a high-power motor and two operating speeds, in the same way, you should know that the torque is 25 Nm.

Safety: It has a spindle lock, which makes it easier and safer to change the tips.


Accessories: It does not have a set of tips, so it is necessary to purchase them separately for greater versatility.

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dewalt screwdriver

DeWalt DCD796D2-QW

If you are looking for a DeWalt screwdriver, this model could be one of the most efficient and powerful, since it incorporates an 18 V XR Li-ion battery, which has a rail-type design that is easy to insert and remove, for this reason, it gives you more movement capacity than a corded drill driver.

In this same sense, it should be noted that it includes an additional 18V and 2 Ah battery, with a charge indicator and a charger. As if that were not enough, everything is stored in a practical resistant plastic case with the brand on its surface. On the other hand, its maximum torque is 70 Nm to resist hard work.

This model offers a large drilling capacity with 40 mm in wood, 13 mm in masonry and 13 mm in metal, thanks to the fact that it can perform up to 34,000 ipm. As if that were not enough, it offers two variable speeds, ranging from 0 rpm to 550 rpm and from 0 rpm to 2000 rpm.

A professional screwdriver model can be the necessary tool to achieve the goals of the most demanding DIY or construction projects, therefore, it is recommended that you analyze the pros and cons of this model:


Performance: Its torque is 70 Nm and it is capable of reaching up to 2,000 rpm and 34,000 ipm, which is enough to use professionally.

Batteries: It has two 18 V batteries so you can carry out intense work with the best performance.

Accessories: Includes the battery charger with adapter and a case to protect the screwdriver during transport and storage.


Size: Could be a bit large and offer little practicality in small spaces.

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Guide to buying screwdrivers

Whether you work professionally or are a do-it-yourselfer, you should choose a screwdriver that you can adapt to your needs. In this sense, it is good to have the necessary knowledge about its characteristics to make the best decision, so we have prepared a guide to buy the best screwdriver.

Shopping guide


When making a comparison of screwdrivers, we can know that there are different types, among which are the cordless electric ones, the screwdriver drills and the impact screwdrivers. Each one provides different functions, so they can be useful in a carpenter’s shop, as well as to help a mechanic, decorator, builder or just a DIYer.

In this sense, you should know that the cordless electric screwdriver is only used to tighten and loosen screws of short length and diameter. The drill driver, in addition to tightening and loosening screws with different levels of force, can also be used to drill soft surfaces and medium intensity, since it usually offers more power.

Likewise, the impact screwdriver has as its main function to loosen those screws that are impossible to extract with a conventional screwdriver, in the same way, it works with screws of great length and diameter, so it works effectively on surfaces of greater hardness and resistance.. This is because its power, strength and turning speed are higher.


Cordless electric screwdrivers have a gear system in the motor to enhance the tightening torque, which can result in more or less force. In this sense, some models are capable of generating a maximum turning power of 4 Nm on soft surfaces to 70 Nm on hard surfaces, which in turn affects their drilling capacity, which can vary between 13 and 40 mm.

Speed ​​is another characteristic to consider, because it is possible to find models with a single speed that could hinder the precision and good finish of the work. Therefore, the most advanced models have a speed regulator for the different types of materials, in this way it is possible that they offer between 2 and 3 speeds, being capable of generating around 3000 rpm.

In general, today’s screwdrivers are cordless, so they have rechargeable Lithium ion batteries, which are lighter, in addition, they provide greater energy capacity and great performance. Some screwdrivers can have batteries from 1.3 Ah to 2000 mAh, as well as 3.6 V to guarantee their power and efficiency. Also, there are models with batteries that do not discharge while the screwdriver is stored. 


In essence, all screwdrivers have the same function, to tighten and loosen screws and different fastening materials. However, newer models have incorporated complementary features that add value and offer more efficiency. In this sense, to know how much a good screwdriver costs, you must take into account functions, for example, the universal bit holder, which provides compatibility with the different types of existing bits.

Another interesting function is the incorporation of adjustable LED lights that greatly facilitate work and precision, especially in places with little or no lighting, because they allow you to specifically see the point you are working on when the machine is in operation. In addition, others include a flashlight function to illuminate a larger area with different levels of intensity, even when the machine is not in operation.

Its charging system has also evolved, since the exclusive use of connection cables to the electrical current network is not necessary, because they work with generic USB technology, which allows charging through wall sockets or any port. available on some device.


Screwdrivers are usually compact and lightweight in design for ease of use, as they are continuous-use tools. Other parts can also be included for user convenience, which is why some models offer removable or interchangeable heads and extension bars, to reach places that are difficult to access or have limited space.

Its casing and handle are other important design points, so if you are looking for an economical model, you should know that many manufacturers base their prices according to the materials used, so the most convenient are models with a robust appearance but compact in size.

Likewise, both the casings and the handles of the screwdrivers are designed with ergonomic shapes, using soft materials that adapt to the shape of the hand, usually rubber to prevent slipping, fatigue or injuries to the hands and arms, especially when used for a long time.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a cordless screwdriver?

You should start by installing the battery with a full charge to ensure that you will have enough power to get the job done. Then, select and install the appropriate tip for the type of screw and material where you are going to apply it. Place and fix the screw in the tip of the screwdriver in the corresponding place. Finally, press the trigger, making sure to also press the screwdriver on the screw, so that it enters the material quickly and does not jump on the piece.

Q2: How to repair a Bosch screwdriver?

According to the opinion of experts in this type of tool, it is unlikely that the motor or any other internal part of the screwdriver could deteriorate, so most of the time they attribute its malfunction to battery conditions. In this sense, it is necessary to change the battery, to verify that this is the cause. If not, you should take it to a repair shop where qualified personnel can find the source of the fault.

Q3: How to fix a screwdriver battery?

Once the screwdriver battery has been damaged, the immediate solution is to change it for a new one. This is due to the fact that the main cause of damage is the spillage of the liquids inside it, which are harmful both to people and to the environment and the screwdriver itself. However, in the event that the damage is a broken bridge, the way to fix it is to open the battery to locate the specific place of separation and solder the connection.

Q4: What power should an electric screwdriver have?

Cordless electric screwdrivers are the most popular today, since they are simple-to-operate devices, with which you can tighten or loosen screws, so they do not require a lot of power to work. In this sense, you should know that the power of cordless screwdrivers is measured by the voltage of their battery, which is usually more than 2 volts. However, when it comes to a drill driver or an impact driver, the power can be much higher, between 12 and 18 volts, to guarantee its efficiency and proper functioning. However, remember to take into account the type of screw and the material you are going to work on.

Q5: What is an impact driver for?

The impact driver is a basic tool in any workshop, even at home, due to its power and strength to work on different types of materials. However, it is important to mention that its use is exclusive for screws, so it is not recommended to use it as a drill. In this sense, they are suitable for loosening and tightening screws, especially for extracting those that due to time or materials have become fixed and require a greater force to move them.

Q6: Can I use a drill as a screwdriver?

Although it is possible to use it to place screws, it is not recommended, since the drills do not have torque control, so when they are used for a long time at minimum speed, the motor does not receive enough cooling, which could cause its deterioration and malfunction in the short term.

Q7: How do you charge a cordless screwdriver?

To charge the battery of a screwdriver there are generally two options. One of them is the detachable battery that you can place on the charger, which in turn is connected directly to the mains via an AC/DC cable. On the other hand, there are currently some models that have a USB port to facilitate charging using any device compatible with the USB cable, even with external chargers.

Q8: Which is better, electric or battery-powered screwdriver?

Deciding which of the two screwdrivers is the best depends on your needs and the use you want to give it. In this sense, an electric screwdriver generally has more power and is always ready to work, because you only have to plug it into the electrical network; however, it is limited in terms of autonomy of movement because it needs an extension cable to reach the most remote places. On the contrary, the battery-powered screwdriver has autonomy of movement, because it does not have to be connected or need an extension cord, but its time of use is limited to the duration of the battery and it usually has less power than an electric one.

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