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Screwdriver – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

You can be a DIY, carpentry, electrical or simply an amateur with handyman skills, but you know that an indispensable tool in any home, workshop and toolbox is the screwdriver. In addition, there is such a wide offer on the market that it can be difficult to decide on one in particular. However, we have reviewed numerous models and we recommend the Bosch IXO Basic for being a very complete piece of equipment that works with a lithium battery and includes 10 bits to respond to different types of work. For those who prefer hand tools, we recommend the Stanley 0-65-099, a 6-piece set with an ergonomic handle that improves torque for easier use.

The best screwdrivers on the market

Here we have collected the description and characteristics of the products considered the best screwdrivers of 2022, according to the evaluation of users and buyers, in order to guide you in the purchase of your tools and make a wise investment. 

electric screwdriver

Bosch IXO Basic

Many users recognize the ease and speed of using an electric screwdriver instead of a manual one, and with this Bosch kit the investment is more than complete, since it is a tool with 10 interchangeable tips.

Highlights of this Bosch electric screwdriver are its ergonomic and lightweight design that favors a good grip to respond efficiently to all household projects with excellent performance. The performance of the tool is determined by its 3.6-volt battery that offers a speed of 215 revolutions per minute and a good duration, according to the opinion of several users who have qualified this product as the best screwdriver.

Additionally, the kit is presented in a small case that serves to transport it more safely and keep all the pieces protected, along with the charger and the main unit. 

With all these virtues, some buyers insist that this is the best screwdriver of the moment. That is why we summarize its characteristics in the form of pros and cons.


Battery: The performance of the screwdriver depends on the 3.6 volt lithium battery, which is powered by a micro-usb charger.

Lighting: The screwdriver incorporates a powerful LED light to illuminate the work area.

Ergonomics: The screwdriver design promotes a comfortable grip to reduce fatigue during use on large projects. 

Storage: A case is included to store the tool and all its accessories. 


Head: The head does not accept generic tips or other brands. 

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torx screwdriver

Stanley 0-65-099

Screws with a 6-pointed star design are available in computer systems and many cars and require a Torx screwdriver. So, if you work in one of these areas, it is surely convenient for you to acquire a set like Stanley’s, which contains 6 pieces with tips of different sizes identified as T10, T15, T20, T25, T30 and T40 on the handle, so that it is easy for you. easy to recognize the one you need. 

In this set of screwdrivers, users recognize the good construction of each tool, with ergonomic handles that combine smooth and textured areas in the non-slip coating for a secure and firm grip.

For its part, the high-quality steel blade is a chrome-vanadium alloy that provides greater strength and durability, reducing tip breakage. For this reason, some users consider this set to be a good option to answer which is the best screwdriver.

Stanley’s history as a tool manufacturer dates back to 1843, so its presence in families and industries has been maintained for generations, positioning itself as the best brand of screwdrivers, according to some customers. In the case of this Torx set we have distinguished some positive and negative aspects that we summarize below.


Functionality: This set is for use with Torx screws, whose application is oriented to electronic, computer and automotive industry devices.

Grip: The fastening system is made up of a non-slip handle with smooth and rough areas for a firm grip.

Sizes: The 6 pieces are of different sizes to use with Torx screws of various diameters.

Quality: The steel blade has been made from an alloy of metals to increase its resistance and reduce the possibility of breakage. 


Case: A case or briefcase to store the screwdrivers is missing.

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impact driver

Hilka 11670013

An impact driver is used to loosen rusty, warped, or tight screws, a hand tool that works by converting energy generated by an impact into rotational energy. 

In this sense, Hilka presents a 13-piece kit that includes the impact driver and numerous different types of bits such as flat, Phillips and Torx type. This set is presented in a compact and resistant plastic case. 

It should be noted that the use of this tool is focused on specialized workshops, but it never hurts to have it because you don’t know when you will need it. 

Due to the usefulness of this product and its affordable cost, it can well be considered the best value for money screwdriver, which will always be useful in our toolbox, without the need to be a professional mechanic. 

If you are preparing your tool set and do not know which screwdriver to buy, purchasing this set from Hilka can be a good investment. Here we summarize its pros and cons.


Utility: Using the impact driver helps with stuck or rusted screws that need more force to come out than a regular driver.

Pieces: Tips of different types are included to adapt to the needs that arise.

Protection: The kit is protected inside a plastic case that facilitates its storage. 

Price: It has an affordable cost, resulting in a good purchase to complement our toolbox.


Resistance: Some users comment that the interchangeable tips are not as resistant for frequent use.

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Philips screwdriver

Inpion 11 in 1

If you are used to repairing your glasses, watches, electronic devices or you plan to dedicate yourself to this work, in a professional way, you should know how important a Philips screwdriver is. For this reason, we recommend among the cheap and functional products in our selection this kit of 11 screwdrivers with magnetic tips, ideal for repairing mobile devices that have very small screws.

This is precisely the utility of a precision screwdriver and with this kit you will not have one, but 11, to use with screws of different diameters and designs. It is worth mentioning that in this kit, 5 of the 11 screwdrivers are flat and range from 1.2mm to 3.0mm.

Philips includes the same diameters, adding 0.8 mm for its frequent use in electronics and other areas. You should know that all the parts have been made of stainless steel to prolong its resistance and durability.

This model stands out for being one of the cheapest, without forgetting to mention its functionality as it is a precision set widely used in electronics, watch repair, mobile devices, among others. Here we continue talking about its pros and cons. 


Pieces: This set is made up of 11 precision screwdrivers, of which 6 are Philips type and 5 are flat tip.

Identification: Each screwdriver is printed with the diameter to which it corresponds to quickly choose the one you need.

Materials: The screwdrivers are made of stainless steel to increase their strength and durability. In addition, they have magnetic tips.

Ergonomics: The body of the screwdriver is non-slip and the rotating cap favors its use for easier handling.


Storage: The cloth bag does not adequately protect the parts of this kit, based on user feedback.

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Silverline Tools 546524

In any toolbox, at least one flat screwdriver cannot be missing, but if you have several sizes, it is a total success. For this reason, Silverline Tools offers its customers a set of universal screwdrivers, with 6 very useful pieces.

This kit includes 3 flat screwdrivers of the following sizes: 3 x 75 mm, 5 x 100 mm, 6 x 100 mm. It also incorporates 3 Philips-type screwdrivers identified as No. 0 x 75 mm, No. 1 x 100 mm, No. 2 x 100 mm.

Each instrument is labeled on the handle with the type and size of screwdriver. As for the design, it can be said that they are classic and functional tools, with a two-color rubber handle, while the tips are made of chrome-vanadium alloy and a black finish, as well as being magnetized for better use. 

This basic set of screwdrivers has good user reviews, so here we collect the most outstanding in the form of pros and cons.


Pieces: It is a basic kit that includes the most used sizes for small tasks, becoming an essential for your DIY box.

Purpose: They are designed for domestic use, being very practical and comfortable to use. 

Handle: The rubber handle offers a comfortable grip during screw tightening.

Price: It is a cheap and functional set, ideal to solve any inconvenience at home or take it in the car.


Tip: A buyer comments that after several months of use, the magnetism has been lost in the screwdrivers he uses the most, however, this can be fixed. 

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Star screwdriver

JBM 10677

If you still have a few pieces missing from your toolbox, you can try adding this Phillips Screwdriver Kit from JBM which offers 7 different size and diameter tools to suit everyday or occasional tasks involving these specific screws. 

With a classic two-colour handle design and a grip-friendly shape, these screwdrivers are highly useful and durable. For its part, the length of the tip allows it to reach the screws that are difficult to access, being a benefit for many users. 

It is worth mentioning that each screwdriver has a hole that allows you to hang it on the wall to organize them better, or if you prefer you can keep them in the included blister that allows them to be stored safely. 

This set can also be a good gift for Father’s Day or for that friend who likes DIY projects, because its price is consistent with the quality offered by the manufacturer. 

If you are interested in this product, you can see here a summary of its positive and negative characteristics.


Pieces: A total of 7 screwdrivers with the diameters most used in domestic projects are included.

Organization: The screwdrivers come in a blister pack, organized by size. But, if you prefer you can also hang them through the hole in the handle. 

Labeling: The number and type of tip it has are labeled on the handle of each screwdriver, so you can quickly identify just the one you need.

Grip: The conventional design of the handle favors an optimal and comfortable grip. 


Magnetism: The tips of these screwdrivers are not magnetic. 

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triangle screwdriver

Gasea 5 Pieces Triangular Screwdriver

It is a set of 5 screwdrivers specially designed to insert and remove triangle head screws. In this case, they have been made with S2 steel, a high-quality material, which, according to the classification of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), has a high resistance to impact and wear, which is why they are very durable.

They are 5 cm long and the bits come in sizes 1.8 mm, 2 mm, 2.3 mm, 2.7 mm and 3 mm, so you can use them with screws of different dimensions. In addition, they have a 1/4-inch hexagonal shaft that allows you to tighten the screws without damaging them.

On the other hand, the bits offer a magnetic effect to easily hold the screws while you get the job done. In this sense, screwdrivers are especially useful in the repair of household appliances.

It is good to have a triangular screwdriver for special cases, for this reason, we invite you to review the characteristics of this set in more detail.


Set: It is a set of 5 triangular screwdrivers, so you have several options to use them depending on the size of the screws.

Material: They are made of S2 steel, which offers greater resistance to wear and impacts.

Magnetic: They have a magnetic system on the bits, which allows you to adjust the screws easily.


Uses: These screwdrivers have a specialized use, since they are only used to adjust triangular-headed screws.

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triwing screwdriver

Keten Gamebit Security Screwdriver Set

Nintendo consoles and other brands of electronic equipment use triwing type screws and other similar designs for which precision tools are necessary, such as the triwing screwdriver that Keten includes in this complete set.

If you are a handyman and you like to disassemble your consoles to clean or repair them, this set will be very useful, which includes a screwdriver with the following numbers Y00, Y2.0, +2.0, other Torx 4.5 and 3.8, T10 and T6. There are 17 pieces in total that make up this repair kit, and each one has a specific function. Additionally, you will have a pair of spikes, suction cups and other products to remove screens, as well as tweezers to remove belts or reach areas that are difficult to access. On the other hand, a very useful brush to remove dust and a special cloth for screens also stand out among the pieces. 

If you still have doubts about buying this set, you can review the list of pros and cons that we present below.


Versatility: With this set you can perform preventive and corrective maintenance on your video game consoles and other electronic devices.

Pieces: The kit is made up of 17 pieces in total, including screwdrivers and other instruments for cleaning components, repairing screens and much more.

Magnetism: The tips of the screwdrivers are magnetized for easier use.

Case: A plastic case is included to store all the pieces in one place.


Brush: A user comments that the brush does not seem to be of good quality for frequent use. 

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ratchet screwdriver

CICMOD CP3995 46 Pieces

There are still those who do not know how to use a ratchet screwdriver correctly, however they know that it is important to have this tool to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts, especially when it comes to car repairs.

In this sense, the CICMOD kit has a total of 46 high-quality pieces, which would be ideal as a gift to any “handyman” friend or amateur mechanic, since it includes a set of hex keys, screwdriver bits and other parts made in chrome vanadium, with a tempering and hardening treatment for a more solid, resistant and durable finish. 

The seat of the tools is 6.3 mm, so they are designed for home use, and their versatility lies in the fact that you do not need to have more screwdrivers because in a single kit you have numerous bits of different diameters to meet everyday demands. to what adjustment of screws and bolts refers, since it also includes the most common hexagonal sockets that go from 4 to 14 mm. 


Resistance: A user comments that after months of use, the pieces show no signs of deterioration, maintaining their functionality. 

Price: The number of parts and the quality of the tools are well above the value paid, making this product a good investment.

Utility: This set is functional for car repairs, motorcycles, bikes and much more for all the parts and extensions it includes.


Case: Several users agree that the quality of the case can be improved, since it can be described as flimsy and the pieces move inside it. 

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screwdriver accessories

screwdriver bits

Mannesmann M29732

If you have a screwdriver with an adjustable tip, you only need this set of screwdriver bits that will allow you to take advantage of the versatility of your tool and perform different tasks. 

The trajectory of the German brand Mannesmann supports the quality of the 32 pieces of 75 mm length that make up this set, in which you will find the most common bits as well as allen and torx bits to complement the usefulness of this product. 

The tips are organized in a very compact plastic box that allows each piece to be in its place for optimal storage. In summary, this set stands out for having a good value for money and is recommended by numerous users.

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Guide to buying screwdrivers

If you have come this far, it is because you are looking for a particular screwdriver or because you simply want to get started in DIY and want to build your toolbox in which this instrument will have an important place. To teach you what you need to know, we present this guide to buying the best screwdriver with the precise data to make your purchase a lasting investment.

Shopping guide

manual or electric

For centuries, hand tools were the only ones we knew, but, like everything in our history, they also evolved, and today there is a wide variety of power tools such as screwdrivers. This does not mean that manuals are no longer used, on the contrary, there are still thousands of buyers who prefer to have full control of the torque during the use of the screwdriver.

For its part, we cannot fail to recognize the ease and advantages offered by this tool in its electric version. But, it must be identified that the power of the cordless screwdriver will depend on the power of its battery, since it will determine the turning force of the equipment as well as its autonomy.

Deciding which one is best for you will depend on your preferences, budget and the activity you perform on a daily basis and the use you will give the screwdriver. Thus, you will be able to know whether to invest in a power tool or in a kit of manual screwdrivers. 


Regardless of the type of screwdriver you choose, ergonomics is a very important aspect, as the instrument must provide a firm and secure grip. This requires that the handle has a comfortable design and a non-slip coating. Generally, a rubber material with smooth and textured parts is used so that the grip is firm, even if your hand sweats a lot. 

In this sense, the weight of the tool also influences the clamping. For this reason, the alloy of different metals has been used to make the screwdrivers in order to make them lighter without affecting their strength and durability. 

Consequently, when starting your comparison of screwdrivers, check the appearance of the handle, how thick it is and if the handle allows a firm grip, so that the torque that you must apply is not excessive and you achieve effective results.

Types of screwdrivers and their sizes

For those who believed that there were only two types of screwdrivers, the classic flat and the cross-head, we have news for you: there are many more.

The reality is that over the years, manufacturers have decided to use various sized screws with different shaped slots. This in order to limit the access of any person to the repair of devices, especially in household appliances, mobile and electronic equipment. 

Consequently, there are dozens of slot types such as triwing, torx, allen, pozidriv, spanner, to mention just a few and for which there is a specific type of screwdriver. Similarly, these are presented in different diameters and sizes, so sets that include the most common types and diameters, as well as precision ones, are very well sold.

However, for DIY enthusiasts or those with “handyman” skills, having a varied set will never be too much of an expense, and it must be seen as an investment, since they do not know when they will need those special tools.

Of course, in any house there should be at least one kit of flat and phillips screwdrivers for everyday use, as well as a ratchet with hexagonal sockets for repairing cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

In short, the type of screwdriver to buy will depend on your activities and the repairs you carry out frequently. This aspect generally does not affect how much the tool itself costs, since there are special design kits at very low costs and whose quality is positively valued by users. 

Value added

In the design of the screwdrivers, some features have been added to increase their functionality and versatility, this being the case, for example, of screwdrivers with a magnetized tip. This feature is highly appreciated by users because it reduces screw loss, as well as improves screw removal from hard-to-reach places by using magnetic force to hold them together. 

Also, as far as storage is concerned, you can get an inexpensive screwdriver that includes a hole in the handle so you can hang it in your tool area. Also, there are many kits that include a resistant plastic case in which you can keep each part in its place to keep them organized and not lose any bits or screwdrivers. 

On the other hand, screwdrivers with interchangeable tips are also very useful because they allow us to work with the same tool and only change the tip according to the screw that is going to be loosened or tightened.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to magnetize a screwdriver?

Buy a strong magnet at a hardware store or online, at least ¼ pound or 100 grams strong. Clean the screwdriver well to remove any dirt and traces of moisture. Then, take the magnet by one of its ends and put it in contact with the screwdriver from the handle to the tip, repeating this movement always in the same direction. Drag the magnet all over the screwdriver, rotating little by little until the entire surface is magnetized. This is a process that will test your patience if you want it to be effective, and in case the screwdriver is very long it begins to magnetize from the middle to the tip. 

Q2: How to use a screwdriver?

The first thing we must do is identify the type of screw that is going to be tightened or loosened to choose the appropriate screwdriver, this implies knowing the type of slot and the size of the screw. If you are going to tighten, you have to place the screw in the correct position and then insert the tip of the screwdriver into the slot to start pressing firmly, holding the handle of the tool and exerting the necessary force. The movement in this case is clockwise. But, if you want to remove the screw, it is necessary to repeat the same procedure, only reversing the turns to the left until the screw is released from its place. 

Q3: How to remove a screw without a screwdriver?

If it’s a flat or phillips screw, you can use a butter knife as an alternative to a screwdriver. But, you must take into account that if the screw is very tight and the knife is not of good quality, it may happen that the tip bends or the screw slot is deformed. 

Another option may be to use pliers or vise grips, if the screw head protrudes a bit from the surface. In this case, you can hold the sides of the head and turn counterclockwise until the screw is fully removed. 

Q4: What is a flat screwdriver for?

With this screwdriver you can adjust or remove the screws that have a single slot and is one of the most common on the market, as it is available in different sizes depending on the size of the screws. In addition, those for use by mechanics and electricians are distinguished. 

Q5: Which is better, electric or conventional screwdriver?

Many professionals prefer the advantages of an electric screwdriver in which the greatest effort is made by the rotary motor and the user only has to pull a trigger. But, it is necessary to take into account the limitations of the network screwdriver due to the extension of the cable, unlike the cordless one that allows greater freedom of movement. However, the battery ones are limited by the autonomy of the battery and the charging time when carrying out large projects. 

In this sense, if you are not a professional and you only need a toolbox for domestic use, you should have a manual screwdriver or a kit with the most used ones so that you can make the necessary adjustments, without worrying about electrical connections or batteries.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Silverhill Tools ATKTR4FR

Aunque antes no eran muy comunes, ahora son más los fabricantes que están usando tornillos de cabezas particulares para evitar que los usuarios puedan reparar los aparatos por sí mismo. Así que estamos seguros de que pronto tendrás que cruzarte con un tornillo con cabeza en forma de triángulo, en el que no se puede usar una herramienta tradicional. Por ello, tener un destornillador triangular entre tus utensilios de bricolaje puede ser un beneficio para estas situaciones puntuales. 

En este sentido Silverhill Tools dispone de un set de 5 destornilladores con este diseño especial y de diferentes tamaños: TA14, TA18, TA20, TA23, TA27, cuya fabricación en acero de alta calidad ofrece mayor durabilidad.

Por su parte, la varilla fina favorece el acceso a los tornillos que parecen inalcanzables, al mismo tiempo tanto el mango ergonómico como el casquillo giratorio permiten usar eficientemente la herramienta.

Para ayudarte en tu compra resumimos los aspectos positivos y negativos de este set de destornilladores triangulares.


Coste-beneficio: El set tiene un precio asequible para tratarse de un diseño especial, aunado a la calidad de las herramientas.

Uso: El casquillo giratorio permite una torsión eficiente para trabajar en espacios reducidos sin complicaciones.

Compacto: Los destornilladores no ocupan mucho espacio para su almacenamiento, además de llegar a los lugares de difícil acceso. 

Almacenamiento: La bolsa con cierre de velcro permite organizar en un solo lugar todos los destornilladores.


Utilidad: Si

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