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Key Set – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

It is not necessary to be a mechanic to repair some details in the home or car. You only need one set of keys to complete the tasks. When least expected, a set of tools can be called for, and if you’re interested in one of these, you might want to check out the highlights. The first is the Famex 4000815612, a set made up of combination keys, made of steel and chrome, so they are resistant and have a delicate finish. We also find the S&R 365.302.109 model, a set made up of nine professional-type hexagonal Allen keys, made of steel and nickel.

The 9 Best Sets of Keys – Opinions 2022

Tool kits are products that can be used for professional use or for home repairs, assembly and more. In today’s market you can find various brands and models, but if you want to make a guaranteed purchase, then we could recommend that you read the following section, in which we will detail the most relevant characteristics of the sets of keys that are positioned among the best for their quality, versatility and construction. 

Fixed wrench set

1. Famex Fixed Wrench Set 

The manufacturer Famex is recognized for presenting quality products and within its catalog we will find this set of fixed wrenches that is made up of a total of 31 pieces, making it versatile and functional for different applications. 

The quality of these tools is backed by a 5-year warranty. The manufacturer has decided this, because each of the pieces that make up the set has been forged in steel, vanadium and chrome in the matrix, so they are resistant. Thus, it is an option that competes for the title of the best set of keys on the market.

In addition, this model has a delicate finish, with filed details to make the metal easier and more comfortable to handle, without sharp edges that mistreat the hands. Similarly, it has dimensional accuracy. On the other hand, the manufacturer has complied with DIN ISO standards, another quality indicator. 

Considered by many users as the best set of keys at the moment, this model has pros and cons that could be of interest.


Construction: It has a strong and resistant construction, with parts made of steel, vanadium and chrome.

Pieces: The set is made up of 31 pieces of different sizes, making it versatile.

Quality: Its quality is backed by a guarantee of 5 years of use and compliance with the DIN ISO standard.

Finishes: For better handling and to avoid hand injuries, its finishes are delicate and polished.


Calibration: It may be difficult to maintain accuracy on smaller parts.

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Allen key set

2. S&R Professional Hex Allen Key Set

Consisting of 9 pieces, this Allen key set is suitable for various applications at home, in the car and more, because the pieces are long and have a professional type ball head.

Despite the fact that each of the keys is made of nickel-plated chrome steel, this model is one of the cheapest, if the number of units and their construction are analyzed. The weight of the set is 390 grams. In addition, it comes in a blue plastic blister that allows you to place the keys in an organized and practical way. For this reason, it is positioned as one of the best key games of 2022. 

These hexagonal steel tools respond to the decimal metric system and each one has different dimensions. Therefore, they can be divided into three groups of sizes: small, medium and large, according to their category.

Reading the pros and cons of this model may help you determine why S&R is suggested as the best wrench set brand.


Blister: The keys are presented in a blue plastic blister to keep them organized. 

Units: The game is made up of a total of 9 Allen key units, which can be used in different applications.

Sizes: In this set three groups of sizes can be distinguished, small, medium and large, to adapt to each space.

Construction: It has a resistant construction, since each piece is made of nickel-plated chrome steel.


Length: The length of the pieces may be short for professional use. 

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socket wrench set

3. Tacklife Socket Set 

In the Tacklife manufacturer’s catalog you can find this model that includes a set of socket wrenches and, in general, is made up of 119 pieces, presented in a plastic case that allows you to organize the elements. 

Within the parts, the set also includes wide angle bushings, wide angle sockets, fastener sockets, metric bases, ratchet quick release handle, bit sockets, bits, extensions, twist handle, torx sockets, hex keys and plus.

In addition, the parts are made of strong vanadium alloy steel. For this reason, it is the recommended option for those who are wondering which is the best set of keys on the market. 

Likewise, the keys have a black electroplating finish, so they are resistant to corrosion and the handle elements are non-slip. All of this leads to it being a professional socket wrench set. 

If you don’t know which set of keys to buy, we invite you to learn more about the specifications of this model. 


Utility: It has been developed for professional use, for mechanics, repairmen, construction workers, etc., which means high quality.

Pieces: The set is made up of 119 pieces between different elements, which allow versatile use.

Case: For added organization and portability, the pieces come in a compact, black plastic case.

Construction: The construction of this model is resistant, with parts made of vanadium steel alloy.


Closure: The case has a plastic closure system that must be treated with care, as it can be fragile.

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Torx key set

4. S&R Torx Wrenches 

Another proposal that is positioned among the most sought after from the manufacturer S&R is this set of Torx keys made up of 15 short Allen tools, which have adequate quality due to their robust construction. 

The model is presented in a folding blue plastic holder, which serves to strategically organize the keys, which also ensures its portability. Also, each of the tools is made of resistant steel, with a chrome and nickel coating that enhances its durability. 

In relation to their design, they are short handle wrenches with an angle for professional use, so they can be used in cars, bicycles, electrical appliances, workshops, motorcycles and endless other applications. The 15 tools are available in about 15 sizes, ranging from T6 to T60, with specific measurements for each.

If you have been interested in this model, surely its main favorable and negative aspects will also be interested.


Units: The set is made up of a total of 15 units of short-handled Allen keys, for varied use and good grip.

Design: The design of this model is created with detailed angles for professional use, which also implies quality.

Construction: The tools have strong and durable steel construction, with chrome and nickel coatings. 

Support: The set is presented in a folding plastic support, which guarantees the organization and storage of the keys.


Length: The size of the handle can be short and difficult to control for those who are not used to it.

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ratchet wrench set

5. Haskyy Ratchet Wrenches 

If you are looking for a set of ratchet wrenches, you may be interested in knowing about the specifications of this model marketed by Haskyy, which is positioned as one of the favorites of users thanks to its resistant construction and portable design. 

It is a set of ratcheting combination wrenches, with measurements from 8 to 19 mm, making it a practical set for different applications, since it incorporates a total of 12 tools with varied dimensions. Each of these pieces is constructed of chrome and vanadium steel. In addition, it has a right/left ratchet function. 

Likewise, the model has a professional-quality matte chrome finish and is presented in a blue plastic case, which facilitates the organization and portability of the pieces for jobs outside the home. 

To learn more about this model, we have summarized its most relevant features in 4 pros and 1 con that we present below. 


Units: The set is made up of 12 ratcheting wrenches of different sizes, which allows use in various contexts.

Construction: Each of the keys is made of vanadium-steel alloy with a chrome finish. 

Type: The set consists of ratcheting combination wrenches with left/right ratcheting function.

Portability: The set is presented in a plastic case that facilitates the organized portability of the tools.


Shape: Being flat keys, they may not be suitable for some situations that require flexibility.

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Socket and ratchet set

6. Staco 63022 Tool Set

This model from the Danish manufacturer Staco stands out for being made up of versatile and resistant hand tools, functional for equipment installation, car, motorcycle and other adjustments. 

Due to its characteristics, it is a set of socket and ratchet wrenches made up of a total of 22 units of solid and resistant pieces, made of metal and with a coating with a special finish that reduces hand abuse. 

Likewise, the model is presented in a black plastic case with a robust appearance, which has been designed with the aim of making the tools portable and ensuring their organization in work environments, so that they are not lost. 

In addition, each of the pieces has been designed with ergonomic and innovative properties, making them suitable for continuous use and in professional or home applications. 

We have summarized the characteristics of this model in 4 pros and one con, which we present below. 


Briefcase: To avoid loss and maintain organization, this model includes a robust plastic briefcase. 

Pieces: The set is made up of a total of 22 pieces, with socket and ratchet wrenches, which have a wide variety of uses. 

Construction: The tools are constructed of heavy-duty metal, making them solid. 

Uses: Thanks to their quality and ergonomics, the pieces can be used at home or professionally. 


Corrosion: It is recommended to avoid contact of the tools with water to guarantee a longer useful life.

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socket wrench set

7. BGS 1218 SW Socket Wrench Set

To those interested in acquiring a set of socket wrenches, we could suggest this proposal from the manufacturer BGS, which is positioned as one of the best sets that can be found on the market, since it is made up of 9 pieces of different dimensions, with the purpose of diversify its use.

Each of the tools that make up this set is made of high quality materials, so they are resistant, with a matte chrome finish, so they are suitable for continuous use without mistreating the hands or creating lacerations.. On the contrary, due to their lengths, they allow the correct application of force. 

Each of the keys has different dimensions and are presented in a Tetron roll bag, so they can be stored in an organized and compact way to carry from one place to another and avoid losing them.

So that you do not make a hasty decision, we invite you to delve into the advantages and disadvantages of this model. 


Construction: The keys that make up this set are built with resistant materials, in metal with a chrome finish. 

Case: The tools are presented in a compact case that makes it easy to organize and store.

Units: The set of keys is made up of 9 pieces of different sizes and lengths that give it greater versatility.

Ergonomics: The keys are made with an ergonomic design that facilitates their use and the application of force. 


Uses: These are tools designed for domestic use, not for professional applications.

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Hollow Socket Wrench Set

8. Silverline 589709 Socket Set

This model is one of the most convenient for users because it has an affordable cost. In fact, it has been considered as the best value for money wrench set and has acceptable quality as well as diversified usage. 

It is a set of hollow tube wrenches, which is made up of a total of 6 pieces of different sizes and with two ends. Therefore, you can have keys from 8/9 mm to 18/19 mm, to adapt to each situation. Also, this proposal includes a Tommy bar. 

In addition, the parts that make up the model are made of high-strength steel, convenient to reduce the effects of corrosion and provide greater durability to the product. By design, this Silverline wrench set is suitable for reaching hard-to-reach areas and its overall weight is 608 grams. 

This model is positioned as one of the cheapest, but its quality is adequate, which you can check in its pros and cons. 


Design: The keys have an ergonomic design that facilitates their access to complex areas.

Units: The set is made up of a total of 6 keys and a Tommy bar, for the execution of different adjustment tasks.

Construction: Each of the elements is made of corrosion resistant steel.

Dimensions: It is a set with keys of different dimensions for various uses.


Case: A transport case is missing that facilitates the portability and organization of the keys.

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combination wrench set

9. Mannesmann M19652 12-Piece Combination Wrench Set 

The manufacturer Mannesmann presents this set of combination wrenches that stands out as one of the most suitable for its quality and resistance, since its manufacturer has given it a 10-year guarantee, which could be evidence of its robustness. 

The model is made up of a total of 12 keys of different sizes and double ends, making them versatile and practical for different purposes, with dimensions ranging from 6 mm to 22 mm.

In addition, the parts that make up this model are made of vanadium steel and a chrome finish, so they are resistant and have polished details, which prevents pieces of metal from mistreating the hands. On the contrary, its grip space is wide and ergonomic, which makes work easier. On the other hand, the model has a black plastic holder, which is used to keep the keys organized. 

To know more details about this model, we have elaborated pros and cons that summarize its characteristics. 


Quantity: The model is made up of a total of 12 pieces, from 6 mm to 22 mm.

Construction: The construction of the parts is robust, made of high quality vanadium steel. 

Support: To keep the tools organized, it includes a plastic support that facilitates the action. 

Numbers: The set is made up of keys of various numbers, ranging in size from 6 to 22, for use according to the task to be performed.


Finishes: If not treated with care, the chrome finish may fade after a short time. 

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Shopping guide

With a set of keys it is possible to solve small inconveniences at home or make repairs, whether in workshops and professional environments or simply for DIY. However, there are several types, sizes and with different characteristics, so if you are interested in knowing these details, you can read our guide to buying the best set of keys.

Parts and type

When establishing a comparison of sets of keys, it is important to identify the number of pieces and the type of keys that make up the model. Among the existing types, there are fixed, combined, star, Allens, ratchet, double-ended, rotating handles, extension bars, among others. The selection of one will depend on the type of task in which they are expected to be used.

Thus, there is a wide range of options on the market that are presented in sets with a greater or lesser number of keys. Among them, models with few parts can be identified, but there are also 12, 15, 20, 30 and even more than 100. The latter are complete and versatile sets with bits, bits, keys and much more, so they are usually categorized as professionals, for use in workshops or by repairmen. 


If, before making the purchase, you want to know how much a set of keys costs, then you will need to do an analysis on the construction of the model and the materials that the manufacturer has incorporated for the structure of the parts. 

Being tools, a general rule is that these keys are made of metal, but the density and type vary according to the model and brand. The recommendation is to select a model that is made of quality steel or its alloy. In fact, there are many proposals that have chrome and vanadium, which are types of special steels that are indicated to withstand tension and the application of force, without the structure becoming deformed or damaged. 

Similarly, there are models built with cheaper materials that, although less resistant, can be used for infrequent uses. On the other hand, some sets of keys have coatings in chrome or other materials that give the pieces greater durability, as well as delicate and polished finishes, which avoid lacerations in the hands, since there will be no pieces of metal that hurt while are used.


A set of keys can be distinguished by different properties and it must be remembered that there are different dimensions, lengths and sizes. Some of these keys can even be identified by number. These specifications are usually announced on the packaging and, by knowing this data, you will be able to know if it is convenient.

In the same way, the length of the key and its handle can be analyzed, since, according to this, its mode of use changes, as well as the force that can be applied to it. 

Another property that must be considered in relation to the design is whether or not it allows access to difficult places, thanks to the shape of its structure. In addition, it is recommended that these tools be ergonomic. In this way, holding them during long work days will not be so strenuous. 

Portability and case

It is possible that, to make a purchase decision, you are looking for an inexpensive set of keys. However, this attribute is not the main one that you should consider when making an intelligent choice. Among them, the portability of this equipment is important, because it will ensure the transfer of the tools, which is convenient when they are used outside the home. 

For this reason, there are many manufacturers that, together with the parts, include a transport case, tool box, case or support, so that all the keys are together. This element, in general, is usually made of plastic and is favorable because it allows an adequate organization of each of the pieces, since some of these briefcases are designed with supports to embed the tools, so that they are well held. In the case of cases, they are compact and, like briefcases, prevent parts from being lost. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a set of keys?

To use a set of keys, keep in mind that each one has its purpose and way of holding on. The selection of the type and size of wrench to use will depend on the situation. However, a general recommendation is that they should be held firmly and not force a key that does not fit with certain parts. In cases where they come into contact with oils, grease, rust, dirt, etc., they must be properly cleaned before storage. Once used, it is necessary to place them back in their case or briefcase to avoid loss. 

Q2: How to arrange a set of keys?

Wrench sets tend to be made up of more than one piece, so you need to stay organized and while many models come with a case, others don’t, so you need to get a toolbox. 

These have already delimited compartments and, depending on the set that has been purchased, it is best to place the keys together in a single compartment, depending on their type. If this space has other sections, then they can also be organized by size groups, in large, medium and small. All this is facilitated when the model includes the briefcase, since the organization is established by the divisions within it. 

Q3: What is a socket wrench set for?

Socket wrenches are cylindrical tools suitable for multiple mechanical and automotive jobs. Its usefulness varies according to the type. However, socket wrenches are often used to reach hard-to-reach bolts like tire lug nuts. In addition, there are different sizes depending on the needs, their holes are measured in inches and they can have several faces.

Q4: How to order an Allen key set?

Generally, these types of keys are presented in a folding plastic holder, which allows the pieces to be arranged by groups of sizes and numbers, from the largest and heaviest caliber, to the smallest and smallest caliber. In fact, these supports have a visible label with the size of the key right in the space where it should be stored. 

In case the model does not include this support, the same principle can be followed to order the set of Allen keys. So you could make a wooden stand and place them in descending size from largest to smallest. 

Q5: What is an Allen key set made of?

This depends on the make and model that has been selected. However, being tools, the most common is that these types of keys are made of metal, since they have been designed to apply force to them, which in turn will generate a reaction in another component that will also be metallic. The most common thing with Allen keys is that their bodies are made of alloy steel, with a chrome and nickel coating.  

Q6: What measurements are usually included in a set of wrenches?

This depends on the model that has been selected, since even the same manufacturer can present sets with a greater or lesser number of pieces, which will directly affect the measurements. 

This is an important characteristic to be aware of, because, depending on the needs, the measures must be selected. In the case of the sets made up of 12 pieces, they can have keys from 8 mm to 19 mm. Additionally, other sets may feature keys from 6mm to 22mm. 

In the first case, they can include rising measures one by one. While in the second, the measurements can go up one by one up to 13 mm, and then increase two by two, so they would be 13, 15, 17, 19 and 22 mm keys, respectively.

Q7: What is an orx key set for?

Torx keys are tools derived from Allen keys, but have a head shaped similar to that of a six-point star-type screw. The pieces that make up a set of torx keys are efficient for tightening or loosening screws of this type. In addition, they can be used for Allen nuts.

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