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TIG Welder – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

TIG welders allow you to make solid and oxidation-free welds thanks to the inert gas environment where it is executed, which avoids the presence of oxygen in it, improving results on any material and circumstance. If you also bet on a model that has the necessary security to work without worries and with the power for the work you plan to do, your investment will surely be a success. One of the most outstanding models is the Tigmig TM 200 HF, since it has a high-frequency welding function for more uniform, solid and long-lasting results. Also, it can be used by beginners thanks to its intuitive interface. On the other hand, the Moracle TIC 200AIt features a 60% duty cycle rating at 200A welding current, providing good performance on steel, copper alloys and titanium.

Buying guide – What is the best TIG welder on the market?

Compared to traditional welders, the tig system, based on inert gases, allows more resistant and stronger welds to be established thanks to the gases that eliminate oxygen and prevent oxidation. Although the process is fundamentally industrial, modern equipment allows this type of welding to be carried out at home. So that you do not get lost with this new technology, our guide to buying the best tig welder will have the necessary information to make the best possible investment.

power and capacity

When working with a welder, the power establishes the actual operating capacity of the equipment. Therefore, this power must be in line with the need for soldiers that you are going to have and with the type of materials that you plan to use. If you are going to do small jobs you do not need to spend more on power.

In any case, it is essential that this power can be regulated, so that the equipment can offer you different levels for all types of work. And obviously it is also necessary that the equipment has the systems that guarantee sustained power throughout use, so that you do not have problems of power or amperage drop that could ruin the welding work you are doing. A cheap team that lacks these control mechanisms can end up being very expensive.

equipment protection

Since tig welders work at high temperatures and with high electrical power, it is essential that the equipment have self-protection systems that guarantee proper operation and complete safety during use. In the case of heat, and since welders have a complex electronic system to control it, it is necessary for the equipment to have an adequate cooling system.

This system is usually based on fans that remove heat by blowing fresh air from the environment into the equipment, thus preventing it from heating up. With regard to electrical systems, the use of protection systems based on fuses is frequent, which absorb possible voltage peaks, preventing them from affecting the machine and damaging it.

It is essential that you eliminate from your comparison of tig welders any model that does not include these protection elements, since they will surely have a short useful life and poor operation.

the torches

Since tig technology does not use normal electrodes, as in inverter welding, what is really important are the torches that are used during the welding process. These torches incorporate the gas that allows welding to be carried out, varying depending on the size of the area to be welded and the metals used. That is why it is important that the torch is of the material that we need for the welding that we plan to use and that it has an adequate size.

At this point, it is convenient to look for sets that offer torches of different sizes depending on the work you usually do. Do not forget to look for some basic elements such as the pencil torch, for small welding jobs or the large ones for superficial welding on a large surface. The torch change must always be fast, to facilitate the work, and models that do not have this function should be rejected unless you do not plan to use the welder for another purpose than that for which said torch is used.

The 5 Best TIG Welders – Opinions 2022

TIG welding, which uses inert gases, is a mainly industrial-type process, but one that you can do at home with the right equipment. Obviously not just any product will do, especially considering the cost of this equipment. That is why we have chosen for you some of the best TIG welders of 2022, among which you can start your search and learn more about this type of product.

1. Tigmig TIG DC TM 200 HF inverter welding machine

It is an inverter welder, so it incorporates an electronic system that provides a voltage without peaks to generate an optimal current. In this sense, it can provide high-frequency electric arc welding (HF) and with covered electrodes (MMA). In addition, it has the Hot Start and Arc Force functions, so it offers a precise and fast arc trigger at the same time, as well as continuous welding.

It also includes Anti Sticking technology, which helps to quickly disconnect the electrode in case it accidentally sticks to the piece. In this way, you can save material and speed up the work. On the other hand, it is compatible with electrodes up to 4 mm in diameter. 

In terms of design, it is small and light, measuring 44 x 25.9 x 36 cm and weighing 9 kg, so you can move and store it without too much hassle. 

To acquire the best TIG welder, you must carefully consider the characteristics of each model. For this reason, we present you the pros and cons of this product. 


Inverter: It works with inverter technology, for a more precise and higher quality welding with less energy consumption. Similarly, it is compatible with coated electrodes.

Functions: It has the Arc Force and Hot Start systems, which allow a fast and precise arc trigger. In addition, it is intuitive and can be configured according to the needs of the project. 

Practicality: It is very practical to move and store, since it is compact and does not weigh too much. In this way, it is useful in the home, but also works for small workshops. 



Mask: It is important to note that the protective mask included in the package is very basic, so it is preferable to purchase a more professional one separately to increase safety.

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2. Moracle ARC MMA/TIG Inverter Welder

This machine can generate high power direct current welding and is compatible with TIG and electrodes, being able to weld on surfaces of steel, stainless steel, copper alloys and titanium. Also, it has lower power consumption than conventional soldering irons. 

Thanks to inverter technology, this device offers a maximum duty cycle of 60% at a power of 200 A. It also has high-frequency ignition (HF), capable of activating the arc without the need to touch the piece you are welding.. 

On the other hand, it is important to mention that it is very easy to use. For this reason, it is recommended for people with little experience in TIG welding. However, it can also be used by professionals. In this case, it is especially useful for the construction area, since it is small and does not weigh too much. 

If you are looking for the best TIG welder of the moment, you may be especially interested in this model, since it offers great functionality at an affordable price. Let’s thoroughly review its main features.


Performance: It offers a nominal duty cycle of 60% at a power of 200 A, so it can be used at home for small repairs and in professional settings, such as the construction area.

Ignition: Inverter technology provides high-frequency ignition, so that the current arc is activated without the need to touch the workpiece with the electrode.

Versatility: It can be used to weld on steel, copper alloy, stainless steel and titanium, making it a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for many projects. 



Cable: The cable with the welding pliers that comes in the package has a length of 2.5 m, so it may be short for some jobs.

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3. Ridgeyard 220V Multifunction Welding Machine

The Ridgeyard CT312 model is much more than just a TIG welder. Because in addition to this function it can also work as a conventional inverter welder and even as a plasma cutter, bringing together three functions in a single product. For this, it has a total power of up to 120 amps, which you can regulate using the wheel placed on the front in order to adapt the intensity to the chosen task.

On the front we also find the function switch to choose the type of soldier or the cutting function. The equipment includes the wiring for the inverter welding, the torch for the TIG welding and the accessories for plasma cutting, not needing to buy anything else.

A complete team that, due to its functionality and adjusted price, is considered the best TIG welder for value for money according to users and consumers.

When in doubt about which TIG welder to buy, it is better to continue researching and reading about models on the market. To make things easier for you, we want you to take a look at the qualities that this model offers because, perhaps, it could be your next acquisition.


Power: It offers a maximum power of 120 A, adjustable from its front panel with a knob that has 8 positions.

Versatility: Not only is it a welder with MMA and TIG capabilities, but it can also be used as a plasma cutter, just by adjusting the necessary parameters and the required tools.

Accessories: In addition to incorporating everything necessary for MMA and TIG welding, such as cables, hoses, hammers and connectors, it also comes with everything necessary to use it as a plasma cutter, without the need to purchase anything outside of its sale price.

Safety: It incorporates a ventilation system to keep the device at a safe temperature during use. Also, it brings a system against overvoltage, which disconnects the device immediately.


Safety: It incorporates a ventilation system to keep the device at a safe temperature during use. Also, it brings a system against overvoltage, which disconnects the device immediately.

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4. Ipotools Super 200DI TIG Inverter Welder

Among TIG welders, a model that can be very useful is the Ipotools brand.

This tool works with a power of 200 amps, which you can adjust on the digital control panel that you will find integrated into the casing. With this ability, you will be able to easily work with steel, titanium, aluminum and copper alloys.

Evaluating its size, the equipment measures 32 x 41 x 19 centimeters and weighs approximately 16 kilograms, thus providing both a handle and straps to carry it. It also has several light indicators, as well as screens where it will show the established operating values.

On the other hand, the memory system integrated in the welder system is quite useful, since it can store 10 different adjustment profiles, in order to choose the appropriate one, depending on the material you are going to work with.

When choosing a TIG welder, it is necessary to consider all the details regarding its performance, whether positive or negative, in order to make the most of the money invested and choose the right one:


System: The machine works with a completely digital system, which provides you with a simple configuration that is appropriate to your needs.

Welding: With this model of TIG welder you will be able to work various metallic materials, such as steel and aluminum, for example, allowing a freer and more suitable use for all types of applications.

Memory: It has a storage system that will be responsible for saving various operating settings that you have determined, to facilitate its handling.

Capacity: The functions, as well as the power of the machine, make it suitable for home and professional use, as needed.



Instructions: The user manual to learn how to operate the equipment contains little information and may be in languages ​​incomprehensible to Spanish speakers.

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5. Herpro TIG 180 Inverter Welder

This model works with electrode arc welding and also with tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, making it one of the most interesting in this selection. In this sense, it is good to know that it offers the most modern systems, such as Hot Start and Arc Force, which improve the activation and precision of the arc.

Due to its state-of-the-art electronic operation, it is mounted on 3 PCB boards that include high-tech components. In this way, it provides good performance and offers a long lifespan without consuming too much electricity. In addition, it incorporates an EMC card, which guarantees compatibility to avoid possible interference with other devices and thus increase reliability. 

On the other hand, it has a real duty cycle of 60% with a power of 180 A, so it can weld different types of metals in a short time and in a simple way. 

To carry out welding in different projects, it is necessary to review in detail the most outstanding aspects of each welding machine. That is why we present you the positive and negative characteristics of this product.


Welding: It can be used with tungsten inert gas welding and arc electrode welding. In both cases, it provides high reliability for more precise and resistant finishes over time.

Card: It is made up of 3 state-of-the-art PCB boards, which favor a more professional use. It also includes an EMC card, which protects the equipment from electromagnetic interference caused by other devices.

Accessories: It comes with several accessories that considerably facilitate its use, such as a 4 m long TIG welding hose, as well as a 3 m electrode holder for greater practicality.



Screen: This model does not have a screen to display the selected power, which can be a disadvantage compared to other products in this selection.

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How to use a TIG welder

When welding work is carried out, it is very important to avoid the presence of oxygen as much as possible to achieve quality work, making it durable and solid. For this task there are tig welders, high power equipment, but very practical to work with and in this article we will tell you how to use them.

Clean the material to be welded

In order for the welding to properly join the metals or the parts to be joined, it is very important that the materials are free of any type of residue that could affect the melting of the metals.

Give it the appropriate treatment according to the material you are going to weld: sandpaper or polish if it is steel; scrape if you are going to work with aluminum. And use chemicals or solvents for stainless steel.

Prepare the mouthpiece

To use the welding nozzle it is necessary that you put the tungsten electrodes required to join the metals. To do this you must unscrew the rear support that holds the electrodes to the nozzle.

The next step is extremely simple: you must insert the electrode in the center of the nozzle, making sure that it fits well, and then screw the support back on. The electrode must have a certain distance in relation to the protective cover.  

Set the polarity

Metals melt when they reach certain temperatures and for that you use the tig welder that you can configure according to the casting you want to do. To treat aluminum, you must set the polarity of the welder for alternating current. For other metals such as steel or iron you must adjust it for direct current.

Fix the parts to be welded

When you are going to weld metals, as in the case of bars, you must hold them together in order to get the job done. For this you can use wire and tie them according to the way you are going to weld them. You can also use a clamp to do this as it will help you set the angles you need.

weld point to point

To advance in the welding work you must couple the metals, making point-to-point welding; this will help you keep the materials well fixed when you start welding and the whole piece. It is about making small welds every 10 cm or according to the distance that makes it easier for you to do the job.

Use the tig torch

With everything previously ready to work, it’s time to use the torch to melt the metals. Turn it on and bring it close to the metals you want to weld together with the electrode, keeping a 45-degree angle so you have a good view of what you’re doing.

use the pedal

The tig welder has a pedal that will allow you to control the heat generated by the nozzle. Since you are going to work with different metals, you must use the pedal according to the level of heat that each one requires to achieve its melting. The more you press on it, the more heat will be generated.

The most popular brands

A TIG welder is a tool that uses a constant power source to weld different materials, since it generates an electric arc between the piece to be worked on and a non-consumable electrode. This new welding technology has been implemented for a few years by brands such as Stanley, Stayer and TIGMIG.

Since its foundation in 1843 and with an impeccable history of more than 170 years, this brand remains one of the main brands in its field for the reliability, value, innovation and quality of its tools, which year after year They have helped protect, build and provide solutions to our daily lives.

Its foundation was carried out by the visionary Frederick Stanley in New Britain, Connecticut, where he carried out the first works of the Stanley brand and since then they have been working hard and aiming for excellence to develop products that are suitable for all types of job.

For this brand, sustainability is important and minimizing the waste that as a company can spill onto the planet; An example of this is that in 2014 its facilities in Besançon, France, became the first company in that country to apply the “Zero Liquid Discharge Industrial”, which makes it a more environmentally friendly company.

Stanley has excellent and professional models of TIG welders that can work with a voltage range of up to 245 volts, which makes them perfect for variable voltage. You will be able to weld a wide variety of metals such as steel or carbon, cast iron and mild and stainless steel. In general, they work for almost any job you require.

Since the 1970s, this brand has been constantly evolving to reach a total of 58 countries where it has been present to date, becoming an international brand. Its clear objective of having a world-class reach tells us that despite already being in many countries, it will continue to reach many more in the future.

Currently, its closest market is Europe and it is precisely where it has the greatest presence and development. In fact, Italy is the country where the brand was first conceived and it is also where it currently continues to have its headquarters for the distribution of all its products to the rest of the world.

The brand has been expanding over time quite quickly to other countries on the European continent such as France, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Portugal. Similarly, Stayer has reached countries in North Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, and also Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico.

Stayer has several models of TIG welder that can reach up to 315 amps and are used to carry out professional carving work, especially for working metals such as stainless steel, alloys, aluminum and many types of steel; Some models even include TIG torches with an automatic cooling system to work longer.

With extensive experience of more than 20 years, this company has been in charge of searching and selecting the best devices on the world market. In addition to that, their main philosophy is to create welding devices with high technology and quality within the reach of all people who want it.

It is a leading company in everything related to sales of equipment for welding materials throughout Europe, as it has the best associates who, like them, handle the highest standards of product reliability, research and technology improvements with prices most competitive on the market for end users.

Each product of this brand has a guaranteed satisfaction system for unconditional restitution within a period not exceeding 10 days after purchase, in case it does not comply with what is offered by the bidder. Your purchase will be protected by law and has a guarantee of up to 1 year.

The TIG welders of this brand are usually welding machines of excellent quality, with features and functions that make them very complete and reliable when working on different materials; They can be used in a variety of environmental conditions, are often resistant to corrosion, and come in a variety of sizes.  

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VidaXL TIG 180 Welding Machine

Dentro de los modelos de soldado mixto encontramos el soldador vidaXL 140259. Este soldador puede usarse de forma tradicional o como soldador TIG simplemente cambiando el modo de funcionamiento en el frontal. Cuenta con una potencia de hasta 180 amperios, que podemos regular mediante la rueda correspondiente en hasta 10 niveles de intensidad.

La función TIG utiliza argón y dióxido de carbono para mejorar los resultados del soldado. Su sistema electrónico de alto nivel permanece a salvo gracias a un ventilador interno que refriega sus componentes, así como un sistema de sobretensiones que evitan los riesgos vinculados al suministro eléctrico.

El equipo cuenta con todos los accesorios necesarios (cables, antorchas, etc) para poder realizar cualquier trabajo acompañados de una bolsa para su transporte. Algo a lo que ayuda también su peso ligero, de apenas 3 kilogramos.

En la búsqueda de una relación costo – beneficio buena, podemos decirte que el mejor soldador TIG por 100 euros es este modelo. Para saber por qué ha sido considerado de esa manera, lee a continuación sus prestaciones y desventajas.


Potencia: Cuenta con 180 A de potencia máxima, los cuales se pueden regular con una perilla en el panel frontal, con hasta 10 niveles a elegir, para desempeñar un trabajo eficiente y adecuado a las necesidades presentadas.

Seguridad: Posee un sistema de protección contra sobretensión, además de un sistema de ventilación interno para mantener la temperatura del dispositivo estable.

Accesorios: Viene con su respectivo martillo, cepillo de astillado, soporte para el electrodo MMA, cable de tierra, el soplete TIG con su cable y su respectivo estuche para transporte y almacenado.

Modo de Soldadura: Puedes elegir en el panel frontal qué tipo de sistema de soldadura quieres usar: si el tradicional o el TIG, con tan sólo accionar el mando y conectar los implementos necesarios.


Ruidoso: Algunos usuarios comentan que es un poco ruidoso a la hora de trabajar.

Draper Tools Expert 05579 Soldador 200A

Si los equipos anteriores se te quedan cortos seguramente el modelo Draper Expert 05579 responda a tus necesidades.

Hablamos de un equipo de tipo profesional, que amplía la potencia existente hasta los 200 amperios con un tiempo de uso mucho más elevado que el resto de equipos presentados.

En concreto permite un funcionamiento al 65% a un nivel de 165 amperios, el más amplio de gama. Esta potencia, igual que el tipo de funcionamiento (TIG o inverter) son controladas desde el panel de control, muy fácil de usar.

Por su estilo profesional el cuerpo es especialmente resistente, fabricado en acero resistente a los golpes, mientras que su interior cuenta con toma de tierra, resistencia frente a sobretensiones y sobrecalentamientos y un sistema de ventilación de alto nivel. El estilo profesional también se aprecia en los accesorios, con sus mangueras recubiertas y su antorcha de alta calidad, que garantiza los mejores resultados posibles.

Para esas ocasiones en las que necesitas una herramienta fiable y asequible, no podemos dejar pasar por encima a uno de los soldadores TIG más baratos del mercado. Chequea sus cualidades más abajo, a ver si se adaptan a ti.


Potencia: Ofrece 200 A, suficientes para desempeñar, notablemente, en una amplia variedad de tareas y materiales. Dicha potencia se puede regular en el panel frontal.

Seguridad: Incorpora un mecanismo de protección contra sobretensiones, el cual desconecta al aparato para evitar daños en él y al usuario. También trae una toma a tierra y un sistema de ventilación.

Modo de soldadura: Puedes elegir entre Inverter y TIG, de acuerdo al trabajo que necesites realizar o a los electrodos de que dispongas, sin necesidad de comprar otra máquina o accesorios.

Accesorios: Trae consigo una antorcha de alta calidad, así como también, unas mangueras recubiertas para ofrecer una vida útil mayor y con mejor seguridad para el usuario.


Pocos accesorios: Unos cuantos usuarios echan en cara que no traiga consigo más accesorios como otros modelos disponibles en el mercado.

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