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Tile Paint – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you want to change the color palette on the walls of your kitchen, bathroom or improve the appearance of a piece of furniture that has a ceramic surface, then a special paint for tiles can be a good option. However, there are so many models on the market that it can be a bit difficult to select one, so we will detail the most outstanding ones. Jafep 24764031 paint is available in a wide variety of colors and you can use it on both internal and external surfaces, which gives you greater possibilities of use. On the other hand, there is the Waterproof Tollens, which after drying provides a very resistant surface and does not have a very strong smell.

The 9 Best Paints For Tiles – Opinions 2022

Tile paint is the most recommended product if you are a DIY lover and want to change the color of the tiles in your home, but without doing a big construction job. This is why we have selected 9 of the best tile paints of 2022, to make it easier for you to choose a product that suits your needs.

Colored tile paint

1. Jafep 24764031 Acrylic enamel 750 ml

It is a paint to paint tiles that can be used both on internal and external surfaces, since it is acrylic, so it can resist direct contact with water. In addition, it dries quickly and in doing so offers a silk matte finish, which is soft to the touch and attractive to the eye.

It comes in an attractive lime green presentation, but it is also available in different colors including yellow, turquoise, white, magenta, tree green, blue, among others, so you can choose according to your preferences.

As if that were not enough, this colored tile paint can also be used to paint plastic, plaster, glass, plaster, metal and wood surfaces.

As for the quantity, it has 750 ml, so it is sufficient for surfaces between 10 and 12 m², but if it is too much, you can get it in 250 ml bottles.

The best paint for tiles must be able to fill any space with life and restore it, as is the case with this glaze, for this reason, it is convenient to know its pros and cons in more detail.


Finish: Provides a silk matte finish, which is elegant and smooth to the touch.

Drying: It is a fast-drying product, so you should not wait long to enjoy the final result.

Colors: It is available in 10 different colors to adapt it to your decoration.


Opacity: The opacity could be a bit low, so it is necessary to paint the same surface more than once to cover completely.

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2. Jovira Water-Based Tile Paint

It is a colored tile paint that offers a glossy finish, making it attractive on ceramic surfaces. In addition, it is resistant to stains, scratches and rubs, which favors a longer useful life.

On the other hand, it offers a yield of 5.25 to 6.75 m² for each can of paint. In this sense, it is important to know that it comes in a 750 ml presentation, enough to paint various surfaces and structures before it runs out.

For greater practicality, it can be applied with a roller, brush or paint gun, which allows you to adapt it to your needs and the type of surface to be painted. As for the color, it offers an attractive turquoise tone, but it is also available in hazelnut, linen, steel blue, bone, white, smoke gray and steel gray.

If you need the best tile paint of the moment, then you should learn more about this model.


Drying: Dries to the touch in just 4 hours and can be re-coated after 8 hours for added convenience.

Resistance: It is able to resist scratches, rubs and bumps, so it can provide a long service life.

Yield: A single 750 ml can offers a yield of approximately 5.25 to 6.75 m².


Impermeability: This paint is not recommended for surfaces that are submerged or have high condensation.

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bathroom tile paint

3. Tollens Water-based tile enamel

It is a paint for bathroom tiles that, when dry, provides impermeability and resistance to humidity. For this reason, it can withstand the direct contact with water that normally exists in bathrooms.

The paint is resistant to cleaning products and does not wear off with frequent cleaning, thus offering great durability. In addition, it does not generate an odor of any kind, which prevents allergies and allows you to use the bathroom immediately after it has dried.

On the other hand, it is available in 32 different colors, so you can choose the tone considering the decoration palette, whether you prefer it in lavender, red, gray, yellow, among others. In terms of opacity, this paint can effectively cover the tile surface in one pass, which provides more practicality.

If you are looking for the best value for money tile paint, you should know that this model is one of the most resistant and does not cost a lot of money.


Resistance: Provides resistance to water, shocks and cleaning products.

Colors: It is available in different colors to choose from according to the decoration of your bathroom.

Odor: It has no odor, so you don’t have to worry about allergies.


Coverage: May not spread as smoothly as other products, so more than one can of paint may be required.

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4. Eurotex Matte paint for bathroom and kitchen tiles

This is a paint for bathroom tiles that offers good adhesion capacity on different surfaces, such as wood, steel, iron and PVC, which provides greater versatility. In addition, it provides a matte finish that gives elegance to the space.

For convenience, this paint does not require priming before use, which allows you to apply it directly, however, the manufacturer recommends sanding the surface a little before use. Once dry, it gives you a washable and water resistant surface. In addition, it contains polyurethane, which favors its hardness for a long useful life.

In terms of quantity, it has 750 ml that are enough for 3.75 m² and is white, to adapt more easily to the decoration of the space. Also, you can get it in blue, green, beige, gray, black, among others, which allows you to choose according to your tastes.

If you are wondering which is the best tile paint, it is recommended that you review in detail some of the positive and negative characteristics of this model.


Finish: After drying, it provides an attractive matte finish that adds elegance to any space.

Practicality: To facilitate application, it does not require prior priming of the surface, making it more practical.

Versatility: It can be used on wood, PVC, steel and tile surfaces for greater versatility.


Resistance: Although it is a resistant paint, it is advisable to avoid friction, as this could damage the finish.

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kitchen tile paint

5. Blatemlux Tile Paint

It is a paint for kitchen tiles that provides a shiny and resistant finish, which can improve the appearance of any wall or surface where you apply it. In addition, it can be extended smoothly and without reducing its opacity.

It is resistant to impacts, friction, scratches and cleaning products, which allows you to keep the paint in good condition for a long time. As for the texture, it has a smooth consistency with a great adherence capacity, in this way, it is easier to obtain a professional finish.

It is available in light blue, turquoise, satin white, taupe, red, mist, linen and grey, so you can choose it according to your style. As if that were not enough, it dries in a period of 3 to 4 hours for greater practicality and does not leave a strong odor to avoid related discomfort.

Cheap tile paints must provide the same adhesion and resistance capacity as a high-end one, as is the case with this Blatemlux product. Let’s take a closer look at its pros and cons.


Drying: Offers fast drying between 3 and 4 hours for greater practicality.

Smell: It does not have a very strong smell, so it does not cause discomfort.

Coverage: You can easily cover the surface of the tiles without having to make a double pass.


Colors: Paint cans of the same color can offer different shades, which could deteriorate the final finish.

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Bruguer tile paint

6. Bruguer 5075264 Paint Tiles

It is a Bruguer tile paint that can dry quickly after only 2 hours from its application, which gives you greater practicality. In addition, it comes in a 750 ml presentation, which covers 6 m² with a single can of paint.

Regarding the finish, it provides a smooth and shiny surface, capable of completely changing the appearance of the bathroom or kitchen where you decide to apply it. Likewise, it offers great resistance and is washable, so that it can be easily cleaned without fear of removing the paint or reducing its useful life.

As for its tonalities, you can get it in flour white, lemon yellow, pacific blue, biscuit beige, pearl gray, arctic gray, poppy red, pistachio green, among others, in this way, it is a product that you can choose according to the palette of colors you have in space.

The best tile paint brand can ensure you get a quality product, so we recommend you check the characteristics of this Bruguer paint before making the purchase.


Drying: According to the manufacturer, it can be completely dried in just 2 hours for convenience.

Resistance: It is washable and resists contact with household cleaning products.

Performance: It comes in a 750 ml bottle, enough to paint surfaces of approximately 6 m².


Color: The final color could be a little lighter than indicated on the product label.

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Special paint for tiles

7. Jafep Enamel Tiles

It is a special paint for tiles that is available in an elegant ivory color, capable of making the space where you use it more attractive. In addition, it has a satin finish that, in addition to shine, provides softness to the touch.

As for its presentation, it comes in a 750 ml bottle, which covers surfaces of 10 to 12 m², which is enough to apply more than one layer of paint to the wall. Also, it can dry completely after 4-6 hours, which you should take into account before touching the surface.

For greater practicality, it is a product that does not need a primer of any kind, so you can apply it directly. As if that were not enough, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is scratch resistant and can be washed without affecting the finish.

A high-quality tile paint must offer the possibility of being used in different spaces, as is the case with this versatile Jafep product.


Application: It is a direct application paint that does not need a primer, in addition, it adheres easily to the surface of the tiles.

Finish: Provides a satin finish that adds shine and attractiveness to the space.

Yield: A single bottle can be enough to paint surfaces from approximately 10 to 12 m².


Drying: To dry completely it is necessary to wait between 4 and 6 hours, which may seem like a long time compared to other models on the list.

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Titan tile paint

8. Titan Enamel Tiles Bathroom And Kitchen 750 Ml

This is a Titan tile paint that dries after approximately 4 hours, so don’t wait too long to touch its surface. Once applied, it provides a satin finish with a shiny, attractive, wrinkle-free surface. 

As for its capacity, it is a 750 ml product that covers 10.5 to 12 m², so it is enough to completely paint a large wall. Likewise, it is resistant to scratches, cleaning products and bumps, which guarantees you to obtain a long-lasting paint.

As if that were not enough, it can effectively cover tiles with reliefs and irregularities that have occurred over time, so it has good functionality. In addition, its white color allows you to apply the paint in different spaces without clashing with the decoration.

If you are still wondering which tile paint to buy, this Titan brand product may be a good option. Let’s see its most important positive and negative characteristics.


Performance: A single can of paint can cover between 10.5 and 12 m² for greater performance.

Resistance: It can resist contact with soaps and other cleaning products.

Finish: It has a satin finish that does not present irregularities and offers a shiny surface.


Variety: It is only available in a white color presentation, so it offers fewer color options compared to other models on the list.

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white tile paint

9. Kolmer Water-based glaze for tiles

It is a white paint for tiles and glass from the Kolmer brand, which provides a great adhesion capacity to favor its resistance to humidity, bumps and scratches. In this sense, you should know that after 7 days from its application it can be in contact with water and cleaning products, therefore, it is possible to use it to paint bathroom and kitchen tiles.

For convenience, it can be quickly dried in 1-2 hours. On the other hand, after 4 hours from the placement of the first coat of paint, you can apply a second coat to obtain a better finish.

It comes in a 750ml size and offers a range of approximately 10m² with a single can of paint. As if that were not enough, it does not require a primer before applying the first layer, which favors its practicality.

This paint, in addition to being one of the cheapest in the selection, can also be used on glass surfaces, so it may be convenient to know its pros and cons before making the purchase.


Resistance: It is resistant to water, which allows you to apply it in bathrooms and kitchens without fear of reducing its useful life.

Practicality: It allows you to paint directly without the need for prior priming.

Drying: It is a paint that dries to the touch in a period of 1 to 2 hours.


Opacity: Dark surfaces may require more than two coats of paint to fully cover.

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Shopping guide

When choosing a tile paint it is normal to look at the color, but there are other equally important characteristics that you must take into account and that will directly affect you when applying the paint, such as its performance, drying, finish and durability. With this in mind, we have put together a guide to buying the best tile paint.


When making a comparison of paints for tiles, you can notice that the common factor of most models is that they have a quantity of 750 ml. However, due to their consistency and texture, not all of them are equally effective for painting the same area of ​​surface, as some can cover the tiles in a single pass. Therefore, if you want to know how much a paint of this type costs, you should pay special attention to its yield, which can be between 3.75 m² and 12 m² per 750 ml.

On the other hand, the performance is not only defined by the consistency of the paint but also the amount of it. Therefore, it is possible to find models that have 1 liter, which is used for surfaces from 12 to 14 m² and other presentations of 5 to 10 liters that are generally used for professional and industrial work. However, you can find a bottle of only 250 ml; which is an alternative that can be just as good and economical as a larger quantity but for a much more affordable price, especially if you need to cover a small area.


As far as drying is concerned, it is important to take into account the previous preparation of the surface and the application of the paint. For the preparation, a primer is usually applied, which improves its ability to adhere to the surface and allows faster drying.

However, the most outstanding models of the moment have a high quality, so they do not require prior primer. In this case, they are usually quick-drying paints, which take between 1 and 2 hours to dry completely and 4 to 6 hours if you need to apply another coat of paint. On the other hand, generic paints can take 6-8 hours to dry, which you should consider if it is a space you need to use during the drying process, however these tend to have lower prices.

color and finish

The variety of colors is important because it allows you to buy the tone that you like the most. In this case, we can find a large number of models that can be easily adapted to your decorative requirements, especially if you plan to use a specific color palette for a space, be it the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room or to cover some structure. tile cover.

Therefore, we can find basic color paints, but there are also special shades, such as sun yellow, lime green, anthracite grey, light grey, black, white, cream, sky blue, cloud blue, tomato red, turquoise, light blue, tree green, orange, carmine red, among many others. Also, some manufacturers offer a completely transparent paint.

Just as important as the color is the paint finish, as it can add charm and elegance to the tile surface. Consequently, among the most popular models are the matte finish paints, which are distinguished from the others by offering a dull and neutral surface, which is generally used among minimalist style decorations.

On the other hand, there are paints for tiles with a satin finish, which, unlike the matte finish, provide shine and are capable of reflecting light, but depending on the preparation and consistency of the product, some paints may be glossier than others.


The durability of the paint depends mainly on its resistance to external agents. For this reason, today’s leading products provide resistance primarily to direct contact with water and moisture. This type of paint is the most appropriate to use in bathrooms, kitchens and external spaces of the house that could be in contact with rain.

On the other hand, it is important that the paint gives you cleaning convenience so that you can keep it in good condition without too many complications. In this sense, some paints offer resistance to cleaning products, which allows you to clean as you would on the surface of the tiles without any type of treatment.

If you decide to paint a surface that will be in continuous contact with people, then it is best to purchase a product that can withstand scratches and bumps, since otherwise the paint could fall off after a short time of use.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to apply tile paint?

The first thing you should do is clean the surface you are going to paint and carefully cover the porcelain or surrounding objects, in this way, you avoid accidentally painting them. It is recommended to pour the amount of paint you are going to use into an additional pot to maintain the purity of the original paint. The most appropriate at the beginning is to paint the corners and edges, since they are usually the most difficult to access areas, while the rest of the surface can be painted with the help of a roller.

Q2: How to remove the paint from the tiles?

Being products made from plastics and oils, the paints adhere very easily to the surface of the tiles, so it is not recommended to remove the paint regularly. Before removing it, think about whether it is really necessary or if you can paint again over the previous layer, since this generally gives you greater resistance and does not deteriorate the finish.

If what you want is to recover the original color and design of the tiles, then you should start by slowly removing the paint with a spatula, scraping carefully so as not to scratch the surface too much. Then, you must remove the remains of paint and proceed to slide a towel with solvent over the tiles, this can help you remove the most adhered paint in the corners and edges. It is worth mentioning that it is advisable to use gloves for this task and not to moisten the towel with too much solvent, since the excess could affect the colors of the tiles.

Q3: What primer is required to use a tile paint?

The primer is nothing more than a previous preparation of the surface that you are going to paint, indicated to guarantee the adherence of the paint, improve its finish and protect the colors of the tiles. The primers are sold in bottles similar to those of the paint and usually have a stronger smell, so it is advisable to use a mask when applying it.

Currently, there are special primers for tiles that are usually used on other types of surfaces, such as PVC and glass, in addition, they can provide a matte finish that is easier to cover with any type of paint, which is why they are the most used by users.. Among the most outstanding models are Bruguer’s Universal Preparations and Beissier’s All Terrain products, which act as sealants on tiles and other surfaces.

Q4: How is tile paint thinned?

Tile paint is generally a product that should be used directly, as this ensures that it correctly covers the surface for a better finish. It is normal to think about diluting it, just as we would do with a normal paint so that it yields a little more, but it is not a recommended activity, since the paint could lose viscosity, opacity and resistance.

Q5: How to prepare the surface to use the tile paint?

Before starting it is very important that the surface to be painted is in the best possible condition. First of all, you have to degrease, which you can do just by using a soapy solution or some kind of non-abrasive detergent. Likewise, it is necessary to eliminate mold and dust in the joints of the tiles, for which you should only use a toothbrush that you have discarded to easily remove the dirt. Finally, you must rinse with water and let the surface dry completely.

Q6: How to clean tile paint residue from the floor?

The first thing you should do is scrape the paint with a spatula without exerting too much force so as not to scratch the floor. When you remove all the possible remains, it is time to add solvent, placing a little on the stain to remove the remaining paint with the help of a toothbrush. Finally, you must dry the surface with absorbent paper and the problem will be solved. When carrying out this cleaning, it is advisable to wear gloves to prevent the chemicals in the solvent from affecting your skin.

Q7: How does the tile paint perform?

Most cans have a 750 ml quantity, although you can get them from 1 to 10 liters. In this sense, a 750 ml bottle covers approximately a surface between 3.75 and 12 m², so it is enough to paint a bathroom of standard dimensions or to apply several coats of paint to a single wall.

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