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Toolbox – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

A toolbox is a good option to have all your work tools within reach, especially if you are a mechanic, electrician, plumber or DIY enthusiast. Therefore, it is important to know some characteristics before purchasing one of these products, such as its dimensions, materials, ease of transport and load capacity. Currently, there is a wide variety of them, however, we will describe some of the most outstanding ones. The Tresko WZKF13 is made of aluminum, has wheels and has 949 parts. On the other hand, the Tayg 58 Trailbox is a two-module box that provides plenty of storage space. In addition, it has two handles to facilitate transport.

The best tool boxes on the market

To perform a professional job you must have knowledge, skills and the necessary equipment that allow you to perform well. In this sense, we present a list with some of the best toolboxes of 2022, where you will find relevant information about the different models available, so that you can select one that is according to your needs.

Complete toolbox


It is a complete toolbox, made up of 949 tools, including combination wrenches, pliers, adjustable wrench, wire cutters, tape measure, cable ties, nails, screws, hammer, screwdrivers, Allen key, phase tester and manometer.

It has a briefcase-type design that is light and resistant, since it weighs 12.5 kg and is made of aluminum. In addition, it has a removable telescopic handle and wheels that make it easy to move it to the job site, which is why it is considered by many to be the best tool box.

Inside it has 4 trays, which allow many of the tools to be stored individually, which facilitates their organization, display and selection. In this sense, it is useful for those starting out in the world of repairs, since its extensive content can be used by electricians, mechanics, plumbers or DIY enthusiasts.

If you have skills for home repairs, you must have the right tools. In this sense, it is important to consider the characteristics of what many consider to be the best toolbox of the moment:


Compartments: It has 4 removable levels to facilitate the organization of tools.

Transport: It has wheels and a telescopic handle, making it easy to transport.

Accessories: Includes 949 tools suitable for different types of jobs.

Dimensions: It occupies little storage space, since it has dimensions of 36.5 x 20.5 x 51 cm.


Use: According to some users, these tools do not provide the appropriate quality to be used professionally, so they are recommended for amateurs and beginners.

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Tool box with wheels

Tayg 58 Trailbox

This model is very useful for storing a wide variety of tools and work instruments. In this sense, it is made up of 2 main modules that can be transported one on top of the other for greater comfort. For this reason, it is a good option if you are wondering what is the best toolbox.

The upper compartment has two organizing trays inside, one red and one transparent. The latter has different divisions to organize and store parts of different sizes separately, whether they are screws, washers, among others. It is important to mention that this tool box with wheels comes with removable shelves for greater practicality.

As for the lower module, it offers a completely empty space in which you can store large tools or heavier materials. On the other hand, the two modules can be joined or separated thanks to two metal closures on the sides.

Tayg is considered by many to be the best toolbox brand, so if you need a practical and versatile model, you should know the pros and cons of this product.


Trays: Includes two trays, one to store large tools and another with divisions to store small parts.

Lid: On the lid it has two smaller compartments that allow you to access some tools without having to open the box.

Handles: The upper module has a fixed handle and a folding handle that facilitate the transport of the box.


Closures: The shafts of the closures are made of plastic, so they are not very strong.

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Amazon Toolbox

Amazon Basics AMZ1713

This Amazon toolbox offers the possibility of orderly storing small parts and accessories, such as nails, screws and nuts. In this sense, it has 25 individual compartments that can be removed to adapt them according to your needs, thus facilitating access to the pieces.

It is made of plastic and its lid is completely transparent, which allows you to quickly see the tools, in addition, it has the function of fixing the compartments in place. Likewise, this tool box can be stacked with others of the same design and its locks offer greater security.

It weighs just 1.26 kg and measures 33.5 cm x 5.9 cm x 41.9 cm, making it suitable for transporting tools from one place to another without taking up much space when storing it. In addition, it is not too expensive, which is why it is considered by many to be the best value for money toolbox.

If you are looking for a toolbox that allows you to store the small parts of your workshop in an organized way, but which is also one of the cheapest, you should first analyze the pros and cons of this model:


Compartments: It has 25 removable compartments, designed to store small-sized pieces.

Practicality: Its transparent plastic cover allows you to locate the tools easily.

Storage: Thanks to its compact design, you can place it on top of similar boxes.


Transfer: Some users think that the smaller pieces could move out of place when holding it with the handle, so it is advisable to move it with due care.

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Stanley Toolbox

STANLEY 1-70-326

This Stanley tool box has dimensions of 28.4cm x 63cm x 47.5cm, offering ample storage space. In this sense, it has 3 removable boxes, which facilitate access to the tools. The upper compartment is of the trunk type, while the lower one has a greater storage capacity and is of the horizontal organizer type.

For its part, the second compartment is a practical organizer tray for small parts, such as screws and nuts. The closing system has resistant metal buckles, to provide an effective and safe connection between the drawers, which prevents their contents from being lost. In addition, its lid is hinged for easy opening.

It has a fixed handle on the top drawer and a telescopic handle, so you can pull the set more easily. It also has 2 wheels of 17.8 cm in diameter, which allow it to be taken from one place to another without difficulty.

If you need to store all your work tools in an orderly manner and have doubts about which toolbox to buy, it is important that you review the characteristics of this model in more detail:


Compartments: It has 2 large drawers and an organizing tray.

Security: It has buckles made of metal to fix the drawers together safely.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 28.4 cm x 63 cm x 47.5 cm and weighs approximately 2.6 kg, making it easy to move from one place to another.


Materials: Some users think that the plastic of the box should be stronger, since it could lose durability with rough treatment.

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metal tool box

tayg 505

This metal tool box is made of strong sheet steel, which allows it to withstand knocks or falls without being damaged. In addition, it is covered with red epoxy paint, a resin that creates a particularly hard and shiny film, capable of withstanding corrosion.

It has dimensions of 20 x 50 x 29 cm and its weight is 5.82 kg, which makes it easy to move and store, since it does not take up too much space in your home or workshop. In this sense, it has a fixed handle that provides good support and its closing system is manual, with padlock holes.

Its internal distribution includes a fixed central deposit for larger tools, as well as 4 trays that you can move to the sides, to organize instruments and smaller parts, in this way access is easier, making it suitable for electricians., plumbers and mechanics.

Work tools must be stored in an organized way, to prolong their useful life. In this sense, it is good that you consider the pros and cons of this model before making a decision:


Materials: It is made of galvanized steel and offers a red epoxy paint coating.

Compartments: It has 4 movable compartments and 1 fixed one, for a good distribution of the pieces.

Transportable: It is very easy to transport, since it has a fixed handle and weighs only 5.82 kg.

Security: Includes hole for the placement of a security padlock.


Accessories: This toolbox does not include work instruments.

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empty toolbox

Tayg No. 16

It is an empty toolbox, which makes it one of the cheapest on the list. In addition, it is suitable for organizing small-sized implements such as screws, nails, stones and accessories, so it can be used by DIYers, jewelers, craftsmen and electricians.

In this sense, its trunk-type design has a removable tray with a handle and a tray with an independent lid, to prevent the smallest pieces from being knocked over. In addition, its lid includes 2 smaller compartments and hinges for a more comfortable opening.

It is made of polypropylene with good resistance, since it is a thermoplastic material. With dimensions of 50 x 25.8 x 25.5 cm and a weight of just 2.3 kg, it is light enough to carry and store.

A toolbox that allows the organization of all kinds of implements is important for good performance, so before making a decision you should consider the characteristics of this model:


Design: It is a trunk-type box with a handle and hinged lids, so you can open and close it comfortably.

Compartments: It has a removable tray, a case with an independent lid and 2 individual compartments in the lid.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 50 x 25.8 x 25.5 cm, which makes it easy to store.

Transportable: It has a weight of 2.3 kg and a comfortable handle that allows it to be moved.


Materials: Some users think that the closures could lose functionality at the time of use.

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Mannesmann Tool Box

Mannesmann 211-430

The Mannesmann toolbox offers efficiency and practicality to store your work tools in an organized and safe way, since it allows you to keep the necessary tools close at hand to hang pictures, repair furniture, among other tasks.

It has a classic design of traditional tool boxes, which has a rectangular drawer with 4 fold-out compartments on the sides, in this way you can have greater control and visibility of the available pieces. In addition, it offers a hole for a padlock and 2 movable handles on the upper part, to offer a better hold.

It is made of a resistant steel sheet metal painted in blue, which provides greater resistance to bumps and scratches that it may suffer during work. It is also very easy to transport thanks to its weight of only 3.86 kg and its dimensions of 43 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm.

If you want to store your tools safely and without taking up too much space, you should consider the pros and cons of this toolbox:


Materials: It is made of sheet steel metal and its surface is blue for greater attractiveness.

Weight: It is very easy to move anywhere, since its weight is just 3.86 kg.

Security: It has a hole for a padlock, which allows to protect the tools.


Size: A user thinks that this box could be smaller than expected. However, it has 5 compartments; 4 folding and 1 central.

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wooden tool box

NatureZoom FSC

This Nature Zoom wooden tool box is part of a parts kit that includes a hammer, steel nails, pre-cut wooden pieces and clear, step-by-step instructions on how to assemble quickly and efficiently. In addition, it has dimensions of 32 cm x 19 cm x 18 cm and a weight of 912 g.

Both the box and the handle of the hammer are entirely made with FSC controlled wood, from mixed eco-sustainable sources, which is why it has quality certification. For its part, the hammer head is made of high-strength iron and includes a slot for extracting nails.

The box has a design of simple lines, with a rectangular shape, which includes 2 elongated compartments and one of them has a lid to store small parts. It also has a circular handle on the top that is comfortable for the hands and allows you to balance the weight.

If you are starting out in the world of repairs and DIY, you will surely like to assemble your own wooden toolbox, so it is recommended that you take into account the characteristics of this model:


Accessories: Includes pre-cut pieces of wood, hammer, metal nails and instructions.

Materials: The box has pieces of FSC wood with a natural finish. In addition, the hammer has a cylindrical handle made of wood and its head is made of metal.

Weight : It is easy to transport, since it only weighs 912 g.


Dimensions: Might be one of the smaller toolboxes on the list, which could limit its use. 

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Toolbox for electrician

Wiha Competition XXL

It is a toolbox for electricians that has a wide variety of components, designed so that you can face any type of inconvenience related to the electrical system. In this sense, you will be able to have support for electric charger bits, pliers, screwdrivers made with insulating material to avoid accidents, among others.

All parts were tested at 10,000 V AC, which guarantees their resistance. Also, the handle of the pliers has an ergonomic design, which requires little effort during use to protect the wrist area. In addition, the lid has gas shock absorbers that prevent injuries from accidental closure.

Its suitcase-type design has dimensions of 25 cm x 56 cm x 56 cm and a weight of 17 kg. Includes wheels, height-adjustable handle and fixed handle for easy movement. It also has organizer trays that guarantee easy viewing and access to all the tools.

Those who specialize in electrical system repairs must have the right tools, capable of avoiding accidents and guaranteeing quality work. In this sense, it is important to consider the characteristics of this box:


Safety: The lid has a gas shock absorber system that prevents accidents due to unexpected closing.

Design: It has a suitcase-type design with organizing trays for more efficient storage.

Transportable: It is fully transportable because it has wheels, a movable handle and an adjustable handle for towing.

Materials: The box is made of highly resistant polypropylene to withstand bumps and scratches.


Use: Its use is limited exclusively to professionals in the area of ​​electricity.

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Guide to buying tool boxes

Selecting work instruments that you can adapt to your needs and allow you to perform well at work can be a cumbersome process. In this sense, it is important to have detailed information on the characteristics and functions of each product. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to buy the best toolbox.

Shopping guide


Today, there are many types of toolboxes, each focused on a specific trade, such as electrical, plumbing, mechanics, crafts, jewelry, and general DIY. However, some boxes can be used for multiple tasks.

In this sense, we must mention the classic boxes, which are made of wood and metal. The wooden box was one of the first to be built for this purpose, its classic design generally does not include a lid, but it has a handle that facilitates access to the tools, in addition, they are light structures that are easy to move. For this reason, they are one of the most used by carpenters and craftsmen.

Tool boxes made of metal or steel also have a basic design, which could include a lid and a handle, however, they also include one or more removable trays to store small objects and make better use of space. In addition, they tend to be heavier, so their use is stationary, but they effectively resist shocks, likewise, they are normally used by electricians, mechanics and plumbers.

There are also plastic boxes, which although they are less resistant, offer more options in terms of shapes and models. They are usually lighter than wood or metal, so they are easy to transport and you can easily wash them with water. Likewise, they are usually used to organize tools or small objects, which makes them suitable for DIY, crafts, jewelry, among others.


Currently, it is possible to find models with different sizes and shapes, such as suitcases, trunks, horizontal organizers, among others. Also, they have handles and wheels to transport them, so it is important to make a comparison of tool boxes of this type to fully understand their characteristics.

If you want to know how much a toolbox costs, you must take into account its dimensions. In this sense, you will find small boxes with few dimensions, as well as larger ones, so it is important to know what type of tools you will store in it. As for its weight, it also varies according to the dimensions, the material used and the content, so there are boxes from 1 kg to others of 17 kg.

Its different designs can also include pull-out or pull-out trays, drawers and organizer compartments with a defined space for each tool, so that they can be viewed quickly and easily.

Its storage capacity must also be taken into account, since all boxes are not designed to support the same amount of weight, which could damage its structure. In this way, some boxes offer the possibility of storing up to 50 kg.


A good, inexpensive toolbox may include some accessories to help you start your workpiece collection, so make sure the tools included in your preferred package are the ones you need. In this sense, some of them have hammers, nails, screwdrivers, screws, pliers, flanges, wrenches, wire cutters, tape measure, Allen key, tweezers, scissors, pressure gauge, saws, phase checker, among other instruments.

Some models offer padlock holes, which in addition to preventing the removal of parts by unauthorized persons, also provide greater security when moving it, thanks to the fact that it prevents accidental opening due to weight and movement. Likewise, they can incorporate fixed, retractable or rotating handles that favor their maneuverability, especially when you carry a lot of weight in the box. On the other hand, some models have metal pins or latches to increase resistance.

The most sophisticated boxes can have structural foam to soften the impact caused by bumps or falls, as well as anti-rust materials, which prevent damage caused by moisture. Others include IP certification in its different levels of security, which indicates the reduction of possible damage caused by water, dust and other harmful agents.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a toolbox?

A toolbox is a piece that should not be missing in any home, since its main function is to provide a solution to common problems and small repairs, such as fixing lamps, assembling furniture or hanging pictures, so it is necessary to have with the basic instruments.

Also, it is advisable to store it in a place away from the sun but free of moisture, in this way you prevent corrosion. Also, it is important to clean the tools before storing them to extend their useful life. In this sense, the most appropriate thing is to use boxes with trays or organizers to facilitate their visibility.

Q2: How to make a metal tool box?

To make a metal toolbox you must have a sheet of sheet metal or aluminum. With the help of a square and a permanent marker, you will have to draw a rectangle in the center that will work as the bottom of the box, extending its lines to the edge to use them as walls.

Once the lines are well defined, you can proceed to cut out the remaining squares in the corners, then you can bend the sheet at 90º angles and shape the walls. It is important to fold all the edges to avoid scratches. To finish, you must join the walls with the help of some metal corner pieces, which you can fasten with rivets to give it strength.

 Q3: How to make a wooden tool box?

To make this box it is necessary to have 1 wooden strip for the bottom, 2 strips for the sides, 2 high strips that will serve as a support for the handle, 1 round strip that will work as a handle. In addition, you will need nails, white glue, a hammer, a square and sandpaper.

To begin with, you must join the bottom and side strips with glue, using the square so that the edges are well assembled. Once the glue has dried you must proceed to place the nails, it is important to use the necessary amount so that the structure is well adjusted. Finally, you can put the round ribbon in place by doing the above procedure with white glue and nails.

Q4: What should a toolbox contain?

The content of the box will depend on the use you want to give it, because generally each trade or activity needs a specific type of tool. However, some of them are in common use, so if you are a hobbyist or want a box to solve household contingencies, you must have the basic pieces.

In this sense, it is important to acquire quality tools that guarantee a long useful life, such as a hammer, wrench, jack, pliers, screwdrivers, pliers, file, handsaw, cutter, tape measure, spatula, brushes, adhesives, sandpaper, etc. nails, screws, nuts, scissors, cable ties, wire cutters, insulating tape, silicone gun and spirit level.

Q5: How to paint a tool box?

Before painting a wooden box you should apply a layer of liquid sealer to protect it and help set the paint. When the sealer has dried you can apply the paint with the color of your choice, for this task it is recommended to use acrylic paint.

As for the metal box, if you are going to paint a used box you must make sure to remove any traces of rust to prevent it from spreading. In this type of box, it is also advisable to use an anti-rust primer before applying the paint. Experts often use oil paint because it offers greater resistance.

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