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White Paint – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

White paint provides a feeling of openness and freshness in spaces, which is why it remains one of the best-selling colors worldwide. However, due to the wide variety of presentations available in the market, the purchase can be a bit difficult. For this reason, we will only focus on the most prominent products, such as Proa PM100H paint, which dries in just 20 minutes and can be continuously exposed to sunlight without diminishing its durability. On the other hand, Jovira Chalk Effect is suitable for applying on plaster or wood surfaces. In addition, it offers a great covering capacity for better performance.

The 9 Best White Paints – Opinions 2022

To renew or restore the appearance of walls, ceilings and furniture, you must have a bottle of quality white paint. For this reason, we have compiled a list of 9 of the best white paints of 2022, with a wide variety of products that could be adapted to your needs.

White paint for interior

1. Bow Plastic Paint Dart Matte Interior

It is a white paint for interiors that offers good spreadability, so it is indicated for painting large surfaces in a very short time, providing good performance.

In addition, it is an easy-to-apply product, since you can cover the surface in a single pass for greater practicality. It also offers a matte finish with a plastic texture, which increases its attractiveness and favors resistance to stains and splashes. Similarly, it offers flame retardant properties, so it can be exposed to high temperatures.

Regarding the presentation, it comes in a 750 ml bottle, but it is also available in quantities of 4 and 15 liters. As if that were not enough, it does not have a very strong smell, so it does not cause allergies and allows you to breathe more safely in the room where you apply it.

The best white paint should offer good performance and an affordable price, like this presentation of the Proa brand, which is one of the cheapest and most resistant.


Use: It can be applied on rustic surfaces in premises, garages and areas under construction, which favors its versatility.

Coverage: It is capable of efficiently covering wall repairs and plasters with a single pass.

Drying: It dries in just 20 minutes according to the manufacturer.


Consistency: It is recommended to dilute with a little water, since its consistency could be very thick and difficult to apply.

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2. Jovira Washable Interior Matte Paint Super covering 2 cans

It is a white interior paint that is easy to apply on walls and ceilings. In addition, it can offer an attractive matte finish that matches any type of decoration. On the other hand, it dries to the touch in just 1 hour and allows a second coat of paint to be applied after 4 hours for added convenience.

It offers a yield of 5 to 6 m² per liter of paint, so it can be optimally spread over large surfaces. It is important to note that it has a smooth consistency, so it can be applied with a brush, roller or paint gun with ease.

It comes in a presentation of 10 liters in total and the jars have a metal handle, which favors a better grip and facilitates transfer. As if that were not enough, the paint does not yellow at the time of use for greater durability.

If you are looking for the best value for money white paint, you should know that this model offers 2 cans of paint and does not cost a lot of money. Let’s get to know its main characteristics in greater depth.


Durability: This product does not turn yellow during use, which favors its durability.

Finish: The paint has a bright white hue, capable of providing a more attractive finish.

Application: Can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun for greater versatility.


Impermeability: It could come off when in contact with water, especially if you use it on tiled floors or walls.

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white paint for wood

3. Jovira Paint Effect Chalk Chalk paint Water-based Matte

This white paint for wood can be a good option to renovate and decorate your furniture, since it provides an ultra-matt chalk effect, capable of favoring the attractiveness of the room. It also has a dull finish, which can offer a more rustic appearance.

It is important to note that it is available in 11 other colors, which allows you to choose the most appropriate according to the style of the decoration. On the other hand, it comes in a 750 ml capacity bottle, but you can get it in the 375 ml presentation, suitable for painting small objects.

In this sense, each 750 ml bottle offers you a yield of 4.5 to 6 m², so it can be used in small and medium-sized rooms. As if that were not enough, this paint can be sanded after drying to obtain a better finish.

If you are looking for the best white paint of the moment, we invite you to learn more about the main characteristics of this model.


Drying: Dries to the touch in 1 hour and a second coat of paint is possible after just 4 hours for added convenience.

Use: It is suitable for use in crafts, carpentry or DIY, whether on wood or plaster.

Finish: Provides a chalky matte finish, which can give surfaces a more rustic look.


Resistance: It is not indicated for surfaces continuously exposed to sunlight.

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White exterior paint

4. Tecno Prodist Tecpint Super Paint for Exterior and Interior

It is a white paint for exterior and interior that can be applied on surfaces of plaster, concrete, plaster, cement, among others, which increases its versatility. In addition, it offers good flexibility and is capable of withstanding different atmospheric agents. In this way, it can provide a long service life.

On the other hand, it is possible to dilute the first coat of paint with 10% water and the second with 5%, which favors better performance and gives you a smoother viscosity.

Appearance-wise, this paint can offer an attractive matte finish, allowing you to combine it with different decorations. On the other hand, it has been formulated in Spain with a high-quality acrylic emulsion, capable of drying in just 1 hour from its application.

If you are looking for an acrylic paint that you can apply to the walls of the terrace, this model can be a good option. Let’s get to know its most outstanding aspects in depth.


Yield: With a 1 liter bottle you can cover 4 to 6 m², which translates into a good yield.

Resistance: It is indicated to withstand the different climatic conditions of the outdoors.

Presentations: It comes in 4 presentations, 1, 2.5, 5 and 22 liters, which allows you to choose according to your needs.


Adhesion: May not provide optimal adhesion on rough surfaces, therefore priming or sanding prior to paint application is recommended.

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White wall paint

5. Decolor Professional Wall Paint Fully Washable Ecological

It is a white wall paint suitable for protecting and decorating interiors, whether they are walls or ceilings of schools, public places, hospitals, food companies, among others. In this sense, it is a product that does not splash during use and is completely washable after 15 days from drying.

On the other hand, it is a safe paint for people with allergies, since it is not formulated with solvents, so it does not give off strong odours. In addition, it has been certified with the Ecolabel seal, which indicates that it is kind to the environment.

Regarding the presentation, it comes in a plastic container with 6 liters of paint, but you can get it in an amount of up to 22 liters. Similarly, it is available in a variety of 30 colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits the decoration.

If you are wondering which is the best white paint, it is recommended that you know the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Coverage: It is a monolayer paint, so it offers a high covering power and does not require a second coat to obtain a good finish.

Cleaning: Offers resistance to rubbing with a damp cloth, which facilitates cleaning and increases its durability.

Smell: It is a low-smell paint, so it can be used in hospitals and food places.


Mix: The raw paint could have lumps, so it is advisable to stir before use to obtain a better finish.

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Matt white paint

6. Jovira Interior exterior matt covering paint with covering power

This matte white paint is suitable for interior decoration. In addition, it is available in a wide range of colors, to combine it with the tones of the room. Likewise, it can be used both on walls and ceilings, which favors versatility.

It offers a high covering power to increase its performance. In this sense, with a 5-litre pot you can cover from 30 to 45 m², enough to paint large rooms. It is important to mention that this product comes in presentations of 750 ml, 5 and 20 liters, which allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

It can dry in 1 hour and can be repainted in just 4 hours, providing added convenience. As if that were not enough, this paint offers a good adhesion capacity and can be applied with a brush, roller and spray gun, which increases its versatility.

It is normal to wonder what white paint to buy among the variety of products available on the market. As a possible answer, it is worth considering the pros and cons of this model.


Performance: The 5-liter presentation can be enough to paint surfaces from 30 to 45 m², which provides good performance.

Application: It can be used with rollers, brushes and paint guns, to adapt it to your needs.

Finish: Offers a soft-touch matte finish surface, which adds to the curb appeal.


Surface: It could lose effectiveness on surfaces full of dust and mold, so it is advisable to properly clean the wall or ceiling before applying.

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satin white paint

7. Rugoplast Satin white interior exterior plastic paint KR 70

It is a satin white paint for interiors that offers good adhesion capacity in construction environments. Therefore, it is suitable for applying to plaster, stucco, cement mortars, among others. In addition, it is silky to the touch for a better finish.

To promote durability, it is made from vinyl and velova emulsions, which when dry provide resistance to paint and allow the surface to be easily washed with a damp cloth, which also provides practicality.

In terms of performance, it is a highly extensible product, since with one liter you can paint surfaces of 10 to 12 m², so it has great covering power. As if that were not enough, this paint comes in a 15-liter presentation and you can get it in quantities of 750 ml, 2 and 6 liters.

Rugoplast is for many the best brand of white paints, so we will tell you in detail the pros and cons of one of its most outstanding products, Rugoplast 8K 0V37 WOUA.


Properties: It is made from a vinyl-veova copolymer, which favors a long useful life.

Finish: Offers a satin finish with a silky texture that is smooth and shiny.

Yield: It has a yield of 10 to 12 m² per liter of paint, so it can be spread optimally.


Gun: It is not suitable to be applied with a paint gun, since when it dries it could clog the internal mechanism of the tool.

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White furniture paint

8. Rust Oleum RO0070002G1 Chalky Paint Finish Furniture

This is a white paint for furniture that can be used to renew and transform the objects in the room. In this sense, it is capable of providing an aged white surface for a vintage finish. Thanks to this, it can be combined with different styles of decorations for greater versatility.

Once dry, it offers a matte appearance that is soft to the touch, suitable for applying to furniture in commercial premises, educational centers, among others. Likewise, it can be used on objects made of wood, stone, plaster, brick or other types of previously primed rigid surfaces.

On the other hand, it is available in 11 colors to choose the tone that best suits the color palette of the room. As if that were not enough, it can be cleaned with a cloth when it has dried, which favors durability.

If you need an antique white paint with which you can give a more attractive appearance to the furniture in your home, then you need to know this product in greater depth.


Versatility: It is a paint suitable for applying on stone, plaster, wood, brick, among others.

Finish: Offers an aged finish that allows you to restore and decorate the furniture in your home.

Quantity: It comes in bottles of 750 and 125 ml, which allows you to buy only the amount you need.


Marks: Paint utensils could leave marks on the wall, so it is recommended to apply with soft bristle brushes for better finishes.

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White anti-humidity paint

9. Jovira Anti-condensation Anti-humidity Anti-mold exterior interior

It is a white anti-humidity paint specially manufactured to cover walls that have condensation problems, either due to ambient humidity or manually generated. In this sense, it has been formulated with insulating microspheres, with thermal properties that favor the breathability of the paint in contact with water vapour. In this way, it manages to prevent the appearance of mold.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors, whether on terraces, kitchens, basements, living rooms, bathrooms, gardens, among others. Also, it is a waterproof product, so it can provide a long service life.

In terms of performance, one liter can be enough to paint from 2 to 4 m². Similarly, it is important to mention that this paint comes in a 4 liter presentation, but you can get it in 750 ml and 2.3, 8 and 12 liter presentations.

If you need a product to help you combat humidity in construction areas, then we invite you to learn more about this paint, suitable for concrete, cement and plaster surfaces.


Formula: Incorporates insulating microspheres that can prevent the production of mold due to condensation.

Finish: This is a matte finish paint that provides a slightly textured surface.

Drying: In 1 hour it dries to the touch and in 4 hours it is possible to apply a second coat of paint.


Dilution: Being a product for humidity, it is recommended not to dilute it with water or other substances, as it could reduce its effectiveness.

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Shopping guide

Choosing a white paint should be a simple task, since it is a basic color that combines with any type of decoration. However, there are some important aspects to consider before buying one, for this reason, we have put together a guide to buying the best white paint.


The resistance of the paint will depend on its adhesion capacity and the properties of its formula. Among the most sought-after products, according to their durability, are those capable of resisting humidity, which generally have insulating microspheres that increase breathability and reduce condensation problems. In this sense, they can be appropriate to apply in bathrooms, basements, saunas, among others.

If you need a product for exteriors, then you should look at waterproof paints, since they are generally capable of withstanding difficult weather conditions outdoors. Also, if the paint will be continuously exposed to sunlight, then it is recommended that it has flame retardant properties, which means that it can withstand high temperatures.


After making a comparison of white paints, we can see that not all of them offer the same presentation. With this we not only refer to the color, but also to the amount of product included, which could define how much it costs. Therefore, it is possible to find a good and cheap paint in small packages of only 125 or 750 ml, which are mainly used to apply a touch-up coat, as well as to paint furniture or smaller objects.

If we want to paint small or medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens, then it is recommended to use 1 to 4 liters of paint. It is important to mention that most manufacturers recommend applying 2 coats of paint to obtain better finishes, so it is necessary to purchase twice as much product as you would use with a single coat.

On the other hand, if you want to paint large rooms or use the product in industrial areas, then the most suitable presentations are those that have more than 5 liters. In this sense, there are paints that give you from 15 to 22 liters, enough to cover large areas. There are also 2-in-1 packages that include two cans of paint for an affordable price, which could be a good option.


Performance is as important as the amount of paint in the can, since there are paints that do not require applying two coats to completely cover the surface and obtain the best finish, which indicates a good covering capacity. Also, there are paints that spread better than others, so with a little mixing you can paint large areas.

In this sense, there are 750 ml pots that can be enough to paint from 4.5 to 6 m², while 1-liter paints can cover 10 to 12 m², which would be a medium-sized room. On the other hand, if you need to paint very large rooms, you should know that there are 5-liter presentations suitable for painting areas of 30 to 45 m². Likewise, there are 22-litre paints that are enough to cover very large areas of up to 132 m².


When the paints dry they usually have a different appearance than they had when you started painting, for this reason, although they are all white you can get them in multiple finishes. Currently, the most popular paint to cover surfaces of all kinds is the matte finish, since it can provide a low-gloss layer, capable of better hiding the stains, dents and imperfections that occur over time. Additionally, the matte finish can provide a cleaner, smoother look, adding to the appeal.

If you are looking for something a little more colorful and distinctive, then a satin paint can be a great option, since it provides an intermediate finish between glossy and opaque, so it is as sober as matte but without taking away as much effect from the light. In general, satin paints are used to soften surfaces and favor balance in the room, since they distribute light more efficiently.

On the other hand, to completely remove the shine from the surface you need a chalk effect paint, normally used to paint furniture or wooden surfaces, as it can give an attractive vintage look to renovate old objects. In this sense, it is a paint with a totally opaque finish.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to make homemade white paint? 

The process to make white paint at home is quite simple, you just have to mix slaked aerial lime, water and egg white. This type of lime is quite white and you will need 2 to 4 kg per 10 liters of water, depending on the consistency you are looking for. The amount of albumin should be 10% of the total paint.

Egg white works as a natural water-repellent, so it prevents humidity in the walls, in addition, it helps to preserve the environment, since it is an ecological product. Once you have combined the ingredients well you can apply the mixture with a brush. This is a tough paint for interiors and exteriors. 

Q2: How to dye white paint?

Both in physical paint stores and online, we can find concentrated and powder dyes. To tint white paint with a liquid product, it is recommended to use an amount of 1-5% of the total paint, but it is important to add little by little to achieve the exact shade you want. The good thing is that white paint can be tinted any color.

In the case of powder dye, it must first be prepared in a small container with water, since if we add it directly to the paint it will be more complicated to mix. The advantage of powder dye is that it allows more control to achieve the desired shade. 

Q3: How to apply judea bitumen on white paint? 

To achieve an aged tone on a white surface, you just have to apply judea shoe polish. But the first step is to clean the surface well, removing dust and other types of dirt, in addition, it is necessary that the furniture is completely dry.

Judea bitumen is applied with a cloth. To achieve a darker shade, a second or third coat should be applied, but the previous coat should be allowed to dry thoroughly. If you want a more professional and durable finish, you can apply a transparent varnish with the help of a brush. 

Q4: How to make red color with white paint?

You can achieve a fairly reddish hue if you have white paint and a red paint tint. Depending on the brand of dye, you should add progressively until you reach the reddest color possible. If you have powder dye, it is important to dissolve it first in a little water, but without exceeding the amount of liquid, as this can lighten the white paint too much, reducing its covering capacity.

We must say that it is difficult for ordinary white paint to turn completely red with the use of a dye, but you can achieve a quite reddish tone. Now, if the paint has a semi-transparent base, then you can get a completely red and intense tone.

Q5: How to prevent white paint from turning yellow? 

We all know that white paint tends to turn yellow over time, this is especially the case with oil-based products, but even water-based paints end up turning a bit yellow. To avoid this, there are a number of tricks. One of them is to allow sunlight to enter, as this keeps the paint white, even if it is in oil. Another way to maintain the white hue is to avoid moisture, as this can quickly turn yellow.

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