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When it comes to working on wood and other similar materials, the lathe is a great help. We are talking about a product that, although it requires a certain experience and tact for its use, once we have it under control, it allows us to make all kinds of pieces, both technical and decorative. Tasks in which we can use models such as the Vevor ‎81jfpv12e wood lathe. A model that has a high-precision alignment and an operating speed from 500 to 3,800 rpm. Ideal for working with all types of materials and on pieces with a distance between centers of up to 457 millimeters. Also interesting is the Autovictoria CJ0618. A model made of high-resistance iron and that generates a speed of 50 to 2,250 rpm, using a 550-watt motor for this.

The 8 Best Lathes – Opinions 2022

Turning pieces of wood and other materials into decorative elements or pieces for your work is easy if you have the best lathe of the moment. Products that have a remarkable variety in their design and that make these tasks easy according to what you need. To make it easier for you to decide which is the best lathe for your work, you should take a look at the market and evaluate the different aspects of each product, according to your specific needs. A task that the list of the best lathes of 2022 that we are going to offer you below will make it easier and more manageable.

wood lathe

1. Vevor Digital Readout Benchtop Wood Lathe

The Vevor ‎81jfpv12e wood lathe is a handy tool for all types of turning work on parts of a certain caliber. For this task, the machine has a 550 watt motor and a resistant construction, with an approach typical of the best brand of current wood lathes.

The result is a lathe with a turning speed of 500 to 3,800 revolutions per minute. These are easily changed using the corresponding button. This turn is always stable, thanks to the product’s alignment system and rubber feet, which always keep it in place.

To complete its approach, close to being the best current wood lathe, we have a range of 45.7 centimeters between centers, with which to work with parts of a certain entity in a solvent manner. Something that the mobile rail helps and that fixes the clamps where necessary.

If you don’t know which lathe to buy, we give you some more details of this Vevor proposal.


Power: The equipment has a power of 550 watts, with speeds from 500 to 3,800 rpm.

Speed ​​change: The stepless speed change system makes it easy to adjust the turn to taste.

Capacity: The lathe has a capacity for pieces up to 45.7 centimeters long.

Uses: Thanks to its approach, it is a tool suitable for sanding, cutting and drilling.

Resistant : The iron bed is highly resistant and can withstand frequent use.


Accessories: It is convenient to check the lathe when you receive it, to see that no accessories are missing.

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metal lathe

2. Autovictoria Metal Lathe 7 x 12 Inch

The Autovictoria CJ0618-3B metal lathe is an interesting proposition when you are looking for a small but efficient lathe. Specifically, the product has a power of 550 watts and a turning speed that can reach 2,500 revolutions, with which it can work on all types of materials. In fact, for the most sensitive you have turning speeds from 50 rpm. 

This tabletop lathe also offers a pleasant working range, measuring 30.5 centimeters long and about 17.8 centimeters in diameter. Therefore, it is ideal for working on medium-sized pieces. An aspect that includes a mobile handle with a pleasant displacement and a quality brake, which efficiently applies force to the material to be worked to save time in the process.

When it comes to looking for the best lathe, you can resort to more compact models like this one presented by Autovictoria.


Metal body: The metal body has considerable resistance and an effective way of working the material.

Power : Its motor has 550 watts of power and reaches speeds of up to 2,500 RPM.

Sliding : Thanks to the quality of its rail and its high-precision brake, it is easier to carry out all types of work safely.


Adjustment: Some comments recommend checking the adjustment of the product, to achieve better precision in the work.

After- sales service: The after-sales service and the delivery of spare parts can be improved in their efficiency.

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mini lathe

3. Weytoll Wood Lathe 100W Mini Beads

Since not every job requires a large lathe, the Weytoll ‎Mini model is an ideal solution for smaller tasks. In this process, you will have the performance of its motor, with 100 watts of power and up to 7,000 rpm of rotational speed.

This is easily adjusted at seven different levels, generating a good force when working. There is also no lack of quality details, such as the pure steel frame mandrel or an aluminum alloy base, which lightens the piece and allows it to be moved comfortably.

The equipment is completed with a good range of accessories, which make it easy to carry out any task with this quality mini lathe. Among them, you will have adjustment keys and the different chisels, to execute any turning without the complications of a cheap and poor quality lathe.

Doing all kinds of turning jobs on compact sized materials is easy with this complete solution.


Power : This proposal has a power of 100 watts and offers a speed of up to 7,000 rpm.

Materials : The tool is manufactured with an aluminum base and a steel mandrel, both of high quality.

Accessories : Thanks to its wide variety of accessories, you will not need anything else to work with the lathe.


Speed: It is key to start with the lower speed levels, until you master the operation of the machine.

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mini metal lathe

4. Vevor Mini Metal Lathe 

It is a mini metal lathe that offers a power of 400 W, so it offers a speed range of 50 to 2250 rpm, with the possibility of adjusting the speed manually or automatically, depending on the type of work you are doing.. Likewise, it incorporates a 3-jaw chuck that allows to fix pieces in a constant way.

The frame is made of high quality iron and nylon gears, making it a strong tool for long life. In addition, it incorporates tapered roller bearings to properly support the spindle. In this way, you can guarantee an accuracy of 0.01 mm.

On the other hand, it includes a splash guard and an emergency stop button, so it is a safe device that can be used by beginners and professionals.

If you need to machine metal parts but don’t have a lot of space available, you may be interested in this compact size lathe. Let’s thoroughly review its main features.


Power: Although it is one of the smallest, it offers a power of 400 W, so it can reach a maximum speed of 2250 rpm.

Materials: It has been manufactured mainly with high quality iron, so that it provides great strength and durability.

Adjustable: It has an automatic adjustment, but you can also control the speed manually according to the requirements of the project.


Installation: It is necessary to check and adjust all parts because they may come a little loose from the factory.

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parallel lathe

5. Fervi Parallel Lathe for single-phase metal with variator 

The parallel lathe is a classic product when it comes to carrying out simple turning and design tasks on all kinds of objects. A task for which there are many options to choose from, such as the Fervi 0716S model. We are talking about a parallel lathe with automatic longitudinal advances and a very efficient speed adjustment system, where the included screen shows us the current speed. 

The product has a working distance of 35 centimeters between tips with a diameter of 10 centimeters, so it is suitable for medium depth work. This product has a quality 600-watt single-phase electrical system, so we can comfortably work with the most complex materials and the most difficult tasks. In this turning we have the usual system of parallel products, so it is not difficult to achieve good results as soon as you have experience with these models.

We summarize below some of the most outstanding details of this product manufactured by Fervi.


Power: The product has a single-phase motor with 600 watts of power.

Speed ​​: The adjustable turning system has various speeds and has an informative LCD screen.

Rails: The rails simplify the assembly of the materials as well as the sliding of the cutting elements.


Weight: It has a weight of 42 kilos, so the assembly table must be at the height to support the product.

Procedure : Although the procedure for use is simple, it should be followed precisely to avoid problems.

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tabletop lathe

6. Mophorn Reading Benchtop Wood Lathe

The Mophorn MC1018VD is a benchtop lathe that has a 18-inch center distance with a 9.5-inch swing over bed. Added to this, the tool rest measures 15 centimeters and its front plate, 7.5 centimeters, offering a space where you can accommodate the pieces that you need to model or cut.

It is also highlighted that you will have an electronic system available, through which it will be possible to accurately determine the operation of the lathe, in order to obtain the appropriate measurements. Also, its power makes it suitable for various areas of work, whether experimental, repair or construction.

Reviewing its capacity, you should know that it has a 550W power motor, with which it can generate an RPM speed of between 650 to 3,800, providing smooth performance at all times.

Offering some striking advantages, we invite you to further evaluate this Mophorn lathe:


System: You will be able to manage the measurements using the digital system, in order to obtain greater precision when cutting or molding the pieces.

Power: The equipment has a motor powerful enough to work with materials of varying hardness, being useful in workshops or laboratories.

Variable: You can vary the speed of rotation, based on how the modeling progresses.

Comfortable: The capabilities of the pieces make it comfortable to use with materials of different sizes.


Heavy: Something you should know before purchasing this model is that it has considerable weight and you will need the help of another person to move it.

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milling lathe

7. Adi Vertical Slide Milling Lathe

The Adi AC-705 tabletop lathe is a practical tool with which to perform any vertical milling task easily. For this, it has a bed of 125 millimeters by 100 millimeters in milling and a vertical sliding movement of up to 80 millimeters.

The part has three T-shaped slots in the table area, 10 millimeters in the upper part and 15 in the lower part, which helps to carry out different milling operations in a reliable way. A task that is helped by the included bench vise, 50 millimeters and with hardened jaws.

For its part, the maximum opening of the jaw is 55 millimeters, with a depth of 28 mm. All this designed efficiently and with a design designed to obtain maximum precision when carrying out any work.

We leave you everything you need to know about this practical high-quality milling lathe.


Versatile: Thanks to its characteristics, it is easy to perform all types of milling efficiently and with the required measurements.

Materials : The piece is made of high quality cast iron that offers high resistance to use.

Adjustment : The adjustment system facilitates the placement of the materials and their fixation, so that they do not move during milling.


Dimensions: Although the product supports a good range of sizes, it is key to verify that these fit the needs of your projects.

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table lathe 

8. Holzmann Maschinen Wood Lathe 

The Holzmann Maschinen D300F_230V is a traditional cutting table lathe with everything you need to perform turning jobs easily. The product has a quick fixing system as well as the rotary tailstock, the front plate and a four-tooth drive point, in order to control the whole process and better fix the materials. In this finish we also have quality rubber feet and a more efficient transmission belt in the process, free of vibrations and discomfort. 

This control can also be managed by the included variator, with which to control that speed of movement exactly according to the work required. Something for which you also have the support base, with which to better support the tools when working on the material.

Let’s find out more about this traditional cut model and everything it offers you when it comes to working.


Length of pieces: The product can work with pieces of up to 33 centimeters, the distance between the joining points.

Variator : The manual variator facilitates the process of controlling the speed of rotation and achieving a better processing of the material.

Reduced vibration : Thanks to the rubber feet and the strap, a smoother and vibration-free operation can be obtained.


Lathe level: Although it is a quality product, it lacks an iota to become a professional model.

Adjustment : According to some comments, it is convenient to check the adjustment frequently, to avoid problems during use.

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Shopping guide 

A workshop is never complete without a lathe in it. It doesn’t matter if you work with wood, metal, plastic or any other material. In all these cases it is very useful to have this tool, with which to outline the materials, sand them and obtain excellent results comfortably. A product whose purchase is worth taking a look at our guide to buying the best lathe, in which we find everything you need to hit the nail on the head with that new product.

lathe type

If we start looking for a lathe, we will surely find all kinds of products for different applications. However, not all lathes are the same, so the first step we must take is to decide the type of lathe that best suits our work and those more specific needs that we may have.

The most common model and that is never lacking in any comparison of lathes is the parallel lathe. This tool allows simple work to be carried out, consisting of a turning lathe and a second bar on which the turning tools are mounted. If we want to simplify the process, we can resort to CNC lathes, operated by a computer and where designs generated on a PC are loaded. The problem is how much this system costs, much more than a conventional product. Besides, the design process requires knowledge of CAD technologies.

Another important aspect is the size, given that we can use either the conventional lathe or the so-called mini lathe. The conventional lathe has a width of accepted material up to 50 centimeters, while in the case of the mini lathe this space is about 20 centimeters. This last model is cheaper, although it obviously has a smaller working range. Apart from these two models, we have the large-format lathe, which can reach or exceed a meter of distance between points and facilitates the assembly process of large-sized parts.


Since the lathe is a product based on rotating elements, the motor is another of those aspects that we must consider and value when making our purchase. In any case, it is advisable not to go crazy with the power since it is generally adjusted to the type of lathe that we have in view. Thus, a mini lathe will always have less power than other models with a greater capacity to load material or with greater spaces between points.

For reference, one of these lathes has a power of about 50 to 100 watts, while the smaller ones are below 50 watts. In conventional models, up to half a meter long more or less, the power is around 500 watts. And products with higher capacity can easily reach 1,000 watts or more.

In parallel to this power, it is also convenient to review the speed that the lathe can reach in operation. Ideally, it should be a variable or adjustable speed, with some element that allows managing that speed and adapting it to the material. The more control options there are, the better, although as with power, everything also depends on the type of work we plan to carry out.

Other aspects of interest

To finish off the product design we can talk about some interesting aspects. One of these is the accessories included with the lathe. The more accessories the product includes, the easier it will be to carry out all kinds of jobs without having to buy anything else. However, it is convenient to verify the quality of the material of these, because sometimes it leaves something to be desired.

We must also verify the safety aspects of the device, as in any quality mechanical tool. Elements such as the screens that prevent the projection of particles, the safety brake or the protections against overheating or excess electrical voltage are also basic. All this without forgetting the essential emergency stop button.

Finally, on the market we find some products that have different configurations and that, in addition to the use of a lathe, allow others, such as the milling machine, drill or sander. Although it is true that the efficiency of the products is somewhat more limited than that of pure tools, they can be a good option for when it is not necessary to have products of extreme quality. It all depends on your needs, as always.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use a lathe?

The use of a lathe is not something simple but requires touch, knowledge of the materials and the process itself. To use the lathe we will start by placing the material to be processed on it, assembling the necessary milling cutters for the work we are going to do. Next we will establish the turning speed of the lathe, according to the material and the work to be carried out. Once all this is done, we will carry out the turning itself, always smoothly and taking into account the design we want to obtain. Once the work is finished, it is enough to stop the lathe and disassemble the piece.


Q2: How to make a homemade lathe?

Although it is obviously not the best solution for precision work, the truth is that we can make a homemade lathe with a drill and a little patience. We will start by placing the drill on a support made for this purpose, taking into account that the distance between the base and the spindle is what will mark the length of the material used. We will place the support on the other side, in which we introduce a threaded bar that will be the one that holds the other side of the material.

To do this, we place the support properly aligned and on the usual fastening piece, which can be purchased separately. Once everything is assembled, all we have to do is place the piece of wood and start working. A complex process although on the net you have clearer videos and manuals on how to proceed.


Q3: How to assemble a lathe?

The assembly of a lathe depends on the type of product that we are using, although in general we only have to place the base and place its supports on the sides. Once secured we will have to connect the electrical connection with its plug and others, as well as the control element if it is not integrated. Finally we only have to place the material as well as the specific tools or milling cutters that we need depending on the work that needs to be done on the material.

Q4: How does the parallel lathe work?

The parallel lathe was one of the first to arrive in workshops at the beginning of the industrial revolution, then offering an ideal machine with which to create parts in all types of metals. However, the problem is that this lathe today is surpassed by the most modern, most complete and efficient ones. However, thanks to its simple operation it is ideal for those small jobs as well as for newcomers to this world to start working, simply placing the material on it to obtain the shapes or designs that need to be executed.

Q5: How to make threads on a lathe?

The process of threading or creating threads on a lathe is executed by means of a series of specific pieces that are applied to the material to be threaded, which is located on the lathe. It is important to note that the process must be carried out with care and precision, in order to ensure that the created thread functions correctly during assembly. This threading process must be carried out progressively, until the depth of the threading that is needed is achieved, although always taking care not to deteriorate the material excessively or overheat it.

Q6: How to use the milling cutters on the lathe?

To use the lathe milling cutters, we will start by placing them in the head with the machine stopped. It is key that the placement is precise and the orientation that corresponds to the work that we are going to carry out, since any inaccuracy in this regard can end up causing problems in the final result. That is why we must always check both aspects before activating the lathe and starting the turning process. A process in which it never hurts to also check that the cutters are properly sharpened.

Q7: What is the name of the part of the lathe that the spindle turns on?

This piece is called the head and it is the one that houses the different elements responsible for the movement along the piece, which is, ultimately, the one that is in charge of tracing the shape on the piece according to the instructions received from the operator. Therefore, it is a piece of great importance for turning and must always be in good condition.

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TTLife Mini Torno Perlas

Revisando entre los tornos más baratos del mercado encontramos el torno de sobremesa TTLife Mini. Una solución interesante para quienes no necesiten de tornos de gran tamaño y a cambio prefieran ganar en opciones y agilidad. Siguiendo la línea de los tornos compactos, este producto hace fácil realizar pequeños trabajos de bricolaje a pequeña escala, contando con un motor de 80 vatios de potencia y una velocidad de giro que llega a las 8.000 revoluciones por minuto. 

Esta velocidad es ajustable en siete niveles diferentes, según lo que necesites, contando con una sistema que permite una gestión sencilla de esa velocidad. El modelo se remata con detalles como su pantalla de plexiglás o la base de aluminio, que dan más estabilidad y seguridad al conjunto. Detalles de clase que convierten al producto en el mejor torno de relación calidad precio de nuestras propuestas.

Para que no tengas que gastar de más en tu compra, analizamos al detalle todo lo que este producto pone a tu alcance.


Potencia: Este modelo de pequeño tamaño ofrece una potencia de 80 vatios, algo elevada para este tipo de modelos.

Velocidad: El motor puede alcanzar las 8.000 rpm, disponiendo además de ajuste de velocidad en 7 etapas.

Peso: El peso ligero del producto lo dota de mayor maniobrabilidad y hace fácil guardarlo cuando no lo uses.


Alcance: Dado que hablamos de un mini torno es un producto apto solo para trabajos de pequeño tamaño.

Calidad de accesorios: Al parecer, la calidad de los accesorios, como las gubias, es mejorable.

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