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Paint for wood – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you need to protect and give a new touch to some wooden furniture to renew it and increase the attractiveness that it has lost over time, it is recommended that you choose quality products, to guarantee long-term use. There are several wood paints available on the market but, among these, Bruguer 750 ml stands out, in permanent white, a suitable paint for lacquering wooden doors and furniture, whose performance reaches between 10 and 12 square meters. In addition to this, the Cedria Dekor Lasur appears as another favorable option, made of acrylic resins, odorless and with protection against UV rays. 

The 9 Best Paints for Wood – Opinions 2022

Painting wooden furniture can be easy and even fun. However, finding the right paint to do so could be a bit more complicated, due to the wide variety of products on the market. To facilitate this task and narrow down the search, some of the best alternatives have been selected, so you can then discard and choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

white paint for wood 

1. Bruguer Lacquer for doors 750 ml

Bruguer brand wood door paint is classified as one of the cheap wood paints. This is presented in a bottle that contains 750 ml of white wood paint inside, whose capacity is estimated to cover between 10 and 12 square meters.  

It is an enamel that provides a satin effect, suitable for rejuvenating any type of wooden surface. But an improvement in the appearance of the furniture is not all that it offers because, in addition, it is made with components that have the property of acting as a protective layer.

Its action is fast, effective and harmless, since it has the capacity to dry in two hours after its application or six hours when it has been repainted. It is easily and evenly distributed, does not lose its original color and does not produce any type of strong odor that could be harmful to health.

Knowing the pros and cons of this product could be helpful in determining if Bruguer paint in white would be an appropriate alternative.


Finishes: Produces neat lacquer finishes in a smooth, durable white. 

Speed: It is fast drying, since it only takes two hours after its application and six when repainting.

Protection: Creates a film that protects surfaces against bumps, wear, dirt and daily handling.

Performance: Its container contains 750 ml and offers a performance that allows it to cover up to 12 square meters.


Exposure: Your level of outdoor exposure can influence surface finishes, due to agents such as water and sun.

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Exterior wood paint 

2. Cedria Lasur exterior wood protector to water

If you are looking for an exterior wood paint, Cedria offers an alternative that could be defined as the best possible wood paint. It is made with a base of acrylic resins and does not emit odours. In addition, it is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, as it has the ability to regulate humidity and protect the surfaces it covers from sunlight.

It is suitable for use with some hardwoods and softwoods, including oak, chestnut, pine, hickory, and fir. It has the property of offering maximum protection to outdoor surfaces and, at the same time, providing a beautiful finish that maintains the natural appearance. 

It is a color paint for wood, available in various shades, and is fast drying, as it takes only an hour to dry after application. Its duration is prolonged and yields to cover between 10 and 12 square meters per liter. 

If some characteristics suggest that this may be the best wood paint of the moment, its advantages and disadvantages should also be considered.


Water- repellent: It has the ability to regulate humidity and prevent the proliferation of fungi.

Duration: It can last at least 3 years, stored in good conditions. 

Resistance: It offers great resistance to weathering, which increases the duration of the applied layer and protection of the surface.

Presentation: This presentation comes in a 4-liter container, which allows covering approximately 40 to 50 square meters.


Use: It is not recommended to dilute it in water, unless it is going to be applied with a gun.

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Acrylic paint for wood 

3. Securit PNT-BL-SM 250ml Acrylic Paint

Securit PNT-BL-SM acrylic paint for wood is introduced as an appropriate alternative for those who want to get the best price-quality wood paint. This acrylic emulsion has the ability to resist changes in weather conditions, so it can be used outdoors without fading.

It is a product indicated for use on wood and is also suitable for other types of materials, such as metal, glass and plastic, as it is used to cover tables and other surfaces that can be used, such as blackboards to trace on them with chalk markers, whose writing can be erased with damp sponges.

The paint can be spread evenly over surfaces to be painted black with a matte finish and will be dry to the touch and ready to use in two hours. Securit acrylic paint comes in a bottle containing 250 ml. 

This wood paint is not only one of the cheapest, but it is also one of those frequently recommended for its usefulness. Here are some of its pros and cons.


Functional: It is used to create blackboards of any size in a short time.

Durable: It is created to resist atmospheric changes, so it can be used outdoors.

Versatile: It can be used on various types of materials and adheres easily to them.

Drying: Surfaces dry after two hours of application.


Quantity: It comes in a small size, so the amount of liquid could be insufficient.

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Unsanded wood paint 

4. Tecno Prodist Tecpint Furniture Chalk Paint

If you are looking for a paint for wood without sanding, the Prodis Group presents an option that could be the right one, which is also added to the list of the best paints for wood in 2022. It is a water-based and odorless paint, ideal for painting furniture and leaving it with an ultra-matt finish, with a chalk effect. 

This paint is presented in a plastic container, with a capacity of 750 ml. Its application can be done easily and may not require prior priming on some surfaces. With this wood paint, it would be possible to create several new shades, since all the colors available in the catalog are mixable with each other.

Tecpint is a paint for wooden furniture, suitable for interior use, which adheres easily and guarantees excellent coverage. It dries to the touch in one hour and completely dries in four to six hours, which is an adequate amount of time.

Tecno Prodist stands out among the manufacturers who want to become the best brand of paints for wood. Here, more reasons in favor of this product and one against.


Creativity: It is an ideal paint for DIY and craft work on wood, plaster or cement.

Cleaning: It can be easily cleaned, only with the use of water.

Use: To apply it on the surface, you can use a roller, brush or spray gun.

Mixable: The range of colors can be mixed together to create new shades.


Dispersion: It is necessary to mix it well in the pot before spreading it, otherwise, uneven areas could remain. 

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Water-based paint for wood 

5. Titanlux Glossy Ecological Water Enamel

Titanlux water-based paint for wood is another of the recommended options, since it has favorable characteristics that could be an indication to determine which is the best paint for wood. 

It is an ecological water-based enamel, available in white and a variety of other colors, which paints surfaces evenly and gives them a glossy finish. It is developed with quality technology, which guarantees that the enamel adheres easily and provides resistance, durability and, at the same time, is washable. 

It is suitable for renewing the appearance of wooden furniture and other surfaces, while protecting them. In addition, its composition includes preservatives that are responsible for preventing the creation of mold and preventing the white color from changing or turning yellow. It has no odor, can be applied easily and allows you to appreciate the result faster, since it dries in 30 minutes. 

It may still be a rush to decide which wood paint to buy, but in the meantime, you might want to weigh the pros and cons of this item.


Flexibility: Resists cleaning with products to remove stains from oil, coffee, wine or sauces.

Time: The drying process is fast, which allows the areas to be finished in a short time.

Ecological: It is not harmful or toxic for the environment or people, since it does not incorporate harmful chemicals.

Effectiveness: Just apply a single coat to decorate furniture and protect surfaces.


Finishes: It is available with a glossy or satin effect, but not in a completely matte finish, although it offers a similar appearance.

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spray paint for wood 

6. Artis Decor Varnish spray 400ml

If you prefer to purchase a spray paint for wood, Artis Decor includes, among its product catalogue, a spray varnish useful for working on wood, ceramic, metal, glass or paper surfaces. This varnish comes in a practical presentation that is easy to apply, in a bottle that contains 400 ml.

It is an acrylic, transparent and colorless varnish, so it is an opportune and recommended complement for those who enjoy transforming some objects or spaces, by making decorations with excellent natural finishes with a matte effect. In addition, it is suitable for making multiple crafts in various types of materials.

Artis Decor spray varnish has the ability to provide resistance and durability in the areas where it is applied, while maintaining the natural hue of the colors, without turning yellowish. In addition, it provides protection to surfaces, dries quickly and leaves no residue or unpleasant odors.

Some characteristics of this painting could attract attention, but to complement the information, it would be wise to know its advantages and disadvantages.


Spray: It comes in a practical spray bottle, which makes it easy to spread it directly on the area, without spilling.

Uniformity: It is distributed adequately on the surface, without leaving lumps.

Contents: The bottle contains 400 ml of varnish, which is enough for various applications.

Decorative: Protects and beautifies surfaces, while giving them a delicate matte finish.


Distribution: The amount spread may be small, so it would be necessary to apply several layers to achieve a more uniform distribution.

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Colored wood paint 

7. Buluri Set of 12 Acrylic Paint Tubes

Although at first glance they may seem like conventional craft paints, the truth is that Buluri ‎SB-156 colored wood paint is a good option to add a touch of color to any furniture or whatever you need.

In total, the lot has 12 tubes of as many colors that, in addition, can be mixed to taste. Thanks to the high quality of its material, quick drying, good wear resistance and a color saturation that keeps it always visible is obtained.

It also offers a good consistency during application, for which three brushes are included. And in case you need to use them on something other than wood, you can also use them on paper, canvas, glass or even leather, among many other supports.

Finishing off any wood paint job is easy with quality products like this one.


Texture: The texture of the paint simplifies its application and makes it easier to obtain a good level of coverage.

Finish : The material offers a good quality finish, with a glossy appearance and good color saturation.

Variety : The lot has 12 tubes of paint in different colors. In addition, these can be mixed, to obtain new shades.


Size: Due to its quantities, it is not the most suitable option for jobs that require a lot of paint.

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Interior wood paint 

8. Macy’s Washable Plastic Paint 

The manufacturer Macy proposes this paint that is used to protect wooden surfaces in interior or exterior areas, since it is resistant to rain, low temperatures and, at the same time, repels humidity and prevents the proliferation of fungi. 

This product is offered in a plastic container, a material that favors easy storage, without rusting. Inside, it contains 8 liters of acrylic paint, which is enough to cover between 7 and 9 square meters per liter. Thus, it is a paint that is used for large areas.

It is suitable for covering and decorating furniture, window frames, pergolas, doors or fences with a washable matte tone, so that each surface always retains its good appearance. It can be applied by any of the common methods, such as roller, brush or spray, while drying to the touch in two hours.

To confirm if this interior wood paint could be the one, it would be worth taking a look at its favorable and negative points.


Storage: Its plastic container allows it to be stored more easily and without oxidation. 

Finish: It has a matte finish that adapts to various surfaces.

Restoration: It offers the possibility of restoring and renewing the appearance of the deteriorated wood of some old furniture in a short time.

Quantity: The presentation is 8 liters, which represents a high quantity to cover large areas.


Preparation: If used to refinish a surface, in most cases prior preparation is required, which includes cleaning and treating the wood with a special formula.

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Gold paint for wood 

9. Pebeo Deco Pearl 

This is a water-based gold paint for wood that can be used to paint different objects in artistic projects, whether in crafts, decorations, carpentry, among others. In addition, it can be applied both indoors and outdoors, because it supports humidity, which increases its durability.

Likewise, it is a versatile paint, since it is suitable for wooden surfaces, but it also works on plastic, metal, terracotta, paper, canvas, stone, plaster, polystyrene, salt paste, among others, as long as the area to be paint is clean and dry.

On the other hand, it offers a great covering capacity, so with a single layer you can hide the natural color of the surface. Also, it is important to mention that it comes in a 45 ml presentation, enough to paint several small pieces. As if that weren’t enough, it dries to a pearlescent finish for added appeal.

If you need a versatile product to paint, then this Pebeo brand paint can be a great purchase option. Let’s see its most relevant features.


Versatility: It can be used with a brush or airbrush if it is previously diluted according to the requirements, which favors versatility.

Uses: It is possible to apply it on surfaces of wood, paper, polystyrene, stone, metal, plastic, among others.

Resistance: It is suitable for applying outdoors, either to decorate fountains, birdhouses, frames, etc., thanks to the fact that it is resistant to water.


Shade: The shade of gold could be very yellow, similar to gold, which could be a disadvantage if you are looking for a more aged finish.

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Shopping guide

Buying a paint for wood in order to renew the color or protect the surfaces is more than just choosing the desired tone, since there are several factors that intervene and must be considered to ensure that the product to be chosen has optimal performance, is profitable and represents a good investment. For this reason, we have added some of these aspects to this guide to buying the best paint for wood. 


There are several types of paint that can be used on wood. Among the most common and most frequently used are acrylic, water-based and ecological paints, and oil-based paints. Acrylic and water-based paints can be diluted, dry faster, are easy to clean, and most do not give off strong odors.

Oil-based paints, on the other hand, are recommended to cover furniture or wooden surfaces with greater use and more prone to wear, since they have the property of granting resistance. 


There are wood paints suitable for use only indoors, either on furniture or doors. These can be washable and offer some protection against bumps, scratches, deterioration, handling or dirt. 

Similarly, there are others that are suitable for use indoors and outdoors, since their degree of resistance against some external factors is greater, since they have the ability to withstand inclement weather and have properties that prevent moisture from accumulating. on them, promoting the creation of mold and fungus. 

In addition, there are some types of paint suitable for use on wood that remains exposed to the elements, such as window frames, doors, pergolas, beams and some types of flooring, as this type of formula, in addition to renewing the appearance of these furniture, prevents its early deterioration, since it works as a protective film that provides great resistance against UV rays, rain and high temperatures.


There are several shades that a type of paint can offer, but these, in turn, are characterized by providing special finishes that are perceived with distinguishable effects and give a different aesthetic to the area. 

To choose a suitable enamel, it would be convenient to make a comparison of paints for wood, which makes it easier to differentiate between the available options and allows you to choose the desired color with the type of finish that you like the most. 

Among the wide variety of paints, there are bright ones, which are characterized by creating a protective layer that prevents the surface from staining easily. In addition, the surfaces are perceived clean and shiny. 

There are also satin ones, which are appreciated with a lower shine and some are suitable for interiors and exteriors. Those with a matte finish, on the other hand, have no shine and are a little thicker, so they can offer good coverage, even to hide imperfections.


Perhaps, among the wide variety of products, a good and cheap wood paint will attract attention. However, it is also important to verify that it offers optimal and adequate performance, allowing it to completely cover all surfaces, evenly.

It is necessary to have a sufficient amount of paint to guarantee full coverage, but it is also important that it can be spread across the surface without having to apply so many coats to achieve the intensity of the real color. 

Most of the wood paints offer a performance that allows to cover between 10 and 12 square meters for each liter of paint. However, the paint may not always perform as it should, as this is influenced by the types of surfaces and the conditions in which they are, as well as the thickness of the layers that are applied.

Presentation and content

Wood paints come in containers of different capacities, with screw or pressure caps, so it is best to evaluate the dimensions of the area you want to paint to estimate how much paint you might need and, based on that, choose a that contains the capacity according to the area to be covered.

This is a characteristic that can influence when determining how much a wood paint costs, since its cost may vary according to the size and quantity of the product. Some paints are presented in 4 liter containers, others are 750 ml.

There are also smaller packages that contain 250 ml. Some spray paints come in a 400 ml presentation. There are also kit options that include various paints in 30ml jars. It is important that, in case you do not need to use all of the liquid, its container can guarantee safe storage for some time. 

Frequently asked questions  

Q1: How to use the wood paint?

Using a wood paint is simple. The first thing to do is stir the liquid, in order to mix all the elements that could remain at the bottom of the container. It is convenient to prepare the surface, since it must be clean, so it should be sanded beforehand. 

It is advisable to choose an appropriate tool, according to the extension of the area, such as a brush, spray gun, brush or roller, so it would be pertinent to consult the instructions for use, to know how it would be convenient to apply the paint. 

Also, it is important to find out if the paint can be diluted and in what quantity, in case you need it. To apply it, you must make sure to spread the area evenly, from top to bottom and wait for the indicated drying time, if a new layer is required.

Q2: How to remove paint from wood?

One of the most common and easiest ways to remove paint from wood is to use sandpaper with a rubber or wooden block to exert adequate pressure on the area, without marring the surface. This tool is useful if the layer of paint to be removed is not that thick.

To remove the paint, it is recommended, in the first place, to use a coarse sandpaper that is capable of removing a greater amount of paint, but you must be careful when passing it over the corners and edges, to avoid deforming them. To polish the wood, remove the remains and remove the scratches caused by the coarse sandpaper, it must be sanded again, but this time, with a finer sandpaper.


Q3: How to prepare a paint for wood?

A simple way to prepare paint for wood is to add a few drops of acrylic paint into a container, preferably glass, to observe the tonality and consistency of the mixture from the bottom. 

After this, it is necessary to add water to dissolve the paint, until it reaches the required shade. When the mixture obtains the desired color, a sufficient amount of water should be added to distribute the paint evenly over the entire wooden surface. 

Q4: How to clean paint from wood?

Stains from some types of paint can be removed from wood with just water; such is the case of acrylic water-based paints. To clean fresh stains from these paints, you need to moisten a clean cloth in water and wring it out so you don’t spill more water than required on other areas. 

Next, it should be rubbed on the stained surface and rinse and moisten the cloth again as many times as necessary, until the stain is completely removed. At the end, it is recommended to dry the wood with another clean and dry cloth. If the paint cannot be removed with water, it can be rubbed with a cloth moistened with denatured alcohol.

Q5: How to paint the wood with oil paint?

To paint wood with oil paint, you can use the same techniques that are used to paint with other types of paint. The first thing to do is clean the surface with sandpaper beforehand to remove the remains of material and leave this area smooth. It is advisable to apply the oil paint with a bristle brush. 

Only one-third of the brush should be submerged in the paint pot and lightly tapped against each side of the container. When loading the brush, you should paint from top to bottom, evenly, trying to make short strokes. If necessary, repeat the process until the wood is completely covered. Afterwards, a clean, dry brush can be used to smooth the coat and remove any traces before it dries.

Q6: How to dissolve wood paint?

Some wood paints can be dissolved in water, although the exact amount may depend on what the manufacturer says. However, as a general reference measure, the total amount of paint is diluted in ranges of 10, 15 and 20% water, depending on whether a first, second or third coat will be applied. Thus, for 1 liter of paint, in a first layer, 100 ml of water would be used. It is advisable to pour the water little by little and mix until the desired consistency is obtained.

Q7: How much does wood paint yield?

The performance of the wood paint will depend on the amount of paint contained in the container, the extension of the area to be painted and the number of layers that must be applied until adequate coverage is achieved. However, in general, most manufacturers offer paints that claim to cover 10 to 12 square meters for each liter of paint.

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