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Main advantage:

One of the features that stands out the most in the TM33W is that it has a powerful motor that combines 1,500 watts of power with a no-load speed of 3,700 revolutions per minute, which will allow you to cut through different types of materials without any problem.

Main disadvantage:

Compared to other models of miter saws on the market, the weight of this option presented by Virutex is a bit high, so you could have problems when trying to change its place.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for a miter saw that has a superior work table and a dust extractor tube to avoid allergies, this equipment could be the one for you.

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Main Features Explained

Cutting angles and accessories

A feature that is completely relevant and extremely important in miter saws is their cutting angle, since this is the one that will allow you to make the different types of divisions, either horizontally or inclined and use wood or any other flimsy material in the one you want to work on.

This product presented by Virutex has an upper work table for you to make delicate cuts and a lower one for the rest of the work with thick wood or other elements. In addition, each of the work tables has guides and cutting angles that will provide you with everything you need to carry out your different jobs; being a useful and practical feature if you specialize in carpentry. In addition to this, the cutting angles of this miter are: 0 x 0 degrees of 16 x 9.5 centimeters, 0 x 45 degrees 11 x 9.5 centimeters, 45 x 0 degrees of 16 x 6.4 centimeters, from 45 x 45 degrees to 7.5 x 6.4 centimeters and, for the upper table, a maximum of 5.5 centimeters in straight cuts. Further, You can also use the laser and the presses that it includes in the lower part so that you have greater precision when cutting. Therefore, you will have different types of angles, guides and help provided by the equipment so that the wood, plastic, aluminum or other materials do not move and you can make precise cuts.

On the other hand, it is also important to consider the accessories that the miter saw has. Since, these will serve to complement the use that is given to the equipment. This miter saw includes a metal tube that is capable of sucking up dust and chips released by the wood when cutting it, so you can have a clean and tidy workspace.

Cutting speed and power

Before you look at the price of the miter saw that catches your attention, we invite you to first consider the speed and cutting power that it has. Since, these characteristics that we have just mentioned complement each other, since they refer to the work carried out by the engine. When talking about the speed in miter saws, it refers to the speed provided by the motor so that the disk rotates, but when mentioning the cutting power, reference is made to the force that the miter saw motor is capable of exerting to perform the different cutting work. 

This miter saw stands out mainly for its powerful motor, since it is capable of working at a vacuum speed of 3,700 revolutions per minute, which means that it will have the capacity to make precise cuts in the wood without there being problems of blocking the disc during the process, so it is a suitable speed so that it can be complemented with the cutting power of the equipment and it can enjoy a long life time.

On the other hand, another outstanding feature in this miter saw is the cutting power, since the motor is capable of providing up to 1500 watts so that you can cut different types of pieces of wood. In addition to this, when changing the disk, you will have at your disposal to cut various types of materials, including chipboard, plastic or aluminum. Therefore, this is a completely versatile piece of equipment, since by changing the disc you will have the possibility of carrying out different jobs without having to acquire another device, so this option could be one of the best folding miter saws. Therefore, we invite you to consider it among the models you intend to acquire. 


If you’re looking for opinions on what else is important to check on a miter saw, we invite you to consider the design. Since, depending on this, it will help you determine if the product has the size and weight so that you can place the miter saw in any space and, also, if it is ergonomic for you to use it continuously, so it is completely relevant. that you take into account the aspects that we have just mentioned so that you can choose a practical equipment that is capable of meeting your expectations.

The TM33W miter saw presented by Virutex has a robust design and comes in a silver color that simulates the tones of metal. Likewise, its base is thick and has 4 legs that will allow it to stand and avoid movements caused by vibrations, as well as prevent it from becoming uneven when you are using the miter saw to cut the pieces of wood.

On the other hand, this option has an ergonomic handle made of resistant plastic that will allow you to hold it tightly to perform cutting movements on the miter saw. Likewise, in the center of the cutting table there is a crack that will allow the blade to enter without having to make contact with the metal of the equipment, which will provide a longer useful life for both the miter saw and the blade. cutting. 

Another aspect that stands out in this product is that it includes a table in the upper part so that you can make straight or angled cuts in pieces of wood that have medium and small dimensions. This is a very useful feature to carry out work in a practical way so that you do not need to use the lower part of the device, but you will have faster access for cutting.

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