7 spanish beers who have fallen in love with the whole world

Spain is one of the most brewing countries in the world, something that is understandable if we take into account the social nature of Spanish culture and also the many hours of sunshine and good temperatures in the country, which invite you to enjoy a good beer in the Mediterranean terraces or in one of the many historic squares that populate the interior.

Spain has some of the best-known breweries in the world and, in every part of its geography, beers with character are made, very different from each other. Each area of ​​Spain has a different spirit, thanks to cultural mixes and thousands of years of history, and their beers represent them. Thus, the beers from the Levante area are usually very fresh and light, while those consumed in the north tend to have more body and slightly more toasted colours.

Spanish beers are known throughout the world, so it is not surprising to find a San Miguel or a Cruzcampo in places as diverse as New York, Beijing or Thailand. 

If you want to know which are the most consumed Spanish beers around the world, keep reading this article:


The Ámbar factory, known as La Zaragozana, began brewing beers back in 1900. With more than a century of history behind it, Ámbar has a lot to tell, for example, it is proud to be the first beer brand Spanish to market a non-alcoholic beer, back in 1976.

The Ámbar Especial, a Pilsen-type beer with 5.2% alcohol, is one of the most appreciated in the world. It is a beer with a very balanced flavor, with the characteristic bitterness of the hops and a medium roast, which has made brewers everywhere fall in love. It is very fresh, with a bright golden color, which is enjoyed at a temperature between 4 and 8 degrees.


In Spain, in addition to good beer, there are also top chefs like Ferrán Adriá. The Inédit beer is his creation, in collaboration with the sommeliers of his restaurant, El Bulli for Estrella Damm. It is a signature beer, Pale Ale type and with a graduation of 4.8%, so it is not strong and pairs very well with all kinds of dishes.

It has a very intense flavor and a complex aroma, with sweet notes of fruit, flowers and cereals, thanks to its preparation with a unique mixture of barley and wheat. It is a beer with a very bright color and a creamy texture, which offers an exquisite palate, worthy of any of Chef Adriá’s Michelin Star dishes.

Galician Star 1906

Estrella Galicia is considered by many users to be the best brand of beer (you can find some options here to compare) and it is also the most consumed in Spain. Despite its origin in the north of Spain, it is a beer that is especially enjoyed in the heat, which is why it is the star on summer terraces.

Estrella Galicia 1906 is a beer with 6.5% alcohol content, it has a dark golden color, with a lot of foam. It is a toasted beer, of the Extra Lager type, with a lot of personality, since the aromas and flavors of the toasted malt prevail. It has a slightly floral and herbal aroma, thanks to the hops and a toasty flavor, with the warmth provided by the malt.

Cruzcampo Grand Reserve 1904

Cruzcampo is the favorite beer in southern Spain, especially in the area of ​​Andalusia, where they say it has a special flavor. This is because the original Cruzcampo factory was located in Seville and high-quality spring water was used for its production, very similar to that of the Pilsen River in the Czech Republic.

La Gran Reserva 1904 is a Special Lager-type beer, with a graduation of 6.5% and a dark amber color. It is a beer that has been created to be drunk very cold, between 0 and 3 degrees. This is the only way to fully enjoy its creamy textures and balanced flavour. Served well, it is a very fresh beer, with a citrus and floral aroma reminiscent of the Mediterranean breeze.

Saint Michael 1516

The first San Miguel Brewery opened in 1890 in the San Miguel neighborhood of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, which at the time was a Spanish colony. In the 1960s, the factories moved to Spain, where they produced the first Pilsner and, since then, they have not stopped looking for new flavors.

San Miguel 1516 is a Pilsen-type Lager, with an alcohol content of 4.2%, which stands out for its golden and luminous color. It is a beer that is enjoyed at 5 ºC and that offers a smooth and defined flavor, creamy and in which the hops stand out, thanks to a slightly bitter final touch. It has aromas of cereals, with toasty and sweet final notes.

Mahou Master

Mahou was born in the Madrid street Amaniel 29, as an ice and beer factory and, more than a hundred years later, it is the best-selling beer in Spain. It is the beer of the people of Madrid and a real “five stars”. Mahou stood out in its beginnings, for working with the best German brewmasters.

The Mahou Maestra is a toasted Extra Lager, with a graduation of 7.5%. It is a beer with a lot of character, not suitable for everyone. It has a very intense flavor of roasted malt, with hints of cocoa and a bitter finish reminiscent of coffee. It has a dark golden, almost brown color and aromas of dried flowers and citrus.

Alhambra 1925

Cervezas Alhambra was founded in 1925 in Granada. The Alhambra 1925 beer was a revolutionary product that marked the change towards modernity of the company, the result of the chemical genius of D. Miguel Hernainz. 

It is a blonde beer, low fermentation and Extra Lager type, with an alcohol content of 6.4%. It is a very fresh beer, perfect for hot Granada evenings, with a smooth and fruity flavor, and a perfect balance between the sweet flavors of fermentation and the bitterness of the hops. It has a very light color and an aroma of caramelized fruit.

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