Alexander Cocktail

alexander cocktail

Preparation time5 min


  • three parts cognac
  • Three parts of chocolate cream
  • Three parts of heavy cream
  • Nutmeg
  • Ice



  • mixing spoon
  • cocktail shaker

The Alexander cocktail was created by a New York bartender, Alejandro Troya, from whom it would take its name. According to a story in the New York Times in 1929, the cocktail party was created to celebrate a dinner promoting a new advertising campaign for the Delaware Lackawana Company and the Western Railroad.

The central image of the campaign was Phoebe Snow, a fictional character, who represents a young upper-class New Yorker, who always dressed in white and who traveled by train throughout the United States. Alejandro Troya’s cocktail was inspired by the color of the young woman’s outfit, mixing milk cream with gin. 

However, everything indicates that the cocktail was not a Trojan invention and that this story is nothing more than a legend, since the first mention of the Alexander cocktail appears in a German recipe book from 1915 and in it, it is also made with Geneva.

On the other hand, the first Alexander brandy, the variant of the cocktail made with cognac or brandy, was born in London. The first mention of this variant is from 1922, when this cocktail was presented during the wedding celebration of Princess Royal Victoria Alexandra Mary Richardson and Lascelles, Viscount Richardson. On this occasion, it is believed that the name of the cocktail is inspired by Alexander the Great, although it is not clear.

This variant has a darker color, since due to how the brandy is made, it obtains toasted and golden colors, coming from the wood of the barrels. In addition, in some variants light cocoa is also added to counteract the color of the brandy.

To make this cocktail, you must first put ice in a glass to cool it down. If you have iced glasses, you can skip this step. Next, we add ice to the shaker and the ingredients in equal parts, except for the nutmeg, which is added last.

Once all the ingredients are in the shaker, you can stir a little with the spoon, and then shake everything vigorously so that the ingredients are integrated and, at the same time, cool well.

Finally, with the glass already chilled, the content should be served, using a strainer so that impurities and ice crystals do not filter out. Finally, already in the glass, the nutmeg or cinnamon should be sprinkled, to present the famous Alexander cocktail.

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