American cocktail

American cocktail recipe

Preparation time5 min


  • 50 ml of red vermouth.
  • 50 ml of Campari.
  • 50 ml of sparkling water.
  • Ice.
  • Orange peel.



  • “on the rocks” glass.
  • Measuring glass.
  • Cocktail spoon.
  • Peeling knife.

The Americano Cocktail, despite its name, has its origin in Italy. Its name is actually due to the fact that American tourists who visited the country at the beginning of the 20th century used to order this drink. 

It is a cocktail made entirely with Italian ingredients and is, according to some, the father of the famous Negroni. The main difference between the Americano and the Negroni is its alcohol content, since the latter is stronger, since it also contains gin.

The Campari, which is the basis of this cocktail, is an Italian drink with a characteristic red color, which is usually served as an aperitif and was first served at the Café Campari in Milan. It is an infusion of herbs, spices and grated fruit.

Now, to make the Americano, the glass must be filled to the top with ice. Next, both the vermouth and the campari are added and what is left is filled with sparkling water. Give it a touch with the spoon, without stirring, and add the orange peel.

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