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Argentine wines are characterized by having a great personality, with very expressive aromas, great volume and soft tannins, which give them fruity flavours. In recent years, Argentine wines have begun to occupy the top positions in wine guides, thanks to their oenological quality, which increasingly resembles classic European wines.

Lovers of good glasses of wine always opt for wines with Denomination of Origin from European regions. These products are well known, since they are areas with a long tradition in the history of wine. However, for a few years, Argentine wines have been positioning themselves in the market as a great alternative to the more classic European ones.

These are fashionable wines, thanks to their expressive flavor, with many fruity and soft notes , great structure of tannins and an excellent concentration in the mouth that is due to the climatic conditions of Argentina, especially in the western part of the country, in the plateaus at the foot of the Andes, where most of the vine plantations are located.

In this sense, the wines of the “Andean Terrace”, located in the province of Mendoza, come from vines planted at heights ranging from 600 to 1600 meters. This unique characteristic is what favors the organoleptic complexity of Argentine wine, very fruity and acidic, with fresh flavors that make them very elegant. In this sense, Argentine Malbec wine is one of the most appreciated by winemakers , with an intense red color, almost violet, and with a lot of structure.

If you like Argentine wines, then we will see some of the best from this region.

1. Achaval Ferrer Bella Vista Malbec 2014

From the Mendoza region, it is a wine with a spicy, fruity and slightly woody flavour. Very complex and with a fine palate, with moderate, well-defined and intense tannins. 

2. Noemia Malbec 2015

This wine is considered by winemakers as one of the best Argentine Malbecs. It is a broth with a spicy and sweet profile, with herbal and black fruit aromas. It has a very expressive palate, with an enveloping and balanced mid palate.

3. Per Sé Uni del Bonnesant

Among the good Argentine wines we find this Malbec made in the Mendoza area. It is a full-bodied, powerful red with soft tannins. Very dry and with weak acidity. It has flavors of black fruit and earthy notes.

4. Cheval des Andes 2017

Considered by winemakers as one of the best “Grand Crus” from the New World. Very balanced, with mature notes of Cabernet Sauvignon and the freshness of the Malbec grape. Fresh and subtle, with a delicate background and long potential.

5. Teho Grand Cru Les Caillox Malbec 2014

A red wine with a mountain profile. Deep and herbal, with a very delicate, fresh and smooth passage through the mouth. The flavor notes are reminiscent of forest fruits, such as blueberries, strawberries or currant.

6. Altocedro Gran Reserva Malbec 2016

Created by the prestigious winemaker Karim Mussi Saffie, it is considered one of the best Malbec wines in Argentina. It is characterized by its fruity flavor profile, with hints of cherry and red fruit in jam. It is very meaty and broad on the palate.

7. DV Catena Vineyard Designated Nicasia Malbec 2013

From vineyards located deep in the Uco Valley, it is a wine with a profile of fruity, floral flavors and a slightly balsamic finish. It is fresh, juicy and full on the palate, with firm tannins and a long finish.

8. Matervini Before Andes Viña Canota Malbec 2014

A wine with a very marked Malbec profile. It is deep, with spicy flavors of pepper and hints of fruit, with a juicy, fresh and smooth mid-palate. 

9. Michelini and Mufatto Cherries Semillon 2017

Semillon variety wine, recovered by Argentine winemakers, with a young white wine profile, with floral aromas and a high palate. It has fine tannins and a dry, long and salty finish, with a lot of minerality.

10. Colomé Maximum Height Malbec 2017

Altura Máxima is a Malbec wine from vineyards located at the highest altitude in the world in the Salta region. It is a dark colored broth, with complex aromas and highly structured tannins.

11. PerSe Iubileus Gualtallary 2018

PerSe Iubileus is a Malbec with a very marked character. Powerful thanks to its flavors of forest fruits, with mineral and earthy touches that it takes from the land in which it grows. It has a dry finish and high acidity.

12. Zuccardi Finca Piedra Infinita 2014

From the Uco Valley and fermented in concrete vats, it has a markedly fruity character, with a mineral aftertaste. It is deep red, almost violet in color and has aromas of red fruit, with a wet stone mineral finish.

13. Cobos Volturno Vineyard 2017

This red wine from the Mendoza area is made with a selection of Malbec grapes. It has a bright ruby ​​color and aromas of liquorice and violet, with a marked mineral touch and a slightly bitter finish.

14. Altos Las Hormigas Malbec Appellation Gualtallary

Red wine with a mineral aftertaste, thanks to grapes grown in areas with a high concentration of calcium carbonate. On the nose it has notes of rosemary, lavender and graphite, with an intense structure, common in Argentine wines.

15. Arca Yaco Love and Live Malbec 2017

A dry wine, a blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon, with a flavor profile in which ripe black fruit and mineral, earthy and spicy notes stand out. With marked acidity and strong tannins.

16. Teho Malbec Tomal Vineyard 2018

It is a red that represents the oenological profile of Argentine wines, with herbal and fruity aromas, as well as flavors reminiscent of white wines. It is a fresh, intense and enveloping wine.

17. Cadus Single Vineyard Finca Las Torcazas Malbec 2017

This red, made from Malbec grapes, has a powerful flavor with balsamic hints of oak, vanilla and tobacco. It is dry, with soft tannins and a low acidity finish.

18. The Future of Cafayate Finca Alto Los Cuises Malbec 2019

Very expressive, with the personality of Argentine Malbecs raised at high altitudes. It is a powerful wine, with balanced tannins and flavors of black olives, as well as blackberries or forest fruits.

19. Estancia Upsallata Malbec 2018

It is a different red, with the characteristic red fruit flavor of the Malbec grape, but with a markedly herbal and minty profile, with a balsamic finish reminiscent of pine.

20. Kaiken Mai Malbec 2017

With a strong flavor and balanced tannins, it is a dry red wine with medium acidity. On the palate it has complex flavors reminiscent of vanilla or chocolate. On the nose, it has the typical fruity aromatic profile of the Malbec grape.

These are some of the best Argentine wines that you can find and that could be, together with the best diaper cakes, the ideal complement for a good baby shower with your friends and family.

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