Beer Pong

Beer Pong or Birra Pong, as it is known in Spain, is a drinking game that consists of putting a ping pong ball in a glass. It’s a lot of fun and a way to pass the time at barbecues, bars and gatherings with friends. For those looking to become champions of this drinking game, knowing the rules is essential.

Among the games of putting balls in glasses, Beer Pong is one of the best known and most famous. Surely you have seen it in many American series and movies; a large table, many triangle-shaped glasses filled with beer, and a ping pong ball. As you probably also know, it is a drinking game , so you have to be able to “dunk” in the opposing team’s cups, before they do it in yours.

What do I need to play Beer Pong?

As you can imagine, the main ingredient in beer drinking games will be beer. If you don’t like the beer, you can change it for any other drink, as long as the rest of the players agree and accept the change. 

On the other hand, being a team game, you’re also going to need some friends. Usually, Beer Pong teams are made up of two people, but if there are more of you, you can change the formation as you please, adding extra glasses for each added player. In this sense, it is necessary to have 10 glasses per team and two extra glasses, which will contain water to wash the ball after each shot. In this way, if you add any extra participants, you will only have to add five additional glasses to the set.

The glasses will have to be on a Beer Pong table. If you don’t have one, you can change it for a ping pong table or any flat and well-leveled surface that allows the ball to bounce well and doesn’t go astray. Finally, you will need a couple of ping pong balls and the Beer Pong rules.

Beer Pong Rules

Although beer pong can become a way of life for some players, it is not really an official sport. This is the reason why there is currently no set of official rules. However, there is a set of rules “accepted” throughout the world and that, in some way, could be considered international, since they have even been used in Beer Pong competitions, such as the International Championship, played in Japan.

To begin, the glasses must be placed on the table. Each team must place their ten cups in a triangle in front of them. In this sense, a first line must be placed with five glasses, a second with four, a third with three, a fourth with two and the last with only one glass. Put the glass of water to wash the ball aside, so it doesn’t get confused with the beer glasses.

Each team will stand behind their cups and will have to try to get the ball into the opposing team’s cup. In this sense, each team must choose a player who will be the one to make the initial launch of the game

To make the shots, both players stand in front of their cups, staring into each other’s eyes and must count to three. When the count ends, both throw the ball at the same time, the one who hits will be the one who gets the first serve. In case the two miss or hit, they must repeat the launch.

From this moment on, each round consists of two throws per team. That is, one shot for each player. In the event that both players make a basket, they get a “recoil”, meaning they get an extra turn and shoot again.

Throws in Beer Pong

Shots can end in one of three ways: making a basket, bouncing, or missing. In the first case, the opposing team will have to drink the glass in which the ball has been strained. However, if the ball bounces before entering a glass, the opposing team will have to drink two glasses of beer. In this sense, they will have to drink the glass in which the ball bounces and the next.

On the other hand, if the ball touches the table when shooting, the defending team (which will be the one that has not thrown) will have the option to block . To block, you can catch the ball or hit it, to throw it away from the cups. On the other hand, if the ball misses the table and is thrown directly into the cups, it cannot be blocked.

cups and balls

When a ball enters the cup, the team that owns the cup must remove that cup from the table and drink its contents as quickly as possible . If a “basketed” glass remains on the table and the rival team sneaks the ball back in, the game ends immediately, being the winner of the match.

On the other hand, if when throwing the ball, it bounces against the glass and overturns it, it is considered that it has been basketed. In this way, you will have to fill the glass again and drink its content. In this sense, if the cups move a lot, the teams can request a “re-rack”, that is, a timeout to reposition the cups . Each team has two of these times, which is usually when there are 6 beers left and when there are 3 left.

The game will end when one team has eliminated the opponent’s last cup. Finally, the losing team has the option of doing a “trade” or redemption round. In this round, the losing team can throw the ball until it misses, if it goes back and matches it, the match will continue. However, if you don’t, you’ll have to drink all the beers left on the table.

These test drinking games can also end in a tie. In this case, each team will have three other cups , placed in the same way, and they will have to shoot until one of the two wins. In this sense, the extensions will be repeated until there is a winner.

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