Bellini Cocktail

Italian Bellini cocktail

Classic and refreshing Bellini cocktail Preparation time15 min Number of people: 10


  • 4 peaches or ripe peaches
  • 1/3 cup of water
  • 1 three-quarter liter bottle of Prosecco or sparkling wine
  • Sugar to taste
  • Raspberry liqueur – optional



  • Blender
  • Strainer
  • champagne glasses
  • Measuring cup – optional
  1. The first step to prepare this delicious cocktail is to blend the peach in the blender, adding water and sugar to taste. It is advisable not to overdo it with this last ingredient, so that the cocktail is not excessively sweet.
  2. Once the mixture is liquefied, the resulting juice is separated from any remaining fruit remains, using a strainer. The finer this strain, the better the final result of the cocktail.
  3. Reserve the mixture and store it in the fridge for a couple of hours or until it’s time to prepare these delicious Italian cocktails. By the way, it is recommended to strain it again once we are going to prepare the cocktails, to obtain an even finer result.
  4. We start assembling the drink by pouring the peach or peach mixture, as you call it. The recommended amount of this purée is approximately a quarter of a glass of champagne. Try to work cleanly, so that this rich mixture is not lost.
  5. If you are going to add raspberry liqueur to these cocktails, now is the time. A small splash is enough to give a different touch to the mixture.
  6. Once the liquor is added, we complete the cocktail with Prosecco or any other quality sparkling wine. For reference, the proportions are two ounces of peach puree, as well as another 2 or 3 ounces of Prosecco, depending on whether or not we add the raspberry liqueur.

other tips

  1. This cocktail can be prepared in a frappé version by blending the peach puree, sparkling wine and an appropriate amount of ice in a blender. The ingredients are then mixed and blended until a mixture with the desired texture is achieved. It is finished off with a touch of raspberry liqueur at the time of serving, if you like.
  2. If you want to prepare a non-alcoholic version, simply replace the Prosecco with sparkling lemonade or any non-alcoholic wine, as long as it is sparkling and made from white grapes. As a last option, you can try with a little white grape must and soda, although in this case it is best not to add a lot of sugar, due to the must’s own sweetness.
  3. If you dare, you can experiment by preparing the cocktail with Lambrusco, which adds a touch of color and flavor to the final product. You can also try different varieties of cava or champagne, more or less dry, to obtain different flavors.

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