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One of the aspects that most draws the attention of many nutritionists and other health experts is the benefits of beer in our body. An issue that has been dealt with frequently and that extends to its non-alcoholic variety.

Among the different drinks that we have within our reach, beer is one of the most interesting. Among the properties of beer, we find a high hydration power, a better nutritional profile than other alcoholic beverages and even certain positive effects for the heart or against kidney stones, thanks to the phytochemicals generated by hops. So drinking beer in moderation , as we always recommend, is not a bad idea.

However, conventional beer includes alcohol and, although drinking one beer a day is not bad, there are many people who prefer to do without that alcohol and bet on the one without. With these users in mind, we are going to evaluate the benefits of non-alcoholic beer, as well as whether its health benefits are similar to those of conventional beer.

What is non-alcoholic beer

Before we start, it is important to know what we are talking about when we refer to non-alcoholic beer. In the current market there are different versions in which, despite being labeled as alcohol-free, we find beers that really do include this element. In fact, current legislation allows the sale of products with up to 1% alcohol such as beer without.

This assumes the existence of several versions, such as non-alcoholic beer as such, or 0.0. The first ones would be the ones that have that maximum percentage that we have mentioned, while the second ones would not have any alcohol. An aspect that influences certain factors such as the calories in non-alcoholic beer, higher in the case of the products that we mentioned in the first place. By the way, the best way to know how much alcohol the beer you have in hand has is to look at the label, where this parameter must appear .

Advantages of non-alcoholic beer

Great moisturizing power

Analyzing beer and its properties, in the case of sin we find how this drink is 95% water , one of the highest amounts of current drinks. So non-alcoholic beer is an interesting solution to hydrate yourself when you don’t feel like just water.

It has less calories

Non-alcoholic beer is less fattening than conventional beer, since its calorie content is lower. Let’s think that alcohol is the main cause of the calories present in beer, so if we eliminate it we also reduce that extra that we contribute. That does not mean that beer is a calorie-free food, but if you are wondering if non-alcoholic beer is fattening, the truth is that it is less fattening than conventional beer.

A good nutritional profile

We continue talking about beer and its benefits in this version without. This beer has a complete nutritional profile, in which there are more than 2,000 positive substances for the body . Among them, we find proteins, vitamins, minerals, folic acid or fiber, to name a few. Therefore, the properties of non-alcoholic beer, nutritionally speaking, are better than those of any sugar-laden soft drink that you can consume.

It is less aggressive for the digestive system

Many people comment on a certain correlation between the consumption of beer and diarrhea. A problem derived from the effect that alcohol has on the intestine, where the bacteria present in this area can be altered by assimilating it. This problem is reduced in this version without, which has a much lower degree or even non-existent. So the risks of diarrhea and other digestive problems are greatly reduced, even if you usually drink a lot of beer without it.

Effects on your cardiovascular health

Although for a long time it has been considered that beer raises blood pressure, as happens with other alcohols, the truth is that the ingredients in beer could help control that blood pressure, always from moderation in consumption. In the case of without, these benefits are greater, since we eliminate alcohol from the formula , which would be the most harmful part of this drink for cardiovascular effects. 

Effects on inflammation and aging

Another advantage of non-alcoholic beer is its ability to prevent aging and fight inflammation. These benefits are derived from the phenolic compounds present in this drink, which are combined with silicon. These elements have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on our body, which help fight against aging and reduce inflammatory discomfort. We have the proof in the good relationship between beer and prostatitis, in the free version of this drink.

Contraindications and harms of non-alcoholic beer

Although we have indicated the benefits of this drink, the truth is that this article would be incomplete if we did not talk about non-alcoholic beer and its problems. These are scarcer than in conventional beer, but there are some. 

One of them has to do with the effects that its low alcohol content can cause. Consider that there are incompatible mixtures, such as sertraline and alcohol or corticosteroids and alcohol. Since non-alcoholic beer may contain some alcohol, even a little, that small amount can have effects and interactions with other medications. 

Something similar to what happens if you consume antidepressants and beer or if we mix paroxetine and alcohol. So if you take medications that require 0 alcohol, non-alcoholic beer is not the solution, except for the 0.0 totally free of that element.

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