Choose the perfect temperature for your wire collection

If you want to have a glass of wine with an ideal freshness, then you must choose very well the temperature at which you will store the bottle. When it comes to wine, you will not only need to buy a quality product, but also store it at the right temperature to preserve it. That way, the aroma and flavor will remain intact.

Wine is a drink that stands out not only for its laborious preparation, but also for its meticulous preservation process. The special conditions in which the wine is stored are what finally provide a drink with a unique and fruity flavor that many people love. Unlike many alcoholic beverages that are usually consumed in greater or lesser quantities depending on the country, wine seems to be one of the constants that, regardless of the nation, is consumed on a regular basis, either to accompany a meal or to celebrate an event. important.

However, in order to enjoy a good wine, you must know exactly which one to choose and also have knowledge of its conservation. Buying wine is not the same as buying a beer or a bottle of vodka, for example. Simply buying the flashiest, most aged wine is not enough, as even the most sophisticated product may not be as great if not stored correctly.

Yes, one of the most important things about wine is how to preserve its characteristic flavor. For that reason, educating yourself on this topic will allow you to enjoy a very delicious glass, even if it has been a long time since you bought the bottle.

Are all wines preserved in the same way?

Always keep this in mind: although the wines may resemble each other, they do not all have the same preservation process. Depending on the wine, it must be kept at a certain temperature and drunk as soon as it leaves the wine cellar.

The importance of temperature lies in the fact that it can determine the flavor of the drink. If there are variations in the environment, then the wine could become more acidic, sweeter, or less aromatic, for example. Because of this, it is so important to keep wine bottles in an environment where the temperature is always controlled.

What are the right temperatures for different wines?

If you keep this information in mind, you will surely be able to enjoy your favorite wine whenever you want and it will have the same flavor that you love until the last sip.

16 to 18°C

All red wines that have been aged and are considered aged should be stored at this temperature. To find out if this is the case for your red wine, you’ll need to look at the bottle’s label to check how many years the drink has been aged.

If you can’t find them, then look for the words: Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva. That way you won’t make mistakes. On the other hand, the temperature of 18°C ​​will promote the natural aging of the drink in your wine cellar.

12 to 14°C

Young red wines should be drunk in this temperature range. In order to identify them, the opposite must be done to those that have been aged, since the labels of these drinks do not usually show the words previously mentioned, but they do show the years that they have been aged.

11 to 13°C

These are the perfect temperatures to preserve those white wines fermented in barrels. The aging of this drink gives unique nuances to the flavor that, in order to be appreciated, must be drunk at one of these temperatures. Otherwise, the taste will be different. This drink should not be confused with fresh white wine, as it needs a lower temperature for its preservation.

Another wine that can be drunk perfectly between 11 and 13 degrees Celsius is rosé. Because this has qualities of red and white wine, its conservation needs are very similar.

8 to 10°C

At 8 degrees you can enjoy a perfect glass of fine wine or manzanilla, as it is the right temperature for this type of drink. In the same way, fresh white wines achieve their best flavor if they are kept in this environment.

White wines aged for 1 or 2 years are considered fresh and are characterized by a unique acid touch. Raising the storage temperature will change the acidity, making it unpleasant. Therefore, it is very important not to confuse this reserve with barrel-aged white wine, which is stored at higher temperatures.

6 to 8°C

Sweet and sparkling wines are the ones that should be stored at a lower temperature. The former may become cloying if stored above 8 degrees Celsius, as the sweetness becomes stronger at higher temperatures.

On the other hand, sparkling wines, such as the famous champagne, will offer more powerful bubbles if the temperature rises too high. This will prevent you from enjoying the wine as it should be, as the carbon will not act as it would under the correct conditions.

What should you avoid?

There are certain things that you should avoid at all costs if you want a quality wine, such as, for example, serving a wine with a temperature of 20°C or higher, as this will cause the alcohol to volatilize, affecting the aromas of the drink.

Also, do not change the temperature abruptly, even if you have different wines in your wine cellar. It’s best to find temperatures that fit all bottles, like 8°C if you have sweet, sparkling, fresh white, and fine wines. Or 12°C if you have young red wines, aged white wines and rosés.

In the same way that specialty stores preserve their wine, you can also do the same with your collection as long as you keep each bottle of wine at its corresponding temperature. In this way, regardless of the time that passes, you will be able to drink a glass with splendid quality due to the effective preservation of flavour, aromas and nuances.

For this reason, adjust the temperature of your wine cellars and ensure the quality of your wines in the long term. Hurry up to decide which wine cellar to buy (you can find some options to buy at this link) and start keeping your wine collection in a suitable environment.

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