Cocktail Dry Martini

Classic Dry Martini Recipe

How to make a Dry Martini? Preparation time5 min Number of people: 1


  • 75 ml of gin.
  • 15 ml of red or white vermouth.
  • Crushed ice.
  • Lemon rind.
  • Green olives.



  • Mixing glass.

The Dry Martini is one of the easiest cocktails to prepare, since it only has two basic ingredients: vermouth and gin. It is one of the most iconic cocktails in the world, thanks to the popularity it gained as the favorite drink of secret agent 007, James Bond, who enjoyed it “stirred, not shaken”. 

In fact, this Martini cocktail is one of the oldest known, as it was originally created in 1862 in San Francisco at the famous Martinez Hotel, where people who took the ferry to the bay would gather in the evenings to drink a glass. 

Although in the past this drink was prepared with sweet Martini Rosso, the modern recipe uses white Martini Seco. To make this cocktail, in a mixing glass filled with ice, add half a measure of gin, if possible a London Dry, and half a measure of vermouth. Stir everything for about 15 seconds and serve in a chilled cocktail glass.

Finally, you can pass a lemon peel around the edge and give it a “twist” to decorate, along with a green olive.

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