Cocktail Gin Tonic

How to make a Gin Tonic?

Gin Tonic, a very versatile cocktail Preparation time5 min Number of people: 2


  • 50 ml of gin.
  • 200 ml of tonic.
  • Ice.
  • 1 slice of lime or lemon.
  • Botanicals to taste (juniper berries, cardamom, star anise…)



  • Mixing spoon or imperial spoon.
  • Meter or Jigger.
  • Ball cup.

For some time now, preparing a Gin Tonic has become an art, due to the commercialization of many different types of tonic, with flavors ranging from citrus to herbal. This, coupled with the trend of offering a wide variety of botanicals to add to gin, has made this cocktail an almost scientific mix of ingredients.

The Gin Tonic is actually a very simple mixture, since it is about mixing gin with tonic and, according to what is said, the origin of this combination is found in the years of English colonialism. The imperial troops, scattered throughout Africa and India, used to suffer from malaria due to mosquito bites. 

To combat the effects of this incurable disease, British doctors prescribed taking tonic. It was then that the officers and soldiers began to mix the tonic with gin and lemon juice to reduce the bitter taste of the drink. In addition, in many cases ice was added to cool it down and combat the heat.

Of all the ingredients with which to mix gin, tonic water is perhaps the most versatile, since its bitter but neutral flavor allows you to add a wide variety of spices to Gin Tonic, such as juniper or cardamom, which allow you to highlight the flavor of the best gins

In this sense, one of the great secrets to prepare a good Gin Tonic is the temperature of the ingredients. Beyond choosing tonics with flavors or exotic herbal ingredients, the most important thing is that both the gin and tonic are well chilled. In this sense, the tonic must be at a temperature below -5 ºC and the gin between -10 ºC and -15 ºC. 

To prepare a good Gin Tonic, you must have a very cold balloon glass. If you don’t have a cold glass, you can pour the ice into it and stir with a mixing spoon or imperial teaspoon (the kind with a very long handle), until the walls of the glass are frosty.

Next, you need to add one fifth of gin and four fifths of tonic. For measurements, it is best to use a meter or jigger. Once all the ingredients are in the glass, stir a couple of times, with two sharp strokes of the imperial spoon. Don’t overdo the stirring, as we just want to mix the gin and not stir everything. Add the herbal ingredients, garnish with a lemon wedge and enjoy.

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