Cocktail Whiskey Cola

Cocktail recipe Whiskey cola

Preparation time5 min


  • 50 ml of American whiskey or bourbon.
  • 150 ml of cola.
  • Ice.



  • Tube glass.
  • Measuring glass.
  • Cocktail spoon.

Although there are many options with which to mix a good whiskey, the truth is that none suits you as well as cola. Whiskey cola is one of the most drunk and appreciated cocktails in discos and clubs around the world. Not only is it an easy drink to mix, but it is also tasty and very refreshing.

The first mention of this whiskey-infused highball cocktail comes from the report of an employee of the US Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, who sampled the drink on a visit to the South. In this sense, the first cocktail was created with bourbon, which is a slightly sweeter type of American whiskey. 

On the other hand, it is culturally considered a low-level drink. For this reason, many haute cuisine restaurants even refuse to prepare it, while it is rare to find it on the cocktail menus of many restaurants for this very reason. The same goes for the variant of vodka with coke.

Despite this, it is an excellent combination, very tasty and refreshing. It is ideal for those new to bourbon who are not yet comfortable with its taste. 

In addition, its preparation is very simple, since you only have to fill the highball glass with ice to the top, add the whiskey or bourbon, fill the rest with cola and, finally, move it a little with the spoon.

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