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Although most of us stick to whiskey and coke or rum and lemon, when it comes to enjoying cocktails, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, the truth is that there are other types of cocktails that are more elaborate and different. You have the proof in this list of the best cocktails in the world, with classic drinks that are tasty at the same time.

If almost any of us are asked about our favorite cocktails with alcohol, we will surely mention simple mixes such as cubalibre, rum and cola or, at most, perhaps some of the most well-known cocktails, such as the Daikiri. However, within the most famous cocktails in the world there is room for mixtures that are as interesting as they are attractive, with which to enjoy new ways of drinking. That’s why we’ve got down to the shaker to discover the 15 best-known cocktails in the world. A list where you may discover something new along with the classic and most common cocktails in any cocktail menu.

1. Tom Collins

This cocktail was made by a bartender named John Collins who liked to use Old Tom brand gin for his cocktails. Hence the name of the cocktail. This gin was on the sweet side, so combining it with lemon juice, club soda, and sugar made for a rich cocktail, which could be listed among the sweetest alcoholic beverages on any cocktail list today.

2.Bloody Mary

Another of those always good cocktails and one of the best-known vodka mixes in the world. This cocktail is made by mixing equal parts of this alcohol with tomato juice. It is finished off with lemon juice, a few drops of Perrins sauce, a sprig of celery, a touch of Tabasco or even pepper. It all depends on what you prefer.

3. Mint Julep

Compared to other more sophisticated cocktails, the mint julep could well be among the best-known exotic drinks in the world of cocktails, even though its origin is in the south of the United States. We are talking about a cocktail made from bourbon-type whiskey, sugar, water and a touch of mint or spearmint.


Among the best alcohol mixtures, those that are among the best known in the world, the mojito could not be missing. This Cuban cocktail, famous today throughout the world, was created in the well-known Bodeguita del Medio, in Havana. It has a mild flavor and has a fresh and pleasant touch. Something that is due to its ingredients, among which we have Cuban rum, sugar, mint, lime and a touch of soda.


The Sidecar is another well-known cocktail throughout the world and also in Spain. Something that is due, in part, to its ingredients. However, there is some controversy regarding its exact recipe. The most accepted version is the one that mixes 2 parts brandy, 1 triple sec liqueur or Cointreau and another part lemon juice. The alternative mixes 3 parts of brandy, 2 of liquor and another 2 of lemon. Both are served over ice, to finish off the cocktail.

6. Long Island Iced Tea

When it comes to boozy cocktail recipes, Long Island Iced Tea is a must-have brew. We are talking about a complex cocktail in its preparation, which includes vodka, tequila, rum, triple sec, lemon juice and a touch of cola, as well as a lot of ice. It is precisely the tail that gives this drink its color, similar to that of tea. An infusion that is not part of its ingredients, compared to what it might seem.

7. Negroni

The Negroni is one of those cocktails best known worldwide and also has some recognition in Spain. His recipe mixes gin, Campari and a touch of vermouth. It is key that the three ingredients have the same presence, so that the taste is neither too sweet nor has it more alcohol than it should. As a softer alternative, there is a version that changes the gin for cava or champagne, reducing its alcoholic strength a little.

8. Screwdriver

The screwdriver is a simple cocktail that emerged in the 1950s, when vodka began to be mixed with all kinds of fruit juices. In this case, the original recipe mixed vodka with orange juice, in a cocktail that was originally widely consumed by American oil workers. These, in the absence of a rod, stirred the drink with this tool, to which it owes its name.

9. Daiquiri

We return to Cuba again to talk about the Daiquiri. This cocktail mixes two measures of white rum with a measure of lime juice, adding a little brown sugar to finish off the drink. This sugar is what gives that special touch to the drink.

10. Pina Colada

In addition to being a delicious cocktail and one of the most drunk in the world, the Piña Colada has been the official drink of Puerto Rico since 1978. A fame that was also contributed to by the famous song “Escape” by Rupert Holmes, released in 1979. This drink mixes rum, pineapple juice and cream or coconut milk. If you prefer the non-alcoholic version, just do without the rum in the preparation. It is key to mix the ingredients well to obtain the perfect point of this drink.

11. San Francisco

The San Francisco cocktail with vodka is one of those classics that is not lacking in the menu of a good cocktail bar. To prepare this drink, just mix 40 milliliters of orange juice, as many pineapple juice, 30 milliliters of lemon juice and another 30 ml. of vodka. In addition, we will mix a little sugar with 30 milliliters of grenadine to create the “flavored sugar” with which to finish off the edges of the glass. This recipe is also among the famous non-alcoholic cocktails, it is enough to remove the vodka from the preparation to prepare it.

12. Black Russian

A traditional cocktail that gained even more fame thanks to the movie The Big Lebowski. In its recipe, the brown liqueur, which gives it its dark color, is mixed with an identical amount of vodka. If you prefer a White Russian, just add half a measure of milk cream to this mixture.

13. Dry Martini

The quintessential drink that James Bond always ordered in his movies, although always mixed, not shaken. This cocktail combines a measure of white vermouth with two measures of gin, to which is added a little lemon and the famous skewered olives. As an alternative, you can change the gin for vodka and thus prepare a delicious Vodka Martini.

14. Caipirinha

Originally from Brazil, this cocktail mixes cachaça, a liquor made from sugar cane, along with lime, sugar and lots of crushed ice. It should be drunk with a straw, because it is at the bottom of the container where all the flavors mix. An ideal cocktail to enjoy more while listening to Carlinhos Brown or any other Brazilian artist on your Sony ICF-M780SL portable radio.

15. Daisy

It is the best known Mexican cocktail in the world. It is made with a mixture that unites two parts of tequila, one of lemon juice and another of triple sec liquor. It is finished off with the presence of salt on the edges of the glass, as corresponds to the usual “liturgy” of tequila.

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