Long Island Cocktail

Long Island Recipe

How to prepare a Long Island? Preparation time5 min


  • 2 measures of vodka
  • 2 measures of white rum
  • 2 measures of triple sec
  • 2 measures of gin
  • 2 measures of sugar syrup
  • Cola drink
  • 2 measures of lemon
  • Ice



  • Jigger or meter
  • cocktail spoon

Despite what one might think from its name, Long Island Iced Tea does not have tea as part of its brew. However, at first glance it may seem like a tea drink or even a simple glass of cola, plus the taste of rum, along with the rest of the ingredients, simulate the stimulating taste of tea.

Its preparation is very simple, since to make the long island iced tea, all you have to do is mix all the ingredients, except the cola, in the glass itself. In this sense, for the Long Island, at the moment, we do not want to integrate the ingredients, only mix them. Once the ingredients are in the glass, fill it with ice until it is half full and, with a cocktail spoon, stir everything well so that, now, all the ingredients are cooled with the ice and integrated.

Finally, add more ice and the cola drink, stir to integrate the cola into the whole and decorate with straws, half a slice of lemon and you’re ready to enjoy.

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