Moscow Mule

How to prepare a Moscow Mule

How to make a refreshing Moscow Mule Preparation time5 min Number of people: 1


  • 50 ml of vodka.
  • 30 ml of lime juice.
  • 250 ml of ginger beer.
  • Lime.
  • Peppermint.
  • Crushed ice.



  • Mixing spoon.

The Moscow Mule is a smooth cocktail with personality, the result of the rise of vodka as a base for cocktails in the mid-40s. It is a very fresh combination, ideal for the hottest summer nights. Traditionally, it is served in a well-chilled copper glass, which reinforces its “vintage” image.

Despite its name, this cocktail with vodka was invented in the United States in 1941, as part of an advertising campaign that sought to reinforce the popularity of vodka (you can find some purchase options at this link) and ginger beer in the country. Being a fresh drink, with low alcohol content and a lot of flavor, it quickly became popular throughout the United States and jumped to the Caribbean islands, where it also found its space in tourist hotels.

As we have explained, one of its main characteristics is that it should be served in a copper glass. However, if one of these glasses is not available, it can be served in a cup or balloon glass. Similarly, as ginger beer is not easy to find in Spain, this ingredient can be exchanged for Ginger Ale. In this sense, although the flavor will not be the same, it is the closest thing to a Ginger Beer that can be found in our country.

The first step to make this combination will be to prepare the lime juice. If you prefer it natural, start by squeezing the limes. Save a few to decorate the glass when you’re done. As for the ice, although it is best to use crushed ice, if you do not have it, you can use a blender to crush ice, although you will have to be careful not to use ice that is too thick, which could damage the blades.

In the copper mug or balloon glass, add crushed ice up to three-quarters of the container. Next, add the lime juice and vodka. Mix everything well with an imperial spoon or a stirrer, so that the ingredients are perfectly integrated. Once everything is mixed, add more ice and fill the glass with the ginger beer. Finally, decorate with pieces of lime and mint.

The best way to drink this cocktail is with a straw, since the mixture will be below the ice. In this sense, the Moscow Mule must be very cold, so it is convenient to hold the cup by the handle.

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