Mount your cellar at home with wine at home

Setting up a wine cellar at home is not something so far-fetched, since the idea no longer involves opening caves in the earth to store the wines. With the arrival of new companies dedicated to the conservation of wine, such as Wine at Home, it will be possible to enjoy the same flavor of drinks despite the passing of the years.

Drinking a glass of wine a day is considered a French stereotype, however, due to the delicious taste of this type of beverage and the benefits that various studies have shown it to provide, regular but moderate consumption of wine is gaining more and more followers.

Some people enjoy alcohol simply because they want to get drunk, however, when it comes to wine, people prefer to enjoy the taste and just relax. For example, consuming red wine frequently can help increase the body’s endorphins, slow down aging, protect the heart and even boost the brain. In addition, all this is complemented by a delicious grape flavor, with aromas that will delight you and unique nuances in each sip. It is one of the richest ways to take care of health!

Taking all this into account, it would not be difficult to understand that you want to fill your house with wine so that you can have a glass at hand whenever you need it. However, for this to happen, you must make sure you have adequate space to store your wine correctly, as this way the drinks can be preserved. To do this, you can search for the best wine cellar for you and acquire it, however, if your desire is greater and what you want is to have a collection of wines, then you may need a more useful solution.

Wine at Home: Excellent wines in your home

Although the great wine cellars are made of brick and underground, not everyone can afford to build one or have the adequate space to do so. Because of this, practical options are needed that provide the same quality but don’t interfere with your home space or budget.

“Wine at Home” was born from this need and, in order to solve this problem that wine lovers usually have, the company has dedicated itself to creating personalized wineries that adjust to the needs of those interested. It does not matter if you live in a house or a flat, because by contacting the company it will be possible to obtain your own warehouse.

These are made to fit you and, for that reason, each model offered varies in shape, size and price. There is no minimum space required, nor is there an exact number of bottles of wine. The company will visit your house, check each area and choose the perfect place for your wine cellar, or you can do it yourself if you want more control over this.

Why set up a wine cellar at home?

You may think that home wine cellars are not worth investing in if you have space elsewhere. However, the conditions in which wine bottles must be stored are so specific that it is really necessary to have a suitable and specialized place for this, if you want to keep the drink in good condition.

A change in the position of the bottle can cause the cork to dry out and the air will ruin it. On the other hand, an improper temperature can incorrectly age wines or completely change their flavor to the point of damaging them. These are just some of the things that can happen and hence the need to have domestic cellars for a wine collection.

Acquiring a wine cellar for your home, such as those offered by “Wine at Home”, will provide various benefits and will meet all the necessary requirements so that the wines are always in good condition. However, this is not all that you can achieve with one of them.

1) Decoration

Few things offer as much elegance as a cellar made with the best quality materials and neat finishes where all the reserve wines can be admired. For this reason, Wine at Home is a company that highly values ​​design.

Regardless of whether the atmosphere of the rooms in your home is modern, eighties or Victorian, the company will be able to offer a wine cellar adapted to said context. In this way, your new acquisition will not clash with the environment and will enhance the details of each space correctly.

2) Conservation

Preserving the taste and smell of the wines will be very simple if a suitable cellar is used for this. These structures come with the necessary details so that the bottles are stored in a correct position and with an efficient temperature for their preservation.

It will not be necessary to keep the bottles away from everything as in conventional cellars, nor should they take care of external temperatures, since they will always be protected inside the wine cellar.

3) Efficiency

Optimum efficiency of this type of product occurs in two ways: practical and ecological.

When we talk about efficiency in practicality, we mean being able to view your collection from the outside, choose the bottle you want to drink a glass from, and get it out of the cellar quickly and easily.

On the other hand, ecological efficiency refers to the fact that the Wine at Home cellars are adapted to work in an excellent way without consuming too much electricity.

4) Investment

Contrary to traditional wineries that, in fact, cost a lot of money, the Wine at Home options, being totally personalized, adapt to your money. That is, although it is obvious that you will have to invest in the purchase, the result will always be adapted to the budget and space you have to avoid causing inconveniences.

The arrival of Wine at Home on the market expands the possibilities that exist in the world of wine and, surely, opens the way for other similar alternatives that can offer solutions for the home, when it comes to these drinks. Knowing how to keep a wine in good condition is key to always being able to enjoy its flavor, therefore, spending money on a domestic winery is an investment so that your drinks maintain that characteristic flavor that makes them unique. 

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