Negroni recipe

Negroni cocktail: recipe

How to make a Negroni cocktail  Preparation time10 min Number of people: 1  


  • 30 ml of Gin 
  • 30 ml of Red Vermouth
  • 30 ml of Campari
  • 1 orange 
  • 1 piece of ice



  • 1 shaker
  • 1 ice crusher
  • 1 measuring cup for cocktails
  • 1 knife
  • 1 cutting board
  • 1 small plate
  • 1 low glass with a wide mouth

If you want to prepare a Negroni cocktail, you should know that it is an Italian drink that emerged around the 1920s and currently continues to delight the palates of millions of people worldwide, thanks to the combination of intense flavors with a bitter and challenging tone. In addition, its vibrant color shows a simple red, but with a sophisticated air, which invites to be drunk.

Knowing the nuance that the Negroni recipe should offer, you can proceed to start the preparation. 

1. You will have to take the orange, wash it carefully and dry it. Thus, you can proceed to cut it into medium-thick slices or, if you wish, simply remove the crust, but you must form a spiral with it.

Whichever option is selected, the invitation is to be careful with the finishes of the cuts made on the orange. Remember that the citrus slices or rind will be used as decorative elements inside the glass when serving the cocktail.

2. Next, insert the piece of ice into the chopper and turn it on, but try to keep the size of the ice as small as possible. The ideal would be to have at least four medium cubes.

3. The next step is to integrate the alcoholic beverage used in a Negroni, which is Campari or Red Vermouth, combined with gin. To do this, you need to take the cocktail mixer and remove its lid. Remember to have previously washed and eliminated excess water inside said tool. Thus, you can pour 30 milliliters of each of the liquors mentioned.

To avoid variations in the flavor, color and aroma of this Italian aperitif, it is recommended to use a cocktail measurer, in order to use the exact amount of distilled alcoholic beverages.

4. Put the lid on the shaker and secure it, so you can shake the structure for a few seconds. In this way, you will get a homogeneous mixture of all the ingredients.

5. Take a low glass with a wide mouth and place a maximum of three ice cubes inside it. Next, pour the previously integrated ingredients into the shaker, but try not to overflow the glass, as this could ruin the aesthetics of the cocktail.

6. To finish this Negroni, all that remains is to carefully place a slice of orange or the spiral rind of said fruit inside the glass.

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