Opinions about Don Julio Resto

Main Advantage:

The excellent presentation of the bottle makes it an ideal product to give as a gift. Being a high quality tequila, with a smooth and sweet palate, made by one of the best tequila houses in Mexico.

Main Disadvantage:

Being a gourmet product, the price is somewhat high when compared to other tequilas on the market. Although it is compensated with the quality.

Verdict: 9.7

It is a classic tequila, bottled and distilled by one of the main Mexican tequila houses. It is a liquor recognized by experts as one of the best tequilas in the world.

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Main Features Explained


According to the opinions of many users, reposado tequilas, darker in color than the young ones, are the best to enjoy neat. This type of liquor, which has matured in wooden barrels, has a better balance between sugars and alcohols, so the flavor is much finer and can be enjoyed better.

Don Julio Reposado is a mature tequila with a golden yellow color, with very smooth and elegant flavors, among which dark chocolate, the slight spiciness of cinnamon or the soft sweetness of vanilla stand out. Together, they allow you to enjoy a very pleasant liqueur on the palate and sweet, with a persistent finish.

With 38% alcohol content, it is a perfect tequila to drink without mixing, even for those who are not used to tequila. It can also be enjoyed with a little lemon juice or mixed into the famous Mexican Margarita. It is advisable to consume responsibly and in moderation.

 Time in barrel

This tequila comes from the private reserve of Don Julio González and has been aged for eight months in American white oak barrels, for this reason it has such a bright color and a sweet and balanced final taste, with a persistence in the mouth that allows you to notice the heat when drinking. This is because the liquor, by spending time in the barrel, obtains properties of the wood.

Unlike other younger tequilas, Don Julio Reposado has a golden color, with silver nuances reminiscent of the “broth” of the agave from the Jalisco area, where this tequila comes from. In the glass, it captures the reflections of the light and is full-bodied, leaving a good tear in the glass.

And on the nose, it also imitates the aromas of chocolate and cinnamon, thanks to its unique distillation, in copper-lined stills.


Don Julio Reposado exudes elegance in its flavor, aroma and, of course, in its presentation. Safe in a red cardboard box, with gold details. The name of the distillery and the silhouette of Don Julio capture the attention and stand out in contrast thanks to the reliefs and the play of color in the design.

Inside the box, like a treasure, we find the bottle of Don Julio Reposado. Flat and square, with rounded shapes, similar to cognac bottles. The lacquered wooden stopper worked to resemble a doorknob is another great detail. The bottle is 700 ml and the entire package is wrapped in plastic for better protection.

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